On a guest review I was asked if there is going to be any Imagin allied with Haru. On that yes there is but they are partners of 2 OC Riders I am making for this fanfic. Another thing I was asked if there was any security systems in place and there is a few. One: you must be a Singularity Point to use the Train's systems or have permission from the owner which is Haru. Two: Neo Denliner has a A.I preventing it time travel use outside of emergencies or battles against Imagins in the past. Also, while Denliner is safe from anyone besides Haru, Eri, and a few other people in the know from using it Eri is still a little girl who needs friends, the sun, and other things that she can't get while being stuck full time on the Denliner but don't worry I will have something planned to takedown Overhaul to help keep Eri safe though it will be awhile. Oh, on the Quirk known as Decay I am not sure if its time based in canon and if not I am not sure if I will make it so in Climax Time. I am adding another part to Haru's Quirk. A healing factor that doubles his rate of healing. Can someone please help me with the Dates in My Hero Academia and people please vote on my poll. I apologize for the short fight scenes because I am not good at writing those scenes. I really need a cowriter. Thanks to CMXB for helping me with the Neo Denliner's weapon cars.

(Haru's POV: 3:00 PM)

I finished reading Momotaro to Eri and saw that it was 3 o'clock. That means that students should be leaving now from their schools and I can take Eri to the park now, but I have a feeling that is telling me to go to a beach for some reason and it doesn't seem to be for swimming. Like there is something important there that can help me and Eri.

"Hey Eri, I have a weird feeling that we should go to a beach." I said.

"Daddy what's a beach?" Eri asked.

"It's a sandy place near the ocean where you can swim, build sandcastles, and other fun stuff." I said.

"Really?" Eri asked being excited.

"Yeah though we can't go swimming yet since we don't have a swimsuit for you yet, but we can do other stuff like collect some seashells." I said.

"Seashells?" Eri questions.

"They are very pretty and there are many different types, and they are in different colors too. Some people like to collect them." I said thinking collecting seashells could be a good hobby for Eri. Plus, since I have to be careful with money right now since I have a limited amount and I don't know if I can use it without worrying about bills matching bills which could be considered counterfeiting in a way even though I am from another dimension. At least it's a hobby that is free since I do have to get Eri clothes, some toys, and groceries. I seriously need to figure out how to get a job here.

"Wait right here while I grab something to carry them in and set our destination." I said seeing Eri looking interested in seashells. I went into the storage car and search for something that can be used. 5 minutes in and I found a small tote that can carry a good amount of small seashells with a handle on the lid. I then went into the head car and direct the Train to the place I am being lead to.

'Good thing Neo Denliner has a camouflage ability.' I thought as I press the button and went to the beach. After a couple minutes we have arrived, and I quickly check to see if there is anyone there. It looks like there isn't anyone though the beach is filthy but there were signs that it was being clean by someone or some people.

'Hmm there might be a recycling place I can take some of this to and get money for it.' I thought as me and Eri got out of the Neo Denliner. I would go to another beach but that feeling I have is telling me to stay here because what I am waiting for will be here soon and It will help me with the current problems. Just then a boy appears locking surprised that me and Eri are here. he has a round face framed by a short mess of fluffy dark-green hair which sticks up at odd angles around his head, casting noticeably dark shadows onto itself. His eyes are large and somewhat circular, their irises the same green color as his hair. He has a set of four symmetrical freckles in diamond formations, one on each cheek, but despite these prominent traits, he's a little plain-looking. He is wearing a white t-shirt with the word "ALL M" and grey sweatpants. Eri hides herself behind me. At the sight of him

"Excuse me but what are you doing here?" The boy asked politely.

"I don't know. I had a strange feeling that I needed to be here because there is something that can help us." I said being honest.

"We?" He said as he then sees Eri poking out her head from behind me. I decided to introduce myself and Eri to him because one it is polite and two that strange feeling is telling me that while he is not the answer to the current problems he can lead me to someone who is.

"My name is Haru Yuuki and this is Eri." I said as I knelt down to Eri's level to pick her up.

"Oh, my name is Izuku Midoriya." Izuku said. Just then there was an explosion. We quickly turn to see it was as I got a new feeling telling me that this was a Imagin. That feeling was right. It is a Imagin. The Imagin looks like The Ancient Lizard Warrior from Yu-Gi-Oh but the green is changed to red. This is the Lizard Imagin. I quickly realize that I'm going to have to entrust Eri's safety to Izuku while I fight it off.

"Izuku! I need a favor!" I said.

"Yeah?" Izuku said frozen in place.

"I need you to keep Eri's safe while I go and defeat the Imagin." I said.

"Imagin? That's what it's called?" He asked.

"Yeah. Listen I will explain everything later, but I need to stop it now or else it will do some serious damage." I said being serious.

"Wait do you even have a License?" Izuku asked.

"You mean one of those licenses that Pros has? No, I don't but stopping Imagin is my job and if I don't stop it now then the consequences won't be good. Just trust me alright?" I said.

"Alright I trust you." He said after a moment's hesitation.

"Eri I need you to go with Izuku while I take care of the Imagin ok?" I said as I gave her to Izuku.

"Please be careful daddy." Eri said in worry while Izuku was surprised that she called me daddy.

"I will." I said as I got out my belt and put it on as I start running towards the Imagin.


"Neo Form!"

(Play Single Action: The words are on my Single Action, Climax Jump Neo Form, and Infinite Dreams songfic)

I transformed again to Neo Den-O and I quickly put together the Dengasher pieces in its Axe Form and I slash 3 times the Lizard Imagin and then I spin kick it (which I always wanted to do) knocking it back.

"Augh!" The Imagin yelled out in pain. It quickly regain its footing and did a wide slash, but I quickly dodge before it hit me. It then starts speeding up a bit and kept slashing at me, but I kept dodging and I slash it with the Dengasher multiple times, But I noticed during the fight. My reflexes are sharper like I know or can tell when it makes a move. Maybe that wormhole did something to me. I quickly refocused my mind on the battle and I saw an opening. I spin kicked it again and swipe my Rider pass in front of my belt.

"Full Charge!"

Purple and blue energy flow into my axe and I grab the Imagin with my left arm and throw it as high as I can. I then jump into the sky and when the Imagin is a bit below me I chopped it down.

"Dynamic End!" I said as I slice through the Imagin. I land on my feet as the Imagin explodes in the air. I was about to take off my belt when a bellow eruption from the flames of the Imagin. Sand start erupting from the flames, becoming the Imagin for a second before it exploded into a bigger form. It became a Gigandeath Hell. Before it can start attacking it was hit by laser bolts and I heard the sound of the Neo Denliner. It changed a bit and had 3 cars behind. I quickly ran and jump inside of the front car and got on the Neo DenBird which was a recolored New DenBird with the white changed to dark blue and the blue that was originally there is changed to purple. I slipped my Rider Pass inside a compartment between the handlebars and rev the engine. I flipped open a small flap and revealing a button and I pressed. Outside the 4 cars began to changed. The first car opened up to reveal laser blasters. The second car opened up to let out a double barrel 8 tube each missile launcher. The third car's sides opened up to reveal 6 hammers 3 on each side. The fourth car opened up to reveal some kind of disc launcher (I apologize for the bad description for I have no idea how that would look like) that launches energy disks.

The Gigandeath Hell charges and I dodged it by moving up. Wanting to finish this quickly I used the disk launcher on the fourth car to send some energy disks to hold it in place and when it got hit by them I went full throttle and blast it with lasers and missiles follow up by hitting it the hammers blowing it up and ending the fight.

I exit Neo Denliner and I took off my belt as the suit then disappears. I then start walking back to where Izuku and Eri were and I see a very skinny man standing by them. he looks like a skeleton with sharp, angular features and long limbs, a long neck, no eyebrows and wearing a white t-shirt and khaki cargo pants both being a few sizes too big for him. He has long blond hair with 2 bangs extended out and blue eyes with black sclera. The feeling I have increase when I saw him. He is part of the solution to my and Eri's problems.