AN: Alright everyone, as stated in the poll this is a fic where Izuku's quirk was inspired by Doomsday from DC. Please not this does NOT mean he's a violent raging murder beast, nor is he an exact one to one comparison. How his quirk functions, something that will be explained in this chapter, is just inspired by the concept of Doomsday. If you were wanting an exact 'Izuku is Doomsday' then I want to go ahead and point out that this isn't that.

AN2: I haven't decided a pairing for this fic yet, but I have some choices, I'd love any opinions in the reviews for this or future chapters:

1. A girl from class 1-A (Momo Yayorozu)

2. A girl from class 1-B (torn between Reiko Yanagi and Pony Tsunotori)

3. Nejire Hado

4. Melissa Shield

5. A pro Heroine de-aged due to a run in with Eri during one of her escape attempts that gets zapped to Izuku's age (Either Mandalay Ragdoll from the Wild Wild Pussycats)

AN3: Also, this fic starts AT the entrance exam as that's where changes really start. There wasn't much difference from the anime before that and any important changes will be covered in flashbacks or discussed later in the story.

What Doesn't Kill Me

Chapter 1


Happily sipping his tea, Nezu gazed out at the multitude of screens that showed the various Battle Sites for the Heroics entrance exam, pleased at the level of seriousness and readiness each site showed. Until he got to Site B where he saw one of his applicants scowling at another nervous looking boy, holding the green haired potential's shoulder harshly while most of the other applicants laughed and jeered at the sight, the audio carrying comments of 'not needing to worry about that one' and 'one less bit of competition to worry about', some even mentioning another applicant had told them the green haired boy's quirk.

"Such uncouth behavior." Nezu scowled at the blatant bullying from those aiming to enter the heroics profession, the other teachers taking note of the scene as well, not concerned about not watching other screens as they'd be watching the footage from every site over the week to decide who deserved how many rescue points.

"Writing off another applicant like that, so illogical." Aizawa sighed, taking a long pull from one of his numerous Juice pouches, all of them watching as the green haired boy finally had enough for frustration and anger to override his nervousness, shoving off the boy holding his shoulder as he forced his way to the front of the group to wait for the gates to open. The others saw him as so little of a threat none of them tried protesting or stopping him. The moment Present Mic gave the order to begin Nezu watched the boy take off, his body rippling and darkening as he grew, his shirt shredding apart and pants stretching as he grew another couple of feet, his skin becoming a dark grey with what looked like the hints of forming spikes in various points.

"They weren't concerned after learning his quirk was that?!" Vlad King gaped, stunned at the apparent overconfidence of the applicants who Nezu noticed were just as stunned at the change.

"Hmmmm." Nezu hummed to himself as he started pulling up files, easily finding those sent to site B "Izuku Midoriya, Quirk: Adaptation. His quirk is a transformation quirk that…" Nezu trailed off, his blood running cold at the description.

"Nezu, what's wrong?" All Might asked, coughing worriedly at Nezu's silence.

"His quirk involves him adapting to what he's endured before. One portion of it is a passive healing factor that reportedly lets him recover from near anything within twenty-four hours so long as he's still alive." Nezu started with the less concerning portion first.

"Not the best for immediate hero work if it takes twenty-four hours but it would make recovery much easier." Recovery Girl mused as the other teachers listened in, likely intrigued by Nezu's reaction.

"And his form evolves as he endures as I've said. Enough blunt force used against him cause his transformed state to have stronger skin. Burns result in him resisting fire. Blinding lights and deafening sounds become less effective each time." Nezu closed the folder, eyes locked on the screen as he saw this applicant tank a missile from one of the one pointers, grasping the robot as he ripped it apart.

"So, the longer a fight goes on the better he'll be able to handle it?" Midnight asked, considering the applications of such a power.

"No, it's not per fight. It's permanent." Nezu scowled, "And according to his file he only fully learned this ten months ago when a villain attacked him, and he transformed in a panic. That was the first time he used his quirk since it came in back when he was four. Initially it just made his skin slightly grey as he hadn't had time to develop any resistances with it yet. But in between it manifesting, and that incident ten months ago his transformed state has acquired a great deal of resistance to bright lights, loud noises, blunt force trauma, pain resistance, fire resistance, and can handle being dropped from great heights." Everyone in the room knew how many people could be about quirks, especially if they were seen as 'weak' so that many resistances would imply the kid was either reckless and went out of his way to develop them, something they knew wasn't the case given he reportedly didn't know about that fact until recently, or he was bullied by others using their quirks on him.

"Fuck, if he went villain." Power Loader shuddered as they saw Izuku get between an attack from some three pointers and other applicants, tossing those applicants up and over towards the robots to deal with them while he covered an injured student. Nezu couldn't hide the sheer relief that the child wasn't jaded enough for that…yet.

"Didn't that crowed say another applicant told them about his quirk?" Ectoplasm leaned forward, pulling up the records as well, "The only other student from Midoriya's school is one Katsuki Bakugo in site A." a nod at the screen showed an aggressive looking teenager blowing up robots with a manic grin.

"They aren't going in the same class should they both pass." Nezu stated firmly, eyes showing he'd broke no argument, not that his staff would. This was a serious matter that they'd have to look into, whether the boys passed or not. Both of them had dangerous quirks that would make for terrifying villains and if even half of what he feared was true then both needed to be carefully guided to avoid such a fate.


Snarling, Izuku tore apart another one pointer, not caring about the feeling of metal digging into his palms, the lacerations that slowly let out blood from his cut palms. They'd be fine in a few hours anyway, so it wasn't like it really mattered. His old 'friend' Kacchan's explosions hurt more anyway. Feeling an explosion hit his back, Izuku grit his teeth and turned to the source. Throwing the scrap remnants of the one pointer in his hands at the three pointer that had attacked him from behind. His body ached everywhere but he ignored that, looking for more robots to smash. He had to get into U.A., had to prove everyone wrong. Before he could find another robot though, he felt the ground around him shaking, loose stones from damaged buildings falling to the ground as everyone began to freak out, looking around in a blind panic before seeing the rising metal monstrosity.

"THAT'S THE ZERO POINTER?!" another applicant screamed in fear, the darkening stain on the front of the coward's pants showing just what he was currently thinking as he ran away like a chicken without its head. That coward was the breaking point as every other applicant Izuku could see started doing the same, although not all copied his 'fashion trend' of pissed pants.

"H-help." a weak voice came from the path of the Zero pointer, Izuku's protected hearing picking it up while others likely were having a harder time after the explosive appearance of the giant robot. Looking he saw a familiar head of brown hair and he moved. Letting out a primal roar, the culmination of all the rage and resentment that he'd been dealing with for years, that had built up over years of dealing with the bastards in his life, of everyone looking down at him, finally pushing him past his nerves. The scream carried as he saw the brunette girl who'd helped him at the entrance to the school earlier look up, spotting him charging, his steps loud as they pounded against the ground. Getting to her he saw a large slab of concrete pining her down, her ankle not looking in the best shape.

"Hold…still." Izuku grunted, picking up the massive slab to let her crawl out from underneath it. He saw her try to get up only to scream and drop, clutching what had to be a broken ankle. Tossing aside the rubble, Izuku picked her up and started running, the One Pointer focusing on them as he ran with her, the other applicants all either just watching or still running to save their own hides. Hearing the bot coming closer and seeing some of the applicants just watching close by, Izuku grunted as he threw the brunette girl towards them, the idiots panicking and working to stay up as they caught her. Just in time for Izuku to get backhanded by the robot into a wall, his leg snapping from the impact as he let out a yell of pain and rage, the robot slowing to a halt as Present Mic called for the end of the exam. Ignoring the stares and whispers from the other applicants that were just standing there and staring at him with his leg bent in an obviously unhealthy way, Izuku pried himself from the wall, using a ripped out light post as a crutch as he made his way towards the approaching woman in a nurse's outfit.

Wait…why did she look irritated at him coming to see her and why did that make him nervous?