I have decided to try and write the first chapters of my Kamen Rider series ideas. I do need a cowriter or some really imaginative people willing to help with the series. I will tell you all that while I love reading fanfics where Deku and Eri have a father-daughter I have decided to for this fanfic my OC will instead have that bond with Eri. I will try and do a few more chapters of Climax Time before working on anymore Kamen Rider fanfics. If someone(s) want openings for my Kamen Rider fanfics then please make one for me and you will get credit for it. Though I am not sure if some of them will use their respective show openings since some of them is after their respective show ends.

(Japan: 7:46: PM:)

A monster on top of the rooftops was looking at a group of girls waiting for the right moment to capture the girl that its contractor is after. The monster is aviary but covered in armor with a pair of large wings. The armor is colored a dark gold and the wings are pitch black (think Alecto, Sovereign of Birds). This is the Raven Imagin. A young man in his teens saw it while walking by and very quietly climb up to the rooftop and kicks the Raven Imagin from behind. As the Imagin fell he took out a strange belt and puts in on his waist. Music starts playing (Tear it down from Hotel Transylvania 3) from the belt as he took out a purple color Rider pass and swipes it in front of the belt.

"Henshin!" Said the Boy.

"Neo Form!"

(Play The Beginning by ONE OK ROCK)

The belt said as the male figure was then wearing the Plat form suit as armor pieces appear and attaches on him. He looks like Kamen Rider New Den-O with some differences. The suit is purple, and the Visor is blue. He has Kamen Rider Odin's arm shields on his arms colored purple. He has G Den-o's chest and shoulder armor without Eve. The Belt which is called the Neo Den-O Belt has the gold changed to blue, no arrows, and the blue that was there before is changed to purple. This is Kamen Rider Neo Den-O or Neo for short. He then took the pieces off his belt and quickly combine them into the Dengasher Gun Mode.

"Imagin for disrupting the laws of time you will be eliminated." Said Neo as he points his right pointer finger at the Bird Imagin.

"Damn you Rider." Said the Raven Imagin as it got up from the ground angry that the Rider is interfering with its contract and kicking it off the roof. Neo jumps off the roof and shoots the Imagin multiple times each shot connecting.

"Augh! I'll make you pay!" Said the Imagin in anger as it pulls out a pair of katanas and flew straight at Neo dodging his shots. Neo quickly switches Dengasher into its Boomerang and Hand Ax Mode and blocks the Imagin swords. Neo quickly kicks the Imagin away and starts doing some run and slash attacks hurting the Imagin as sparks starts to appear on its body. Neo quickly puts the Dengasher into its Sword Mode.

"Your time is up!" Said Neo as he takes out the pass and puts it in front of the belt.

"Full Charge!" The belt said as the Dengasher glowed and a barrier encompasses him.

"Extreme World Slash!" Yelled Neo as he runs up and slashes the Imagin in a X-formation, blowing the Imagin up. After the Imagin was defeated he turns off his transformation and takes off his belt. As light from the moon shows us his appearance. He has dark blue hair with jewel like violet eyes. He is wearing a plain purple t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and purple and dark blue sneakers.

This is Haru Yuuki.

"That was easy." Said Haru as he goes to a door and opens it as the time became 8:08:08 and he walks in and close the door. He was now in an open desert with Rocky Mountains as a train call the Neo Denliner pulls up in front of him.

The Neo Denliner is a recolored New Denliner with the red changed to blue and the blue that was originally there is changed to purple.

Haru enters Neo Denliner and went to the bathing car to take a shower. After that he went to the dining car to get something to eat and then he went to bed. 5 hours he fell off his bed as the Neo Denliner starts shaking violently. He quickly runs to the conductor car to see what was going on. When he got there, he saw many weird colorful waves that seems to be the cause of the shaking. Haru quickly takes control of the Neo Denliner to try and stabilize it but the waves became more intense, shaking the Neo Denliner even more violently and knocking him off the controls and he slams his head on the ground knocking him out. As a wormhole appears and starts sucking in the Neo Denliner. The Neo Denliner is struggling to stay on the tracks as the color waves seems to help the wormhole pull in the Neo Denliner. The Neo Denliner is sucked off the tracks and is pulled into the wormhole. The Neo Denliner disappears in the wormhole as the wormhole and the waves disappear a few moments later. The Neo Denliner was twisting and turning in the wormhole, but it soon straighten itself and creates tracks to travel on. The Wormhole opens up and the Neo Denliner goes out of it. It was in a place that was like the Sands of Time but instead of a desert it was a dark winter scenery with blowing snow where the only light is the large, full moon in the sky.

(Unknown date: 11:00 AM)

"Ugh. What happened?" Said Haru in pain as he got up from the ground a little dazed. He then notices the new scenery.

"What! Snow!? Did those waves cause this?" Questioned Haru as he then checks the Neo Denliner's cameras to figure out what happened.

"So, a wormhole happened and brought me to this place. Though is this the only difference or is this another world that the world wormhole brought me to?" Questioned Haru as he quickly checks his head for any blood which there's not but there is a small bump where he hit his head. Since he needs information if he was transported to another world he decides to head out after getting changed and getting something to eat.

(3:56 PM: Sunday)

(Change to Haru' POV)

After leaving the Neo Denliner I walked around in a city called Musutafu (a city I never heard of before. Thankfully, it was in Japan so no language barriers) discovering that it was a different world due to the year being 2148 (This is 3 months in Izuku's training with All Might. I don't know when they started so I had to do it this way.), there are this weird powers call Quirks and people called Pro Heroes. what I learn about Quirks is they are a special, supernatural ability that a person can have. Along with being unique to each user, Quirks are compartmentalized into multiple categories. Quirk users are also limited to one ability and are thus unable to achieve any other. The first person in the world to manifest a Quirk was a newborn baby in Qing Qing City, China; the baby had the ability to emanate light from their body. After that phenomenon, many people around the world began to manifest different kinds of superpowers. While the cause of the Quirk phenomenon is still unknown, it has been theorized that the development of Quirks was caused by the spread of a virus carried by mice. These superpowers were first referred to as Meta Abilities before later being called Quirks. Quirks are inherited genetically through what appears to be Mendelian inheritance. A child will either inherit the father's Quirk, the mother's Quirk, or a new composite Quirk formed by a fusion of the two. This composite Quirk may sometimes give the appearance of the person having two separate Quirks. Much more rarely a child may manifest a Quirk that is entirely unrelated to their genetic lineage, akin to a mutation. Physical abnormalities caused by Quirks can be passed on to the next generation, even if the Quirk that causes the abnormality is not passed on. There is currently three known Quirk types, they are Emitter, Transformation, and Mutant. Emitter or Activation-type Quirks are abilities that allow the user to generate and possibly control certain things or alter existing things around them in certain ways. The emissions of Emitter-type Quirks can have a wide variety of properties and abilities. Transformation-type Quirks are abilities that cause the user to take on a temporary alteration of some kind. Transformation-type Quirks allow the user to temporarily "transform" their body in a variety of manners, sometimes enhancing existing features, removing features, or adding new features to the body altogether. Mutant -type (also called Heteromorphic-type) Quirks are abilities that cause the user a permanent "abnormality" directly related to their power. Mutant-type Quirks create bodily structures that grant the user more complex abilities that Emitter and Transformation Quirks cannot safely provide. Often times they will bestow prehensile appendages that the user can control or add structures to pre-existing limbs to enhance pre-existing abilities. Mutant-type Quirks even have the ability to channel certain aspects of their user through them in a similar manner to Emitter-type Quirks. (What I learn and seen so far about Quirks got me interested in them since they are so cool. I would like to learn more about them.). There are also several laws and procedures in place to ensure the conscientious use of Quirks in effort to preserve order in this superhuman society. Public display of Quirks are against the law except in cases of self-defense, such as when one is under attack or preventing someone else from being attacked.

But on the downside only 20% of the population don't have Quirks while currently, roughly 80% of the people who make up the global population possess a Quirk leading to those who don't have a Quirk be called Quirkless and they are discriminated by those who do, and some people have Quirks that are considered 'evil' even though it's how you use it that makes it evil or good or 'weak' Quirks are discriminated as well. Which pisses me off.

Pro Heroes are individuals who are licensed to use their Quirks to protect civilians from Villains, natural disasters, and/or any other kind of harm. Unfortunately, a lot of Pro Heroes are only in for the fame and money which pisses me off even more. Being a hero in my opinion is one who does good without worry of people's opinion or knowing them and doing it without expecting a reward. The only Pro Hero I currently respect right now is that All Might guy. He did a lot of good and became known as the Symbol of Peace. I need to figure out my next move. I am in another world and because of that I don't legally exist in this world. I need to get the right papers so I can work on getting stuff I need to live since while the Neo Denliner has supplies to last awhile I'll eventually run out so I need to get a job but again I would maybe need the right paperwork so nobody would suspect I'm from another world or something else that could be bad for me. Of course, thanks to discrimination towards Quirkless I would need to say I have a Quirk to avoid that. Luckily, me being a Singularity Point I can say my Quirk prevents me from being affect by Timeline changes. Wait that part might not work since they would question why I know that. I could say I cannot be affected by time Quirks but since I don't know if that's true or not so that could bite in the butt later. Eh I figure it out later. I heard fast footsteps towards me coming of an alley. I turned and look, and something slams into me almost knocking me down.

I looked down to see what slammed me and to my surprise It was a little girl with bluish, off-white hair, messy and unkempt, which is parted in the middle of her forehead, almost reaching down to her waist. bright red eyes which are currently wide open in fear. Poking out from the right side of her forehead is a small, brown horn, she's wearing a plain, short-sleeved dress, which is a dirty, pale tan color. Bandages are wrapped around both her arms and legs, stopping at her wrists and ankles was running down an alley away from a pale man of narrow build with short, shaggy auburn hair, parted to the right. His eyes are thin, their irises small and gold, with rather long lower eyelashes and small eyebrows. He also possesses a small scar on the left side of his forehead. He has three piercings in his left ear. He has his mouth covered by a plague doctor mask. Something tells me that guy is bad news and I need to get the little girl away as fast and as far as I can.

(Change of POV. Third Person)

Haru quickly picks up the girl with the girl making an adorable squeak and starts running as fast as he can away from the girl. The unknown masked man starts to chase after them. Haru kept running avoiding any people in his way as he tries to put enough distance between them while waiting for the time to be 4:04:04 so he can enter the Neo Denliner.


Haru sees a door and the masked man is far away enough to where he can't see them well enough. Haru quickly gets to it and open it as the time became 4:04:04. He went through and he was back in the place he dubbed as the Snow of Time. He quickly took the girl to the Neo Denliner, so she won't catch a cold.

(Haru's POV)

"Sorry about that little one. When I saw you and that man I had a really bad feeling that he would something bad to you." I said looking at her as I took her to the dining car to get her something to eat and drink. Something tells that she needs a good meal right now. Though now that I take a really good look at her I can see that she is really adorable though she needs new clothes. I placed her down on one of the seats.

"My name is Haru. What's yours little one?" I asked smiling at her to make her feel a more comfortable. She looks at me a little scared, so I gently start to place my hand on her very slowly, so she sees it and rub her head very gentle and softly to keep her calm. She closes her eyes in contentment as I see that she is enjoying this. But then I heard a stomach growling and it came from her, so I removed my hand.

"I guess you're hungry. I'll make us something to eat really quick and we can talk after you eat alright little one?" I asked her as I go towards the kitchen to see what we have but then I heard her speak.

"E-E-E-Eri." The girl said stuttering a bit. I turned and look at her.

"Is Eri your name little one?" I asked to confirm it. She nods her head shyly at me.

"Eri. A cute name for an adorable little girl." I said gently smiling at her as she blushes in embarrassment. I went to the kitchen and looked around to see what I have. I decided to make miso soup and some white rice since something heavy probably wouldn't be good for her stomach for now. Since it would take awhile to make I grab an apple to wash it off before cutting it to make bunny-shaped apple slices since what kid doesn't like those to keep her stomach a little full till dinner. After I cut out the slices and put them on a plate and went to Eri with them.

"Alright Eri it will be awhile till dinner's ready, so I got you some apple slices to keep you somewhat full till then" I said as I placed the plate down in front of her on the table. She looks at them curiously as she takes one and takes a bite out of it. Her eyes sparkle in wonder of the taste of the apple slice and she quickly devour the rest of the slice before eating the rest. When they were all eaten by Eri when I grab the plate to put it in the sink Eri then grabs my hand.

"C-Can I have some more?" Eri asked me as she did the puppy dog eyes at me. Seriously she is Grade A weaponized cuteness.

"You can some more later after dinner ok Eri?" I asked half giving in to her.

"K." Eri said wanting more apple slices but willing to wait till after dinner. I went back to kitchen to cook dinner. A while later I brought out a tray that has our food on and I placed the food on the table with spoons since I don't know if Eri can use chopsticks.

"Itadakimasu." I said before I start eating.

"I- I-Itadakimasu," Eri said uncertainly while copying me.

"Good job Eri." I said praising her for saying it.

"T-T-Thanks." Eri shyly said. A bit later after dinner and I cleaned up I decided I need to talk to Eri about that man and her past. But it might be best to wait till tomorrow since it's getting a bit late for Eri. I gently pick up Eri and took her to the bathing car to give her a bath and wash her clothes, I brought Eri to the bathroom, placed down on the sink and I start filling the tub with warm water and a little soap from a bodywash soap bottle that was there. I grab a towel and a washcloth to help clean Eri. After the tub was filled enough to clean Eri without the fear of her downing. I told Eri to take her clothes off and I will help her get in the tub. I turned around to give her some privacy. After she told she was ready I kept my eyes on her face as I help her into the tub. After she was in I noticed scars on her arms, and I remember that she had bandages on her arms and legs. Something was clicking in my head and what it told me that this girl was mostly likely abused.

'How dare those bastards!' I thought in anger, but I reign in my anger knowing that right now Eri is safe and I need to take care of her till what? Should I keep her? Even though I want to it might not be good for Eri in the long run and I have no way right now to take care of both of us since I have no way to provide for us right now. Should I take her to the police? No, they might take her back to them or put her in an orphanage or in foster care and they could treat her badly. I will think about this later right now I need to get Eri ready for bed since we both need our sleep. I quickly get Eri clean and helped her out of the tub and I grab the towel and help her get dry off. I then drain the tub and told Eri to wait here so I can find some clothes she can use for pajamas till her clothes are cleaned. I found some old clothing from when I was younger for some reason. I grab them and brought them to Eri.

"Here Eri. I brought you some old clothes I had for you to wear for pajamas and till your clothes are clean." I said giving the clothes. I leave the bathroom so Eri can get dressed. After she said she was dressed I went back in the bathroom and picked her up I took her to the sleeping car, and I placed her on the bed. I then told Eri to wait there while I go put her dirty clothes in the washer. But before I leave I turn on the T.V and put in Ponyo for her to watch for a bit.

'Good thing it was laundry day today.' I thought as I put clothes in the washer. I put in the detergent and softer in it and started it. I then went to the kitchen and wash my hands and an apple and cut it up for Eri. I put the slices on a plate, and I went back to the sleeping car. I saw that Eri was enjoying the movie as I walked in. Eri sees me with the plate of apples and her eyes lit up. I place the plate on a night table that was on the left side of the bed. I picked her up and moved the blankets and sheets down and place Eri on it as I then tuck her in a bit while giving her a way to move freely.

"Alright Eri in a little bit it's time to go asleep. Since I don't have an extra bed right now and I think you might want someone there you'll be sleeping in my bed with me for now k?" I told her.

"K." Eri said yawning a bit. I lay down beside her watching Ponyo with her while she eats her apple slices. About ¾ in the movie Eri ate all her slices and was nodding off. I made sure she was conformable enough and she was asleep. I turn off the T.V and I decide to get some sleep myself.