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Summary: Faye has a passion for something that noone on the Bebop knows about(but everyone else in the world does) until now.what could it be? R&R to find out.

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Chapter 1: Machine

Faye was in her room on the Bebop when it happened. They had finally pulled into the port at Mars. Faye was about to go on the shopping spree of a lifetime with the bounty she had just received. As she left her room she ran into Spike. "Hey Spike!" she said in a very cheerful tone.

Spike turned around to face her. "Why are you so cheerful? Are you on drugs?"

"Geez Spike, you know just how to ruin a person's day don't you?" Fay said angrily.

Spike turned around and started to walk off, "Yep." He said bluntly.

'Man I hate him.' She thought angrily as she made her way out of the Bebop and toward some stores.

She finally came to a big area where they had every store imaginable. She started walking down the sidewalk and some of the men were watching her very closely because of her outfit. She was wearing her usual short yellow shorts, small yellow top, and red jacket that she had hanging off her shoulders. She passed by several clothes and makeup stores before finally coming to a store and going in.

When she got in there were isles upon isles of CDs and tapes. Every group imaginable. She walked through the isles like she owned the place and when she got to the back of the store she saw what she was looking for. It was one of those dancing machines and there were people competing on it. The man that seemed like he was winning was tall and had black hair and dark tanned skin. He was hitting every step on the nose and the people that had gathered around to watch were saying one word over and over, machine. After watching for a couple of minuets, Faye started wondering what the heck machine meant. So she went up to one of the people that was closest to the back and asked, "What is machine anyway?"

The man looked at her in disbelief. "You aren't from around here are ya?" He asked bluntly. "Well machine is what we call that man up there." He pointed at the man that was winning earlier. "He never misses a step and he dances like a machine, perfect and without any flaws."

"Wow, so who is his next competitor?" Faye asked.

"Noone right now miss, but if you are thinking of challenging him I wouldn't." he man said

"What are you trying to say?" Faye said now getting very pissed off.

"Well you couldn't beat an egg if it were in your shoe."

Faye was now beyond pissed off. And only at this on man. "Well is that what you think?"

The man nodded slowly as Faye started toward the machine. When she got there the contest between the first man and the machine was over, and much to her delight the machine won. She walked up to the dance area and the machine asked "Who will be my next victim?"

Faye stepped forward and said, "I will."

The machine just laughed. "Well you obviously don't know who you are up against."

"Same goes for you." Was her reply. She stepped up onto the platform and took her position when the dancing machine (a/n: when I say dancing machine I don't mean the man I mean the thing that they are dancing on.) asked their names. Faye's competitor simply said machine and the computer accepted it. Then the computer asked for Faye's name and she said very boldly, "The Myth."

The entire place went silent. Then someone in the back said, "Who are you really? You can't go around parading a dancing legend's name like The Myth."

"I will do as I please now can we start the competition already?" Faye asked getting very annoyed.

"Yes we can." Machine said.

The computer started the simulation and they started dancing. At first it was easy moves like left, right, up, and then down. But it slowly got more complicated. Faye and Machine were starting to really dance. Everyone was extremely surprised when Faye starting winning that the crowd starting mumbling stuff like, "she is busting moves even Machine can't do." And "Maybe she really is The Myth."

Finally the first round was over and Faye was winning by two points. The computer started the next round and then the next round and the next until they got to round 5. Faye was now leading by 50 points and Machine was starting to get upset. Halfway through the fifth round Machine started to try to cheat. He tried to trip her by putting his leg over in her side of the platform and he almost succeeded too, until she caught herself and started to do a little freight dancing. She got up quickly only to have him push her, she caught herself and spun a little to make sure that she had a good cover-up.

Wouldn't you know what happened just then? Spike walked into the store looking for her. He heard the crowd in the back screaming cheater and Spike automatically thought 'It would be just like Faye to attract attention to herself wile cheating at something. When he got to the back he saw her on the platform and the man next to her cheating. It took him a wile to register what was going on but when he did his eyeballs nearly came out of their sockets. 'Oh my god she dances so well.' Just then the simulation was over and the computer designated her as the winner, beating Machine by 500 points because he had cheated so much.

As Faye hopped down from the platform she thought she caught a glimpse of unruly green hair. As she left she walked past the man that she had talked to earlier and he had on a face. Oh my god was it a face of utter confusion and amazement. Faye just brushed past him and he stared as she left the building.

Machine, on the other hand, didn't like to be beaten, nope not one little bit. He scowled as she left and the store's manager came up to him and banned him from the Dance Machine for unsportsmanship (a/n: spelling?) like acting.

As Faye walked along the sidewalk she passed by an alleyway. What she didn't expect though was to be grabbed from behind and be pulled into it. She tried to scream but the person that had her had his hand over her mouth. She kicked and struggled to get free but it was no use. Someone had captured her.again.

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