I forgot to do something in the last chapter. Thank you Dannyrockon122 for the name of the fanfic and thank you and CMXB for your help. I do need help with figuring out what month Izuku met All Might. Haru does have 2 themes. Both are songs with one I wrote and the other is one I'm currently working on. The first one is called "Single Action" which it will be in dannyrockon122's Timmy Turner : Let Ride fanfic. The second is going to be call "Climax Jump Neo Form". Both will be posted along with another song I wrote soon. If anyone who has a band, or something want to sing them go ahead as long as you credit me for them.

(Haru's POV: 3:25 AM)

I wake up a few hours later to hear Eri whimpering in her sleep.

"Please don't hurt him." Eri said in her sleep. Poor girl must be having a nightmare.

"Eri wake up. It's only a nightmare." I said shaking her gently. She wakes up with tears in her eyes and when she saw me she hugs me tightly while shaking and crying. I place her in my arms and gently rock her.

"Shh It's ok Eri I'm here." I said to reassure her. A few minutes later she seems to calm down though she is still shaking a bit.

"Eri do you want to tell me what your nightmare was about. It might make you feel better." I said trying to help. She shakes her head no. I don't push right now since that might make things worse.

"Ok how about I sing you a lullaby to help you feel better?" I asked since a lullaby usually helps. She nods her head yes. I took a breath and I start to sing. Good thing I have a decent singing voice.

"Sleep now my child your dreams await you
In your dreams you can be anything
You wish to be and go anyplace you wish
To go to you can be a diver
Exploring the deep blue sea an astronaut flying
To the moon or even a Queen leading
Your people to happiness in your dream you
Can wish for anything because you are the
Star of the show the hero of the
Story always remember that your dreams are infinite."

(This lullaby is one I wrote. The queen part can be changed with King for boys.)

It seems to help her as her shaking stops, and she starts falling back asleep. I laid back down while still holding Eri and putting her head on my chest letting my heartbeat be heard. But then Eri said something that makes my heart stops a few seconds.

"Daddy." Eri said sleepily. She called me daddy. She called me daddy! I hold back my happiness while being surprise that I am happy at being called that since she called me that in her sleep and she might mean someone else. Then again what if one of the people who put those scars on her was her father. What kind of monster hurts a kid let alone their own daughter?! I count to 10 to reign in my anger. Right now, I should go back to sleep and then in the morning I'll try and figure things out then. One thing for sure I will do everything I can to give Eri a happy life and if she wants me to be her dad then so be it. I will be Eri's dad despite me being a couple months before being 15 years old.

(7:30 AM)

I woke up and I gently move Eri off of me and place her head on the pillow she stirs a bit, but she stops still sleeping. I brush her bangs away from her forehead and I kiss her on her forehead. I quietly gather some clean clothes and I went to get ready for the day and to put the clothes from the washer to the dryer. After I was done I went to the dining car and I start to make scramble eggs for breakfast. When they were done I went back to the sleeping car to wake Eri up for breakfast.

"Eri sweetie it's time to wake up." I said waking her.

"You're still here." Eri said with wide eyes and small tears in the corners of them.

"Eri I won't go away. I will be here to protect you from now on." I said while smiling gently. She starts crying and I immediately hug her as gently as possible and let her cry on me.

"Shh It's okay Eri I got you. Let out all your tears." I said gently to her. Just then her horn starts glowing and she start panicking.


"Eri what's wrong?" I asked.

"M-My Quirk isn't affecting you?" Eri asked surprise.

"I guess. What does your Quirk do?" I asked.

"I don't know. All I know because of what they said that it involves time." Eri said calming down.

"Maybe it's because I'm a Singularity Point?" I questioned.

"Singularity Point?" Eri questioned.

"Singularity Points are humans with the ability to exist independently of time itself and be unaffected by changes in their own past. Singularity Points also have the ability to become the Heroes known as Kamen Riders as well as another thing we have." I said in response to Eri's question.

"Haru what are Heroes and Kamen Riders?" Eri asked.

"A hero is someone who is willing to do anything to help someone in need without expecting a reward. Kamen Riders are called Kamen Riders because we always wear a mask and usually ride a motorcycle. We Kamen Riders fight for the sake of everyone. Well, the ones who fight for good. Unfortunately, some Riders fight only for themselves and some are known as Dark Riders because they fight for evil." I said (while being a little disappointed that Eri didn't call me dad again) telling Eri about them. Eri eyes sparkle in amazement.

"We?" Eri asked

"Yep. I'm a Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider Neo Den-O at your service." I said.

"Wow!" Eri said in amazement as her eyes sparkle even more.

"I'll show you my Rider form later. It's time for breakfast after all." I said as I pick up Eri.

(11:15 AM)

After eating breakfast and getting Eri ready (good thing I had some spare toothbrushes. I can't believe I forgot to brush her teeth last night) I decided to show Eri my Rider form.

"Are you ready Eri?" I asked while putting on the Belt.

"Ready!" Eri said in excitement and I can see a little smile as the Belt starts playing its standby music. I took out my Rider pass.

"Henshin!" I said as I swipe the pass in front of the belt.

"Neo Form!"

The belt said as I was now wearing the Plat form suit as armor pieces appear and attaches on me.

"Kamen Rider Neo Den-O! To quote a certain Peach Oni from start to finish I'm at a full Climax!" I said striking a pose.

"Wow!" Eri said in amazement as she sees my suit. I kneel down to her level. I don't want to scare her by saying this, but she needs to hear this. Otherwise, if someone not in the know hears her then that could lead to trouble.

"Now Eri you must remember you cannot call me by my real name while I'm in this suit and vice versa when I'm not in it. If a bad guy or someone while good but because of reasons that causes him to do bad things will not hesitate to take an advantage over me by taking you hostage." I warned her. As expected she was scared by what I said but she nods her head yes in understanding. I took off my belt and the suit disappears.

"Eri do you want some apple slices?" I asked since that could make up for what I had to say. Her eyes sparkle again as she gives a big smile and starts drooling.

"Yes please!" Eri said as I did work with her on her manners a bit earlier. Holding back a chuckle I walk to the kitchen to get Eri a plate of apple slices. I came back a few minutes with the plate and place it down on the table near Eri. Eri quickly goes to the table to sit down and eat the apple slices. She is seriously an adorable little girl. I can't believe someone hurt her. I know I should talk to her about her past soon but right now and maybe for a few more days I should let it go and let Eri enjoy this a while longer before we have to talk about it. I'm just worried that if I do it too soon then it could be bad and same if I do it too late. Today is Monday so kids my age should be in school so I can't take Eri to a park right now which reminds me that Eri needs schooling. Hmm I have to see if I have anything to entertain Eri till about maybe 3:30 to take her to a park. Also, I need to see how much money I have right now. Then again can I even use my money here? I saw that Eri was done eating her snack.

"Thank you for the apple slices Haru." Eri said to me.

"Your welcome Eri." I said. I then realize I don't know how old Eri is.

"Eri do you know how old you are and when is your birthday?" I asked.

"I think I'm 4 and my birthday is on December 21st." Eri said.

"Wow four days before Christmas that's cool." I said.

"What's Christmas?" Eri asked. Those bastards I'm assuming that because I am not sure how many were involved didn't tell her about Christmas.

"Christmas sweetie is about being together with your friends and family while putting up a tree that people can decorate, and you can put gifts underneath it you want to share with them." I said thinking that was the best way to put it. Eri's eyes sparkle in wonder at hearing that.

"Haru can we do Christmas?" Eri asked.

"Sure. though you will have to wait a few months though." I said smiling at her.

"K." Eri said a little disappointed. I feel a little bad at disappointing her, so I pick her up and give her a hug. Surprisingly, she hugs back. I think she is starting to heal a bit now.

"Hey Eri, I have some things to do really quick so how about you finish watching Ponyo?" I asked her.

"Yes please." Eri said as I start walking back to the sleeping car.