From the Desk of Sharper

"Ten Years"

I hope everyone had a good holiday season, despite the Coof still going on right now. On the 9th of January, I saw that Hotrod's Mazel-Tov pic turned 10 on Deviantart. And I made it as a headcanon that Kim and Ron got married in May of 2011. (AN: I adjusted it due to the timeline of the TEVID Pandemic)

So in this small story here, Kim and Ron are celebrating their 10th anniversary. The main drama going on with this sitch is that there is a similar pandemic going on in the KP verse and they are five months into it. And they manage to celebrate the anniversary...with hilarious results.

The fanfic is going to be rated T for brief suggestive dialogue and a couple of swear words

First, of course, the usual disclaimer.

Kim Possible, characters and settings, are created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney. Justin Possible-Stoppable was created by the aforementioned Hotrod2001 and Alexa Possible-Stoppable was created by KPRS4ever.

Chapter 1 - The Card

(May 7, 2021, 7am, Middleton CO)

The digital alarm clock made its familiar chirping and beeping noise on Kim Possible-Stoppable's nightstand in the master bedroom. It had been the same alarm clock that she used throughout college. She put her hand from the covers of the blankets to immediately cease its chirping.

"Man...what a night after watching a Pals marathon with Ron on TVTrash+..." she muttered, looking around for her glasses with her green eyes shut.

"Heya, KPS!" Ron Possible-Stoppable exclaimed to his wife after yawning for a 7-hour night of sleep. He also just woke up.

Rufus also woke up as well from his sleep on the blankets. He stretched his body out.

Kim was in her green Club Banana boxers with a light moon croptop. Ron was in his blue Fearless Ferret pajamas that he had since high school. The both of them were approaching year no. 32.

"Good thing you didn't smash your alarm clock with a hammer this time!" Kim replied with a smirk.

Kim finally managed to get her glasses and put them on her face. She also put on the Wrist Kimmunicator version 6.0.

"You're gonna make the breakfast, right, Ron?" she asked.

"Actually, me, Rufus, Alexa and Justin are going to make the breakfast this morning." Ron quipped.

Rufus nodded his head as well and he was pointing to the drawer of Kim's nightstand.

"Wow! That's a really big sitch for the kids to be helping out in the kitchen!" Kim exclaimed. "Wait...this must be for something special, isn't it?! Could it be?"

"Rufus is tellin' ya to look in the top drawer of your nightstand! I have a surprise for you!" Ron said with a wide grin.

Kim immediately looked in the top drawer of her nightstand. On the top of her books was a simple 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of white paper that was folded in half. Written on the paper was the title


The first part of it was in green color pencil and the second part of it was in brown color pencil to match the color of the couple's eyes. Ron didn't exactly excel in art at high school, so the best he could do were stick figures. Kim adored those stick figures of her, Ron, Rufus, and the kids.

Inside the paper was a collection of all the moments that Team Possible had gone through for 2020, as was the case with years before. However, with this year, it also included the moment the pandemic began in March of 2021. Face masks adorned the stick figures.

On the back of the paper, it said, "Despite all the craziness of this year, and with the kids, I am glad that you are always by my side. I will be there with you, as always, until the very end."

Kim was smiling at Ron when he said those words.

"Awww...that's so adorbs, Ron!"

"To be fair, Justin helped out on the drawings a little this year." Ron replied. "But I saved the best gift in the bottom drawer!"

Kim quickly opened the bottom drawer of her nightstand and from it came a small black box.

"I managed to sneak it in along with the card at around 2 in the morning, KPS." Ron explained. "Had to use the quiet slippers."

Kim opened the box and tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Oh...oh...oh my God! This...this is so adorable, Ron!"

It was actually a $1,100 heart-shaped red diamond necklace in the box. The reflection of the diamond glittered in the irises of Kim's green eyes and it matched the color of her hair.

Ron replied, "Since it was going to be our 10th anniversary, and that 10 years represented a diamond gift, I was planning to give you the necklace on our trip to Hawaii know...the pandemic hit."

"Yeah, it was such a shame that this TEVID thing has hit the tourism industry hard." Kim replied, "But, Ron. This really is a very nice gift that you gave me!"

"It's no big, KPS!" Ron smiled, "Now let's get to the kitchen! We are going to make a wonderful breakfast!"