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A street in Miami-12 Am

"Tej, this is Dom, Letty and Mia, Leon and Vince." Brian said as Tej managed to untangle him self from a group of scantily clad girls on the side lines. Leon and Vince only arrived just then because they were just out of town delivering some parts when Dom decided to go to Miami. They got the call from Dom and headed down as soon as they could.

"How'z it going ladies?" Tej smiled at Mia and Letty.

"It's ok." Mia smiled, and Letty just raised her eye brows. "So, this is ol Dom huh? You're in tonight, whether you want to or not, you're in. I want to see what you got. I mean, you're the one who started Brian off in this shit right?" Tej grinned.

"I'm honored." Dom smiled.

"Suki! Get you're little pink ass over here!" Tej yelled. "Brian's got some home boys, and uh girls to introduced to you." Tej started when Letty gave him a smirk. Dom, Letty and Mia looked in the direction that Tej yelled. A figure wearing tight, pink leather pants was bent over the hood of a bright pink S2000 surrounded by bunch of similarly clothed girls. The who girl was massaging Suki's shoulders slipped the straps of her shirt back on and gave her neck a kiss. Suki stretched her back before lazily sauntering towards Brian and Tej.

"Ouch, that girl is niceeee." Dom grinned poking Vince in the side.

"Smoking!" Vince said poking Leon, who in turn just stood there staring because there was no one else to poke. Letty rolled her eyes.

"Yeah she is. But neither of us have gotten anything out of her." Tej said giving Brian a look.

"Why not?"

"Let's just say her girls over there have probably gotten more from her than us." Tej smirked. "Hey Suki." Suki sidled up between Brian and Tej and gave them both pecks on the cheeks.

"Hey Brian, Tej." She smiled at Dom, Letty and Mia.

"Suki, this is Dom, Mia and Letty, Vince ." Brian said.


"Hey." Mia said with a smile. This Suki girl was oddly attractive to her.

"You racing tonight?" Suki asked sweetly. She was usually cold to the skanks that hung around the races, but this girl seemed different. One, she was not slutty looking like everyone else, two she didn't seem like her sole purpose of being here was to leech money off a racer.

"Me? No, I just try to help fix the damn things. I'm not into the whole wet yourself experience." Mia laughed. Suki raised an eye brow at the wet yourself comment and was about to say something when Letty cut in.

"Why? Are you going to race tonight?" Letty asked cattily.

"What if I am?" Suki shot back, not afraid of Letty's menacing glare.

"Ooh, racer Barbie, I'm so afraid." Letty smirked.

"Let's put your money where your mouth is." Suki said. She pulled a wad of cash from her skin tight pants and slapped it into Tej's hand. "Five, large, bitch."

"Whoa, let's not all get pissy with each other now." Tej said taking a step back. The rest of the guys had backed up and were watching the two girls face off.

"Hey, Barbie here has got her panties in a bunch, not me."

"Ok, ok. Chill girlies, you'll settle this beef on the road ok?" Tej said looking Letty up and down. 'Damn home girl is hot too!' Tej thought with a grin.

"Fine, five large." Letty said tossing Tej a roll of bills.

"Ok, five large. Let's roll. " Tej said.

Letty's dark blue Skyline pulled up next to Suki's pink S2000 at the line. Tej's arms dropped to his side and the two girls were off. Letty grinned as she passed Suki in a few seconds. Suki smirked to herself as she hit the clutch again, switching into another gear. Letty thought she was about to smoke Suki when a pink grill appeared right next to her. Suki hit the NOS and her car jolted forward pinning her shoulders to the seat. A smile spreaded across her face, this was what separated her from the ho's on the side line. She was a racer because racing tickled her fancy, not because of the women, certainly not because of the men, and it was not about the money. The two cars flew across the finishing line at the same time.

"That was most certainly orgasmic." Suki grinned to herself.

"Fuck!" Letty said, pissed that she didn't win like she thought she would. 'I guess she ain't just pink nail polish and shit.' Letty thought.

"Girls, girls, girl that was a sweet show, but it was a tie. Since you two tied, why don't you too kiss and make up?" Tej asked with a grin.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Letty asked with big eyes.

"Tej baby just give us the money." Suki sighed, that Letty was cute though.

"Come on! Just do it!" Leon yelled.

"Yeah!" The other guys hooted.

"Give the people what they want." Tej grinned.

"Fine!" Suki huffed. She walked up to Letty and grabbed her face and kissed her. Letty tensed up, but the soft, raspberry lip glossed lips kissing her felt a lot nicer than she thought it would be. Suki's tongue slid across Letty's lips and caressed her tongue gently. The two kissed for a few more seconds with all of the guys watching with their jaws on the floor. "That wasn't so bad now was it?" Suki asked, looking at Letty with a half grin on her face. "Ok, let's start over. Hi, I'm Suki." Suki said with a sweet smile.

"Letty." Letty said, holding out a hand. Suki ignored the hand and slid her arm around her waist and gave Letty a smack on the ass.

"I think we're pass hand holding, what do you think?" Suki grinned. Letty gave her smile and threw her arm around Suki's shoulders.

"Yeah, home girl." Letty laughed.

"Come on girls, let's go change before the club." Suki said, walking towards her car. She barely paused to snatch her money out of Tej's pocket. She threw Letty her share. Suki grabbed Mia by the hand and dragged her towards her car. "We'll meet you at the Mist in two hours ok?" Suki yelled before speeding off with Letty following behind her.

"Hey! She took my money!" Tej said as he realized his pockets were completely empty.

"You're fault for bringing up that whole kiss this." Brian grinned, barely ducking a swipe from Tej.

"Hey, my sister is safe with that chick right?" Dom asked.

"Yeah man, don't worry." Brian said.