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Mix the herb rabbit's ear with water, and then boil to get a tea. Then mix that with a touch of salt. I studied Kaede's remedies for all sorts of illnesses, and even I had to admit some of them were pretty weird sounding.

"Kagome, would you like to share with us what is so interesting that you can't pay attention during class?"

"Huh?" Kagome was so into her reading that she had not even remembered to pay attention to the teacher! She looked up to see him standing right in front of her. He snatched her sheet, and scanned. He crumbled his face up in confusion.

"What is this?"

"It's my grandfather's home remedies." That was sort of the truth.

"Well, all right, just don't read them during class." He said as he handed it back to her.

"Now, can anyone explain the relationship between Romeo and Juliet's families?"

"Hi Honey! How was your last day of school?" asked Mrs. Higarshi.

"Fine, I'm just glad summer's here! I won't have to make up a lot of lies to tell my friend's as to why I'm not in school."

"Yes, I agree. Now could come here and help me with dinner?"

" Dinner was great Mom!" said Souta as he went in to the den to watch television.

"Yeah, it was. Um. I'll be up in my room."

"Ok Dear, but I want you to go to bed on time tonight. I want you to get some rest before you go to the other side, alright?"

I'm finally here. I looked around and smiled at this familiar place. I loved being here, by the well. The sun shined through the trees, and a gentle stillness swept over the area. I liked the quiet.

"THERE YOU ARE! WE'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU!" boomed a voice. "AHHH!!!!!!"

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