In a farm in the middle of nowhere Kansas, there's lives the Bagge family. The farmer, Eustace, his wife Muriel, their grand daughter Abby Garcia, and a pink dog named Courage.

Abby you ask? She has blond hair in a back ponytail. She wears a blue long sleeve dress with an ancle langh bell skirt and an indago whist band. Followed by sapphire slippers she got from her grandmother.

Who is she and why is she here you also ask? Her parents died at a young age. She was sent to live with her grandparents on her mothers side. Courage stayed with her all the time when she arrived. As she turned four, she and Courage were the best of friends.

Right now, it was just another day in the farm. Courage and Abby are seen on Muriel's lap on her rocking chair. Eustace was seen on the other side of the kitchen table reading the morning paper. The front page listed UFO sightings. But he paied no attention to that.

Just then, a mouse was walking by skweeking. Courage and Abby screamed as they jumped onto Eustace's face shaking in fear. Muriel let the mouse out of the house while Courage and Abby were still shaking on Eustace's face.

Before they knew it, Eustace pulled them off of him and then pulled out a huge scary voodoo mask and went BOOGA BOOGA. Courage and Abby screamed as they ran out the front door. Just as Eustace pulled off the mask and laughed at them.

Meanwhile, Courage and Abby were seen panting outside. Just before sitting down on the porch. Just then, a huge UFO showed up. Getting the Duo's attention. The UFO then landed as they went big eyed. Then the hatch door opened up. And before they knew it, a chicken alien emerged from the ship.

The chicken looked around three times. Just as he saw the house as Courage and Abby ran back inside.

Courage and Abby bagged Eustace and Muriel for help. Just as Courage made the shape of the UFO, and vairlice aliens. Walking out the front door, with Muriel holding onto a rolling pin, they looked for the alien. But all that was seen was the chicken coop, fence, and truck.

Courage and Abby went "But but,". Making Eustace put the mask back on and scare Courage and Abby as they ran away from the house. Eustace laughed as he took the mask off. Just as Muriel hit him on the head with the rolling pin.

Meanwhile, Courage and Abby hid themselves behind the chicken coop Until, they heard the chickens inside clucking as feathers came out of the coop. They walked over to the inside. They saw the alien chicken killing all the other chickens.

After screaming and heavy heart beating, Courage and Abby ran back to the house. Muriel was washing dishes as Courage and Abby came to the kitchen. They then grabbed Muriel and took her out before Eustace put his mask on in time.

Courage and Abby ran to the chicken coop with Muriel on their backs. But as they arrived and as they put Muriel down panting, she saw the alien chicken and just him as all the other chickens were gone.

Courage and Abby went big eyed as they searched under the hay for the dead chickens. Muriel on the other hand, went over to the chicken and patted his head. And then she took eggs with red pokadots on them in which the alien chicken layed.

Muriel was gonna give one of the eggs to them. But they slapped it onto the floor. They tried to explain, but Muriel just glared at them and walked away from the coop with the other eggs. They turned back to the chicken. But he was gone.

Turning to the entrince, they saw the chicken looking at them. Courage and Abby tried to run out. But the chicken closed the door as they hit it. They banged on the door, charged at it, even tried to brake it with a large log. But they were trapped inside.

Meanwhile, Muriel took out a frying pan onto the stove as Eustace was waiting for his breakfast. Courage was then swinging an ax on the chicken coop door but it still didn't work. Muriel was melting butter onto the pan.

Courage then tried a jack hammer on the door. It still didn't work. Muriel kracked the egg and began to cook the yoke. Also with red pokadots. Courage and Abby had plased nuclier explosions on the door as they held onto a TNT pump.

Muriel was now cooking baken and another egg. Courage and Abby pushed the pump down. The coop exploded. Making a huge crater with both of them on a platform covered with ash and massed up hair. Or fur on Courage's case.

Muriel was now putting an egg onto Eustace's plate as Courage and Abby ran back to the house. Muriel then placed the plate on the table satisfiing Eustace. Courage and Abby looked in the window. Muriel and Eustace were not aware on what's going on.

They then saw the chicken on the other side at the other window. They leaned against the wall breaving havely as they imagened Muriel tried to a train track by the chicken. Eustace then cut the yoke in hath and ate the hath on his fork.

Courage and Abby ran to the well and panted as Courage began to dig. Muriel took a sip of tea as the chicken watched from the window. Eustace finished his breakfast in a jiffy. Courage's hole was now deeper.

Eustace was sweating as he felt strange. He took off his glasses as he laughed. But then his eyes turned red. Courage and Abby were now deeper in the hole. Just as they came out with slingshots that Courage hid under the ground.

Eustace began to feel sick from the tummy as he made noises. Confusing Muriel. Courage and Abby were now running back to the house. The chicken watched from the window. Eustace laughed crazly waving his arm.

But then, his arm turned into a chicken arm. Courage and Abby were still running to the house. Then Eustace's other arm did the same thing. Courage and Abby arrived and aimed the sling shots at the chicken still at the window.

They then let go. Firing rocks at the chicken. POING! Direct hit. The chicken was knocked out. Courage and Abby went to check on him. Until he opened his eyes. Making them panic. Just as the chicken grabbed them and beat them up.

Eustace's body was going crazy which surprised Muriel. Just as his whole body turned into a chicken. Courage and the chicken were having a sword fight until he ended up cutting the chickens feathers. Revealing his underpants as he dropped his sword.

Muriel watched as Eustace ran around the kitchen crazly flapping his wings. Abby and the chicken were playing checkers. The chicken jumped over one of Abby's peaces. But Abby jumped over all the black peaces. Making the chicken knock the board over.

The chicken then held out his hand. Eustace ripped his cloths off as he laughed crazly. Courage and the chicken were in a hand match. Only for Courage to rip the chickens arm off. However, it ended up growing back.

Then Eustace shook his pants off. Revealing his chicken feet. He made another crazy laugh as Muriel tried to phone the police. However, the telephone wire was sabitoshed.

Courage held out his arms in front of the chicken. He then moved them back as the chicken rubbed his head. Courage held out his arms again. This them the chicken slapped them. He managed to avoied another slap and then managed to slap the chicken instead.

Now Eustace was going crazier than ever as Muriel cowered in the corner. Abby and the chicken were holding their braths for a long time. Both of them couldn't hold it any longer. Meanwhile, Eustace was still laughing as he walked over to Muriel still cowering.

Finally, the chicken let out the exas air in him. Just as Abby did so as well. And then the chicken fell on his back. Abby has won. Courage then pulled over a sutecase to Mars. The chicken gasped as both Courage and Abby were pointing away from house looking angry as they also nodded.

But the chicken wasn't giving up yet. He then pulled out a laser gun. He then fired at Courage and Abby. But they ducked and made the laser missed them.

The laser ended up hitting a silly soda billboard. Making the guys hair on it spike up. Then onto a plane. Turning it into a toy. Then a volcano. Turning it into tiki statues. Then it went back to the chicken and BWIIZT!

Courage and Abby shiled their heads from the blast as feathers fell down. They then saw the chicken was now nothing but a headless roosted chicken meal.

Muriel screamed as she held onto a lamp as the crazy chicken Eustace was apration her. But just as he was about to get her, a ray blast came and covered him in ash. Muriel blinked as Eustace turned to ash. Revealing Courage and Abby with the gun.

After looking at each other, Courage went and grabbed Muriel's rocking chair as she put the lamp back. She sat down with Abby on her lap and Courage onto her own. Things were back to normal now.

Or at least they thought it was. However, the saw the mouse from erlyer eating the ash from Eustace. Courage and Abby gasped as the mouse revealed its own glowing red eyes. He was also an alien.

Courage and Abby screamed at that sight. However, Courage turned Abby and said, "This shouldn't happen to a dog or child."

"Agreed." Abby replied.

Authors note:

So I just started watching Courage The Cowardly Dog again after so long. So the thought of Eustace and Muriel having a grand daughter just came out of no where. And no, not no where Kansas. Because of the loss of Abby's parents, she's just like Courage.

This is my first post of 2021. I will continue my other stories though. But I plan to make more of Courage and Abby soon.

Just so you know, this was based off the pilot episode that aired on the show "What A Cartoon" from Hanna Barbera. All rights goes to Hanna Barbera and Cartoon Network.