STORY/ SCENARIO: When two travellers heading in opposite directions meet on the road, one of them offers to trade stories of their respective homelands.


How lies the land
In the back of beyond?
Tell me, oh traveller, for it's there I am bound:
Flames may be fanned
From the smouldering embers
Of a mystery you can expound!
If the truth you vouchsafe me I'll pay you in kind,
And acquaint you with wonders I'm leaving behind -

Woven in song
Like a tapestry rare -
Singing the stories of my faraway home.
There I belong,
Though my destiny calls me
To the hills where you once used to roam.
Let the thrill of adventure all sadness destroy,
And awaken within you a fountain of joy!

Fortune has smiled
On the two of us here:
Sweet is the meadow, and the snow-scented sky!
Laugh like child:
To the shriek of our voices
Hear the wind's ghostly whisper reply.