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Legacies of Olympus

Daughter of the Sea



Do you believe in gods and monsters?

Somehow, I doubt it. You probably didn't pay too much attention to English Lit in school either. All of Hesiod's tales are probably no more real to you than your Disney princesses and fairy tales. That's okay, I don't blame you. You are definitely better off believing it's science fiction and fantasy.

I don't have such luxuries. My bedtime stories were all real. None of the tales my brothers and I were told came from books. My parents lived every one of the adventures they told us about.

You see, my parents are demigods: half-blood children of the gods of Olympus with a mortal. They aren't just any half-bloods either. My father is Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, the god of the sea. My mom is Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom. To those of us that know the truth, they are legends. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing they are. A lot of you wouldn't be here if it weren't for them, but I'm not here to tell you their stories.

These are my adventures, so enjoy the ride. Who knows, maybe these will end up being bedtime stories that you will tell your kids someday. I'm Charlotte Jackson, my friends call me Charlie. It falls to me now to carry on the legacy.

I'm sure you are wondering that if I am the daughter of two demigods, then what does that make me? Well, those of us who are direct descendants of the gods are called legacies. demigods rarely make it to adulthood. They don't often live to be old enough to get have children of their own. Our lives are dangerous and don't let anyone tell you differently.

Demigods that are lucky to survive usually retire to a normal mortal life. Maybe they get married. Maybe have some kids. More often than not, their children are mortal. However, a rare few are more. I happen to come from a very powerful lineage.

Pops, that's what I call my grandfather, is one of the big three. They are the three most powerful of the Olympian family. Zeus rules the skies, Hades the underworld, and of course, grandpa is Poseidon; King of the Seas, the Earthshaker, and Lord of Horses. Athena is still pretty sore that I took after Dad's side of the family, but I think I've got a little of her in me too.

At any rate, there aren't many of us legacy kids. The few children that have shown any abilities or powers just join the demigods at Camp Half-blood. Not much has changed at camp. The gods still have half-blood children. We get a few newbies every year. Mr. D is still the camp director, not that he could be bothered to direct anything besides a rousing game of pinochle. Then, there's Chiron. He is my mentor and the camp's activities director.

After spending the entire school year stuck in the streamlined education system of the great state of New York, I was free. The last day of school meant that I could go back to camp for the summer. No more homework, no boring lectures, no struggling with dyslexia and ADHD.

In a couple of weeks, I would be able to celebrate my fifteenth birthday with all of my real friends. I was counting down the minutes until we could cross the barrier. I was already packed up and ready to go.

I was free for the rest of the day until dinner. There wasn't a whole lot for me to do, so I dug in my desk drawer for my headphones. Fortunately, they were right where I'd left them after cleaning my room. I'm not a particularly messy person, but my desk and closet had needed a bit of straightening up. The better part of my week was spent making sure my room passed mom's inspection and that all of my chores were done. I didn't want to delay our trip, so I made sure to be on my best behavior.

I now had the spare time to get comfortable and zone out to my favorite playlist. When my brother, Masen, came into the room and yanked one of my earbuds away, I had been dozing off to Adam Levine's Wait.

"Damn it, Masen. What the hell?" I growled and sat up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

I have two younger brothers—twins. The boys are identical except for Masen's heterochromia. It means his eyes are each a different color; one steel gray like Mom and the other sea-green like Dad. Jason and I both have sea-green eyes. The boys are both tall and lean; a typical swimmer's physique. All three of us may have inherited that from Dad too. They did, however, both inherit Mom's blonde hair. Mine is the color of rich espresso, almost an inky black like Dad's.

Despite their looks, they are as different as night and day. Masen is usually the quiet, studious, lone-wolf type. Jason is loud, adventurous, and impulsive.

Mace ignored my sour tone and sat on my desk chair, rolling it closer to my bed while inspecting the room as he went.

"All packed," he observed.

"Yep," I confirmed, motioning unnecessarily to my suitcase and backpack. "We just have to load up the van in the morning."

He nodded absently, running a hand through his perfectly quiff styled hair in a very familiar gesture. It must be a Jackson thing, because all of us, including my dad, do the hair thing. I knew he was nervous about going to camp for the first time. Now that the twins were twelve, Mom had given her blessing for them to go.

They were both excited of course. After all of the stories, I told them about camp half-blood and the fun things we get to do, who wouldn't be? Masen's apprehensive about our cabin assignments. The half-bloods stay in the cabin belonging to their particular godly parent, but we legacies have another option. Being descendants of two gods, we could wind up in the cabin of either one.

It was clear to me early on where I would belong. I love the sea. The water soothes me and it is the only place where I can clear my muddled thoughts. It's as natural as breathing—which I can actually do underwater. I am the only camper in Poseidon's cabin three. I have my suspicions that Jason would be joining me this year. He seemed to be exhibiting water-related abilities like mine.

Things with Masen were more subtle. He is smart, a problem solver, and never makes a move without a plan. Nothing escapes his keen eyes. It makes sense that he would fit in with the Athena kids, but therein lies the problem. Mace would have to share bunks with a decent-sized group that he knows nothing about. It was one thing spending time with siblings, and an entirely different thing spending it with strangers. Masen prefers flying solo.

"Alright," I sighed, "what's up Mace?"

"Tell me again what it's like at camp?"

"You'll have fun," I promised encouragingly. "You are going to kick butt at capture the flag with the rest of the Athena campers. The counselor, Luz Zamora, is pretty cool too."

"I still don't know anyone, and we can't even sit together during meal times." he protested.

"True." I said, "but you'll get to know them soon enough. Jace and I will still be there. We can hang out at any other time. It's not like you can't come to our cabin. Besides, you'll be so busy that it won't matter.

Masen still looked skeptical.

"You promise?" he asked, "I mean— that you'll be there."

I ruffled his hair and he frowned, quickly running his hand through to fix it. "We Jackson's stick together. Of course, I will be there"

There was a knock at the frame of my open door and it put an end to our conversation for the moment. It was Jason. He stepped into the room looking between us curiously.

"Jam session without me?"

"Nah," I said. "Mace was just asking about camp. Did you pack? Don't wait till the last minute. You take forever, Jace."

"I've still got time after dinner," Jason said noncommittally with a shrug, "which by the way is ready now. Mom sent me upstairs to get you two."

I gave Masen a look that clearly read 'help me'. He smirked and got up from my chair.

"He'll be packed. Let's get dinner." Masen assured me,

I followed behind them, my hands on Masen's shoulders guiding him out of my bedroom with Jason leading the way downstairs.

Dinner was uneventful. Mom made steak and potatoes, a house favorite, and we talked about plans for tomorrow morning. Jace was again reminded to pack and I grinned at him from across the table which he returned with a scowl. We all knew how much of a procrastinator he could be.

We had my favorite blue chocolate chip cookies for dessert, and then I helped dad with the dishes. When we finished cleaning up I went back upstairs to my room contemplating turning in early.

I decided to call my best friend, Calista instead. We had plans to pick her up from the airport on our way to camp. She was flying in from Indianapolis which was roughly a four-hour flight. I hadn't seen her for the better part of a year, so I was understandably ecstatic that we'd finally get to hang out.

Calista answered on the second ring.

"Charlie!" she squealed happily into the receiver.

I laughed, "Hey, Callie."

"Can you believe it?" She was barely able to contain the excitement in her voice. "Only hours away, I'm counting down the minutes, Chica!"

I could picture my best friend bouncing on her tiptoes. Calista has a rather infectious amount of energy. She can't ever sit still for very long.

"I know!" I enthused. "Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be. Double and triple checked that I packed everything. Set my alarm for the flight too."

"Flight arrives at eleven fifteen?"

"Yep. As long as there are no delays," she confirmed.

"We'll be there," I promised.

Calista and I talked, well—gossiped, for about an hour on the phone. We went from talking about the end of our school year to our plans for the summer. She was looking forward to starting one of the projects at bunker nine while I was itching to beat the Ares cabin at the capture the flag games we have every year. Climbing to the top of the lava wall and visiting the stables were at the top of my list too. We probably would have stayed on the phone a bit longer, but Callie had to be up early to catch her flight. We said our goodbyes knowing that we'd get to see each other in the morning.

I yawned and stretched, then went across the hall to check on the boys. They were both asleep in their respective bunks. Thankfully, I noticed both suitcases and backpacks were ready to go by their bedroom door.

Jason hadn't even bothered to change. He'd fallen asleep on the top bunk still wearing his Hades video game shirt and black jeans. One of his canvas high tops was cast to the floor while the other was still on his right foot. I pulled off the shoe and tucked his blanket over him. He had been playing some sort of mobile game so I made sure to plug the phone into his charger and left it on the nightstand.

Masen fell asleep reading one of his Batman comics. His hair was still damp from a recent shower. He hadn't bothered with a shirt and just threw on some sweatpants. I set his comic book aside next to Jason's phone and tucked him in as well.

Once I was done, I called out a good night to my parents and went to change for bed.


I'll start by saying that it was complete chaos in the morning. I was grateful to be well-rested enough to deal with all the crazy.

Mom was trying to get everyone to eat breakfast amidst our bickering over the two bathrooms in the house. Dad kept trying to load all of our luggage into his Toyota Sienna only to get derailed every time one of the boys made him go back out to add stuff they forgot. I think Jace made him go back on at least three separate occasions. He threatened that anything else would now be left behind.

In an attempt to get some quiet and privacy in the bathroom, I relented to letting the boys have it first. I wasn't planning on taking very long anyway. I finished my ablutions in record time and then got dressed in a pair of my most comfortable jeans and a camp half-blood tee. I pulled my long, dark hair into a messy ponytail and was ready to go as soon as I put on my converse.

"Let's go guys. We have to get on the road or we'll be late to the airport." Dad called from the front door.

I swung my backpack over my shoulder and headed for the stairs. The twins raced by sounding like a stampede, barely giving me enough time to get out of the way. I rolled my eyes and followed after them.

"Watch it, you two!" Dad called to their retreating backs, though I was pretty sure they weren't listening over their laughs and shoving each other around.

He sighed in exasperation and I joined him at the foot of the stairs.

I tried to hide the grin as I deadpanned, "they used to be so cute when they were little. What happened?"

"You're all a bunch of comedians is what it is. Come on let's get going."

A smile tugged at the corner of his lips as mom joined us. He put an arm around each of us, dropped a kiss on the top of my head, then kissed mom.

"Ew, guys," I said, ducking out of the way. "Get a room."

"Definitely raising a bunch of comedians," Dad intoned, trying not to laugh.

"They get it from you, Seaweed Brain," Mom reminded him with a grin.

He smirked unapologetically. "They do. Don't they?"

We finally managed to get the show on the road - and straight into morning traffic. It was still a weekday so the working commuters were making their way to their destinations at a snail's pace. It was lucky we left an hour early to make the drive from Manhattan to JFK International Airport.

When we finally arrived at the airport and drove to the terminal, I watched closely for Callie. It didn't take long to spot her. Though she is tiny like a pixie, our bright orange Camp Half-blood shirts stand out.

"There she is, Dad," I pointed out, spotting her walking out of the building and dodging rushing commuters.

Callie was indeed wearing her camp shirt with denim bermudas, high top chucks, and a tool belt around her waist. Her willowy frame easily slipped through the throng of people. I could tell her eyes were searching for our van, and the minute she spotted us, she waved. We pulled into the pick-up lane and I was hopping out of the back seat before he even put it into park.

I generally describe my best friend as a pixie or a nymph almost, and it isn't too far off. She's petite, with soft angular features and long black curls with warm, reflective auburn tones. Her almond-shaped eyes are the color of melted caramel.

There was a lot of squealing, bouncing, and hugging involved. Dad had to grab Callie's temporarily abandoned bags—she'd dropped everything the moment we were within arm's reach of each other, and loaded everything with the rest of our luggage. He herded us back into the van and we were off again.

When we arrived at camp, Dad parked beside a trio of Delphi Strawberry Services vans. They are the camp's primary transportation whether Argus, the security guard, is delivering strawberries or giving a demigod a ride to start their quest. Argus...takes some getting used to. He's like some sort of hundred-eyed giant that reminds me of a bleach-blonde surfer. The eyes are super creepy.

We unloaded our van and made our way past the border. The boys were immediately excited. They pointed out a lot of the things I'd told them, like Thalia's tree and the old purple dragon Peleus, which they considered cool even though it spent its days lazily curled around the tree. They both wanted to try the Climbing Wall and visit the arena.

"We're going to go talk to Chiron," Mom said as we got closer to the Big House. "Can I trust you to get these two settled and show them around?"

"Yeah, Mom. I'll take them out to cabin three with me until tonight's campfire."

"Behave," Dad reminded the twins, eyeing Jason in particular.

I'm not sure that they heard him as they stood staring in awe at the Athena Parthenos that loomed in the distance.

Callie stayed with us as I gave the boys their camp tour. I led them by the amphitheater, arts and crafts pavilion, and the volleyball court. We came up to the cabins next, stopping by the Poseidon cabin to drop off our things. Then we made our way to the Hephaestus cabin to do the same for Cal. She promised a few of her cabin mates that she would meet up with them at the forge later.

Our next stop was the armory where the boys marveled at the available weaponry and gear. Masen showed interest in the bows and it was fortunate that Phoenix from the Apollo cabin was there organizing a supply inventory check. I asked him to help Mace pick out a good bow while Jason and I looked for something a little more up close and personal.

I've liked the feel of a good sword in my hand ever since dad started teaching me how to use one. I looked for a decent blade, testing the weight of a few. In the end, I selected a xiphos that was at least satisfactory. I tied the sword's scabbard around my waist then helped Jace with his. He seemed to prefer the curving blade of a kopis, though the particular sword he chose was not quite as large as a traditional one. I know a thing or two about swords. More than is probably normal for most girls.

"Good choice." a quiet voice commented to Jason. "Only thing better than that would be one made from stygian iron."

The voice startled me and I tensed until I turned to face him. Hayden Di Angelo was leaning against the door frame of the armory, arms crossed over his chest, his dark blue eyes watching us.

"You would know," I said. "Only children of Hades and Hades himself carry weapons made from stygian iron."

Our eyes met and his lips curved into a crooked smile.

"True," Hayden conceded, his gaze intense. He pushed off the door frame and walked over to join us. "Hello, Charlie."

I blinked and looked away. He could be extremely distracting, especially being so close. It was hard to function properly whenever tall, dark, and mysterious was around.

"Hi, Hayden," I said, risking a glance at the Hades boy. "You remember my little brother Jason?"

"I do," he replied. "Welcome to camp."

He held out his hand to Jace and they shook.

"Um, thanks," Jace replied unsure of what to make of our exchange. He could tell something was off.

"Well, I'll let you get back to showing your brother the ropes. Catch you later?"

I nodded, "Sure. Later..."

Hayden left us then and I could see that Jason already had a million questions. I could have groaned. Mercifully, Masen and Callie rejoined then, which put playing twenty questions on pause for the time being.

"So are we ready to continue the tour?" I asked now that we were mostly armed and dangerous.

"What's next?" Masen asked eagerly, his apprehension from the previous night seemed to have evaporated.

"The forge and then the arena?" I asked, looking to Callie for confirmation.

"Sounds good. I have to head in that direction anyway."

The forge is one of three places you'd find a Hephaestus kid. They were the tinkerers of the gods; making gadgets, weapons, and all sorts of other things. Their work is usually pretty amazing. As a son of Hephaestus, Callie's dad was unmatched and set the bar for genius pretty high. Building the Argo II and repairing Festus the dragon made him legendary. Leo Valdes was the best tinkerer since my namesake Charles Beckendorf, or so I'm told

We spent some time introducing the boys and showing them around before we bid our goodbyes to Cal and headed to the arena.

It was still early in the summer, there weren't many kids at camp yet besides the year-rounders. Luckily, there were still enough that a couple of spars were going on. It wasn't surprising that the Ares kids were dominating.

"Hey, Jackson!" Someone called loudly. Hearing our name, all three of us turned at the same time. "You made it. Finally, some decent competition."

I grinned, recognizing Renee Brandt at the far end of the field. We have a nice competitive rivalry going on. She likes a good challenge, and of course, everyone knows about the Jackson and Ares rivalry. Yep, leave it to Dad to start trouble with the god of war. I think Ares is still pretty salty about being defeated by a twelve-year-old. His kids have been out to defend his honor ever since.

She jogged over and looked at the three of us appraisingly. "Who are the newbies?"

"Jackson's," I smirked. "You know I have brothers."

"You never said anything about there being two of them, much less twins," Renee accused.

I shrugged, "you never asked."

"Great," she groaned. "Now I have to deal with all three of you at the same time."

"We're right here. You know?" Jason gripped. "Nobody said you have to deal with us."

"Nah," I said to Renee, ignoring Jason's remark. "You gotta get through me to get to my brothers, and we all know you can't."

Renee was outraged. Sometimes I'm too much like my dad for my own good. I love stirring up trouble with the Ares kids. It must be in our blood. Either way, I hadn't lost a sword fight yet.

"Let's settle this right here and now then."

"I'm game," I said. "First to disarm?"

Masen had been quietly observing. A slow smile broke across his face as I unsheath my sword. He'd taken into account that the Ares girl was several inches taller than me with a bit more muscle. There would be power behind her attacks but it wouldn't help her against my speed and agility. This I already knew.

"You'll have her down in three," Masen told me confidently.

"What was that prissy boy?" She growled.

I moved in front of Masen, getting in Renee's face. Her blue eyes glared down at me.

"The fight is right here, Renee. I told you. You have to get through me."

Renee laughed and unsheathed her weapon, "I'm not afraid of you, Little Mermaid."

"You should be."

"Three," Masen repeated, "and you won't lay a scratch on my sister."

She scoffed and glowered at him. We both took a few steps away from each other and the boys moved to the sidelines. We'd garnered the attention of some of the other bystanders as well, so now we had an audience.

I shifted, getting into a position like Dad taught me. Standing at a 45-degree angle, I opened my stance leading with my left foot, hips facing towards my opponent. It was firm positioning and provided all of the support I needed. Holding my sword upright and perpendicular to the ground in front of me, I waited.

As expected, Renee immediately charged. I parried each attack and stepped back each time I redirected her movements. My opening would come. I'm patient but knew that Renee was frustrated easily.

Our swords clashed a few more times, and then I was no longer defending.

One advance…then two…

I'd found the flow of the fight and easily gained control. I let her into my defenses, feinting an attack. I blocked instead, held her sword in place, and pushed her back with my foot.


She lost her balance and was on the ground with the point of my sword at her throat. Her weapon was just out of reach where it had landed.

"Do you concede?" I asked breathlessly.

"Fine!" Renee huffed.

I sheathed my sword and offered her a hand which she promptly slapped away. I shrugged and moved out of her way.

"Next time, Jackson. Next time so help me..." she grumbled, brushing herself off and reclaiming her weapon.

She pushed past me and stalked away from the arena without another word. A few of her cabin mates followed after her and the rest of our spectators dispersed.

"Guess she doesn't know how to be a good sport," Masen said, grinning widely.

"Salty," I agreed.

We moved on. The archery range was our next stop on the tour. A few Apollo kids were practicing and we hung back to watch. Masen seemed eager to join one of the scheduled classes. I warned him that it wouldn't be as easy as the children of Apollo made it look, but it didn't look like anything would dissuade him.

Our final stop for the day was exciting enough to get them moving again. The stables are home to the camp's pegasi and other equine creatures. Pegasi were free to seek refuge here whenever they needed and they were well taken care of. Whenever I wasn't around, the Aphrodite kids did a good job of keeping them brushed and exercised while the rest of the campers did their part in keeping the stables clean.

I hadn't been around the pegasi for a long time, so I was excited to see them, and the boys shared in the enthusiasm. They had never seen pegasi before, and just about everything about camp awed them.

The minute I walked into the stables I let out a long whistle. A gorgeous black and white stallion trotted up to me.

'My lady,' Zorro said with a nuzzle, 'I have missed you.'

"I've missed you too, Z"

I hugged the pegasi, enjoying the feel of his coat beneath my fingers and against my cheek. It had been too long. I hated being away from Zorro, but my parents insisted on my getting an education and leading a normal life. Well, as much as the life of a demigod could be normal.

Jason gasped as he watched me cuddle the winged horse. "I heard him! I can understand what he was saying!"

"What are you talking about? You speak pony now?" Masen asked, puzzled.

Zorro snorted at him, unamused. Slightly miffed that he was called a pony. 'This one is not a child of Poseidon.'

"He takes after our mother," I said to Zorro, feeling a little sad. This was something I wouldn't be able to share with my brother. Further proof that he favored the Athena side of the family.

"We can understand equine creatures," I went on to explain to Masen. "It's a Poseidon thing."

"Ah," he said quietly, clearly disappointed that now there was yet another thing that set him apart. It marred the initial thrill of meeting the pegasi.

"I can still teach both of you how to ride," I promised, trying to lighten the sudden change in mood.

Masen smiled at that. It seemed to appease him that he would still be included in some way. He reached to pet Zorro but stopped himself.

"May I?" he asked, looking at the pegasi for permission as he spoke.

Zorro whinnied softly and nudged Masen's hand, understanding what he wanted. Taking it as consent, he ran his hand along the pegasi's coat.

"So beautiful," he whispered reverently.

'Hey well if it isn't the boss' brood!'

A second pegasus with a gorgeous onyx coat approached us. He snorted and nudged Jason from behind, nearly pushing him over.

"Hey!" Jason laughed, petting the stallion's muzzle. "Watch it. Who is the boss supposed to be anyway?"

I shook my head, laughing as well. "That's what he calls Dad. His name is Blackjack. He is dad's pegasus. This here is Zorro."

"They are so cool."

'Boss Jr. knows what's up.' Blackjack knickered approvingly.

I patted Blackjack. "Yes, they are amazing."

We spent some time with the pegasi. Jason took a liking to Blackjack and he took the time to brush the stallion's coat until it shone. Masen helped me with Zorro while we talked about other activities that the three of us would get to do.

We lost track of time and I was surprised by the sound of the conch reverberating through camp calling everyone to dinner. We cleaned up and bid the pegasi goodbye for the night before joining the other campers making their way to dinner.

Callie caught up to us along the way and she hooked her arm around mine talking a mile a minute. She was excited about some project the Hephaestus kids were working on until someone else caught her attention. She was gone as quickly as she had appeared. I shook my head and laughed. She would turn up again after dinner. Cal could never be still anywhere for very long.

The smell of the food made me realize how hungry I was. We'd skipped lunch and spent the day exploring the camp, so we hadn't even thought about food. Jason seemed to have the same idea as he took double servings of practically everything. I led the boys to the hearth to make their offerings and we went to take our seats.

As per usual, the big three had fairly empty tables. There were no children of Zeus. Hayden sat alone at the Hades table and until today, I sat alone at the Poseidon table. The boys were both joining me at least for tonight. No doubt that Jason would end up in cabin three.

I taught them how to use the goblets, and they got a kick out of ordering different drinks until it became a game and the drinks got spilled all over the table. Before I could react to the mess, Jason manipulated the liquids back into their respective cups like it never happened.

There were a few gasps from the Demeter table next to us. At first, I thought it was because of Jace's cheap trick, but then I followed their gaze and saw the glow over my brother's head. The glow melded into the shape of a trident. Pops must have found Jace's antics pretty amusing.

I grinned at him, "welcome officially to cabin three, little bro."

As Athena would never be outdone, a second mark lit up the sky over Masen's head - the mark of Athena's patronage. Several kids from cabin six whooped and cheered. Then the rest of the tables made some noise as well. Masen flushed in embarrassment, but I could tell that he was secretly pleased.

It was a proud moment for Mom too. From her seat, at Mr. D's table, I could see her join in the applause and cheers.

The day was drawing to a close as we sat around the huge fire in the amphitheater. The Apollo kids were leading the songs with their musical prowess and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Eventually, the campers started to drift away to their cabins for the night. We met up with Mom and Dad to say good night.

"Don't forget to get your things from cabin three," Mom reminded Masen as she pulled him in for a hug. "Luz is your counselor. She'll assign you a bunk."

"I got it, Mom," Masen replied.

She ruffled his hair and kissed his forehead before completely letting go.

Jason tried his best to look inconspicuous behind me, hiding from Mom. He knew she would be coming for him next. It was a lost cause. Dad snagged me around the waist, giving me a one-armed hug, and I wrapped my arms around him leaning into the embrace. This left Jason open for Mom's fussing. She made her admonishments and hugged her boy before trading with Dad.

I hugged her and she pressed a kiss to my forehead.

"Watch out for them," she whispered against my hair.

"You know I will. Good night, Mom," I said with a quick nod.

"You," Dad said, eyeing me. "Curfew is at eleven. Remember the harpies can be scarier than I am."

"You say that every summer, Dad," I chided.

"That's because I know my kids. You are just as bad as I was," he chuckled, "Just keep your brothers out of trouble."

"Aye, aye, Boss!" I teased.

He rolled his eyes, but we said our final goodbyes and went our separate ways. Mom and dad would be staying up at the Big House, so I led the way to our cabins.

"Are you sure I can't just stay here with you guys?" Mace asked as he shouldered his backpack.

I shook my head. "It's the rules. Gotta stay with your godly-um siblings? Or is it aunts and uncles?"

"Yeah - uh no. How about we don't label that right now?"

I shrugged and collapsed into my bunk, folding my arms behind my head. "You gonna be alright getting back to six?"

Masen nodded. "I'll be fine. See you in the morning?"

"Bright and early."

He groaned, grabbed his duffle bag and Jason walked him out.

As the boys walked out, my eyes started to drift shut. It had been a good day. A very long day, but good nonetheless. I was beginning to doze off when Jace tossed a pillow at me.

I caught it and cracked an eye open. "What's with you?"

"Out with it."

"With what?"

"Did you think I would forget?" He raised his eyebrow.

I sat up and glowered at him, "I'm still not sure what you are talking about."

"The Hades kid," he said as though it was the most obvious thing.

"Oh" I was quickly at a loss for words.

He tossed another pillow at me intending for it to smack me in the face.

"Hayden is just a friend."

"Right," he rolled his eyes. "And I totally missed the way he was looking at you. Just friends… "

I didn't miss the sarcasm.

Hayden Di Angelo had been watching me. Why?

The thought made my heart skip a beat.

"He wasn't looking at me in any particular way," I insisted. "Anyway, what would you know about that?"

"You are oblivious," Jace said, shaking his head.

He stole back one of the pillows and went to lay in his bed.

"Isn't he uncle Nico and Will's kid?"

"Yeah. Him and his sister Ely." I said.

Jason yawned and it gave me hope that he wouldn't be asking questions for much longer. I would be escaping to the bathroom to change anyway. I got out of bed again and grabbed my pajamas from my suitcase and headed for the bathroom.

"I'm going to go change for bed," I announced in a tone that I hoped ended the conversation.

He yawned again and muttered drowsily, "I don't like it."

I ignored him and escaped to the facilities.

I changed clothes and brushed my teeth. I even brushed out my hair, delaying as much as could in the hopes that he would be asleep by the time I returned. I peeked around the door to check.

It looked like he'd just barely managed to kick off his shoes before turning over and burrowing into his blanket. I sighed in relief and went to lay down. It mystified me the way the boys managed to fall asleep so quickly. The pair of them would sleep like the dead until noon if they didn't have to get up for school or chores. Sleep eluded me that night.