Chapter One:

(A/N. Welcome everyone! This is a Ginny/Draco fic. Now I tried my best to keep these characters in well character, however there will be more brass for Ginny! Never fear. Now I am going to be finished with finals on Thursday after that its lots of chapters for you! Thanks for reading this and go read Tale as Old as Time if you haven't read it, a sequel will be up for it soon…Thanks again and PLEASE review!)

Ginny Weasley had always been the quiet one. The shy little girl in the corner. Now she was no longer a little girl, she was fifteen years old, but she was still the timid girl she's always been. Funny how nothing changes, even with time. She sighed as she stared at her reflection. She saw a short, skinny girl, with no posture and nothing but insecurity in her doe-like brown eyes. She turned away, grabbed her bag from the floor of the dormitory and went down to the common room for her second day of her fifth year. The 'Golden Trio' were standing off in the corner and Ginny joined them. That is to say, she went and stood behind Harry Potter hoping, just as she had for the past four years or so, that he'd turn around and notice her. Turn, smile, and wish her a good morning. Just like in the past, the three ignored her. It wasn't that they were mean; it was that they were so wrapped up in their perfect world, which only included them, that they had no time for anyone else. Hermione looked up at the clock and announced that they should go to breakfast. Ginny sighed and followed them out, trailing after them just as she always did. They reached the Great Hall and Hermione, Harry, and Ron sat down, leaving no room for her. With another sigh, Ginny plopped down next to Colin Creevey. She picked at her food halfheartedly.

"Ginny, can you show me how to do this? I think I cocked it up." Colin asked looking up from his potion's homework. Ginny pulled the book over and quickly did the problem. It wasn't that she was a bookworm like Hermione; she studied because she had nothing better to do. She pushed the book back and toppled Parvati's goblet into her food. She cursed and glared at Ginny.

"Blast it! Watch what you're doing…uh…um…what's your name again?" Parvati asked, her anger fading as confusion set in. Ginny's heart sank, it wasn't the first time someone had forgotten her name but it still hurt even after all this time. "Oi, Lavender, do you know her name?" Parvati asked, turning to he friend. Lavender looked over.

"She's Ron's sister."

"But what's her name?" Parvati insisted. Lavender shrugged and turned away. Parvati gave a shrug of her own and turned to talk to Seamus. Ginny nodded, nothing had changed over the summer. Why would it have? She grabbed her book bag and walked out of the Great Hall.

Silver-blond hair glistened in the sun that fell from the windows high above the tables where the students of Hogwarts sat. Draco Malfoy sighed and pushed his plate away.

"Draco?" A hesitant voice said. Draco turned and regarded Pansy Parkinson. He had once thought her cold beauty had been attractive but she had developed an annoying need for acceptance and a clingy aspect to their relationship which Draco despised.

"What?" His voice a subtle warning for her to leave him alone. Of course, another of Pansy's faults was that she did not understand subtlety.

"How was your summer?" She chirped. Draco entertained the thought of strangling her.

"Dismal." He spit out instead. She looked at him sympathetically. Draco thought that maybe a knife would work better…

"Really? Well I had a brilliant time in…" Pansy began but Draco's mind wandered away as he looked around at the people in the Great Hall. His roaming silver eyes fell at the inseparable group of Gryffindors; Potter, Weasley, and the mudblood Granger. He'd once envied them their loyal friend and wonderful family, resented the warmth in which they basked. Now, he no longer cared. Draco had accepted the cold shadows he lived in and reveled in their mysterious glory. He taunted them for amusement, not revenge. No, he did not want to be bloody Harry Potter. It was far better to be the untouchable Draco Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy fortune. He looked down at his food and realized he was no longer hungry. With a sigh, he stood up and walked away, leaving Pansy to tell her story to an empty seat.

Thousands of miles from where his son was, Lucius Malfoy stood in a large room inside of a house that did not belong to him. In a large chair in front of him his Master sat stroking a large basilisk's head.

"So, Lucius. You think that you are strong enough to be my right hand?" His Master asked, his voice low and sibilant. The creature's face was in shadows thanks to the robe that the man wore.

"Yes, Master." Lucius said, kneeling down before the most powerful wizard of all time, Voldemort.

"Very well, but you must prove yourself to me." Voldemort said. Lucius nodded, accepting the statement.

"Yes, master. I will do anything."


"Anything." Lucius answered ignoring the mocking tone his Master had used. Voldemort laughed, a horrible sound that brought fear into Lucius's icy heart.

"Good. I have a plan to defeat Dumbledore and Harry Potter for a final time. You will help me." Voldemort said firmly. Lucius nodded.

"What must I do?"

"I need you to get me something for me." Voldemort answered with a satisfied smirk.

"What is the plan, Master?"

"Ah, that will wait until later." Voldemort said. "I need you to contact this man, and get this." Voldemort said and handed Lucius a piece of parchment. Lucius's eyes widened as he read what Voldemort wanted.

"Sir, this is…" Lucius began but Voldemort cut him off by raising an emaciated hand.

"Obey me, Lucius." He said. Lucius bowed his head in shame and compliance, his silver hair falling forward.

"Yes, Master. I will comply."

It had been two days since school started and Ginny was sitting in the common room on the couch near the roaring fire. She was studying for a test she would be having in Transfigurations tomorrow.

"Hey Gin, clear off." Ron's voice cut in through her thoughts. She looked up and saw three Gryffindors standing over her, the three. They looked like three predators watching their helpless prey. She sighed, shut her book, and stood up. Hermione shot her an apologetic look before they sat down and huddled together. Ginny wondered what they were talking about, but more than anything she wanted to know how much it cost to enter the world of these three. To be considered one of their own. She carried her books up to her dormitory and dropped down onto the comfortable bed. It wasn't anything like the bed she had at home; hard and old. She snuggled into it with a smile. Suddenly the door opened and one of Ginny's fellow fifth years came in giggling softly. She saw Ginny and frowned.

"Hey um…um…Gweny?" The girl said hesitantly. Ginny sighed, she knew she'd never liked this girl for a reason. She looked over Melissa's shoulder and saw Seamus Finnigan. She shook her head again.

"It's Ginny." She corrected. Melissa shrugged and tossed her perfect, golden hair of her shoulder.

"Whatever.  Can you go cram somewhere else?" Melissa demanded. Ginny shut her book for the second time and nodded.

"Yeah sure." Ginny said unenthusiastically. Melissa smiled.

"Great! Thanks, Genny." She said and Ginny grimaced. She stepped past the two Gryffindors and wondered idly where she'd go. She reluctantly settled on going to the library.

His black coat whipped behind him as Draco sauntered away from the dungeons and to the library. He moved as gracefully as a cat, and he had the arrogance to match. He grimaced as he stepped inside and saw that all the tables were taken. He glanced around and saw that one table only held one person. He approached and grinned when he saw who it was.

"What do we have here? The littlest Weasley." Draco taunted. The young nymph-like girl looked up at him through her thick lashes.

"Hello." She said. Her attempt at adding confidence to the statement failing miserably. Draco was getting bored, and he hated being bored.

"Look, Weaslette, I need to use this table and I despise company so go find Potter and lick his shoes or whatever it is you do to show your eternal devotion."

"What?" She whispered, her voice trembling with incomprehension and fear. He sighed heavily.

"Bloody hell, do I need to spell it out for you?" He growled. She stared at him blankly. His eyes narrowed, he placed both hands on the table and leaned in close. "Get lost." He snarled slowly. Her eyes widened comically and they glistened with unshed tears. She gathered up her things and ran away. With a triumphant smile, Draco dropped into the chair and threw his feet onto the table, opening up his Arithmetics book in his lap.  He felt a pair of eyes on him and he looked up to face the eyes of the annoying boy with the camera who was always following Potter around. Draco glared at him, his eyes volatile silver. The lanky boy's face filled with fear before he turned away. Draco's pale lips set into a cold, cruel smile. Yes, he loved being Draco Malfoy.