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Ch 17 or 18 depending on how you look at it. ~ The final goodbye (just kidding, hey I had to have some fun before I go) 

Ch.17- One heck of a start to my summer vacation!

His sun like eyes looked down on hers, and he smiled sadly. " I love you. And I'll never let you go… Never."  He drew in a breath painfully, and dropped to the ground. Pure white hair surrounded its owner, and his body was covered in red liquid. His dead yellow orbs were wide open, and the last little bit of humanity in Kagome came to surface, and she knelt down beside him, and closed his eyelids. A great sadness came over her, and she felt almost bad that she had killed him.

She got up from her spot next to him, and started to walk away. The only thing that came to her mind was "where do I go from here?" 

Something buried in Kagome made her look back. When she turned around and saw him on the ground in a muddy puddle of blood, her body trembled, and she could no longer hold herself up. On the ground, she had an even better view of Inuyasha. Flashes of pictures came rushing into her brain. Kagome put her fingers to her temples; she was getting a migraine from all the memories. She could recollect perfectly now. There were no more clouds in her mind, as to who and what Inuyasha was. He is… was her love.

Kagome wanted to cry, scream, die, but she couldn't She'd killed her protector and her best friend. What was left to do now? Where did she go from here? Kagome rubbed her neck, and felt something sharp. She painstakingly pulled it out, and saw large piece of the shikon. Instantly she felt tired and drained. She looked at the glowing piece of jewel, and got an idea. She remembered that Naraku had taken her jewel fragments, and had kept them about his neck. Since there was no more Naraku, but maybe they were still there.

She went over to the place his dead form, and found the pieces, and ripped them from his neck. She matched up the pieces that she had, but that still wasn't all of them. Kagome sighed sadly, but realized that even if she had all of them, it wouldn't have been right to do what she wanted to do with them. The miko wanted to use the jewel to revive Inuyasha, but that would have been selfish and very wrong.

Kagome went over to the hanyou, and admired him. He stilled looked alive and well. The pinkness was still in his cheeks, and if had not been for all the massive amounts of blood all around him, he could have passed for sleeping. Kagome sat down beside him, and took his much larger hand in hers, and thought on his last words. " I love you. And I'll never let you go… Never." His deep voice still echoing in her head like a sweet song, and Kagome finally let her emotions flow freely, like a stream going steadily to the sea.

The miko's body started glow to an amazing blue, and without even realizing it, Kagome shot her energy out of her hand into Inuyasha's. The half-demon's body jolted and Kagome was so caught up with her tears that she didn't even notice.

The first thing he could recall was the scent of jasmine and honey. Kagome! He could smell her tears, why was she crying? All of the moments before his death came back into his mind. She was weeping, because he died? Did that mean she was back? Inuyasha felt uncontrollably happy. She was back to normal!

Kagome felt a strong pressure on her hand. She screamed when she saw that it was Inuyasha's hand tightening on hers. The priestess looked down and saw amber eyes dancing playfully. Her eyes widened when she heard his deep voice talking to her. In true Inuyasha style he said, "Did I scare ya?" Kagome shrieked, except this time out of happiness. She threw her arms around him and he wrapped his arms around her waist. Kagome…

 "I don't care how or who! Just that you're back!" She said giggling. Her head was buried in his chest.


She looked up, and her brows knitted together. "What?"

"It was your healing power. I guess you must have subconsciously healed me. But that's not important."

"What is?"

"Holding you."

Kagome and Inuyasha found themselves in the same exact spot they had been in when she was kidnapped. Inuyasha pulled her closer to him, and quickly got away from there. The two were going to Tatsuya's cottage. He still had his death grip on her when they finally came to the miko trainer's house .He let go of her, and started back on his way to Kaede's village. Kagome knocked lightly on the door and the strange old man yanked the door open.

"Hello There! I've been waiting for you to come! Where is the rest of your group?"

"All of them are still recovering from their injuries. Naraku's followers are too. It seems that when Inuyasha killed him, the spell over all of his followers was broken, well except for me."

"Don't worry about it dear. Killing the one we are in love with happens all the time."

"Yeah! Especially on soap operas."


"Never mind."

-A few weeks later-

" So…uh…how was your training?" Inuyasha suddenly asked. The two had been sitting in the god tree, and were waiting for the sunset. Since…the incident (what they had started calling it) Inuyasha had been kinder and gentler to her. What was the point of being a jerk if she already knew how you felt? Or, at least he was caring when they were alone.

"It was pretty fun. But, I missed the gang, and you."

"Feh." He replied, but she could still see the light coloring on his cheeks. He put his arm around her, and pulled her close to him. Inuyasha put a finger under her chin, and kissed her very tenderly. She lay back on his chest, and he scooted her into his lap, and wrapped his arms around her waist again. They waited for the sun to quietly say it's good byes, and then they kissed again.



"I sense a jewel shard…"

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