Team buliding. That's what he called a date with her. Although he never called it a date. buliding. An excuse to buy her a drink and talk about something that wasn't work. To find out her interests and to spend time alone with her without Gerry, Jack or Brian getting in the way.

Flirted like teenagers. But he never made a move. They laughed like idiots. Loud and annoying to anyone near them.

She made it out to her team that she hated it.

Truth is she loved every moment of it.

Then the award ceremony came. She practised her speech in the mirror on her desk as she did her makeup for the day of work ahead. She kept stopping and starting and it became harder to talk when she felt eyes on her. She hoped it wasn't him. Her coffee hadn't kicked in yet. She finishes her lipstick before looking up at the door.

It is him.


"Sandra. I brought you some coffee." He says with a smile walking into her office. "You are good at speeches." He says with a soft smile.

"I don't think so, Sir." Sandra says and Robert's eyes change slightly.

"I remember when we were at the pub telling you that you could call me Robert when we are alone." He reminds her and Sandra smiles.

"This is the office. That was a pub." She says and Robert looks at her.

"What's the difference?" He asks and she goes to answer but Jack knocks on the door.

"Morning. Sorry Sir I didn't see you there." Jack says with a smile. "Sandra we have something."

"Just give me a second." Sandra says and Jack walks away shutting the door behind him. "That is the difference Robert." She says quietly.

"I'll come see you later." He says with a smile before getting up and leaving.

He did see her later. He told her that he would pick her up at 6:30pm infront of Gerry and Brian. She didn't want them to make any jokes so she said that she would go herself. He seemed slightly upset before he said okay and walked away. She wished that she could have said yes. She thought about texting him but decided against it.

It gets to 6 and she's still in her office. The boys have gone home and she hasn't heard from Robert since earlier on and she has an issue. A wardobe issue. Her dress zip is stuck halfway. She can't call Brian because well... It is Brian. Jack would be the best bet but he's probably watching the news and eating. She doesn't want to disturb him. Gerry... No. Just no.

Robert is her only option. She can't walk out of the office like this. She grabs her phone and calls him. "Hi Robert... I need a favour. Could you come over to my office please? I need some help."

"Are you okay?" He asks sounding worried.

"I will be when you come over." She says sounds desperate. She is desperate at this point.

He goes to her office as quickly as he can. He takes a moment to let his eyes wander as she isn't looking in his direction. "I see the issue now." He says with a smirk.

"The zip got caught on my dress and I can't walk out like this." She says turning to see him.

"Turn around." He says and she does. His hands slide on her back against the lace of her dress. He finishes zipping his dress. "All done." He says.

"Thank you." She says turning back. He's still so close to her. She gets a chance to finally look at him in uniform. His badges sparkle. He looks incredible and she can't help but blush slightly. She realises how close they are and she looks up to see him look at her lips and go back to her eyes.

"You look beautiful Sandra." He says quietly in an almost whisper.

"Now it's time to see men who are older than my squad stare at me. What a joy." She says and Robert laughs.

"If it makes you feel any better, my eyes will be on you as well." He says quietly. His hand brushes her hair out of her face. "Sandra..." He whispers softly. He looks at her eyes sparkling in the low light before looking at her lips.

"We should go." She stutters. She doesn't want to go. She wants to see what would happen if he kisses her. So he leans off her and allows her to get her jacket and bag.

"Can I drive you?" He asks and Sandra smiles.

"Yes." She says and Robert smiles before offering out his arm. "Are you sure?" She asks nervously.

"Oh come on... those stairs. Them heels. I'm not letting you fall Sandra." He says with a laugh.

"What happened to the lift?" She asks and Robert laughs. She takes his arm and smiles.

Then she barely seen him. After the award ceremony the next time she seen him was he night after she nearly got shot. She didn't stay in his office long she had just one question for him. "Would you have visited me if I was shot?... Not because of work." She says and Robert looks at her.

"Eventually." He says. "Your team are very protective of you."

Weeks turn into months and he barely sees her. An argument here. A discussion about a case there. No flirting. No light touches. No laughing. Something had changed and Sandra didn't like it. He had become more of her boss now and she didn't like it. She wanted it to go back to the way it was.

Jack's shooting changed everything. She barely left her office. She was either in her office or at the hosptial with Jack. She was a wreck but she wouldn't tell anyone about it. Not Gerry or Brian and not Robert. Jack was fine. Of course he was. The doctors said the bullet missed all vital organs. He would be in a sling for a while because of hitting his arm heavy on his way down but apart from that he is fine. But when the phone rang. Or Robert came to see her and asks for her alone it terrified her.

So when she is sat head in her hands shaking, crying and not left her office for hours, Gerry decides to go and see her. "Sandra..." he says opening the door. "Sandra it's me." He says going to her desk. She's worse than he expected. She looks like she hasn't slept in a month. Her eyes are red. No makeup. "I am not here to talk about Jack. Brian hasn't rang yet." He says and Sandra looks up once more.

"Then why are you here?" She asks and Gerry looks down. "What did you do?"

"I told Strickland..."

"When is he coming?"

"5 minutes. I'm going to the hospital now to take sandwiches to Brian." Gerry says. "Do you want yours now or later?" Gerry asks and Sandra smiles.

"Later. Thanks." She says.

He notices her head against the wall, back turned from him. Robert shuts the door behind him. He shuts the blinds and walks over to her and he puts his hand on her shoulder. She turns head down and finally looks up at him and watches his eyes. Concern. Worry. Sadness all drift through his eyes and linger. "Please don't lecture me Robert."

"Do I look like I'm going to lecture you?" He says softly as he runs his hand down her arm. He stops at her hand. He watches her shake her head and he takes her hand. "I'm worried about you Sandra. We all are." He runs his thumb over her knuckles. "I'm worried." He confesses.

"Watching Jack get shot... seeing him bleeding on the ground." She stops as the tears roll down her face. She looks up at her boss. She doesn't see her boss anymore. She sees a man who genuinely cares about her. A man who is worried. Who does care. He cares more than just about the job. "I'm not okay Robert." She admits, the tears continue to roll down her cheeks quicker than before. He pulls her into him and she cries on his shoulder. He whispers things to reasure her and strokes her hair. She lifts off him and he wipes the tears away from her face. "I'm sorry." She says and he sighs.

"Sandra. Jack is one of your closest friends. You have a right to be worried about him." Robert says and Sandra looks at him. She goes to say something but doesn't. "What is it?"

"Your my boss... I can't." She says and Robert looks at her sadly.

"Whatever you say won't be repeated to anyone. I promise." He says with a smile.

"They are all I have. The job and my team. I suppose I have my mother as well but..." She gets cut off by his lips pressing against hers. His arms snake around her waist pulling her into him as he kisses her harder. The cold wall hits her back almost instantly and a slight moan escapes her lips. He lifts off her and they catch their breath.

"You'll never be alone. As long as I have a say in the matter." Robert says with a smile. "Do you want to come to mine for dinner tonight?" He asks and Sandra smiles.

"I would." She says and Robert looks at her before kissing her quickly.

After a few moments he leaves and Sandra sits back down at her desk. Red faced. Lips tingling from his touch. Her phone bleeps and her heart rate quickens. She looks to see Robert has texted her.

1:22pm: Bring yourself some spare clothes. I think you may need them (wink emoji) x

Her heart races still as she reads his message. 1:23pm: Do you think my boss will mind if I leave early to go and get them?

1:24pm: No, he wishes that you could be with him now. Alone. No risk of anyone disturbing us.

1:25pm: I wish we could do that too... Sir x