A Drunken Bouncing Silent Knight Marriage 2

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(Beacon Academy; CRDL dorm; same time)

Opening his eyes, Cardin has a smug grin on his face. One that his teammates observe easily.

"What're you grinning about, Cardin?" Cardin's grin fades as he recalls that Russell Thrush, Dove Bronzewing and Sky Lark had fled when the Ursa Major attacked him. Which resulted in Jaune saving his life.

"Just something amusing, Russell. But now I've something to discuss with you three. You… left me to fend for myself against that Ursa Major. On top of that, Arc saved my life. Do you have any idea how humiliating that is? To be saved by that… that worthless weakling?" Before they can even answer, Cardin's grin returns. "But it's cool. We won't ever see him around here again and Ozpin's gonna have to pick a new leader for what's now left of JNPR… or toss them from Beacon. It'd be like killing two Nevermores with one stone."

"Wha… What'd you do, Cardin?" Sky's query gets Cardin's grin to become a vicious smirk.

"Just took him down into Vale for a 'celebratory' drink." Stretching out, he adds, "I'm up for some breakfast and bragging. How about you guys?"

(Junior's Club; same time)

As Jaune enters the dance area of the club, Junior grins widely.

"There's the groom now." Jaune returns the grin before looking at his left ring finger and frowning. Junior noticing. "Something wrong, kid?"

"How am I going to be able to wear my ring and not worry about my glove not being able to cover it in combat class?" Much to his surprise, Junior chuckles.

"Believe it or not, I've got just the thing." Bringing out a small, long case, he puts it onto the bar. A curious Jaune approaches the bar and opens the case. Within it a braided gold chain. "I had a feeling those two, or perhaps I should say three, had you in mind when they asked me to hold onto this."

"A neck chain."

With that, Jaune removes the ring, picks up the chain, undoes the clasp and slips the ring into place before putting the chain around his neck and resecuring the clasp. He then examines the ring in detail before grinning. Two small emeralds and one brown/pink gem. With the latter right in the middle of the other two. How they'd managed to make such a gem is mindboggling, so he puts it out of his mind and nods.

"Thanks, Junior." Junior grins before snapping his fingers.

"One more thing, kid." Bringing his right hand back up, he tosses a small white bottle to Jaune. "Something to help with your motion sickness. Take two before you get on any bullhead." Jaune can't help but sigh at that.

"Let me guess. Yang told you."

"I don't know who that is, but Professor Goodwitch told me you picked up a lousy nickname and your reasoning for it." Jaune can't help but feel nervous.

"Professor… Goodwitch… knows you?" Junior bellows out in laughter before softly chuckling.

"Long story for another time, kid." His voice and face then loses all joviality. "But, let me be clear, kid. Those girls, and to an extent Neo, are, aside from the club, all I got. You hurt them, nothing will keep me from hurting you. Clear?"

"Very, but I'd sooner catapult myself into a Grimm nest in the Emerald forest than hurt them." Junior can't help but shudder at Jaune's words, getting him to ask, "What's wrong?"

"I don't… really know what's scarier, kid. Your declared willingness to do that or the tone in your voice." Jaune chuckles uneasily himself before Junior grins widely. "Now I know the girls are going to be in good hands." Jaune can't help but kink his head to the right.

"How do you figure?"

"Anyone that makes a statement that frightens even themselves is alright."

Jaune chuckles uneasily again before opening the bottle and tapping out two pills. Swallowing them straight down, he exits the club, putting his new neck chain behind his armor and his left glove back on. Unaware that three sets of eyes are watching him from upstairs. All three have tears of pride and joy coming down before they recede away from the window.

(Beacon Academy bullhead dock; thirty minutes later)

As Jaune emerges from the bullhead, he's simply awed at the effectiveness of the pills.

'Where were these pills when I needed them?! I could've been able to avoid throwing up on Yang's boots as we arrived that day!'

"Mr. Arc." At the voice of Professor Goodwitch, Jaune comes out of his fugue and grins sheepishly. Only to see her smirk herself. "It's good to see you're well."

"It's good to be and feel well, ma'am." She can't help but lightly 'hm' in amusement before her green eyes assess him. She ends her assessment before frowning in concern.

"In all honesty, Mr. Arc, I'd never taken you to be the kind to leave school grounds an hour before curfew."

"Cardin wanted to 'treat me to a drink to celebrate my saving his life'. I had no idea he was going to ditch me."

"I see. Perhaps we should discuss that later in Headmaster Ozpin's office. I'd like to know exactly what'd happened." Jaune quietly nods before she adds, "Feel free to stay dressed as you are, Mr. Arc. I'm quite certain Professor Port's going to call on you for a hands-on lesson on Grimm killing." Jaune nervously gulps before the school's disciplinarian turns around. Only to slightly turn back toward him, getting his attention.

"Professor? Is there something more?"

"Yes. I believe a congratulations is in order when it comes to your marriage."

"You… already know about that?"

"I do. As do Headmaster Ozpin, Professor Port and Doctor Oobleck. So don't be too surprised if Doctor Oobleck intensifies on his lessons." Jaune lightly flinches, amusing her before she adds, "Three wives, though. I can only hope you're up to the challenge as much as becoming a Huntsman."

"I am, ma'am. Even if it wasn't quite how I had in mind, I'm not going to turn my back on any of them." Goodwitch nods her approval at that.

"Very good, Mr. Arc. I do hope you'll inform your team and any others you interact with on your own terms. Preferably sooner than later."

"I will, ma'am." Primly nodding, Professor Goodwitch strides away before Jaune runs his hand along his face. "Might as well get to the classroom and get set up for today."

As he starts making his way to Professor Port's classroom, he can clearly see Cardin on his hands and knees, scrubbing the stone with… a boot brush. Professor Goodwitch supervising him intently. When Cardin looks and sees him, his jaw drops, getting Jaune to snicker before Cardin grits his teeth and resumes scrubbing the stone. Professor Goodwitch slightly turns back to Jaune and gives a vengefully amused wink back toward him.

Putting it out of his mind, Jaune continues on until he reaches the lecture hall that Professor Port uses. Once he's inside, he sees the first students are starting to arrive. Among them RWBY and the rest of his own team. The silver eyes of Ruby Rose go wide before she grins and bolts into his chest.

"Jaune! You're okay!" Wrapping his arms around the sniper-scythe user, he twirls them both around and around to bleed off the speed. All while laughing.

"Of course I'm okay, 'Crater Face'. Why would I be otherwise?"

"Cardin was bragging to his team and everyone nearby at breakfast that you won't be here anymore." The voice of Blake Belladonna gets his attention before she goes on. "I'm glad to see his bragging was incorrect."

"Yeah, Fearless Leader." The voice of Nora Valkyrie gets him to turn her way as she adds, "Just let me know and I'll break his legs." Jaune smirks, both touched and amused, before sighing.

"I'll keep that in mind, Nora. Of course, I do have something else in mind."

"Oooh. Can I get in on it?"

"Sorry, Nora, but this is something I have to address myself." At her disappointed 'aww', he looks toward the laconic member of the team. "Ren, the next time Cardin and I spar, can you record it for me, please? I need to see where I can improve." At Lie Ren's quiet nod, Jaune notes Weiss Schnee looking at him intently. Getting him to kink his head to the side. "What is it, Weiss?"

"There's something… different about you, Arc." Unsure, Jaune looks himself over and shrugs.

"I don't look or feel any different." Weiss scoffs while rolling her eyes.

"Not like that, you dolt knight." Jaune sheepishly chuckles before Yang Xiao Long, Ruby's older half-sister, smirks widely.

"Yeah, that's right, 'Vomit Boy'. You may have just gotten in, but you haven't flirted with Weiss yet today." An aghast Weiss turns toward the busty blond brawler.

"Yang! Don't encourage him!" At the white-head's screech, Jaune nods before chuckling.

"Oh… right. I need to address that." Weiss' eyes can't help but go wide before she screeches again.

"Now see what you did, Xiao Long?!"

"Weiss, I'm sorry, but I won't be able to flirt with you anymore." At his words, Weiss' face has a mix of relief and trepidation before she clears her throat.

"I see. If I may ask, what brought this on?"

"Well, I'm married now. I can't exactly flirt anymore now that I'm married."

"Married…, Jaune?" Pyrrha's query is shaky with Weiss' eyes going wide before Jaune nods. "When?"

"Sometime last night after Cardin ditched me while we were getting drinks."

"But… shouldn't that kind of thing be done in front of gatherers? With cake, flowers, formal wear, music and dancing?" At Weiss' query, Jaune lightly shrugs before she asks, "Since you were drunk, shouldn't the marriage be considered void?"

"I signed a waiver, indicating I accept responsibility for anything that happens. And an Arc never goes back on their word. Sober or drunk. Written or verbal. Whether it be about drinks or not."

"That's what I call dedication." Yang's words are said with a smile before she gently hugs him. "I'm so happy for you, 'Vomit Boy'. Or perhaps it should be 'Lover Boy' now." Jaune can only chuckle softly before Weiss smiles softly.

"I can only agree. I hope that you'll be very happy together."

"Aww, thanks Weiss. And I hope you find your happiness too." Weiss can't help but blink at that.

"You do?"

"Yup! It's all I want for you. All of you." Trembling now, Weiss gathers her nerves.

"You mean… all those times you asked me out… were just so you could try to… make me happy? Not a ploy to get to my family name?"

"A… ploy… to get to… your family name…" Jaune can't help but emit a snort of mirth. "Why would I think about something immaterial like that?!"

"Imm… Immaterial?" At his nod, Weiss can only give an unladylike snort of mirth. "That's… really refreshing, Jaune. Had I not been so jaded by past suitors, I'd have gladly answered 'yes'. However, one look at you and Father would've said 'no' as you don't meet his high standards."

Jaune gives another snort of mirth at that.

"Well, your Father can take his high standards and stick them up his butt." Weiss' blue eyes go wide, in sheer awe, before closing and giggles start erupting. With Pyrrha, tears falling from her green, following suit with her own giggles.

"Jaune… don't ever… stop being you." After her sentence, Blake can't help but erupt into giggles herself, with Yang, Ruby and Nora following suit. Ren, the ever stoic one, has a hint of an amused smirk on his face.

"I won't." Weiss' blue eyes start shedding tears, startling him. "Weiss, you okay?" Weiss blinks before reaching up to wipe them away. Chuckling slightly while doing so.

"I'm fine. I'm just… upset we weren't invited is all." Pyrrha nods emphatically, tears dripping down from her own eyes still.

"I see." His eyes then light up as he adds, "We can hold the reception at the club in Vale! You can meet them then!" His words get them to blink before Blake chimes back in.

"Did… you just say 'them', Jaune?"

"Yup! Three wives, maybe with children on the way."

"Isn't… Isn't there some law against that?"

"It'd been set aside for repopulation purposes, Yang." Yang nods her understanding before Weiss chimes back in.

"I see. My statement still stands. I truly hope all four of you will be very happy. Along with however many children you have."

"My statement still stands too, Weiss. I hope you find your happiness." Jaune smiles softly while, on the inside, Weiss' demeanor is cracking.

'All those times… he asked me out… all those times… I coldly rejected him… yet he hopes… I find my happiness! I don't… deserve to have him as a friend.' Noting Jaune's concerned expression on his face, Weiss smiles as bravely as possible. "I'm fine, Jaune. It's just… I was so horrible to you… and you didn't even deserve any of it."

"Weiss…" Before he can go on, Weiss strides out of Port's lecture hall, with as much dignity as she can muster. Before he can follow after, Pyrrha stops him. "Pyr…"

"I'll go, Jaune. Professor Port should be here at any moment. I'll be back in time with Weiss for class, okay?"

"Okay. Pyr, you going to be okay yourself?"

Pyrrha doesn't reply verbally, she just gives Jaune the same smile she'd given to others in the past well before the two became partners and exits after Weiss. As she exits, Jaune frowns sadly and guiltily. Ruby noticing it.

"Jaune… you don't have to feel that way."

"I feel like I have to. Who knew telling someone something so vitally important can make someone feel guilty?"

"These things happen, Jaune." Ren's reply gets his attention as he goes on. "No matter what, it'll happen. The most you can do, and did, was be gentle and genuine. Nothing more can be asked of you."

"You sure?" At Ren's soft nod, Jaune asks, "Then why do I feel like a heel still?"

"It's just the way you are, Jaune."

"You're mega-nice, Fearless Leader." Blake and Nora's replies get Jaune to sigh before nodding. Yang and the ever-sweet Ruby, however, get vicious gleams in their eyes. The target of their viciousness?

Cardin Winchester. For he had done the worst possible thing out of spite that worked out in Jaune's favor.

(Beacon Statue; same time)

As Weiss looks forlornly up at the statue, she hears Pyrrha lightly sniffling before looking to the redhead. Without words, the two embrace before sobbing in unison. Pyrrha stroking Weiss' hair as they share their misery before both sit down, arms still around each other. Their sobs taper off as they sit together, gathering what strength they can to speak before Weiss sighs and speaks.

"We sure made a mess of things, didn't we, Pyrrha?"

"Yes, we did. I was so intent on letting Jaune make the first move, yet…"

"He chose me. All so he could… try to make me happy. And I couldn't even see that. All I saw was… my Father. Confessing his vileness to my Mother."

"I'm sure Jaune understands and doesn't hold it against you." Weiss silently nods before Pyrrha goes on. "You know, Weiss, your Father's high standards don't exactly have to be the only thing up his butt." Weiss gives another unladylike snort as Pyrrha adds, "I'm sure I can fit Milo in there while it's in javelin mode." Weiss giggles before chiming back in.

"Maybe even Myrtenaster. There might just be enough room for both of them." Both howl in laughter at the thoughts of ramming Pyrrha's tri-shifter weapon and Weiss' dust rapier into the butt of Jacques Schnee. As they laugh, they slowly sway side to side before their laughter tapers off. Weiss then sighs before speaking again.

"So now… all we can do is… be happy for Jaune and…"

"Ensure he makes it home safe to his wives and children."

At their joint sentence, Weiss and Pyrrha both feel their lips trembling in mirth before they start giggling. Their giggling becomes raucous laughter as they hold each other closely to stay upright. As their laughter tapers off, their ears catch the sound of Professor Goodwitch's heels clacking toward them. They both look up and see her with a compassionate expression on her face, mixed with a soft smile.

"Miss Nikos. Miss Schnee. I take it Mr. Arc informed you of his current status."

"Yes, Professor Goodwitch." Pyrrha nods at Weiss' reply before speaking up herself.

"Weiss and I were just laughing at how we said the same sentence at the same time. Along with what we'd like to do to Weiss' Father."

"What might that be?"

"Ramming our respective weapons up his butt, along with his high standards." As Professor Goodwitch winces and nods, Pyrrha sighs. "There's still lots of fish in the sea. I just hope I don't wind up catching a shark." Nodding, Weiss chimes in herself.

"I can only say the same for myself. I just hope I don't catch a shark like my Mother did." Curious, Weiss then asks, "Professor Goodwitch, is there really a set aside regarding multiple marriage partners being outlawed in the interests of increasing population?"

"Yes, there is. it'd been in effect for the past 80 years."

"Our population must've been… pretty low."

"Not really, Miss Nikos, but it was pretty bad for everyone's morale. Hence, the set aside was enacted. For a time, it worked. But by the time the population was back to normal, the set aside was forgotten about. Hence it still being in active status." Curious, she asks, "Why'd you ask, Miss Schnee?"

"Jaune mentioned it. But not once did we come across that in Doctor Oobleck's class."

"He must've done some extra reading during his time… spending time with Mr. Winchester and his team." Weiss scoffs at that.

"Such as they are, ditching Cardin to save themselves." Professor Goodwitch's eyes narrow at that.

"Now that part I was not informed of. Why?"

"Sorry, Professor, but it was… pretty hectic."

"I see, Miss Nikos. We'll discuss that aspect later. For now, however, I do believe it's almost time for class." Weiss and Pyrrha both nod, stand and make their way to Port's lecture hall.

(Lecture Hall; fifteen minutes later)

"Alright, class, I've something special in mind for today." His eyes hidden below his eyebrows, the rotund Professor Port goes on. "Mr. Arc, seeing as you're already in your armor and armed, would you care to come down to smite the latest Grimm?" RWBY and the rest of JNPR look toward Jaune before he rises and passes Ren his scroll. Getting his attention.

"I guess you want me to record this as well?" At his nod and silent 'please', Ren nods right back.

"Thanks, Ren."

As he makes his way to the hall's arena, he sees Professor Port standing by the usual cage, his ever-present blunder-axe Blowhard in hand. RWBY and the rest of JNPR yelling in encouragement.

"Go, Jaune! You got this!"

"Don't get killed! You've a family of your own now!

"Fight well!"

"Kill it good!"

"Break its legs, Fearless Leader!"

"You can do it, Jaune!"

"Show Remnant what an Arc is made of!" Ren's own contribution, while unexpected, fires Jaune up while the other students are highly baffled.

The weakest student… in their class… let alone school… facing off against a Grimm in a classroom setting? The very thought itself is inconceivably incomprehensible. Silently, they start making bets. All of them being Jaune being dead by the Grimm. With some of them pondering 'courting' his widows should they find out who they are.

(Junior's Club; same time)

Mel, Mil and Neo feel shudders of revulsion going up and down their spines. Along with an urge to go to Beacon and ensure their new husband is well. Along with beat up any chump dumb enough to flirt with them.

(Beacon; Port's Lecture Hall; same time)

"Oh-ho!" Professor Port's bellowed laughter gets Jaune to smile sheepishly before the former goes on. "Looks like you've quite a few people in your corner, my boy! Now, Mr. Arc, feast your eyes on your opponent!" With that, he brings up Blowhard and smashes the lock from the cage. What comes out is a Beowolf Minor.

"You may have defeated an Ursa Major, Mr. Arc, but that was an intense and dire situation in the field. This, however, is a more-controlled situation and environ."

Nodding, Jaune brings Crocea Mors out from the sheath before expanding the sheath into its kite shield configuration. All just as before the BM charges Jaune. Jaune barely evades the BM before swinging his sword at its rear left leg. Lightly scratching it as the BM turns itself around and snarls.

"Well done so far, lad! First blood to you! Can you keep it up?!"

Backpedaling to make distance so he can analyze further, Jaune feels the back of his right foot meet against the remains of the cage's door, causing him to fall onto his back. Seeing its opportunity, the BM leap/lunges at Jaune. As the others shout for Jaune to get up and out of the way, the knight brings the blade of his sword up. Just in time for the BM to become irreversibly impaled onto the blade of Crocea Mors.


As the tip pierce/slides into the torso of the BM, right where its heart is expected to be, the Grimm's momentum slides the sword all the way through it. At that, the Grimm is dead and starts dissipating. As it dissipates, RWBY and the other members of JNPR cheer wildly as the other students gape in awed disbelief.

The weakest Huntsman student in their year, let alone the school, besting a Beowolf Minor? To them, it just wasn't done. Grumbling silently, they negate their bets as no one had bet for him. Some even grumble that they now can't 'court' Jaune's wives.

(Junior's Club; same time)

For some odd reason, Mel, Mil and Neo feel an outright sense of joyous pride and relief and wonder what had happened that made them feel it.

(Beacon Academy; Port's lecture hall; same time)

Professor Port, however, bellows in proud laughter before offering Jaune a hand-up.

"Oh-ho! Well done, my boy, well done! We've the makings of a fine Huntsman!" Jaune can only chuckle sheepishly and rub the back of his head. Professor Port then lowers his voice to where only Jaune can hear him. "Congratulations on your nuptials, my boy. However, I do hope you won't slack off as you do have your work cut out for you."

"I understand, sir. I won't let you down."

"Oh-ho! Good show, lad! Good show!" With that, he gives Jaune a hearty slap on his back, causing Jaune to lurch forward and Professor Port to slightly wince before speaking softly again. "Armor… right." Jaune chuckles sheepishly before Professor Port goes on. "Speaking of armor, lad, you might want to think about adding some for around your kidneys."

"I'll find a way, Professor."

"Very good, Mr. Arc." As Jaune exits the arena of the lecture hall, Professor Port looks up toward the other students before speaking. "Keep Mr. Arc's actions in mind, students. Even if you're on your back, yet with your weapon in hand, you can still win against a single Grimm. Why, this reminds me of when I had that same situation happen."

From there, he starts regaling them with that particular story. Jaune, his team and RWBY are all so still pumped about Jaune's victory, they're able to stay awake through the whole thing while picking up valuable information.

The other students, however, are out like lights.

(Junior's Club; same time)

Mel, Mil and Neo suddenly feel a yawn coming before shrugging it off, putting it down to the passionate wedding night they'd had with their new husband. Mil then turns to Neo, a soft frown on her face.

"Neo, how do you think Roman's going to take your being married and possibly preggo?" Neo's mismatched eyes can only go wide in shock before she rubs her lower belly as Mel chimes in.

"Mil's right. Even more, how do you think Jaune will react when…"

*He can't ever know… even if I sever my ties to Roman and what flame whore and her flunkies have in mind… and they come for me… I don't… I don't want to lose him. Or our baby.* Rubbing her lower belly again, Neo signs out, *I don't want our child to not know him.*

"Neo…" Mil gently hugs Neo, with Mel joining in as Mil adds, "You can always stay with us, Neo. You don't have to go anywhere near Torchwick. Even if he comes, we'll simply tell him we haven't seen you lately." Tears dripping from her eyes, Neo signs again.

*I really should tell Roman goodbye and destroy my scroll so he can't try to contact me again. But I'll have to do it away from here to give your words to him validity.* Rubbing her lower belly once more, she goes on. *Even more… if he finds out I may be having a baby…* Neo starts trembling as she recalls what Roman once told her.

"Remember, Neo. I'm all you got. Without me, you won't even be alive anymore. All you'll ever be is a criminal. If you outlive your usefulness… well, it's been nice knowing you. But it's always survival of the fittest."

Neo comes out of her memory before quickly dressing and picking up her scroll. Mil catching it.

"You're going now?" At Neo's nod, she asks, "Where're you going to message him from?"

*The bullhead docks. If I hurry, I can message him before the bullhead leaves, destroy the scroll and come right back.*

"Sound plan. But… what if something goes wrong?" Neo mulls Mel's question over and frowns before signing again.

*If I don't make it back in thirty minutes, contact Jaune. Tell him everything. If he comes, it'd be great. If he doesn't… it was nice being married while it lasted. Even if he doesn't feel that way anymore about me.*

"Neo…" Before Mil can even hug Neo in reassurance, Neo grabs hold of Hush, uses her semblance and dashes out the doors of the club.

"Oh man… what're we gonna do, Mil? Thirty minutes isn't going to be enough lead time. It's like… Roman's stalking her or something."

"The only thing we can do." Bringing out her scroll, Mil sighs. "Sorry, Neo, but I'm calling our knight sooner than you want."

"She's going to be pissed with you."

"I'd sooner she be pissed I gave her a fighting chance than chance him being too late to save her." Pushing on Jaune's icon, she waits.

(Beacon Dining Hall; same time)

"So, there we were. In the light of day."

"It was night."

"And we were surrounded by Boarbatusks…"

"They were Ursai."

"Hundreds of them!"

"There were only five." As Nora regales the group of the dream she had, with Ren making needed corrections as he usually did, Jaune can't help but shake his head in amusement as Nora finishes.

"And in the end, we made boatloads of lien selling Boarbatusk-rib sandwiches!" Ren can't help but facepalm as Jaune's scroll chimes. Blinking, Jaune brings it out and smiles softly before accepting the call.

"Hey, Mil. What's going on?"

"Jaune… it's about Neo." Jaune's eyes go wide in shock as Mil goes on. "It's… entirely up to you how you take it, but… Jaune, she doesn't stand a chance."

"What's going on, Mil?" Silently rising from the table, Jaune starts exiting the Dining Hall, RWBY and his team in tow. As they make their way to the bullhead dock, summoning their rocket lockers storing their weapons, they are seen by Professor Goodwitch and Team CFVY.

"Neo went to the bullhead docks to tell someone… she worked with in a bad way… goodbye. She told me to contact you in thirty minutes if she didn't return by then and give you the choice to go help her or not."

"Of course I'm going to help her. What kind of husband would I be if I let her fend for herself?" As the group gets their weapons, Professor Goodwitch gives CFVY a nod, indicating her approval. With CFVY joining suit with their rocket lockers, with Professor Goodwitch joining the group, Mil chuckles shakily.

"A pretty terrible one. Jaune, it's Roman Torchwick she'd worked with. She killed, stolen and injured for him as it was all she knew as it was all he taught her. All so he can exploit her semblance."

"I'll bring her home."

"We'll bring her home, Jaune." Yang's voice behind him gets him to turn around, his eyes going wide before Yang's lilac eyes blink at who's on Jaune's screen. "You? You're two of the girls 'Vomit Boy' got married to?" At Mil and Mel's shared smug grin and nod, Yang grins right back. "Now this story we gotta hear. Right after we bring Number 3 home." Mil's eyes start dripping tears, Mel right behind her before Jaune speaks again.

"You guys… you don't have to…"

"Nope. But we're going to anyway." Ruby's tone is strict as she pushes Jaune as best she can into the passenger bay of the landed bullhead. The sight of the petite red reaper pushing Jaune is enough to get Mel and Mil to lightly chuckle as she goes on. "How long ago did she leave?"

"About… less than five minutes ago."

"We're on our way, Mel and Mil. Torchwick had better not be anywhere near her. If he is…"

"I'll take care of Mr. Torchwick, Mr. Arc. You just concentrate on ensuring your wife's safety." Professor Goodwitch's words get a resolute nod from him. As the bullhead lifts away from the dock, Jaune has only one thought on his mind.

'Don't worry, Neo. I'm coming and I'm bringing the cavalry.'