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Echoes of the Old World

The Old World was dying, it had been so since the coming of the Chaos Gods.

For years beyond reckoning, the Ruinous Powers have coveted the mortal realm. They have made many attempts to seize it, their anointed champions leading vast hordes into the lands of men, elves and dwarfs. Each time, they have been defeated.

Until they won.

In the frozen north, Archaon, a former templar of the warrior-god Sigmar, had been crowned the Everchosen of Chaos. He soon marched south, bringing ruin to the lands he once fought to protect. Behind him amassed all the forces of the Dark Gods, mortal and daemonic. When they came, they brought with them a storm the likes of which had never been seen.

The lands of men fell into ruin. Archaon's vanguard ran riot across Kislev, the once-proud country of Bretonnia had fallen into anarchy, due to civil war and the southern lands had been consumed by a tide of verminous ratmen.

The men of the Empire, the elves of Ulthuan and the dwarfs of the Worlds Edge Mountains fortified their cities and prepared for the inevitable onslaught. They fought bravely and tenaciously. But in their hearts, all knew that their efforts will be futile. The victory of Chaos was inevitable.

The End Times had come.

But the victory of the Dark Gods was not absolute in the eleventh hour a miracle occurred, a castle built on a flying island appeared out in the horizon before Archaon's triumphant horde at the Battle of Middenheim and shoot out a golden light that seemed to banish, all those touched by the hand of Chaos. Before any soul could cheer such a miraculous turn of events, a blinding white light blanked every corner of the Empire not touched by Chaos or darkness then spirited it away to a new world.

Once the light dissipated the flying castle landed before the stunned Imperial survivors and lowered a drawbridge. Out walked a single man and, in his hands, he held the ancient weapon Ghal-Maraz the legendary hammer of Sigmar Heldenhammer, thought lost after the death of Emperor Karl Franz. At the sight of the holy hammer every single man be they noble or commoner fell to a knee and knelled before the man.

That man's name was Felix Jaeger.

Chapter 1: Lescatie Burns

Lescatie. The City of Heroes burned. It rang with the cacophony of war. The ground shook until shattered glass jingled and rubble danced. People screamed and muskets rattled out their staccato war cries. Magical artillery sent rhythmic thumps and booms echoing between the tall flanks of ruined stone buildings, as though along man-made canyons. Smoke filled the air, billowing through the district's rubble-strewn streets from the blazing wrecks of wooden carts and blasted wagons.

Standing on top of a hill miles away from the city Felix Jaeger watched through his spyglass as thousands of Greenskins poured into the marvel city through the various collapsed sections of the outer wall. He could see the west gates burning, and the enemy pouring in through the gap. He could see evidence, from the far side of the city, that the east gates had gone the same way. Pillars of smoke from all over the interior of Lescatie betrayed the desperate fighting taking place in every street and every courtyard.

Outside the city orcs and goblins roared their bestial war cries in eager anticipation of the slaughter to come.

The city's fate was now a forgone conclusion.

The former poet muttered a prayer of thanks to whichever god or gods had spared them from sharing the same grim fate as the City of Heroes. Had the weather not impeded their journey by days they too would be meeting their ends this day.

But even as he watched the carnage unfold, a small part of him longed to be in the thick of it, inside the desperate fighting taking place in every street and alleyway.

Felix shook his head such thoughts were not befitting of an emperor his responsibility to the Empire and its people did not allow for such egocentric wants.

There was only one course of action for him to take now, turn around and march back to the Empire, "Turnabout and ride for home…there's nothing to be done here."

Without a single word being uttered in protest, the ten officers surrounding him nodded, saluted then went to relay the order across the rank and file of the five thousand troops that had been marshaled.

It took less then an hour to get the wagons turned around and by the time the seconded hour had ended the sounds echoing from the City of Heroes had faded. By midafternoon the scent of smoke vanished from the air and all signs of the grim fate of Lescatie ended.

Their mission of coming to the aid of their ally a complete failure the men of the Empire marched in complete silence.

"My liege!"

Felix turned to find General Herbert Woerfel of the Imperial Army and Knight-Captain Rudolf Breuer of the Knights Panther riding towards him. Not far behind them were several others he did not recognize, the men's personal aids no doubt.

"You'll be delighted to hear, that the scouts report no signs of the brutish Greenskins on our trail," Herbert stated with no small amount of relief in his voice. "It seems the savages aren't even aware we are here."

"That could change as suddenly as the wind," Rudolf added. "Goblins have a better sense of smell then we do at any moment they may catch our scent in the air and then we'll be up to our knees in Greenskins before nightfall."

General Woerfel gave the knight a sour look, but did not dispute his words, "Still I do believe we shall sleep easy tonight when we break for camp."

"No, we shall not for we will march throughout the night," Felix informed. "And break for camp at the first sign of light in the morning."

Herbert was utterly gobsmacked by the news, while Rudolf stoically nodded.

Neither man muttered a word against his decision.

The night came and went without incident, although some did report spotting yellow eyes out yonder in the darkness on one or two occasions. They had assumed it was some wild animal, but a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach said otherwise.

And that feeling was usually followed by trouble.

Thankfully this time it was not, sunrise came they made camp, guzzled a hardly meal, slept for four hours and were marching before a quarter of the day was done.

It was a grueling pace, but a necessary one for not only had they to worry about the Greenskins catching up to them, but Beastmen and they could also be found by the native monsters of this new world.

The mamono.

They were a strange amalgamation of various species of all female monsters, although he had heard that males called incubus do exist, however none have ever been seen by any Imperial soul in the fifty-seven years since they've arrived in these lands.

So that could be mere speculation on the Order's part.

The religious organization of the human natives of this world that reveres the Chief God who they purport to be the creator of this world, was far from being a reliable source of information.

They had their own agenda after all.

Felix blinked. The former poet suddenly remembered he had brought along a certain salacious and very controversial book along for the trip. After a quick forage through his satchel he found said book. The book's title was the Monster Girl Encyclopedia. A bestiary of the various monster girls encountered by a human scholar. Felix had purchased the book from a book seller in the Monsters' Quarter a day before they had departed. It honestly was the strangest book he had over read and Felix had read the grimoires of Mannfred von Carstein and Heinrich Kemmler. It was certainly without a doubt the most pornographic book he had ever read. Although given the book's chosen subject that shouldn't have come as a surprise. Still for the life of him, Felix wasn't sure to consider the book's author a literary genius or a raving degenerate.

Or both.

To his surprise and disappointment, the rest of the trip was uneventful, they arrived before the massive rune enchanted grey walls of Port Reaver without losing a single soul. The guards on the ramparts and towers along on the walls spotted them and called for the gate to be raised.

Felix was the first to pass through the Reaver's Gate and onto Imperil territory.

The land was starting to change around them. It looked much more heavily cultivated and they could see fields worked by yeomen and many glasshouses where fruits were grown in magically controlled environments. Wheat, rice, and corn fields could be seen for miles on end.

It was the richest and most fertile place in the colonies Felix knew although he would have been the first to admit that his experience of such places was limited. Here and there on the higher grounds were mansions of such a scale that his father's house where he had been born and raised back in Altdorf could be easily fitted into one wing. Indeed, it seemed little better than some of the yeomen's cottages they had passed.

Oh, how times have changed. Now the common man can afford better dwelling then the rich of yester years.

Small townships appeared here and there every so often.

On many of the buildings colored paper-lanterns hung outside windows or on verandas. People were beginning to prepare for the Feast of Deliverance, the great festival that celebrated the return of spring and the salvation from the End Times from the forces of Chaos. Alongside the streets stood little carved oak models of the mighty heroes of that dark age, he even spotted one in the likeness of himself.

All had reason to be grateful to him.

Without his intervention, there would be no Empire, or any life at all.

Six hours after passing the walls he could practically taste the saltwater in the air and soon he saw the sea. The sea and the sky were of almost matching blue. In the distance, he could see more and more ships, converging from every point on the horizon, all of them heading towards the same goal.

Port Reaver.

Felix spotted a few fishing boats rode at anchor in the coast along with a vessel that dwarfed them like a whale alongside dolphins. It was an Imperial clipper, part trading vessel, part warship, long and sleek and four-masted. It had a huge eagle head carved on the prow. There was a massive cannon on the aft deck and near the prow. Sailors swarmed through the rigging and moved across the deck with purpose.

An hour after the sea came into view, yet more ships could be seen. There were mighty Imperial warships and smaller, but faster sleek cargo clippers of various designs. There were foreign elegant looking vessels that he guessed must belong to merchants from other nations. Felix even spotted a dwarf Ironclad spewing a trail of smoke as it made its way to the harbor.

On the horizon, rising like the masts of a ship heaving into view, he caught sight of first one huge tower and then another. The Reaver's towers were a sight to behold. To their left, a titanic lighthouse loomed out of the sea. Its lights already blazed even as the sun started to slide below the horizon. The massive sea gates of the city, open at this moment to let ships pass through into the harbor beyond them. They were enormous things, cut out of the huge sea walls of the city, large enough for a tall-masted ship to sail through with room to spare.

Countless ships moved in stately order towards the gate. There were foreign vessels with Imperial pilots aboard to guide them through the correct channels and to give the signals that would prevent the mighty siege engines on the walls from opening fire.

There were Imperial trading vessels returning from every part of the Empire and beyond. Fresh painted, gleaming clippers that traded along the coast between the colonies moved alongside battered-looking vessels that had made the long haul from Polove, Welsple, Zipangu, the Mist Continent, and beyond. Ships from the Empire traded with every part of the planet. There was no sea into which they did not venture, no land they were afraid to visit.

Even the so-called Demon Realms, as long as they were green mamono realms such as the Land of the Four Gods.

When they emerged from a tunnel that cut through the heart of a small mountain the maze of channels that surrounded the port came into view, Felix could see the vast harbor. It was large enough to shelter all the fleets of every nation. Even without the sea walls it would have provided a safe haven and deep-water anchorage for visiting vessels. The walls sheltered it from the worst of weather as well as all incoming marauders. In the center of the harbor, upon a plinth as large as a small island, the gigantic statue of Karl Franz glowed in the last light of the sunset.

The statue was a titanic figure, a hundred times the height of a normal man and carved so brilliantly by dwarf hands as to appear almost alive. The huge stone warrior leaned on a sword and gazed outward, the line of his vision passing far over the heads of the viewers as if he was looking into the distance and seeing things further and higher than any mere mortal might view.

"General Woerfel see the men dispersed back to their barracks," Felix said and without waiting for a reply, forced his horse into a gallop. He was followed by the thirty Reiksguard Knights that acted as his personal bodyguards.

Port Reaver was a massive metropolis over a hundred-twenty thousand inhabitants called this city home. Felix was always reminded of Marienburg when surveying the city from a far, with its many channels, islands, bridges and canals. The two cities were almost identical, however, Port Reaver without a doubt had much better weather then Marienburg ever did.

Vessels lying at anchor crowded the harbor. Many were tied up at the long piers belonging to the great mercantile guilds or power merchant houses. The flags of their owners flew over ship and warehouse alike. Off to the west, on a walled complex of islands shut off from the rest of the city and accessible only through a series of bridges, walls and small forts was the Monsters' Quarter, the only part of the city where the mamono of friendly nations were allowed to dwell and to wander freely without special permission from Felix or his representatives.

Felix forced his horse to stop and looked over the infamous quarter.

"I can remember when that damn place was only the size of a village," Frederick Storlsaid the senior most Reiksguard Knight in the group said. "Now they say there are almost as many mamono living there as there are humans, dwarves and elves in the city. It will not be long before we are outnumbered in our own land."

"The monsters breed quickly." Added someone from behind the group of riders.

"It is not just that." Frederick stated. "More and more of them come here every year, seeking to trade. They bring us their goods. They buy our wares and the goods our ships bring in from the far corners of the world."

"What do they sell us?" A young Reiksguard Knight named Ottmar Kepler asked.

"They bring magical medicines that can cure any ailment, give sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf, regrow limbs and even extents one's life for decades. They bring enchanted items that makes life easy for us. They bring gold and silver and gems that cannot be found here. They bring fine silk, fur and clothes of an exotic kind. They bring spices and ores and wool and tobacco. They bring preserved meats and grains and books of lore." Frederick seemed to be working his way through a long list.

Felix was impressed by how knowledgeable Frederick was on the topic, however the knight had failed to mention that many monsters came in search of husbands.

They joined the dusk traffic making its way into the great city. They rode alongside wagons full of silk bales, and fish on ice, and piled high with fruit. They passed vendors selling everything from snacks to bits of jewelry.

The inner gates of the city lay ahead. Soldiers in the tabards of the Reaver Guard watched them enter. They stood taller, looked sterner, and saluted smartly as they passed.

Felix responded in kind.

People looked at him with awe and his name was whispered among strangers as they passed along. Many bowed their heads, some kneeled and a handful even abased themselves as Felix passed them.

They rode beyond the inner walls. Immediately there was a sense of affluence and beauty. Lampposts lit by incandescent magic kept the night at bay. Long streets wound up tree-clad hills. Many flights of stairs ran up the steeper slopes. There were palaces with towers and spiked minarets. There were fountains everywhere. It seemed like a legion of sculptors had been kept busy for many years beautifying this section of the city. There were statues of emperors, mages, warriors and heroes, as well as people he did not recognize but had always guessed were lawmakers and orators and poets.

"Home, sweet home," Frederick said, as they passed a row of towering Halberdiers on patrol.

Now that they were away from the gates and off the main city roads, the crowd had thinned out and the streets seemed much emptier. Some of the houses, not too far from the main thoroughfare, had patched and crumbling roofs, but most seemed as if they had been built recently.

Which wasn't much of a surprise since Port Reaver had been founded only thirty-five years ago after all.

They turned a corner and entered a massive plaza. On one side of the square was a huge mansion, made from pure white marvel stone, topped with blue painted towers. Flags with the Emperor's personal emblem of a mighty sword wielding griffon and a dragon holding up a skull in one claw hand fluttered above the entrance. Gigantic lanterns set atop corner towers lit the entire street with a blue-tinted light.

The Colonial Palace.

Large enough to house the population of two towns and three small villages.

Felix rubbed his thumb and forefinger together. "It feels like we left for a vacation instead of a campaign."

"Some vacation,"Ottmar muttered morosely.

When they passed through the great gates of the Palace blue paper-lanterns hung everywhere, illuminating a courtyard that contained a pool the size of a small lake. In that pool were fountains carved in the shape of dolphins and sea-drakes and other legendary creatures of the ocean. Around the courtyard, the mansion rose a full seven stores high.

Imperial servants in the livery of the Palace went about their business. Richly dressed men strolled around discussing tonnages, new laws, regulations, politics, rates of interest and market prices. Even though the hour was getting late, they conducted business with the intensity of farmers haggling over sheep at a morning market.

At this moment Felix didn't care one whit what they were discussing. As soon as they saw him, they all paid attention to him, particularly the women. They stared quite openly. He smiled and was smiled at in response. The men noticing this sometimes glared, sometimes smiled knowingly.

Servants helped the knights and him dismount, and led away their horses to the stables. Safe at least the Reiksguard who had protected him since they left noticed acquaintances around them and shouted greetings and went their separate ways.

Soon, only Felix was left, standing alone near one of the fountains, but this did not least for long. A swarm of councilors, advisers, military men and colonial administrators rushed him in mass.

Felix sighed once he saw them heading towards him and sincerely wished he had dead in Lescatie.


The air reeked of putrid bodies and burning flesh.

Druella, Fourth Born of the Royal Makai and Fourth Princess of the Demon Realm, gazed over the ruins of the city that should have been the crown jewel of her kingdom. Instead, what she found was an abattoir and a smoldering wreak filled with charred bones. Personally, she had always found Lescatie to be a bit too cold for her tastes but once it was conquered, she had planned on giving it a much more tropical climate.

Now it felt as if she were standing in the middle of a dessert with the sun blazing down at her in its full intensity and had a mouth full of ash.

The lilim crossed her arms wishing that she was in a bad dream and not wide awake to see this horror before her. The city and people who she had intended to welcome into her bosom, whom she would have made blissful once they had been shown the light of Monsterization and the carefree life that awaited them once they had been freed from the Order's yoke….was now gone.

She looked behind her to the sea of tents and found thousands of her kind looking at the City of Heroes in complete despair. Many of them had been hoping that they would at long last find a husband in Lescatie.

What they found instead was shattered dreams, horror and sorrow.

The white-haired succubus took one last look at the City of Heroes and thought of what could have been had she arrived days earlier, before heading inside her tent.

Inside she found her High Court in complete pandemonium as they threw accusations and assertions at one another. She had picked the fiercest, strongest and most radical minded mamono of the Extremists faction to fill her court and it seems that selection was now blowing up right before her very eyes.

The thirteen Demon Army battalion commanders she had selected were seated around a circler table, while monster maids and incubi delivered plats full of food, refreshments and other miscellaneous items the higher monsters wanted.

Never let it be said that the Fourth Princess was a poor host.

She looked around the table and saw Kasandra Greenfield the Third Army Battalion Commander smiling slyly at her contemporary. The High Orc's dark tanned skin was swathed in leather and fur that matched her long silver hair and light brown boar ears. On top of her head was a boar's skull.

Here counterpart seated across from the orc pointed a sharp claw finger at her. Xenia de Melo the Second Battalion Commander had an irritated look on her face. The woman's amber eyes had a murders glare to them. The Ocelomeh's light brown skin was covered with thin strips of leather, colorful feathers and jaguar fur that appeared identical to the natural fur she had on her jaguar like limbs and ears. It also went nicely with her long blond hair.

Both of them like the rest wore the red eye jewelry that marked them as under the Fourth's shadow. Kasandra wore hers as an earing, while Xenia had hers on a gold bracelet.

"You dear blame me for this orc!"

Kasandra laughed, a deep bestial growl filled with bitterness, "All I said was if you and your girls had spent less time praying to these 'tezcatlipoca' gods and more time moving your asses…. Maybe we would have arrived sooner."

That was flat out casting blame onto the ocelomeh thought Druella and it would seem Xenia perceived it that way as well for the woman went red.

Before the jaguar warrior could respond Adalene Couvillion spoke, "No one is at fault here. None of us knew that the green brutes would attack Lescatie."

The vampire spoke the truth no one present had suspected that the alien green creatures would strike at the City of Heroes. Nor had any soul here truly believed they had the numbers or the means to do so.

Well, they surely knew now.

"Well now my dears. It seems we have arrived at a dead end." As soon as the words had left her mouth Druella knew she had picked a poor choice of words. No matter how entirely accurate they were. "There is nothing for us here. The dickless bastards have robbed us of our prize."

"So that's it? We just pick up and head home husbandless?" The Seven Battalion Commander howled out. The hellhound Helena revealed a white set of fangs. Flame's shoot out from red irises, mixed with her black colored sclera gave her a frightening appearance. She had dark skin and black fur and her wild long black hair reached passed her back. She wore a black leather thong and a metal claw bikini like top.

"Is there any other option hound?" The Eight Battalion Commander Elena Lucifuge a demon asked. She was a woman with dusky blue skin, red eyes and long dark purple hair. She wore an outfit that left little to the imagination. Her hourglass figure and large breasts balanced well with her tall height. Long, tone legs were covered by thigh high legging, black gloves with red fingers and leather boots. Sharp horns grew from the sides of her head. A pair of leathery wings flapped on her back while a tall, with a spade tip, waved behind her. "Do you suggest we wed the bones of the dead?"

"Of course not!" Helena cried out mortified by the though of such a thing. "But I was promised a husband for my services and by the Royal Makai. I intend to collect on that oath."

"We all were promised husbands," Xenia stated. "That doesn't change the fact that there are no men for us to marry."

"No men here you mean," Kasandra said feeling smug when everyone in the room stared at her quizzingly. "Some of my girls reported seeing columns of armed men fleeing east."

"East?" Elena asked baffled. "There's nothing but virgin forests and mountains to the east until you reach the sea. Why would human survivors head east?" There were also no human nations to the east, so it made even less sense for any humans to head in that direction.

"See that's the thing," Kasandra told them. "They weren't survivors running for there lives, in fact from what my girls glimpsed they didn't even appear to be from Lescatie. There colors were all wrong and they didn't have any of the iconography of the city or the Order on them."

Everyone present suddenly realized what the High Orc had been alluding to, but it was Druella who stated it outright, "You think there's another human city to the east."

Kasandra nodded, "It's the only explanation that make's a lick of sense."

If that proved to be true then there was a chance everyone or at least... the ones' who mattered could still get what they wanted.


Sasha Fullmoon frowned as she saw a carriage pass through a crowd of exhausted survivors and didn't offer anyone a ride inside or on top. Even though it had plenty of room to spare. The noble crest indicated who the family was. Although, she was disappointed by the carriage owner's selfish act, Sasha was by no means surprised by it. Lescatie had been ruled by powerful noble houses whose members were all related to the royal family in some form or another.

The divide between the peasants and nobles had always existed, but walled off behind gated communities and socially separated from one another the divide between the haves and the have nots could be masked or at least ignored, however during times of hardship they became glaringly obvious.

While the poor had only the clothes on their backs and whatever few personal passions they could carry on foot. The wealthy had chests filled with gold, gems and other valuable items stuffed inside carriages pulled by four or six horses.

The former priestess of the Order of the Chief God removed a strain of her long sea green hair from her sweat and grim covered face. Her white and gold priestess dress was drenched in the dry blood of the green creatures she had been forced to fight. Her brown boots were filled with mud and far worse things. She had lost her priestess's headgear during the frantic flight from the city.

She was tired from days of constant walking, hungry and sore all over.

Yet she dared not complain or abuse her position as one of the famous heroes of Lescatie to acquire a horse from one of the survivors or a seat on one of the carriage's that appeared here and there along the columns of refugees.

With a forced smile on her face Sasha placed one foot above the other and continued to walk, besides the poor men and women who had managed to escape Lescatie's grim end and where now making their way to Port Reaver were hopefully safety and a warm bath awaited them.


(Port Reaver – The Colonial Palace)

Felix put on commonplace clothes. He stepped out onto the balcony and looked down into the street. It was late well past midnight but there were people moving around down there still. Along this street he could see that the villas and mansions were all well-lit but when he looked towards less affluent areas of the city, they were not so well-lit.

Buildings loomed large in the moonlight.

He felt excitement build up in him. Every time he planned to slip out into the night and explore the city left, him feeling as if he was reliving his adventuring days again. Although, Felix would admit with far less chance of him meeting a gruesome end.

This was the sort of adventure he once upon a time would have considered tame and dull.

He now felt as if he were planning a prison break. It was not as if he was really a prisoner in the Colonial Palace. He was the emperor after all, if he had wanted to, they would let him go out if he wished. It was just that they would hem him around with guards and chaperones of other sorts and this was not what he wanted. He wanted to be on his own, to look at things at his own pace, to explore like he had done with Gotrek in the Old World.

Felix lowered himself off the balcony. There was plenty of climbing ivy on the wall beneath but he doubted it would take his weight. Instead, he used the gaps between the blocks of stone that made up the wall for foot and finger holds and made his way down, dropping the last fifteen feet to the ground. As soon as he hit, he picked himself up, dusted himself off and strolled away, whistling nonchalantly, walking with confidence as if what he was doing was perfectly normal.

It was not long before the streets became much quieter, and he was alone in them. He moved more cautiously now prompted by instincts that told him in lonely places there was danger. He had his sword Karaghul with him, strapped to his back for the climb. He adjusted the position of the scabbard to his waist so that it would be easier to draw, and practiced unsheathing it a few times so that he could bring it forth, if needed, with eye-blurring speed.

Halfway towards his destination two familiar figures appeared out of the shadows and walked towards Felix as if they've had been expecting him to arrive.

Felix frowned as he saw it was Frederick and his squire a lad named Otto Osswald. They were both wearing red cloaks and common street clothes.

They both saluted him as they came to a stop before him.

"Lord," Frederick greeted. While his squire nodded politely.

"Frederick," Felix replied more annoyed then surprised by their present here. This wasn't the first time he had been caught trying to escape unseen after all. "I trust the Reiksmarshal knows, I have left the Palace and sent you two to be my bodyguards for tonight. "

Both men nodded.

"Very, well," With that they both fell in behind him.

It wasn't long after that he reached one of the gates that led into the Monsters' Quarter. A motely companies worth of spearmen, swordsmen and handgunners guarded the gate ready to force back any mamono who dared to leave the quarter without permission. They however, ignored the humans, dwarves and elves entering or leaving. The same could not be said of the small group of none Imperial humans standing close to the gate a fair distance away from the armed guards.

They were native humans from the various nations of this world who for whatever reason choose to settle in Port Reaver. They were worshippers of the Chief God and vehemently disapproved of the fact that monsters where even allowed to step foot within the city. And detested the fact that they could reside within even under the harsh terms that restricted them to ghettos.

They also looked down upon any who did business with the monsters.

As they walked towards the gate the group pointed at them and yelled out, "Shame!"

They repeated the word again and again. The guards manning the gate rolled their eyes, but otherwise did nothing as the group chanted.

The guards opened the gate and hurried them across.

As they crossed it felt as if they had stepped foot inside a different world.

Mamonos bustled through the Monsters' Quarter as if they owned the place, and they paid less attention to him than he did to them. It was if they were completely used to seeing humans.

Which they likely were. Since many of them were married to human husbands and made their bread from trading with human merchants.

They came in all shapes and sizes; same were the size of children and appeared to be as well. Others were more or less the same size as full-grown human women be it with animal hands, feet, tails, and ears. They also had fur in certain areas of their figure. Some had reptilian features such as scutes or scales, while others had more avian attributes.

Some even had the lower bodies of serpents.

There were so many different types of them: tall, pale skin, kimono dressed women from Zipangu and Ryugujo; olive skinned, linen wearing, scimitar-bearing desert citizens from the lands of the south; Mist Continent natives clad in silk robes.

Felix understood why so many of his kin despised them.

They seemed so similar to mutants.

They however, were not.

They were a different species from mankind.

Their clothes were richly made and their foods smelled of salt and exotic spices. Various meats sizzled on spits or inside frying pans. Fish blackened on braziers. Sellers stomped everywhere with trays of savories meals strapped to their chests.

These mamono were a long way from their homes but somehow, they had made themselves at home here. The architecture of the quarter differs depending on whichever people resided on which neighborhood. Zipangu style wooden structures, elevated slightly off the ground, with tiled or thatched roofs and sliding doors filled one block. And in the next stone buildings leaned at crazy angles in the desert style made up another. Palaces of the rich and powerful stood next to vast warrens of houses and mazes of shops and merchants' offices.

Monsters bumped into each other in the street and either backed away swiftly, raising claw hands or reaching for swords, or apologized and then continued on their way.

Merchants argued prices with clients. Some monsters led drunken men into side alleys and in pairs they humped and groaned against the walls. Some even fornicated in plain sight. Others more discreet lead men inside pleasure houses or their own dwellings.

In quiet corners, the husbands of the monsters played chess on odd-looking boards with carved wooden pieces of strange design. And discussed mundane topics as they waited for their wives to return.

Carpets hung overhead, draped over wooden racks intended to display them to the best advantage.

Perhaps it would have worked had the streets been better lit.

Walking pass a bazaar Felix spotted, a pair of bearded figures and was surprised to find dwarfs haggling with a cyclops.

He passed pawnbrokers and factors' offices and doorways where lurked small groups of armed mamono who appeared to have no business there. These looked at him with a predatory gaze, some licked their lips and a few even blew him kisses.

One of them, an ogre with green-colored skin and horns growing out of her forehead, with long sliver hair, black tribal tattoos on her left arm, wearing a skirt and top made from rags and tied together by ropes. Strutted up to him and walked around him, inspecting him and all the time eyeing at him.

It seems she liked what she saw for she grinned wildly as she came to a stop right in front of him.

"What you want, hansom?" She asked, mangling the Reikspiel with her teeth and tongue. Her pronunciation was poor and her accent was so thick it made it hard to understand what she said.

"To go there," Felix told her pointing to a massive Zipangu style building behind her.

She looked where he pointed then turned back at him, "Why you want to go there? When me and my girls would treat you better."

Without waiting for a replay, she reached out a hand to grab him. Frederick and Otto reached for the hilts of their swords, but they needn't have bothered for in that instance six figures suddenly appeared as if from thin air.

The newcomers where women with pale skin, sharp elf like ears and long black hair that they kept tied in pony tails. A long thin tail with a heart shape tip wiggled behind them. They were garbed in purple neck gaiter masks, revealing black and purple short kimono's with red obi belts. Purple leg sleeves, metal knee guards, studded gauntlets on their forearms, black socks and tabi sandals. In their hands they held kunai knives and some carried short katan's strapped to their backs.

One of the women appeared right behind the large ogre, she grabbed a fist full of the ogre's hair and pulled. The ogre cried out in pain and rage, she turned to attack whoever had dared to pull her hair, but she instantly froze when she saw who it was.

"U-Uzume-san! "The ogre yelled out terrified at seeing the head enforcer of the Monsters' Quarter. Everyone who stepped foot inside be it monster, human or whoever knew not to cause trouble for the Kunoichi's prowled the rooftops and alleyways ready to crack the heads of anyone who stepped out of line.

"Musubi-kun. Care to explain what you are doing here? " The Kunoichi succubus blankly asked. "Because from my point of view you were about to assault this fine gentleman here. "

They spoke in the tongue of Zipangu, but Felix had mastered that language years ago.

"No! I was just playing with him," Musubi said wincing as Uzume continued to tug at her hair. "Rough housing it was all. "

The Kunoichi shoot the ogre a blank look then said, "Find someone who actually wants to play with you next time you decide to play. "She let go of the woman's hair and stared at her as she slunk back to her friends, and they vanished through the archway they had at first appeared to be guarding.

"How long have you been trailing me Uzume?" Felix asked the kunoichi knowing her miraculous intervention wasn't a mere coincidence.

"Since you first step foot inside Felix-dono," Uzume informed. "One of my clanswomen alerted me to your presence here and ever since then me and my sisters have been following you assuring nothing happens to you."

Felix nodded, "Thank you."

"You do not need to thank me; I was just doing my duty."

Of that he had no doubt the Kunoichi's took their responsibilities as the law enforcers of the Monsters' Quarter very seriously.

"Walk with me for a moment. "Felix asked and received an answer in the form of a nod. He casually started walking towards the building that had been his destination all long.

Uzume walked beside him shoulder to shoulder as her sisters silently vanished back into the darkness of the night.

"You can expect for things to get hectic in the coming days... Lescatie has fallen," Felix told her. Uzume's reaction at hearing of the City of Hero's fate was to stoically nod.

"I see. I've heard rumors that one of the Demon Lord's daughters was interested in that city. It seems the rumors were true after all."

Felix shook his head, "No, it was the Greenskins not the ambitions of a royal monster who doomed Lescatie."

At that bit of news Uzume froze, her stoic demeanor broke, her eyes went wide in shock and even with the mask, Felix could tell her mouth had gone wide open.

The news that Lescatie had fallen to Greenskin hands and not by monsters had grim implications. If the latter had occurred no or few lives would have been lost, if the formal had taken place it meant few, if any would live to tell the tale.

"…Th-That's awful." Uzume said shakily. She was impacted by the news of such a huge loss of life and it showed on her beautiful face.

Felix wrapped his arms around the kunoichi and pulled her towards him for a hug, she did not resist. "In an hour meet me inside at the usual place. "He whispered into her ear so only she could hear.

Uzume looked up at him and managed a smile.

They parted ways he headed inside the building and she left to rejoin her sisters.

They entered into a lobby that had no chairs or tables instead its occupants sat on cushions. The air inside had an aroma that smelled of flowers and sweet perfumes. It was filled with lit candles placed on silver candleholders. Paintings of beautiful monsters performing lewd acts hung on the walls.

Various monsters watched them enter with interest.

One such monster was a Youko with fair skin, long blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. Her attire consisted of a yellow kimono, a golden obi, a black pelt, and white socks. The kimono features a white interior and was open at her shoulders, giving view to her enormously large breasts. Her eight fox tails wiggled in excitement at seeing them enter or more specially at Felix.

Another was an Inari sitting next to the Youko with pale skin, long blonde hair and golden eyes. Her attire consisted of a light purple kimono, a violet obi and white socks. The kimono like wised featured a white interior and despite having nearly the same breast size as the Youko next to her, she kept hers modestly closed. Her eight fox tails wiggled in excitement at seeing Felix as well.

The last figure to demonstrate elation at seeing Felix was a voluptuous woman with pale skin, black eyes and hair that reached the floor. She wore a mahogany kimono loosely which revelated her impressive cleavage with a garnet interior and white socks.

Six other women were seated scattered around the lobby, but Felix didn't know any of them, but they probably knew who he was from word of mouth no doubt.

Out of the three he did know it was the Kejourou named Yume Kurihara who greeted him first. "Welcome back Felix-san, you were dearly missed. "

"I beat he missed me and these most of all." The Youko named Nanami Kanroji squeezed her breasts, "That's why he came back so soon."

Sayaka Arihara the Inari bowed gracefully, "It gladdens my heart to see you returned safe and sound."

Felix couldn't help, but smile, "I've had a horrible trip. Care to liven me up?"

The three women stood off their cushions and hurriedly ran towards him, Felix readily embraced them and willingly let himself by dragged into one of the available rooms.

As the door slid opened Felix looked back at Frederick and Otto and said, "They're with me. Add whatever they want to my tab."

As the door closed, he saw that the two were swarmed by the six remaining women and laughed at their flustered faces.



Looking across the vast horde of Beastmen under his command Taurox knew the time had come to take vengeance upon the weak hornless humans who had defied the will of the Dark Gods.

And driven his kind from the ancestral forests of the Old World and onto these strange lands where they could no longer hear the gods whispers anymore.

No longer will the Cloven Ones allow this affront to stand.

Braying a war cry tens of thousands of Beastmen rolled across the land in a deafening stampede.

Soon they will feast on man flesh and the gods will speak to them once more.

Author's notes: I would like to personally thank: A Hunter's New Home and The Good Hunter for being such an amazing read and inspiring me to make this story.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Out of curiosity did any Warhammer Fantasy fan spot the hidden gems? How about you anime fans? Did you catch the references?