I am adding Mashu and Jeanne from Fate to this. How they become a part of the Rider team I will reveal during the story. Mashu will be KR Gaoh while Jeanne and Momo are OC Riders. I am basing Jeanne and Momo's belts on the Zeronos belt which both are done. Jeanne, and Momo will have Imagin partners. I figured the name of Jeanne's 2 forms, her Rider name and her Imagin partner. Saint for her first form, Angel for the second form, her name is Kamen Rider Virtue, the Angel 07 monster from Yu-Gi-Oh is Jeanne's Imagin partner. Momo's Rider name is Kamen Rider Creati. I also have the weapons thanks to CMXB. Dannyrockon122 helped with Virtue's Angel form but it is still incomplete. I need help designing the Rider forms and the Imagin partner for Momo. Jeanne will have a Quirk that is light. She can make barriers or heal people with it or even make weapons out of light. For Mashu I don't have an idea yet for her Quirk maybe something that relates to her Class in FGO. Thank you RedBurningDragon for your review because it helped. Haru will be immune to the Decay Quirk due to him being a Singularity Point. I am stilling looking for a cowriter and an artist. It can be for my Kamen Riders, my plan to do the Yu-Gi-Oh series, my Harry Potter ideas, or any other idea I have I am planning to do. Also, I am not going to describe the other characters in MHA anymore and I am going to stop doing the time in my fanfics.

(3rd Person's PoV)

"Thanks for watching Eri while I was taking care of that Imagin." Haru said to Izuku as he takes back Eri from him. Eri hugs him tightly.

"Daddy I was scared that you were going to get hurt." Eri said scared at the thought of Haru getting hurt. The unknown man and Izuku (for the second time) were surprised to hear her called him that.

"I saved her from a really bad situation yesterday and we quickly grown attached to each other so I decided to unofficially adopt her till I can legally do it. I can explain the situation later" Haru explained. Both nodded at that.

"Young man what was that creature?" The man asked.

"It was a Imagin." Haru said since he and Izuku saw that Haru figured he might as well as explain if only to prevent them from accidently make a wish. Plus, that weird sixth sense he has is telling him to be honest with them.

"Imagin?" Izuku asked.

"The Imagin were originally beings from the distant future who lost their physical forms due to an event in the past erasing their own time, becoming dependent on the memories of others in order to survive. The Imagin forgot their pasts but retained their personalities, as a result. They want to find weak-hearted humans and through them go back in time to find the key figure to the Junction Point and destroy said person so their future can become a reality again. Imagin possess humans upon forging a contract, fashioning a physical form through their host's imaginations. The hosts, recognized by the sands of time spilling from their bodies, are offered a single wish by the Imagin. In exchange, the Imagin is able to dive into the most treasured moment of the person's past, but the host must remember making the contract for the Imagin to successfully travel to the past. Additionally, due to the greatly delicate nature of the contract, if the contract holder forgets or dies before the contract is completed, the Imagin bound to him or her would fade out of existence. Often times the wishes asked by the hosts are "fulfilled" in violent and haphazard ways with innocent beings often getting hurt in the process. Opening the human like a door, a portal is revealed that leads to the appropriate time, severing their ties to the human in the process. From there, the Imagin takes over a host's body or simply manifests itself in its physical form and begins causing massive chaos. In turn, due to the laws of time, everything and everyone destroyed in the past no longer exists in the present and indirectly creating more Imagin from the destruction of their timeline. However, the restoration of these things rely on just being remembered. Also, if an alteration to the past prevents the contract from ever being made in the first place, the damage will be negated completely due to it never having happened. However, if the Imagin have been destroyed in the past, its destruction is not undone. There are a few Imagins who fight on the side of good and they work with a few of my fellow Riders." Haru said. Both were shocked at the info on the Imagin.

"These beings are troublesome for all of us then. Why haven't we seen them before?" The man asked and I could tell he was also curious when Haru said Riders.

"I don't know to be honest. I think it might because they were brought here or someone from my world is responsible for them to be here." Haru said. They both nodded at them but then they realized Haru said world.

"World?!" They both exclaimed.

"Yeah I'm from different Earth that has no Quirks. There was a wormhole, and the Neo Denliner was sucked in then bam! I'm on a different Earth." Haru said and they were even more shocked.

"Is the Neo Denliner the train we saw?" Izuku asked.

"Yes it is." Haru said.

"Young man you said fellow Riders. Who are they?" The man asked.

"We as a whole are Kamen Riders. Most are Heroes, some are Villains, some are Anti-Heroes, and in some cases like if a form makes them go berserk Anti-Villains. Each Rider fights for different reasons like one I know fights to protect people's smiles and another on fights to protect people's dreams. The Riders I primary work with are Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider Zeronos, and Kamen Rider New Den-O. Den-O has five Imagins helping him, Zeronos and New Den-O each of them have one Imagin helping them." Haru said.

"Interesting." The man said as he and Izuku are both interested in meeting more Riders.

"I also think the Wormhole gave me a Quirk." Haru said.

"Why?" Izuku asked.

"I gained this sixth sense that told me to save Eri, to come here, and I sensed the Imagin, and I couldn't do that before, that this man right here would be a part of the solution to my current problems, and it's telling to be honest and to tell you two what you want to know. Also, my reflexes were sharper then they usually are." Haru said. Izuku then starts muttering about how was it possible for the wormhole to give Haru a Quirk. We were five minutes in his muttering and even though Haru wanted to let him continue he snap my fingers in his face to get him out of it.

"Sorry man. I wanted to let you continue but there is some things we still need to discussed." Haru said with an apologetic tone.

"It's fine. What do we need to discussed?" Izuku asked.

"Well one I need you two to keep this secret as well as my identity since there would be a few people who would use this to their advantage." Haru said. Both of them nodded yes at that understanding the need to keep them secret.

"Two is there someone you know that can help me with the necessary paperwork so I can exist here legally?" Haru asked.

"Right since you're from a different Earth you wouldn't have the right paperwork to legally exist here. Which is a problem since how are you going to live if you can't get money for groceries, clothes, and school." Izuku said.

"Yeah." Haru said.

"I do know someone who can help. Oh, I forget to introduce myself to you and Eri was it?" He asked. Eri shyly nodded her head yes.

"I'm Toshinori Yagi." Mr. Yagi said introducing himself.

"Nice to meet you I am Haru Yuki." Haru said. After that they left the beach following Mr. Yagi to the person who can help Haru and Eri.

(20 minutes later)

They arrived at the U.A high school where many hopeful Heroes to be come to train and learn how to be good Heroes and Haru met Nezu the principal of U.A (which surprises Haru that he was a chimera of different animals) and explained about Haru and Eri situations.

"I see. I can tell you're telling the truth and though you did technically kidnap her you did so to save her. I will take care of the required paperwork needed so you can exist here and legally adopt Eri as well as a place for you to live though there are a few conditions." Nezu said. Haru had figured that there might be some.

"What are they?" Haru said.

"First a check-up on both you and Eri." Nezu said.

"Sure. I actually was going to ask for that so that works." Haru said.

"Third and fourth is you must pass the U.A entrance exam that will happen in nine months and you must have good grades at least Bs in most of your grades." Nezu said.

"Passing the exam and getting Bs in most of my grades would be a challenge but I should be able to manage." Haru said a little worried, but he believes he should be able to handle that at least.

"Great. Now I'll go ahead and lead you to Recovery Girl's office." Nezu said getting up from his seat and going out the door. Haru got up and picked up Eri and follow Nezu. When they got there Nezu explained what was going on to Recovery Girl and said it needed to be kept secret. Recovery Girl understood what Nezu said and agreed to what Nezu said. Nezu left her office and Haru went first to show Eri what would happened during the check-up. After Haru's check-up was done it was Eri's turn but she was extremely nervous.

"Is it all right if I sing? It might help keep Eri calm." Haru askes Recovery Girl.

"Sure. Just let me check her lungs and heart well as check her knees' reflexes first then you can start." Recovery Girl said as she holds up her stethoscope.

"Alright Eri I need you to breathe in breathe out when I say to ok?" Recovery Girl said. Eri looks at me worriedly.

"Don't worry Eri it won't hurt a bit." Haru said reassuringly dispelling Eri's worries as he kisses the top of her head.

"Breathe in. Breathe out." Eri does.

"Breathe in. Breathe out." Eri does again.

"Good. Now lets check her knees." Recovery Girl said as she brought out a her plexor and checked Eri's reflexes.

"They're all good." Recovery Girl said after she was done checking Eri's reflexes.

"That's good to hear." Haru said happy to hear that there wasn't any problems on that end.

"You can go ahead and start singing now." Recovery Girl said.

"Thanks." Haru said as Haru decides to sing Life is Beautiful.

(Life is Beautiful by Daichi Miura)

Deguchi no nai kotae wo motome (Searching for an answer, with no exit.)

Kono sekai to aruite yuku yo (I have decided to move on alongside this world.)

Te wo tsunagi sugoshita keshiki (All the sceneries we saw while holding hands.)

Mou nidoto modorenai kedo (Though those days can never come back anymore)

Tobira wo aketa sono saki ni (What lies beyond the door.)

Maaburu iro no michi no New Stage (Is a Marble yet unknown New Stage.)

Tanoshin de miserunda (I'm going to try having fun there.)

Life is Beautiful

Azayakana Scene yakitsuke (Engrave that brilliant scene into your eyes.)

Tsuyoku ikite yukou (Let us live strong together.)

(Let's get ready for it.)

Life is Beautiful (Let's get ready for it.)

Toki ni maiyoi sore demo (We hesitate at times, but even so.)

Tatakatta saki ni wa (But beyond the battle,)

Atarashii kimi ga matte iru yo (a new you is waiting there)

Shimatte ita kanjou ga afure (All the feelings enclosed within me, they are overflowing now.)

Tooku dake mitsumete ita (I'm just merely looking from afar.)

Ima demo kikoete kuru no wa (Even now, all I can hear is.)

Kibou ni michita ano utagoe (That song, so full of hope.)

Yoru ni make sona toki mo (Even when I'm losing to the night.)

Hitori janai (You're not alone.)

(Let's get ready for it.)

Life is Beautiful (Let's get ready for it.)

Azaya kana Scene yakitsuke (Engrave that brilliant scene into your eyes.)

Kyou mo ikite yukou (Let us live together again today.)

(Let's get ready for it.)

Life is Beautiful (Let's get ready for it.)

Toki ni maiyoi sore demo (We hesitate at times, but even so.)

Yorokobi wakewatta (We shared joy,)

Kimi no egao wo wasurenai yo (and I will never forget about your smile.

Life is Beautiful

Azaya kana Scene yakitsuke (Engrave that brilliant scene into your eyes.)

Tsuyoku ikite yukou (Let us live strong together.)

(Let's get ready for it.)

Life is Beautiful (Let's get ready for it.)

Toki ni maiyoi soredemo (We hesitate at times, but even so.)

Tatakatta saki ni wa (But beyond the battle,)

Atarashii boku ga matte iru yo (a new me is waiting there.)

I'll keep on tryin'

(Let's get ready for it.)

(Let's get ready for it.)

(Let's get ready for it.)

(Let's get ready for it.)

(Let's get ready for it.)

I'll keep on tryin'

(Let's get ready for it.)

Life is Beautiful

Thankfully Eri was completely focused on the song Haru was singing while Recovery Girl was drawing her blood.