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Chapter 1: The News

Summer Land. A small Kingdome located in the valley of Blue Mouton, named for its beautiful landscape, warm weather and overall cheerfulness. The Kingdome was blessed with plenty of water and food resources, gold, diamond mines and of course tourist places. All in all it was a very peaceful and happy place for people to live in.

It was quite normal morning in the Kingdome. Birds chirping, people walking around selling and buying stuff, children playing, kitten playing with yarn ball, normal.

Inside the castle Carla the head maid was running across the hallway, the other servants not even looking in her direction because yes it was normal occurrence and everyone knew where she is heading, to the Princess's room of course, why? You ask, to knock on the door until her knuckles bleed and repeat the same sentence until she feels like she has gone mad,

Knock, knock "Princess Anna?

… "whosee it..?"

"It's me Princess, Carla, Its time to wake up…"

…"Ya Ya I've been up for hourssss" (snooore)

Knock, Knock, Knock "Princess Anna?"

"Whose it?"

"It's still me Princess, it's time to wake up the King and Queen are waiting for you in the dining hall for breakfast…..Princess Anna?"

"Hugh! Okay Okay you win I am up, I'll be out in a minute."

Carla sighted before shaking her head smiling and headed back to the dining hall to prepare for royal breakfast.

The dining hall was silent other that the little sound of servants bringing the food, King Agnarr sat at the head of the long dining table and Queen Iduna to his right side silently watching the servants do their job, chatting occasionally and waiting for their daughter. Before long they heard a loud crashing sound of metal colliding and hitting the ground disturbing the silence of the dining hall but bringing smile on the faces of the King and Queen and every other person in the dining hall. The grand wooden door of the dining hall opened revealing a girl who was ray of sunshine in human body, fiery red hair in two pigtails, a beautiful ankle length green dress with black bodice and cute black flat shoes. She seemed to be inspecting her arms and dusting her dress all the while muttering unintelligible sentences that you doubt they are even in English.

"Quite an eventful entry Princess Anna." Boomed the King's Strong yet gentle voice.

"Are you all right? You should be more careful Sunshine." Asked the Queen worry shinning in her eyes.

Both the King and Queen stood up to check on their precious and only daughter.

"Mama-Papa I am fine, I am the big strong Princess, that evil armor don't stand a chance before me." Said the Princess trying to stand toll and mighty and giving her Megawatt smile.

"Yes yes so says the Princess who comes running to her Mama on stormy nights." Said the Queen laughing heartily.

"Hey! No fair that's a total different situation!" Said the Princess pouting.

"Okay you two lets have breakfast first cause I am starving." Interjected the King.

"Right. Me too." The princess's stomach grumbled as to prove the point.

"Hehe... See?" laughed the blushing Princess nervously.

They all sat down and started eating breakfast talking and joking with the Princess stuffing her face with beckon and the Queen nudging her to bring it down and eat like a Princess to no avail. Normal family scenario.

After breakfast the royal family parted ways, King Agnarr went to his study, Queen Iduna was on her way to library and Princess Anna was out of the castle to greet her people.

It was her favorite activity. She would just walk around helping and talking with people, playing with children reading them stories, eating chocolates (her favorites). She was well known and so very much loved among the people. They greeted her with warm smiles and open arms some would even offer her her favorite food like sandwiches and cakes and cookies and she would gladly accept them all the way smiling ear to ear. And she is going to enjoy everyone company today too.

Inside the royal study King Agnarr sat worried and deep in thought. As soon as he walked in the study he was greeted with his assistant and head butler Jonathan who gave him a news, a very bad news, and that was the reason of the King's current state. A knock brought back the King from his thoughts. He looked towards the door.


The door opened and entered the Queen. She sat near her husband on the wooden couch.

"Why did you summoned me this urgently Agnarr?"

"It is because I either want your approval to my solution or I want any other solution to this problem."

"What is the problem?"

"Our secret agents brought the news that the Southern Isles are planning to attack our Kingdome to acquire our gold and diamond mines and other resources, witch lefts us with only options to either surrender to them or to fight but considering the sheer no. of Southern Isles military, our kingdom cannot defend itself alone or even if we combine all the military of our neighboring kingdoms, the chances of winning are very low."

"But we can make an agreement with them to export our gold and diamonds with them, right?" the Queen suggested.

"No we can't, if they wanted an agreement they wouldn't have planned to attack us, what they want is complete control on our Kingdome and that's the problem, I don't want their greedy hand anywhere near my kingdom so surrendering is out of the list."

"Then what solution do you have in mind?"

The king sighted heavily before answering. "We will make an arrangement with the Kingdome of Arendelle."

The Queen narrowed her eyes and asked "And what that arrangement would be?"

The king closed his eyes, exhaled and answered "I am offering a marriage proposal to the Queen of Arendelle."

The Queen's eyes widened, understanding the meaning of his words. She abruptly stood up facing the king then said "No! Agnarr you can't do this! I will not approve this! Never!"

"Iduna you have to understand, this is for the kingdom!" Said the king standing up and walking towards his wife.

"No! I don't care that it's for the Kingdome! I'll not allow you to sacrifice Anna's life like this! She will not marry like this! She will marry with someone she love! Agnarr she is our daughter! You can't do this to her!" The Queen said, her eyes full of tears.

The King walked towards his wife and hugged her tightly.

"I know Iduna…I know that she is our daughter and I should not do this to her and trust me I don't want to do this to her either, it pains me greatly but we don't have another choice if we don't do this the whole Kingdome will suffer its consequences, please try to understand Iduna."

The Queen now crying on his chest answered "I don't want to understand anything Agnarr, You make a deal with anything gold, diamond anything but not our daughter, please Agnarr...please." With every word the Queens voice got lower and lower ending with a barely audible whisper.

"I have already thought this through Iduna, Arendelle is rich way beyond our imagination and is full of resource it's literally half of the world and the only thing we can offer them is our daughter." The King said desperately trying to make his wife understand.

The Queen had stopped crying by now and was trying to understand the situation seeing this the King added,

"Iduna our marriage was somewhat same we were not in love before we got married, we only saw each other once before marriage, we knew nothing about each other but look here we are so in love with each other with a strong bond of faith between us."

The Queen was looking at him in the eye slowly grasping and understanding. The king continued

"We discovered things together, we slowly understood each other, found new thing about each other every day and that was what made our relationship stronger because we grew together and for each other. And it was magical, don't you think? Our Anna will also experience the same thing, she will also discover things with the Queen of Arendelle, she will also find new things about her every day, she will also fall in love with her slowly and they will grow together."

The Queen stood there silently taking in everything. Finally she spoke, "what if it doesn't go like that, what if the Queen of Arendelle doesn't treat her properly, and what if Anna is not into girls."

"What part of 'I thought this through' you didn't understand" The King said his voice mostly amused and on the edge of humor.

"What?" Asked Queen confused by sudden the change.

"Iduna, give me some credit, Anna is my daughter too. Don't worry everything will be all right, trust me." The King said calmly.

"I trust you Agnarr, but if this goes wrong our daughter has to pay for it."

"Nothing will go wrong. So are you with me in this?"


"So let's go tell the council members our decision and after that we have to talk to Anna."