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Chapter 5: Honor, Duty and Oaths

Maryann stifled her sobs as stealthy footfalls approached. Something blocked the sunlight in the entrance to her hiding place. She stared up at a woman's face, framed by long grey-silverish hair. The sole grey eye that looked at her was scared and tired and world-weary. She found herself looking at the sharp point of a poleaxe. Faint markings were etched into the steel.

"Come out slowly," she said. Her soft, uncultured voice was cold and held no hint of mercy.

Maryann crawled slowly out into the daylight.

She stood up. The woman was much taller than she was and dressed like a prostitute. A shabby green jacket of faded wool was thrown back over her right shoulder. Her clothes were stained and patched and very travel worn. Her brown short pants, green boots and gloves were cracked and scuffed. Her short revealing breastplate was dented and filled with scratch marks.

She glanced around with an edgy wariness that seemed habitual.

"It's only a little girl," she shouted over her shoulder. "Maybe a survivor." The figures that stomped into view past the tumble-down remains of the village bakery were nowhere near as terrifying as the horned marauders had been. They were a group of knights – mostly women with a few men here and their but they bore little resemblance to the travelling Lescatie knights Maryann had known.

There cloth was poor and well worn, the pieces of armor that they wore was unembellished and looked to have been made by a crude blacksmith. There posture was just a mediocre as there clothing, they did not walk straight head held high as the Knights of the Holy Ice Flower did, instead they walked with hunched back and shoulders. They had a rogue's look about them that reminded Maryann of the ruffians she had seen during her trip to Polove.

A giant of a man glared at her belligerently. There was a sense of barely restrained wrath about him that was desperately frightening. He showed none of the obvious fear his companions did.

"What happened here, child?" he demanded brusquely in a voice like scraping stones. Staring into those mad, black eyes, Maryann could think of no response.

The gray-haired woman touched her gently on the shoulder. "Tell us your name," she said softly.

"Maryann Rousey. It was the horned marauders. They came from the forest, killed everybody. I hid. They didn't find me."

Maryann found herself babbling the story of her encounter with the horned clad marauders to the astonishment of the knights. By the time she had finished the man looked at her wearily. His ferocious expression had softened a little.

"Don't worry, child. You're safe now."

"I hate forests. They're like cities for monsters," Mersé Dascaros said. "They make me want to take up logging and take an axe to them."

The others in her group peered into the shadowy forest nervously. All around, the great trees brooded, ominous presences whose branches met over the trail, intertwined like the fingers of a man at prayer, blocking out the sun until only a few solitary shafts of light illuminated the way forward.

Moss covered the branches, and the scaly bark of the trunks reminded her of the withered hides of dead serpents. A stillness as old as the vast primeval forest surrounded them, broken only by occasional stirrings in the undergrowth. The sound spread across the silence until it vanished as mysteriously as ripples from the surface of a pool.

They all agreed with Mersé. Forests for the majority of the people of the Main Continent were scary places, the haunt of green beasts, barbarians, monsters and nightmare creatures from darkest legend.

They were the dwellings of the enemies of mankind.

The man paused suddenly and sniffed the air. He turned and looked back at Mersé.

Mersé cocked her head to one side enquiringly. The man made the sign for silence, frowning as if he were concentrating on hearing some distant sound. Mersé knew that the man's hearing and sense of smell were better than hers. She waited expectantly. The man shook his head and then turned to move on. Was the malign presence of the forest getting on even the Butcher's iron nerves?

What she had seen this morning was justification for anyone's fears. These woods did indeed shelter forces inimical to humankind; Maryann's story confirmed it. She looked down at her hands and saw that they were trembling. Mersé thought herself a hard woman she had personally witnessed the green horde descended on Lescatie and fell the City of Heroes, putting all its residents to the sword. But what she had seen here today in the ruined village would make even the hardest shudder.

Something had rampaged through Glanyrafon like a ravenous anteater through an anthill. The little village had been levelled with appalling malevolence and thoroughness. The attackers had not left a single building untouched, and no inhabitant save Maryann had survived. The sheer senseless brutality of it astonished her.

She had seen things there that she knew she would see again in nightmares. A bonfire in the village square piled high with skulls. Fused ribs sticking out of the smoldering ash like unconsumed wood. Some had come from the skeletons of children. A disgusting scorched meat smell had filled her nostrils and she had tried to keep from licking her dry lips for fear of what the windblown ash might contain.

She had stood stunned in the silence and desolation of the ruined village. Everything about her was ash-grey or soot-black, save for the few fires which still flickered here and there. She had flinched in alarm as the roof collapsed on the devastated town hall.

It had seemed like a dark omen.

High on the hill, the scorched walled castle stood, a stone spider clutching the hilltop with blasted stone feet. Before the gaping maw of its broken gate, hanged men dangled on gibbets, flies caught in its single-strand web. The village below was the playground of savage monsters, cruel men who had grown bored with their toy town and kicked it to flinders.

Little things filled the street. A broken pitchfork, its prongs crusted with dried blood. A temple bell lying half-melted in the rubble of the toppled church. A child's wooden rattle and a shattered cradle. The printed pages of books floating on the breeze. Trails in the dirty street where bodies had been dragged, all leading to the central fire. A beautiful, green dress, never worn, lying incongruously untouched in the street. A human femur, cracked for marrow. And so many flayed skulls on sharpen wooden spikes.

She had seen violence before but never on such a scale and never so wantonly mindless. Even the carnage at Lescatie had been a battle, fought by opposing sides for their own reasons. This had been a massacre. She had heard of such slaughters but to confront the hard, tangible evidence was altogether different. The reality, the implication that such things could and did happen, had always happened, scared her.

How could the Chief God, how could any of the Gods, permit such things?

She was disturbed too that Maryann had survived. Looking at the little girl walking in front of her, her shoulders slumped, her hair grimy and her clothing soot-stained, she wondered how she could have been allowed to live. That too made no sense - why had she, alone out of all the inhabitants of that sleepy community, been spared?

Was she a spy, some slave of fiends, luring them to their doom? Did she and her group escort something evil towards its next set of victims? Normally she would have dismissed such a thought as utterly ridiculous; obviously she was just a frightened young child who had the good fortune to live where others had died. Yet here in the gloom of the deep forest such suspicion came easily. The stillness and silence of their surroundings worked on the nerves and bred watchfulness and mistrust of strangers.

Only Butcher and Elt seemed undisturbed by their predicament.

Butcher marched along boldly, avoiding the clutching tree roots that threatened to trip him, his easy pace eating up the miles. The man moved with uncanny quietness for one so large and heavy. In the shadows of the forest he seemed at home, somehow; he stood taller and looked more alert. His habitual slouch vanished, perhaps because miners were adapted to darkness and the feeling of being enclosed. She remembered him telling everyone one day around the campfire that he had spent half his life, dwelling under-mountains mining for gold and silver. Mersé could believe that Butcher never stopped, as she did, to survey the undergrowth whenever she heard rustling. He seemed quite confident in his ability to discern any threat.

Elt on the other hand was simply oblivious. Her lover walked with a deafness for the dangers around him that was astonishing to behold. He strode across the forest with an unmasked air of untroubled concern. His steppes were slow and clumsy, but steady he placed one foot after the other and continued to move forward… no matter how many branches struck his face or tree roots he tripped on.

The former knight-captain of Lescatie sighed, remembering the arguments she had to use to prevent the group from investigating the village further. The girl had at least proved a useful excuse for moving on and seeking a place of safety, where they might find her refuge. It had been that and the possibility that the marauders might be marching on the next village that had convinced them to take the road to Helmsley.

Hopefully they could spend a few quiet nights at an inn there and resupply as well… assuming the village hadn't suffered the same fate as Maryann's village.

Mersé came to bolt upright at the thought, heart pounding. She was naked in the back of a wagon. A bed had been made out in the front corner with a roll of soft fleece and partitioned from the rest of the wagon by piles of crates. An oil lantern, set to its tightest aperture, cast a mean and uncertain glow over the rough wooden surfaces. She had her poleaxe withing arms reach, a meagre pile of her possessions had been assembled in front of an upturned box beside her bed. Elt sat silently on the box, unperturbed, he licked the tip of his finger and peeled back a page in the small leatherbound pocketbook in his hand. Like her, he was also nude.

"… Hey, Mersé," Elt said suddenly. "Do you think she was telling the truth?"

Mersé blinked, "Eh? Who's she and what did she say?"

Elt closed the small leatherbound pocketbook, "That girl we found Maryann… Do you really think her story about a band of tall muscle-bound barbarians wearing horned helmets and fur, led by some knight in black armor really did those horrible things to those people?"

She wanted to say no, she wanted to call Maryann a liar, but she couldn't not even for his sake, "The world isn't the blitheful kind of place, Sasha used to preach about Elton." Which was something he should have already learned years ago having grown up in the slums of Lescatie. "It's a harsh, unfair and unforgiving world we live in, a band of horned wearing sadistic assholes is not something beyond the pale." And the only reason, Fullmoon painted the world in such a rosy picture was to lift the spirts of the cities downtrodden that would visit her church day in and day out to prey to the Chief God for help that never came. As well as to give some hope to those bleakly orphans, she took care of that things would get better. "Plus, that's not something an eight-year-old girl would lie about. "

Or anyone really.

"I just can't wrap my head around the fact that people could commit such awful things to each other."

Really? He can't?

Did he not know that Wilmarina Noscrim's father wanted the king to publicly execute him because the lord viewed your playdates with his only heir as some sort of nefarious plot by Elt's parents to climb up the social ladder. Or that Lord Noscrim pressured women of lower birth than him to 'service' him whenever the mood struck him. And that one of those women had been Elt's own mother. Did he not know that Lady Noscrim had falsely claimed rape once she had been caught red handed in bed with a servant half her age that resulted in the poor boy being castrated then exiled from the kingdom along with his entire family.

Well, if he didn't, she sure wasn't going to be the one to tell him. Let Wilmarina assuming she somehow made it out of Lescatie alive be the one to break the news to him.

The world was filled with monsters, it's just that not all of them wore the faces of monster," Come back to bed Elt, the nights cold and I could sure use some of that warmth you have right about now."


(Port Reaver – Outside the Monster Quarter)

Mario Cadorna was one satisfied young man at only twenty-five years of age he had it all. He owned the largest vineyard in all of Port Reaver that produced the finest grapes in all of the colonies.

Wine makers from across the Empire sailed an ocean for weeks to knock on his door to purchase his grapes. The eldest son of Tilean refugees from Miragliano had found more success growing grapes than he ever could have hoped for working at his family's plumbing business. He was a fair-skinned man, with a short and stocky stature, that was a bit portly. He had bright blue eyes, a big nose and a thick dark-brown mustache with six bumps. He had short brown hair with two sideburns, three large bangs pointing upwards, four short bangs pointed upward on the back of his neck and a sprout-shaped cowlick. He wore a red silk tunic, blue pants, white gloves, brown shoes and a whit cloak with yellow buttons. On his head he wore a red hat that had a white "M" symbol for his name.

His younger brother Luigi Cadorna on the other hand was not so fortunate. Unlike him, Luigi had chosen to remain in the family business and worked all day with shit for shit pay.

Luigi was a fair-skinned, tall young man with a slim face who had just turned twenty. He had short brown hair and a dark brown mustache. His bright blue eyes shine with shame. He wore a long-sleeved green shirt, a light green cloak and blue pants. Stained white gloves covered his hands and worn brown shoes his feet. Lastly Luigi wore a smudged green hat that was covered with little dark spots and had a faded "L" symbol on it.

The brothers had just left the Monster Quarter after a night of copious drinking and fornication in the best whorehouses they could find. And where now making their way home on foot. At six in the morning the streets were mostly empty save for a few stragglers here and there.

"Mario… I feel guilty… my wife… she-she is pregnant with our first child… and I betrayed her. "

Mario rolled his eyes at his timid brother's statement he was slightly surprised he hadn't buckled sooner during the night rather than later, "Guilty for what? You betrayed no one Luigi."

"I broke the vows; I swore on our wedding day Mario."

The eldest Cadorna brother let out a sight, "So what Luigi? Those promises people make on their wedding day are just flowery words the old folks want to hear from use young people. To keep up with tradition. They don't mean anything really."

The youngest Cadorna brother was left stunned by his brother's casual disregard and disrespect of such a sacred matter.

Mario noticed his brother's staggered visage, "Yes, I said it and I meant what I said. So, what Luigi? So, what if you broke some promise, you made about being faithful to your wife and banged some whores tonight. So what?" Did that make his brother a bad person? No of course not that just made him an adulterer. Which were a dime a dozen here in Port Reaver "You're still a good man Luigi, you bust your ass all day unclogging pipes filled with shit to provide for your wife who stays home all-day eating bonbons and gossiping with her friends or the neighborhood wives after a few hours of cooking and cleaning…. The least she could do is let you fuck a whore every once in a while. "

Luigi couldn't find the words to reply to that so instead he shook his head and softly muttered under his breath, "You've changed Mario, you haven't been the same ever since your wife left you for a wealthier man… all those years ago."

Mario heard his brother's words but choose to act like he hadn't and kept walking.

After a few hours of walking in silence the brothers found themselves on Soprania Boulevard. The narrow streets were lined by men of the City Watch, holding back a massive crowd with the shafts of their spears. They spotted Knight-Captain Rudolf Breuer of the Knights Panthers out in front of a group, heading a wedge of mounted knights in heavy plate armor wearing blue cloaks.

Behind the knights came Mayor Norman Seck on a tall grey palfrey and to everyone astonishment Green Councilwomen Ryouko Hashimoto of the Monster Quarter sat inside a Zipangu style palanquin carried by four Blue Oni. She was accompanied by a slithering Shirohebi with long luxurious white hair who struggled in vain to stop the wind from ruining her painstakingly maintained hair. The mayor's wife Emilia Seck rode a chestnut mare at her husband's side, looking neither right nor left, her thick silverish-blue hair flowing to her shoulders beneath a net of pearls.

Next came the mayor's aide Tom Amber, snuffling on a black horse, with the Imperial Economics' Minister Leonhard von Greenfield on his brown draft horse wearing a white cloak, and then his wife Hannah, accompanied by her brother Richard and protected by Watch Captain Heinrichs Adalwin and Watch Sergeant James Blount. After them followed the Archbishop of the Cult of Sigmar for Port Reaver Adso Theiss in his litter, and a long tail of other courtiers Mario did not know. A double column of Empire Swordsmen brought up the rear.

The mix crowd of native-born commoners and unwashed foreign refugees stared at the mamono with pure hatred and dull resentment from behind the line of spears.

I like this not one speck, Mario thought. The mamono were barely tolerated confined to their own walled off section of the city most of the time, but when they ventured outside their ghettos, they were almost always attacked on sight not by the Watch or Army, but by crazed commoners. Usually either by fanatical worshipers of the Chief God or people who though mamono were mutans.

And to make things worse tensions have been high ever since the refugees from Lescatie started arriving by ship. First, they began to arrive in small numbers that went unnoticed, but as the days passed that figured doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled growing ever and ever higher until they were suddenly thousands of new mouths to feed. To make things worse they brough with them grim tidings of endless Greenskin hordes and a vast mamono army hot on their trail. That would explain why the emperor had promptly left for the outer walls with an army at his back.

Paranoia and fear had creeped over the city, worse still the influx of so many souls so rapidly into the city had caused prices for local commodities such as bread and housing to spike by nearly a quarter. While the bulk of the refugees who had escaped Lescatie before it's doom were people of modest means, a significant portion of the survivors had come from the nation's wealthy aristocracy, who had somehow managed to bring large sums of their personal wealth with them. They wasted little time once they arrived in purchasing personal dwellings for themselves. Chateaus, mansions, manors, villas, penthouse, big and common houses. Even common flats were procured.

Worse still was the economic impact of having lost such a lucrative market. Trade between Lescatie and the colony had been flourishing year after year since Port Reaver's founding. Its loss meant hundreds of merchants and traders could no longer export or import goods. Robbing the colony of a valuable tax revenue. Many merchants and traders were facing hard days ahead, a few have even filed for bankruptcy having exchanged their goods on credit that would never be repaid. Workers were let go, workhouses had been shut down and many were left with crippling debt. Imperial banks had felt the lost hardest of all, many had lent coin in the form of loans to the Religious Kingdom of Lescatie, news of the nation's destruction had already caused one bank who had lent too heavily to shut its doors.

The sudden increase to the cost of living added more gunpowder to the powder keg that seemed to be on the verge of igniting into a firestorm.

The brothers watched as the party crossed Pirate's Square and rode along Gilman's Way before turning onto the narrow, curving hook to begin their climb up Hangman's Hill.

Despite his gut and brother telling him not to Mario, shadowed the group.

A few voices raised a cry of "Norman! Rotten crook, rotten crook! " As the mayor rode by, but for every person who picked up the shout, a hundred kept their silence and simply starred. The group moved through a sea of angry natives, ragged and homeless foreigners, breasting a tide of sullen and wrathful eyes.

Just behind her husband, Emilia was laughing at something Richard had said, though Mario suspected her merriment was feigned. She could not be oblivious to the unrest around them, but then again aristocratic women have always been dim-witted and spoiled.

Halfway along the route, a woman missing an eye forced her way between two watchmen and ran out into the street in front of the mayor and his companions, her gaunt face full of loathing. "Demon Whore!" she shrieked with one arm pointing at Ryouko. "Soul eating bitch!" then she pointed at Norman and yelled out, "Monsterfucker, monsterfucker, monsterfucker. "

The woman's words seemed to have resonated with the crowd for they booed loudly when she was roughly pulled out of the away by three watchmen.

"Filthy swain, "Norman declared boldly. "Know your place before your betters."

Mario never saw who threw the brick. He only heard Hannah's scream and Richard hitting the ground, as his head gushed out blood, the man's horse panicked and took to flight at full speed, it rammed through a pair of watchmen knocking both men to the ground. One of the men yelled out in pain as he clutched his no doubt broken arm.

Leonhard swiftly dismounted his horse and ran over to help his brother-in-law.

"Who threw that? " Norman screamed. "I want the man who threw that! "No one answered. "A hundred golden crowns to the man who gives him up."

"It came from up there!" Someone shouted from the crowd. The mayor wheeled his horse in a circle to survey the rooftops and open balconies above them. In the crowd people were pointing, shoving, cursing one another and the mayor.

"Please, sir, let him go, we need to leave," Tom pleaded. The tenson in the air was so thick you could practically cut it with a knife.

The mayor paid his aid no heed. "Bring me the man who flung that stone!" Norman commanded. "He has a date with the Reaver's cells or maybe I'll have his head. Heinrichs, you bring him here!"

Obsequious, Heinrichs Adalwin swung down from his saddle, but there was no way through that wall of flesh, let alone to the roof. Those closest to him began to squirm and shove to get away, while others pushed forward to see.

Tom smelled disaster. "Adalwin, leave off, the man is long fled."

"I'll not let it be known, I'm soft on crime!" Norman pointed at the roof. "He was up there! Watch Captain, get through them, arrest them for obstruction of justice, if need be, but bring—

A tumult of sound drowned his last words, a rolling thunder of rage and fear and hatred that engulfed them from all sides. "Traitor!" someone screamed at Norman, "coward" said another, "mutant lover."

Other voices flung calls of "Demon Whore" and "Soul Rapist" at the Ryu, while Emilia was pelted with shouts of "Gold digger" "Foreign bitch" and "Trollop." Mixed in with the abuse, he heard a few cries of "Justice" and "Hail the Emperor, glory to the Empire and Sigmar, praise the gods, the Chief God is the one true god of mankind," and even "Bless the Emperor, but get him a wife!" From both sides of the street, the crowd surged against the spear shafts while the watchmen struggled to hold the line. Stones and shit and fouler things whistled overhead. Clay pots filled with piss and vomit flew high above and shattered when they struck the stone ground.

"House us!" a refugee shrieked. "Free bread!" boomed another refugee. "We want free food and housing, bastard!" In a heartbeat, a thousand voices took up the chant.

"Bread," they clamored. "Housing! Food! Clothes!"

There chant might as well have been 'give us free stuff.'

"Lower taxes," yelled a richly dressed man. "Abolish the City Watch!" screamed a shady looking woman. "Decriminalize piracy," called out a man who appeared as if he may have been an actual pirate. "Repent for fucking mutans," roared a priest. "Sex work is honest work," bellowed a redhaired woman wearing skimpy clothes.

The natives' chants where all over the place. They lacked the unity of the refugees.

Tom spurred to the Ryu's side, yelling, "Quickly to the palace. Now." Ryouko gave a curt nod, and the four Blue Onis' grasped wooden clubs in one hand and held the palanquin up high with the other as they sprinted. Behind them followed the Shirohebi keeping pace.

Watch Sergeant James Blount unsheathed his sword.

Ahead of the column, Rudolf Breuer was roaring commands. His knights lowered their lances and drove forward in a wedge. The mayor was wheeling his palfrey around in anxious circles while hands reached past the line of watchmen, grasping for him. One managed to get hold of his leg, but only for an instant. Blount's sword slashed down, parting hand from wrist.

"Ride for your lives! " Tom shouted, giving the horse a sharp smack on the rump. The animal reared, trumpeting, and plunged ahead, the press shattering before him. Tom drove into the gap hard on the Ryu's tail who was somehow well ahead of everyone else. Blount kept pace sword in hand. A jagged rock flew past his head as he rode, and a rotten cabbage exploded against Emilia's face. To their left, a dozen watchmen went down under the surge, and then the crowd was rushing forward, trampling the fallen men. The swordsmen in the rear were swarmed in mere moments, even as they swung their swords cutting limbs and ended lives the mob did not relent or show mercy.

The Watch Captain decapitated a man before vanishing under a sea of limbs, his riderless horse galloped beside those fleeing. Mario saw Hannah pulled from the saddle, the gold-and-black dress she wore was torn off of her frame. What happened to her next was vile. Four men pinned her to the ground face down as a fifth mounted her from behind. When said man was done another took his place and began the process again and again and again. Her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears.

Leonhard and Richard disappeared from sight, what became of them Mario did not know.

A man holding the mayor's personal coat of arms dropped the roaring gold lion on a blue field to draw his broadsword. He slashed right and left as the fallen banner was ripped apart, the thousand ragged pieces swirling away like blue autumn leaves caught in a strong wind. He was pulled from his horse screaming and was soon beaten to death with fists, kicks and stone.

A halfling riding a white phony with brown spots had made the poor choice of riding too close to the cavalcade and was mistaken for being a part of it. He was grabbed by the neck and hoisted off his saddle. He convulsed kicking wildly as he was strangled in midair. After a few moments his face turned a bluish-purplish color and the halfling went limp soon after. His corpse was casually tossed aside like one discard's an empty sack of potatoes.

One of the nameless courtiers wearing a red feathered hat pulled out a pistole from his yellow coat and fired at a group of men who were assaulting one of his fellows, he missed, terribly and ending up shooting a woman who had been trying to calm the crowd in the shoulder. A dwarf who had just stepped out of a pub face red, drunk off his ass was randomly punched in the face and laid flat on his back. He had not been drinking alone, thirty of his kinsmen exited right as their friend hit the ground knocked out cold, they muttered out curses, then started raining out punches to whomever was unfortunate enough to be close by at the time whether they had anything to do with their friend being struck or not was irrelevant in their eyes.

A man ran out of a storefront holding a glass bottle filled with a dark liquid that had a burning cloth wick held in place by the bottle's stopper. Without hesitation he tossed it at a group of watchmen, the bottle overshot its target and instead crashed against a parked wooden wagon that a vender had been using to sell his wares, engulfing it in flames. The fire quickly spread from the wagon to a nearby booth that sold fruit juice, then to a small coffee shop whose owner desperately tried to put out.

Several watchmen seeing, they were on the losing side dropped their spears and shields and turned tail running away as quickly as their legs would allow them. Some had even managed to throw off their watchmen uniform as they fled. They're discarded weapons were quickly taken up by the crowd who used them against the remaining watchmen. One of whom had the bad luck of being speared in the groin.

Someone staggered in front of Norman's horse and shrieked as the mayor rode him down. Whether it had been man, woman, or child Mario could not have said.

The first to reach the palace walls besides the Knight Panthers was Ryouko followed by the mayor, his aid, wife and soon enough what remained of their group. And suddenly the madness was behind, and they were clattering across the cobbled steps before the palace walls. A line of gunmen held the gates. Rudolf Breuer was wheeling his knight around for another charge. The gunmen parted to let the mayor's party pass under the portcullis. Pale marvel walls loomed up about them, reassuringly high and aswarm with more gunmen.

They may have reached safety, but the riot they had inadvertently ignited had only just started to burn. For once they were inside the palace the mob turned their attention away from them to looting the various storefronts and houses nearby.

"Mamma mia," Mario cried out watching it all unfold. "What a disaster!"


(With Druella)

The Fourth Princess of the Demon Realm flew through the heavens above passing clouds and birds on beautiful white draconic wings. Not that she or any lilim really needed their wings to fly. She had no need to flap her wings, for it was the magic her kind possessed that allowed her to soar above the earth, but she did so anyways to exercises the muscles on her wings. Her Fallen Knights who flew behind her, however did.

"What's the plan princess? " Vermut Rosnair a succubus asked flying besides Luciana. She was a fair-skinned woman with long silverish-white hair and amber color eyes.

"Baka. What makes you think we even need a plan? With the princess here there's no way we can possibly lose. "Parshe Lufarshe a Devil interjected. She was a short buxom woman with bluish skin, short elflike ears, long white, blonde hair and orange amber eyes with black sclera.

"Less talking Parshe. And more concerting on not letting me plummet to the ground before we arrive at our destination." Kirsch a Cursed Sword said since she couldn't fly like the others, she had to be carried by one of her aerial teammates. Which just so happened to have been Parshe's turn this time around. With one hand she held onto the devil who in turn grasped the Cursed Sword with both hands as they flew. In her other hand Kirsch grasped the hilt of a massive sword that was nearly the same height as her

"Even if you were to fall the crash alone wouldn't be enough to seriously hurt you Kirsch, let alone kill you."Olivie Amaltia a Demon informed. She was a tall voluptuous woman with large breasts, light bluish skin, long elflike ears, silver hair and orange amber eyes with black sclera.

"True, but it would definitely suck so you better not let me go Olivie," said Paula Tronmail a Holstaur as she tightened her hold on the demon's waist.

"All of you are far too chatty this morning," said Eva Mystiv an Alp as she fought off an urge to yawn. She had just woken up minutes ago. "It's too early for banter. " Or fighting for that matter. "I would have liked a few more minutes of blissful sleep."

"Fufu. You can just taste the camaraderie we have," Alameria Crescentria said as she held onto Luciana, one arm wrapped around her leaders' neck. "We've really gotten close since we all became monsters."

"You were born a monster Crescentria," Eva corrected. "You just didn't realize it at the time."

"Quiet all of you," Druella ordered unusually serious for once without pause the others muted. "The situation is dire, not only are our comrades being killed, but worse of all they brough war to a neutral human kingdom marching under my personal scarlet banner. "The banner of one of the Demond Lord's own flesh and blood carried weight, it was interpreted in the eyes of anyone politically astute that the actions undertaken by said demon princess was by default approved before hand by Lilith herself. "That means whatever happens here will fall on not only my shoulders, but my mother's as well." Druella's mother had not given her consent for this, she had only sanctioned her to make war on Lescatie, a belligerent oppressive human kingdom, in fact had her mother known Druella's host had been camped before the walls of a neutral state she was certain her mother would have ordered her to break camp and march for home."My mother's honor and reputation is on the line so, there will be no room for obstinate and impetuous acts here today understood?"

"As you will it so it shall be," the Fallen Knights yelled out as one.

The lilim nodded, "Good. Now follow my lead, a show of overwhelming force is usually enough to cow humans to back off, no killing if it can be avoided, but show them that we mean business and that it's in their best interest for them to let us leave unmolested."

"I wouldn't mind being molested by some rugged stud," Alameria stated casing a few chuckles to break out.

Druella was not amused the situation was too serious for jests,"For that Alameria you get to be the one who tells my commanders to break off and head back to camp to wait their punishment for disobeying me. Inform them that I intend to strip them of their ranks once I return. I'm also minded to sentence them to a walk of shame, followed by some time spent in the royal cells or perhaps exile would be better… I've yet to make up my mind on the matter."

The Dhampir grimaced that was an unenviable task. Druella's commanders were difficult prideful women to deal with on the best of times.

Now there's no telling how they would react.


(Inside the Reaver's Gates – With Wilmarina Noscrim)

"Hurry!" Wilmarina yelled racing up a flight of wooden stairs. The ground suddenly shook violently again. "The battle rages while we dally." Her sword had been returned to her by the same kind knight who had released her mother, Sasha and herself. She had been sitting on a wagon about to depart for the city of Port Reaver when the soldiers suddenly began mustering for battle. The wagon's driver had been ordered to depart at once, but Wilmarina's pride would not allow her to flee a second time.

Against her mother's wishes she had left the wagon to add her strength to the fray.

She was not alone, the warrior-nun Sasha Fullmoon followed at her heels. So too did the young genius magician Mimil Miltie and the half-elf Primera Concerto.

All were heroes of great renown.

Mimil Miltie was a short-flat chested young girl of only twelve winters old. She was fair skinned, with long pink hair and eyes. She wore a red leotard that had a star shaped brooch with a red gem with gold accents on it. That kept a pink clothe with gold edges pinned in place around her midriff. A red skirt, white and pink puffy long-sleeves with golden edges, white knee-high socks, red shoes tied with red ribbons. In her hands she held a golden magic staff that housed a large ruby stone. On her head she had fake white rabbit ears

"What luck we have that the four of us wind up in the same wagon," Mimil said keeping pace behind Sasha. "Let alone survived Lescatie and made it here on foot. "

Primera Concerto was a tall lean woman with an average size bust, her exact age was something of a mystery back in Lescatie. Being of half elven lineage she could have been well over a century old yet appeared to be no older then seventeen as she looked to be. She was fair skinned, with purple eyes and long light green hair that passed below her knees that she kept tied in a twin tails hairstyle. Her attire was a one-piece outfit made entirely of leaves and foliage that resembled a dress. An arm sleeve made of leaves on her right arm, and she wore large leaves on her feet as shoes. On her back was a quiver filled with arrows and in her hand, she grasped a wooden longbow.

"How do you know we are not running to our certain doom?" Primera asked in her usual smooth yet melancholic laced voice of hers. The half-elf had always had a moody personality one could always tell what emotion she was feeling just by listening to her voice.

Wilmarina didn't know what fate had in store for her up on the wall, but whatever it was; victory or death she'll met it head held high and a sword in her hand. "I don't. But I've had just about as much as I can stomach of cowardice." They came before a wooden door. Without hesitation Wilmarina kicked it, the door flew opened coming off its iron hinges and crashed loudly against a stone wall. Wilmarina and her group passed through the doorway only to imminently stop.

The sight beyond the wall was a grim one.

The grounds in front of the wall resembled an opened-air abattoir filled with mamono bodies. A large number of the slain had been killed far away, blown apart by explosive shells, or gunned down by auto-fire. Their corpses riddled with holes, burned and mangled. Limbs, heads and various other body parts were spread out all over the place, littering the blood-soaked ground. Wilmarina noticed an intestine daggling from a tree branch similarly to a rope. She nearly gagged once she saw a small cannon ball go straight through a Lizardman's torso revealing broken ribcages, parts of a lung, a liver missing a few inches and half of a thyroid gland. Another similar cannon ball took half of an Ant Arachne face with it blood gushed out wildly and gray brain matter fell off her cranium.

Many of the corpses were so unrecognizable no one could tell what kind of mamono species they had been before. They were now simply chunks of burnt or torn meat with pieces of bone sticking out.

Scenes of lamentation played out alongside the merciless brutality of war. Friends cried tears and wailed as loved ones perished before their eyes.

The air was thick with the smell of smoke which made Wilmarina's eyes watered, blood and burning flesh that smelled of pork. The sound from the cannons and guns was deafening, they range with a cacophony she had never experience until now. But worst of all were the screams, they rang out from all directions.

Most of the cannons and guns where still firing. They became louder somehow as if they were reaching some terrifying crescendo.

The auto-guns and gatling guns alone cut down countless swathes of mamono warriors with horrifying speed and ease. With the cannons and artillery adding their fair share to the ever-growing tally.

Whether it was hundreds or thousands who lay still and cold on the grass Wilmarina couldn't say which figure was more accurate of the two, yet somehow hundreds of mamono warriors still pressed on. Although she saw twice as many mamono were disengaging away from the wall than those charging towards it.

The cannons, auto-guns and gatling guns ceased after the mamono had reached the wall. Here instead hardy grim-faced men and dwarves grasping strange rifles took aim and fired upon those below. The rate of fire of their rifles was much slower compared to the previous guns that had spread hundreds of bullets in mere minutes, however those wonder weapons were few in number while there were thousands of riflemen.

At such close range and from such an advantage vintage point up high few missed their marks. The riflemen fired, then pulled a lever on their rifles, ejecting a spent metallic cartridges case, placed a fresh bullet inside the chamber, aimed than fired again.

"… Seems they didn't need our aid after all," Primera pointed out. "Unless you want to lend a hand during the clean up? "Assuming they didn't just leave the bodies where they lay for the carrion crows to feast upon that is.

"I-I'll pass on that," Mimil said. "I've never been good at cleaning. "Maids usually took care of any cleaning needs she might have needed. Plus, she was always too busy studying new spells to bother to learn how.

"I also will pass, " Sasha said looking a bite pale. "I'm sure they can do without use. "


(Outside the Reaver's Gates – With Helena)

"By Lilith's firm tits!"Bellowed Helena watching the massacre transpire before her very eyes. Currently she and her battalion were standing outside the effective range of the humans' guns. It was tough to watch the one-sided wholesale slaughter of their comrades, none of them even really bothering to fire back at the humans, "Where the fuck is Elena?! She should have been here by now!"

"No sign of the Eighth battalion commander," reported her second in command a grizzly with brown hair.

"Shit!" Helena cursed without Elena's aerial battalion the plan was untenable it simply could not be achieved without the eighths surprise attack from above. "What the fuck is keeping that blue bitch?"

Did the demon get cold feet? Elena had never been fully committed to the plan and had voiced doubt more than once from the start. If she had, then what should they do now? Call it quits. Take the loss and head back to camp in failure and husbandless. Or did they double down and commit fully to the assault. They still had well over four thousand professional soldiers at the ready standing on the battles edge, and they had yet to deploy any of their magical unites.

If they did the latter Helena judged, they had a slight advantage over the human defenders. The humans had already spent a large portion of their ammunition, they had to be running dry by now. The hellhound also noticed that some of the cannon's had overheated from continual usage, their metal frames glowed red hot. A handful of those damn spraying guns that shot bullets like they were running out of fashion had also either jammed or malfunctioned. Helena watched as the guns crew disparity worked to fix the damn things.

If just a few more of the cannons and guns were taken out of the equation that would massively turn things around for them.

"…Hm that could work. "


(On the Reaver's Gates – With Felix)

"What are you two doing here?" Felix yelled out he had been walking across the wall seeing if everything was in order when he suddenly spotted Wilmarina and the Order priestess Sasha besides two other women he did not recognize. Gazing out at the battle below. "You were supposed to have left for the city alongside the other refugees. "

"Sir Felix, " Wilmarina greeted recognizing him do to his distinctive black armor. "It is good to see you again. We wished to lend our blades to the battle, but it seems there was no need."

"How did you lot even get up here? " Someone should have stopped them from getting here in the first place.

"We simply made our-"

She was interrupted by a yell of, "The wizards have fainted!" Which was accompanied a moment later by a sudden flash of light that blinded them. Felix used his arm to shield his eyes from it. The others more or less did the same. Several thumping sounds were heard, followed by a triumphant shout.

"Quickly, go. "Came a voice that sounded feminine.

Felix lowered his arm from his eyes to see a group of mamono not far from his position towards his left. Around two dozen of them. They run straight through dozens of his men who were still recovering from the flash, until they reached four cannons emplaced on a specially designed section of the battlement. They paused overlooking the emplacement and one of the mamono, a woman with dark skin and a red reptilian tail that was lit like a match with a small fire on the tail tip took a deep breath then blew out a torrent of fire.

It struck the cannons in mere seconds dousing them in flames.

Somehow by change or decision the fire missed the crews working the cannons completely, not that it mattered for a moment later the fire touched the uncovered wooden drum barrels filled with gunpowder laying close at hand and exploded. The blast was so great that it blew the cannon crews high up into the air, as well as a few other souls who had the misfortune of standing too close to the emplacement. Rubble rained down causing man and monsters to duck and cover. One unlucky man had his neck pound straight into his torso like one hammer's a nail through wood by a cannon ball that landed right on top of his head.

To his surprise the blast had also caught the dark skinned mamono and two others of her party, they were hurled over the wall. Felix saw Nairgum and a group of his Slayers heading straight towards them. "Enemies on the wall to the east near the gatling guns," shrieked someone towards Felix's right.

Turning he found another group of mamono more or less the same size as the one to his left, racing towards a pair of gatling guns. No doubt to do to them what their comrades had done to the cannons.

Felix couldn't allow them to succeed, "They aim to destroy the guns stop them. "He ordered those who heard him sprinted to do just that. He then turned towards Wilmarina's group, "That includes you four as well. " They blinked in astonishment, "You wanted to add you blades to the battle, didn't you?" Wilmarina nodded for them.

"Well now's your chance. Follow me."


(With Helena)

Helena sidestepped a sword swing that would have separated neck from head had it landed. She threw a quick jab that hit the knight squarely on his breastplate it felt to the man as if he had just been struck by a Warhammer that had been swung by some massive brute of a man. The blow dented his plate armor and broke bones. It rocked him and he soon collapsed hitting the ground all the while coughing out blood.

"Too weak," Helena muttered, that punch barely had any power behind it. "You're too soft to be my husband. I would kill you in the sheets." Let one of the others claim him. "Quickly destroy as many of the human guns as you can before they swarm us."

The women she had selected to company her on this mission nodded and hurriedly ran towards the two multiple-barreled guns. Men with poleaxes tried to stop them, but they were easily dealt with, everyone Helena had picked was an upper-mid tier monster and they were only normal humans after all.

A minotaur with short black hair and fur carrying a massive hardwood club twice her size resting on her shoulders swung her club horizontally and four men were thrown violently against a grey wall. An automaton raised her metallic hand that transformed into a gun barrel she rapidly fired off six bolts of dark blue magical energy that shot six different men, all of whom instantly fell to the floor fast asleep. A sliver haired soldier beetle plowed straight through thirty men wielding halberds knocking them aside like bowling pins after one score's a strike, their steel axe topped spikes reflected off of the soldier beetle's thick chitin exoskeleton.

It was a lava golem that reached the guns first, thanks to her lava-like body no one was crazy enough to come anywhere near her and avoided her like the plague. The humans simply let her pass. The lava golem spat a goblet's worth of lava onto each of the two guns and they melted away in seconds.

"Excellent work,"Helena congratulated. "A few more of those and that should do it." As soon as she finished a horn blew, three times, back-to-back, it was a signal she knew well. "By the hells. Who ordered a retreat?! "As one she saw the mamono on the battles edge including her own battalion turn and began to march away from the wall. The hellhounds jaw dropped as she saw her warriors abandoning her, the others looked on just as stunned. Before she could fully comprehend what was happening, Helena noticed a new group of humans heading straight for them, led by a knight in black armor.

Her eyes bulged when she noticed the four women within the group, "Sasha Fullmoon, Primera Concerto, Mimil Miltie and… Wilmarina Noscrim. "Helena recognized them the moment she saw them, they were famous heroes after all, known far and wide across distant lands as some of the best heroes Lescatie had ever produced. For months she had diligently comprised a list of threats that Lescatie could have used to thwart Druella's invasion and those four were near the top of the list.

The child Mimil raised her staff and pointed it at the lava golem, a blast of blue magical energy shot out and struck the woman straight in her lava filled chest. She was covered in ice from head to toe in mere heartbeats. Then a second or two later her frozen frame began to crack loudly and soon thereafter she shattered into hundreds of small ice shards.

No quarter given aye, "Fine than." Muttered the hellhound. "It's kill or be killed ladies." She saluted them, and they returned the salute. They were most likely going to die here this day and they accepted that with stoicism and dignity as any true soldier of her majesty's army should.

"For the Demon Lord!" They shouted, then charged with Helena at the forefront. "Glory to the Seventh!"

Before either side could clash a voice boomed out across the heavens, "Stop!"

Everyone froze, literally every soul on the wall stopped and glanced up. In the sky above was none other than Druella herself with all her Fallen Knights save for one. Every monster there except for Helena cheered. The hellhound's face turned sullen, and she sank to her knees, wishing the humans had killed her for that fate was preferable to whatever Druella had instore for her.

The lilim landed in the space between both groups. She turned towards her fellow monsters, "Stand down and ready yourself to depart for home." They nodded without question, Druella shot Helena a quick glare that caused the hellhound to fidget. "I'll deal with you later. " She promised, then she casted her sight onto the humans. "I wish to speak with your leader. Might you bring him to me pretty please?"

Felix stepped forward, "I am Emperor Felix Jaeger of the Empire of Man with whom am I speaking?"

Every woman there be they monster or human blinked at the declaration.

It was Luciana who voiced everyone's surprise, "Y-You're a monarch?" Felix nodded. "Well, what are doing here? Shouldn't you be in your palace or something safe and sound handing out orders for other people to risk their lives for things like this?"

Felix was taken aback by that, "Do you take me for a craven? I've never been one to skirt from battle or duty."

"A warrior-king," Druella muttered stunned. A rarity for these times, "I've only ever heard of them existing in my father's tales before he married my mother and helped her claim the title of Demon Lord. "She looked him over, covered head to toe in black plate armor it was impossible to tell what he looked like, but something told her, he was handsome under all that steel.

"So, you're the Demon Lord's daughter," Felix stated scrutinizing her as well. She appeared to be a young maiden of perhaps twenty-two years of age, but he doubted that was her true age. She stood six feet in height. She possessed pale skin with a purplish hue, long white hair and red eyes with black sclera. She wore a revealing purple outfit with pieces of black armor with gold edges that housed a single red eyed gemstone. The glowing red stones were the one thing that stood out most from her attire there were eleven of them. Two around her legs, thighs, wrists, arms and on her crown shaped horns. The eleventh was placed on the tip of her white tail.

The lilim struck a seductive pose that emphasized her large breasts, "Like what you see? Why don't you take off your helmet and get a good look."

Felix removed his helm, not of any desire to ogle at her voluptuous frame, but out of courtesy. It was proper to look one's foe in the eye when conversing.


Yes, yes, I am, Druella thought as she bit her lower lip. Handsome indeed. The emperor looked as if had just stepped out of the pages of a fairly tail novel involving a dashing knight trying to save a princess from some evil dragon. A tall, handsome young man, with curled hair the color of beaten gold, flashing blue eyes and skin so fair, but with a slight touch of the sun. He had the appearance of what every woman fantasized a dashing king should look like. Young, courageous, attractive and in great shape. Rare, so rare. What a high value male fate had just gifted her. She couldn't let him go or worse let someone else have him.

The lilim noticed more than a few interested glances aimed at him. Many belonging to her own Fallen Knights. It was decided she was keeping him. "I challenge you."


"I challenge you to a duel. Win and I will submit to whatever you wish, I will even leave if asked to, but should I win, you will become my hus-hostage. "

The Fallen Knights were flabbergasted by their liege lord's statement that had not been part of the plan they had discussed beforehand.

"Wait, what? "Paula asked confounded. "Wasn't the plan to ask to leave in peace or bust out some serious firepower if things continued to be violent? "

"Huss, you," Druella dismissed eyes never having left Felix's face. "What say you? Aye or nay? "

Before Felix could replay Wilmarina interjected, "That is an obvious trap. As one of the Demon Lord's own daughters you have powerful magics and abilities far and above that of a mortal man. That duel will be a one-sided affair and you know it. "

"True,"Druella agreed. "How about I place certain limitations on myself to balance things out?"

"Such as?"

Druella paused to pounder then replied, "Hmm, how about this, I limit myself to only rudimentary spells, and the physical abilities, I was born with and no god like powers is that agreeable to you? "

Wilmarina made to speak, but Felix cut her off, "I accept your terms. "

The lilim clapped her hands as her face lit up with impish glee, "Wonderful. Can we have some room to move please?" The monsters moved back a dozen paces, but the humans seemed hesitant until Felix nodded his approval.

"A moment please." Then in perfect Bretonnian Felix cried out, "Apportez-moi les bannières de la protection des arcanes."

Only one other person there besides him spoke, Bretonnian, Frederick ran to bring him what he had asked for.

"Oh, your multilingual too, "Druella said wowed that he possessed both beauty and brains. "What language was that?" She had long age mastered the tongues of every known human civilization, even Reikspiel who had appeared only a few decades ago.

"Bretonnian," Felix answered.

"Maybe you could teach me it later," Druella said in bed preferably after a long session of passionate fornication.

"Win and I shall." Frederick arrived holding a furled banner on a T-pole and handed it over to Felix who took it. "Now we can begin. "

"You want to start things off or better yet why don't you give up?" She focused adding more demonic mana to increase the glamour that all monsters possessed to make males filled with lust for them.

"Ladies first. "

Druella blinked it didn't work he must own an exceptionally strong will she smiled at that, so she had to work for it, fine she'll end it quick and painless raising a hand she fired off a single blast of purplish black energy the spell would have sent him to sleep upon contact. He sidestepped it at the last minute with ease and the blast struck stone dissipating. She than shot out four blasts in quick successive, he sidestepped the first, then the second, the third and the fourth. She lifted her other hand and used both hands to fire off ten rounds. He dodged them all, "Nice footwork. How many hours of training did you spend practicing until you were able to move so nimbly wearing all that armor?"

"You're treating this like a game… it is not."

You want me to get serious, fine, but be careful what you wish for darling, Druella thought black matter appearing than metastasizing around her frame. Tendrils and tentacles formed they twisted and jerked in the air. "If I can't hit you, I'll just have to catch you. "She took to the air and dived straight at him. "I hope you're not ticklish."

Warned in advance Felix moved to unfurl the banner of arcane warding, he released it just in time. The banner inscribed with sigils to twist magic aside and deflect it in unpredictable paths or negate it outright. When a hostile spell is cast against the pole bearer flared with golden arcana power canceling out the lilim's magic just as she was heading right towards him. The black matter vanished in the blink of an eye. Felix lunged forward faster than it should have been possible for a mortal man and threw an obsidian stone he had been carrying with all his might.

The stone hit the lilim in the face, right between the eyes it crumbled into dust and small, tiny fragments upon impact.

"Aaaahhh!" Druella screamed in agonizing pain, it burned, oh by the gods how it burned. Dust had gotten into her eyes. But worse of all it felt as if the magic she had been born with was fading, becoming inactive. Her strength and vitality left with it. Hers was a magical race, were magic was as vital as oxygen was to humans. The pain robbed her of her focus, and she crashed hard against the stone floor, rolling and skidding a few meters losing skin along the way until she came to a full stop. Without delay she started removing the obsidian dust and fragments from her face, the cold touch of steel made her stop.

Managing to open one eye Druella saw Felix looming over her axe in hand. Wilmarina had been half-right, it had been a one sided duel, just not for the side she had thought would win.

"I told you this wasn't a game," Felix said with a face as hard as stone. Grasping the hilt with both hands the axe rose up until it was above his head.

Dreadful realization struck her, "W-Wait! " It wasn't supposed to end this way. She tried to summon her magic, but nothing came. She was utterly defenseless for the first time in her life.

Do it manling, end the filthy creature, she's tainted by foul powers came a voice that Felix could have sworn was Gotrek's. For a moment Felix almost took the voices advice and swung down aiming to split the princess's skull in two but then Magdalena's visage replaced the lilim's and he instantly froze than slowly lowered his axe. He could not kill a soul in cold blood as his friend had done. "Yield. You are beaten. "

Druella and every monster watching the duel let out a breath of pure relief, "I yield." The Imperil soldiers standing gap mouthed along on the walls of the ramparts could not believe what they had seen, doubting their very sanity. All had happened so quickly; it was hard to believe it had happened at all. The whole affair had been zany.

"What will become of her? "Asked a dreamy voice, turning Felix found a tall silver-haired woman with wispy black smoke flowing around her walking towards him. "Now that you've won, what prize will you demand?"

Felix recognized the woman they had shared a bed many a time," Arisa. What are you doing here?"

"Business on behest of the Green Council," The nurarihyon replied. "So, what will it be?"

Felix looked down at Druella, "you said you wished to make me your hostage did you not? " The lilim nodded, "Than I will return the favorer, you are now the hostage of the emperor of man... Place her in a cell."

The nurarihyon smiled, "A magnanimous and wise decision your majesty. "She glanced at the other monsters staring with slacked jaws. "What about the rest of you? Will you cause trouble? Will you dishonor your mistress by breaking her word?"

As the leader of the Fallen Knights Luciana spoke for them all, "Where our princess goes, we follow." She along with her teammates dropped their weapons on the floor. "Take use prisoner as well. "

"Us too," Helena added. "We surrender."

Well, that's it then. The battle was over. They had won.

A wind carrying a foul odor blew across the wall it smelled of blood, musty fur, stale sweat, shit and something bestial. Felix knew that scent well. The Cloven Ones were near.

"Beastmen are here."

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