Honestly I had this plot in my head but I don't exactly know how I'm going to execute it. This story may be very rough as I try and figure out what vision I have for it. If anyone wants to suggest anything I'll take it into consideration and may use it. I don't know what exactly I'll do though. I hope it's going good though and I did kind of make this just so I could have my Ulrich versus William for Yumi that they never got to finish in the series.

Chapter 2

As Ulrich enters their dorm room, he finds that William had already unpacked his belongings. As he glances around the room he notices his bed on the right side of the room, the bed untouched unlike William's side of the room. He runs his hand through his brunette hair, slowly making his way to the bed and abruptly plopping his duffel bag onto the mattress. Ulrich sighs heavily as he sits himself down next to his luggage. William meanders to his own bed and plops down to play on his phone. Glancing around, there's a couple of desks mirroring each other along the back wall with a window between them looking towards the front of the dorms. The walls were a plain white color, the floors still wood just as the halls were. William's wall is plastered with different band posters and pictures of family and friends, one sticking out was a selfie of himself and Yumi. It was an up close shot where you couldn't see much of the background. Yumi was slightly below William, her hair almost as long as it is now, smiling as if she had just heard a joke while William above her looked down at her smiling.

'They definitely have gotten closer this past year.' Ulrich thought as his face almost scrunched up at the thought.

His jealousy had gone down over the years but it was a hard thought to know that someone Yumi had liked was still around her. He didn't have much room to talk though seeing as they also had history. Ulrich looked towards his luggage, not thrilled at the idea of unpacking everything just yet.

Slowly getting up, Ulrich stretched, rolling his shoulders from having the duffel bag strap over them. As he stretched he noticed the window, the sun shining through as a nice breeze made the trees outside dance. The nice weather outside tempted him to go out for a walk as he decided to make his way towards the door.

"I'm going to go explore for a bit."

Silence filled the air for a second as the click of the door opening from Ulrich rang out. The brunette rolled his eyes and closed the door but not before hearing, "Alright." being called out from the back of the room.

Ulrich's footsteps rang out in the empty halls as everyone had made their ways to their rooms. He passed by Odd's and Jeremie's room and heard shuffling of feet and faint whispers of words being exchanged within it. They were probably busy unpacking. He kept on walking as he didn't want to disturb his friends who were still settling in themselves.

The hallway was narrow; it seems not a lot of traffic seemed to be expected in this building. After passing the monotonous doorways it all led to a wider, more open area within the building. It was a more spacious room littered with chairs, couches, coffee tables, table ends, wall outlets generously about. The common room. Pretty much a place for all the guys to hang out, work on school lessons, or even kill time for classes. Ulrich looked it up and down, it wasn't a bad place to relax in at least.

He turns towards the front glass doors, a loud clunk ringing out as he pushes the door open and a blaring boom as the door abruptly closes behind him. The sun was nice and warm as he sauntered across the sidewalk of the campus.

"So this is what college is like." Ulrich thought. As he approached the center of campus once again, a black blur shot past him. Looking in the direction the person ran to, he saw it was Yumi and decided to follow after her. As they both ran Ulrich couldn't help but think of their childhood. It almost reminded him of when they went to the factory when they had just become friends. All the times they had sparred with each other, it was a fond memory for him.

After about a minute of running Yumi ran into another building with glass double doors. The building had multiple glass double doors, it seemed to line up the whole half of the building. Through the first set of doors were a couple of tables and chairs with a large window as the wall connecting it to the next set of doors.

"It seems to be the cafeteria room." Ulrich thought to himself as he followed behind Yumi.

As he entered the building he saw rows of booths mixed with tables and chairs, almost like a restaurant's layout. Lining the back wall was metal serving cafeteria equipment. Pre-prepped meals were laid across as well as a huge sign for meals you wanted to just order. The raven haired girl finally had stopped at a table and reached down for something. As she turned to leave she noticed Ulrich gazing over the whole room, taking in everything.

"I see you found the cafeteria." She chuckled as she walked up placing a wallet into her back pocket.

"Yeah," Ulrich started as he turned his gaze back to her, "it's pretty different from a high school cafeteria."

"You don't know how much you were missing out until you hit a college campus." Yumi joked as she led the way back out the building. Ulrich closely followed behind as a crowd started gathering around the place.

As they walked it felt just like how it was when they were kids. The nostalgic feeling hit the both of them. The both of them started catching up about what they had been up to, soon making it feel as though they had never been apart in the first place. They teased and joked with each other about the past as they walked back to the center of the campus.

Yumi sat down on the fountain side as Ulrich perched himself next to her.

"I can't believe how many years it's been now. It seemed almost like yesterday we were fighting Xana and trying to get Aelita out of Lyoko." Yumi reminisced as the raggedy brunette nodded in agreement.

"So much happened back then. Jeremy and Aelita have even been together ever since." Ulrich added as their eyes made contact with each other.

His face starts to burn as he quickly glances back down and turns his head away. Continuing the conversation, Ulrich says, "So… what about your love life? How has it been?"

"Honestly," Her voice starts softly as she places her dark long hair into a messy bun, "not really much. I've just been focused on school and myself mainly." Yumi pulls her legs up to criss cross them to get more comfortable on the concrete fountain. "How about yourself?"

Ulrich runs his hands through his hair as he replies, "Well I feel kind of hooked on this one girl. I haven't really sought out another one."

"Oh really?" Yumi teases in a sing-song voice, "Who's this lucky girl?"

A vibrant red shoots across Ulrich's face as he quickly jumps to his feet and turns his back from Yumi.

"W-w-well about that-" The brunette stutters out as he stares at the ground, "It's a-actually y-"

Ringing cries out from both of their pockets as they both stare blankly at each other and simultaneously pull out their phones.

"Hello?" They both answer as a nasally voice replies, "Guys, we may have a situation. Can we all meet in front of the boy's dorms?'

"Sure Jeremy." Ulrich says before hanging up and continuing, "Wonder what happened."

"You go ahead and head that way. I gotta help Aelita find the dorm." Yumi says as she puts her phone back into her pocket.

"Alright, meet you there then."

Back at the factory building, more people swarmed the premises. Loud cries of people giving orders and renovation construction rings out. However, deep beneath the main building two men are still hovering over a keyboard and a computer screen.

"Can you even navigate this?" One man says as he stares over the shoulder of the other.

"Nope." the other man says quite confidently as he randomly clicks around.

"Aren't you supposed to be a brainiac?"

The man randomly clicking stops and stares at the other. "I just got to this machine. Give me some credit for at least having an idea of what it was. Besides it's pretty advanced, knowing you wouldn't even have gotten this far." The man states as he gestures to the computer screen.

Six faces flash onto the screen.

"Kids?" The other man replies to the computer guy.

"Seems to be. Looks like we may have to find these kids to find the answer of what the hell this thing is." The computer guy responds.

"But we don't even know how old they could be by now." The other man states as he stands up straight running his hand over his hair.

"It says their names here at least." The computer man says as he keeps searching around the computer's files.

Outside the boy's dorms, all the guys have gathered together and are just casually chatting.

"So, Jeremie, why'd you call us together like this?" William asks as Ulrich walks up behind him.

"Yeah, it's been a while since you've done something like this." Ulrich adds as Jeremie and Odd show a slight bit of worry flash across their faces.

"Where are the girls? I'd rather wait until everyone gets here to explain the situation." Jeremie says as a beep is heard from his back pocket.

Ulrich stares at Jeremie and Odd confused as he points behind him and explains. Jeremie nods and pulls out the device from his back pocket. It flashes in his hands and beeps once more as he clicks a button on it.

"Is it really important Jeremie?" William asks as he crosses his arms seemingly getting tired of standing.

"Absolutely! It's the most important thing in the world." Odd chimes in frantically as both William and Ulrich's concerns grow, raising an eyebrow at the two.

In the distance stomps could be heard drawing closer until a pair of girls finally get close.

"Sorry we're late, I had to grab Aelita since she didn't know where the dorm was." Yumi explained between gasps for air with Aelita just now stopping from her frantic run.

"So what is it Jeremie?" The soft voice of Aelita asks almost breathless.

"Remember years ago? The factory? The super computer?" The nasally panic-stricken guy quizzes.

"Of course." Yumi says straightening herself up and walking closer into the group.

"Well I made this device." Jeremie explains while gesturing to his device as it flashes a light across its screen, "It was something I rigged up just in case the computer was ever booted back up."

Aelita gasps.

"So what you're saying is…" Ulrich starts out slowly as Jeremie quickly answers back, "Yes, Ulrich. The computer is back on."

"Oh no." The pink haired girl cries out as she covers her mouth, "Then Xana is awake again. After all we did, I didn't think anyone would find the computer."

"I mean if some kids could find it it was bound to have happened." Ulrich replies as he shrugs.

"Our bigger problem is who even found it?" Odd chimes in.

"That means we have to go back to the factory to try and shut this down before it gets any worse." Jeremie announces as all the others nod in agreement, "Let's get going then."