Edward Pov.

I spot the mountain lion, or as I call it, my dinner. I chase the large animal through the forest, but before I can catch it, I hear a small child crying. I follow the noise and find a baby wrapped in a thin layer of blankets, and the poor things skin is turning blue! It's nearly frozen to death!

Without thinking, I pick the child up, careful not to hold it too close, and carry it back to Tanya's house to warm it up and get it's injuries healed. I can't let an innocent child die. When I get there, I spot Rosalie standing in the clearing, her skin shimmering in the sunlight. She turns to look at me, and spots the baby in my arms.

" Edward! Where did you find her? I thought you were hunting!" Rose cries, but I know she wants to keep the child, as she is incapable of giving birth to her own children. None of us can have our own kids anymore, we're all vampires.

" She was just laying on the ground," I reply, moving past my sister. I enter the house and carry the now sleeping child upstairs and towards Tanya's room. She'll have a few idea's on how to save this girl's life, without biting her.

I knock on the door and Tanya opens immediately, and eyes the child suspiciously, like she knows I didn't legally adopt her, though I would love to keep this little girl.

" Where did you find a human baby exactly? I know you didn't have nearly enough time to legally adopt her," she says, I smile a bit, enjoying not only Tanya's confusion, but the warmth of the child's body, the beautiful sound of her heart beating, the soft pattern of her breaths, and her delicious strawberry scent.

" She was just laying on the ground. Nobody was anywhere nearby, and she was suffering." I say, " I was hoping you'd be able to help me decide what to do with her from here."

She smiles, as if she knows that I really don't want to let her go, that I'm already super attached to this sweet little angel. " You're one hundred percent positive her parents weren't in the area?" Tanya asks, her strawberry blond hair glowing in the light. I roll my eyes. I would have easily picked up their scent if they were in the area.

" I would have caught their scents if they were." I reply. The little girl yawns and turns in my arms, burrowing her little head against my shoulder.

" Get it approved by Carlisle first, but I think you should keep her, and turn her when she's old enough." Tanya replies sweetly. " It would be nice to have another girl in the family, besides, I saw how Rose was looking at her. She wants to keep the baby as badly as you do. I can see it in both of your faces, you're already in love with the little baby." She coos. I smile, nod and kiss my little one on the forehead.

" Okay then, but I need you to watch her for just a few minutes, I want ot go see if there was anything identifying her that I missed," I say. Tanya nods and takes her from me, although I'd love nothing more than to have this sweet angel just laying on me and sleeping there, while I watch her small, peaceful body sleep.