"You're going to get me in trouble. Damn pixie..." Jake huffed as he ran through an unfamiliar corner of the Library archives.

His quarry turned her glowing cheeks back towards him as she flew full speed, carrying a cinched velvet pouch. She stuck her tongue out, chirped, and turned her attention back straight ahead.

"Dammit, Tink, I'm not kidding. Stop it. Give me the sand!" he yelled as he turned into a dark dead end. He slowly crept along the shelves of unfamiliar items. Part of him wanted to poke around and see what wonders hid on the shelves. The other part of him was insistent he catch Tinkerbell and retrieve the pouch of sand she had once again made off with without permission. He snorted and resigned himself to finishing his original objective. His eyes began scanning the shelves for any sign of the renegade pixie.

Tinkerbell crouched behind a stack of books, trying hard to stifle the giggles welling up in her throat. Her impish nature was her favorite indulgence… after sweets. She looked at the sandbag and debated returning it for a cookie or holding out longer.

"Gotcha!" Jake's hand pinched the pixie's wings as he knocked the books aside, several hitting the floor. The sandbag flew from her startled hands and dispersed into the air.

She huffed at him and crossed her arms. A tirade of chirps and tweets left her mouth.

"Don't get all mad at me. You aren't supposed to play with Morpheus's sand bag. We've been over this." He set the now disappointed pixie back on the shelf and reached down to begin cleaning up the mess. He grabbed a leather bound journal that had fallen open. Sand coated the book. He gently brushed the pages.

Tinkerbell rolled her eyes around before catching sight of the journal. Her eyes widened. She began protesting wildly as Jake blew the sand from the spine and looked at one of the pages.

"This companion could not be removed or ignored..." Jake read aloud. A sudden overwhelming haze overcame him. In his curiosity about the book, he had forgotten the purpose of the sand and found himself drop into a deep slumber. The book fell back next to him, both still on the floor. Tinkerbell stared at him for a moment, unsure of what to do. She stared at the book, back to Jake, out towards the rest of the Library, and back. Her lip twisted as she argued with herself. Stealing the sandbag would get her in trouble with Jenkins, again, but she knew the threat of the journal would land her in even hotter water. She huffed her resolve and took off towards the Library entrance at full speed.

Jenkins and Flynn debated in Latin near the entrance. The remaining Librarians laughably argued acceptable pizza topping combinations. A debate none of them could even remember how it began, but that none of them was willing to stop either. No one noticed Tinkerbell swoop in. She chattered loudly, to no avail. No one even saw her there. She flew up to Flynn and Jenkins. They continued debating, paying her no mind. Tink grabbed the bottom of Jenkins's tie and pulled it up into his face.

"What in..." Jenkins swatted the tie down and glared at the red faced pixie. "What do you think you are doing?"

Tinkerbell began chirping her tale, complete with hand motions. Everyone's attention was drawn to the pixie.

"You stole the sandbag, again? What are we going to do with you?" Flynn shook his head. "Bad pixie."

She pouted her lips at him and shook her head. The worst of her tale was coming, and she knew he wouldn't like it. After a huff, she continued her exasperated story, attempting to make the urgency clear.

"Why would you go to the Victorian hall?" Flynn shook his head with a laugh.

The three younger Librarian members had no idea what the pixie was saying, but they could tell from the hand gestures that something had upset her.

Jenkins eyes shot open wide. He leaned in toward Tink. "You didn't. Not the journal."

Tinkerbell hung her head and nodded slowly.

"Show me. NOW." He strode away, Tink taking off to lead.

"What is going on?" Eve blinked.

"Something bad. Something very bad," Flynn replied. He sighed and followed Jenkins. The other three glanced at each other and fell in line.