Informative Notes;

Fish Weirs: A fishing weir, fish weir, fishgarth or kiddle is an obstruction placed in tidal waters, or in or across a river, to direct the passage of or trap fish.

There are some things one can assume with accuracy about favorite characters such as the fictional John Gage, who would have probably been taught to set fish weirs up by his elders while growing up. Heck, the real life Mantooth likely was.


Reel in something historic

The earliest Cherokee fishers were skilled and inventive. They constructed underwater raceways or stone weirs to herd, trap and harvest the native sicklefin, redhorse, brook trout, and other fishin large baskets. The dried and smoked meat was preserved as a winter food staple. This is the method John is most likely to use and teach to others...though the fish caught in the area Azure is in are more likely going to be other kinds of trout or bass. I can't see him leaving a simple, stable way to collect food in stranded conditions or extended camping trips, out of Roy's education, either.

She spotted the two men camping downslope long before they noticed her presence. She hadn't ridden through here in a bit over 12 years, though it had once been a favorite area because of the several streams...most full of delicious trout. If they'd been anybody else, she'd have disappeared back into the forest then and there, but...she'd know them anywhere.

She was using a bareback pad and other than tiny shorts and a barely-there halter, she had very little on. She couldn't help but wonder how they'd react to the skimpy outfit she had put on due to it being laundry day, but she wouldn't mind finding out. She'd never been so bold about how she felt about them, before...she's always taken her cues from them. She's always hesitated because she worried they'd misunderstand, considering how and why she'd met them. Maybe it was time to make sure they understood how she felt about the subject.

It wasn't just the weird way her body was making her feel, knowing they were so close that was growing even as she sat there, though. She had a clear memory of soothing voices, gentle hands and warm, caring, arms taking care of her at the very worst time in her life that rose in her mind, too. Caring men who had not shied away from taking care of her long after the physical injuries had healed, when caring meant uncomfortable conversations and trying to make her understand that they, at least, weren't going to hurt her.

They understood and oh yes, they gave a damn. They cared. She had long since lost any fear of them...she'd follow them into anything. She still had no desire to reconnect with other humans though, so she'd stay up her in her mountains, regardless... She wanted to make sure that they knew where she was, where she lived and how to get to her.

And suddenly, she needed arms she trusted around her in the worst way. She considered it for a moment longer, until loneliness filled her soul one time too many...and the 26-year-old young woman kicked her stallion into motion; they would be an end to the isolation. In a few strides he was descending the hill at a gallop, carrying his mistress back into the lives of the two rather unsuspecting men in that camp down there. She wanted John, but she needed Roy.

Rapidly approaching hoofbeats pounding down the hillside got John's attention first, he yanked on cutoff shorts and stuck his head out of the tent while Roy scrambled to get clothes on. The sight that met Gage's eyes went a long way toward making him feel better about their interrupted makeout session. They'd been lovers for years now, since about six months after Roy's ex wife filed for and got a divorce, unable to handle the stress of being a firefighter's wife.

The female rider was gorgeous, she had an hourglass form, long dark hair flying in the wind and the skill with which she rode took his breath away, it seemed as though she was an extension of the galloping buckskin stud. He noted the breed absently, Gypsy Vanners were not common here: The horse had a the signature double mane, thick feathers on each foot and a long, long tail...both flowing like watered silk in the wind of it's passage.

She wasn't even using a saddle, just a bareback pad. Oddly, he thought that she was familiar. She wore a wide, happy smile and she was headed straight at him. Once she got within earshot, she shocked him when she started screaming his name in joy and as she slowed the horse, then brought her stallion to a stop, she urgently wanted to know, "Where's my Snuzzlebear?"

Gage stared in disbelief, she was barefoot, her long hair tumbled down her back to halfway down her horse's flank, and although her shorts didn't cover much, her halter covered even less...and because both shoulder strings were worn out, it was straining to continue to contain what little it did cover. He was pretty sure she'd simply outgrown it, over time. But he knew her name...oh yes, he definitely knew her name.

"Azure?" Because nobody else called Roy that and got away with it. Although John's voice was husky in response that outfit, his eyes were alight with affectionate warmth, welcome and love, but he struggled to keep his eyes firmly on his young friend's face. It was important, because he didn't want to scare her. And it was heart-breakingly easy to do so.

Johnny recalled with a pang exactly how they'd met...called to deal with the aftermath of a gang-rape on a very young teen. The hours of trying to reassure a battered 14-year-old girl that was now terrified of all men, was burned into his mind. He blinked back tears at the memory of shattered blue eyes in that little face; she hadn't understood why they'd stuck things in her, she hadn't even had the Talk, he recalled. She started her cycles nearly two years after the assault, while they were still trying to gain her trust...she'd come running into the station in frightened tears because nobody knew that nobody had given her the Talk.

She'd thought she was bleeding to death...from there. There was nothing but trouble and she'd said she wished she didn't have a 'there'. He had to work to throw off the memory of the first time she'd allowed one of them, Roy actually, to hold her on his lap, rock her in his arms, to soothe her and to give her comfort while John explained.

He still didn't know how he and Roy had convinced her she was safe with them...and to allow them to treat her. They hadn't stopped there. Some patients needed you to get hung up on them...she certainly had. That was why she'd come running to them when her first period started instead of panicking. Well, she was panicked, but she'd still run to them, instead of away from them.

And when trust finally came, so did the odd nicknames. She had one for him too, usually shortened to 'Tall Man', but everyone who knew about them agreed:...Roy's was much cuter: She'd been very much into Care Bears, at the time, so...yeah: At least, John thought in amusement, his was dignified. Tall Gentle Man Bear was way better than Snuzzlebear least in public. Or Chet's 'Rabbit', for that matter, once she'd discovered that Kelly was a good sport and didn't mind being targeted for pranks, even if he was grumpy and whined a lot. But he wasn't named for a Care Bear, she had meant Christopher Robin's 'Rabbit'...because she thought that bunny-rabbit suited him better than Brian for his middle name. The ribbing he got afterward was still going on, actually.

But the nicknames said a lot about how she thought of them. When she needed cuddling sessions, she more often by far tended to hunt Roy down. Playfulness or wanting to learn stuff, she went to well as for difficult conversations. He had taught her to ride, for instance. But she didn't hesitate to run straight into his embrace, either.

"Came up to rebuild the old fish weirs to get some trout, but...this, finding you here is so much better, Johnny." Azure Hicks told him, eyes hungry for the well-loved face next to her stallion.

She either didn't notice or didn't care that a single, slow tear was making it's way down her face from her right eye. His bet was on 'didn't care' and when DeSoto exited the big tent in a hurry at the sound of her pet name for him, more fell and her expression became haunted for a moment before she dove for John's arms without warning or hesitation.

She clearly had no doubt in her mind that he understood that sometimes 'launching' counted as 'falling', so he would catch her and she was correct for the man's lithe, strong body was already braced for the impact. Roy was right behind him, steadying him as his hands plucked her from the air and pulled the suddenly sobbing young woman against himself. She had disappeared years ago, unable to handle people any longer, but until today they hadn't known where she'd gone.

"Missed you, both of you, so much! Missed you...had to go, to get away from people, couldn't stand it...but I missed you so much..." She babbled into the side of Gage's neck, clinging tightly to him at first, before she launched herself at Roy when he moved forward. DeSoto caught her up, cradling her against himself, murmuring to her soothingly.

They didn't mind in the least, they'd worried about her, after all. When her sobs grew deeper and she gripped him harder than she had since the first time she'd allowed him to do so, Roy simply picked her up. He intended to take her into the tent and put her gently on the nice little nest they had indoors. He wanted to get in close and really support her properly, John grimly got the tent flap out of his way. Both of them really hoped it was just the end to her self-imposed isolation that was causing this breakdown, they didn't want to think about what else might have happened to her up here...couldn't help doing so, though and worry deepened.

It took them a good while, really, to get her through the emotional thunderstorm; the sobs were coming from deep in her gut. The sounds she made were raw and ugly. It took a while before the girl's arms were willing to trade 'comfort toys' again...given what she called Roy half the time, it was a reality John had fully expected...especially since Roy answered to it.

"My turn. If I didn't know her history, I'd be looking for injuries by now." John murmured, as he took her from Roy and drew her into his arms.

"Oh yeah." Roy agreed, still stroking her shaking back. "Just let it out, girl. Let it go. We've got you." He told her but remained half curled around her. Eventually, the cries quieted, and she just lay between them and shivered before she moved back into Roy's embrace. Any thought of sex or arousal by either man was long gone...not for long, though, as it turned out.

"Poor baby. She still needs us..." Johnny said softly

She clung to DeSoto, to her 'Snuzzlebear', unwilling to let go...but it wasn't long before both of them realized that just how flimsy that actually halter was, the way her young breasts strained at the thin fabric, how short she'd cut those jeans. Johnny was quickly quite sure, due to observation, she didn't have any underwear on, so she might just as well have been nude. Her apparently stress induced and rapidly building arousal did not escape their notice nor the fact that she wasn't paying the least bit of attention to how often she inadvertently flashed them both.

Gage wondered if she even knew if she was aroused, thinking she was likely passing it off as an effect of seeing them again after so long. It was having a predictable effect on both of the vacationing paramedics, though: They were still men, after all. Eventually, the skimpy top that had been threatening for some time to spill her bra-less breasts into open view, finally did just that as a strap broke, tumbling them out, firm, high and soft they came to rest against DeSoto's cheek and mouth, one of her puckered nipples pressing firmly against Roy's lips.

When that happened, he groaned, unable to stop himself from opening his mouth to pull Azure's nipple in. She surprised both men when she arched into the wet sucking with a noise Roy decided he would like to hear again and pressed her well-shaped ass firmly against John's bulge in the same motion, causing him to cry out and his hips to buck.

That's when things started to snowball.

"Yesss..." She made a second very interesting noise, then moaned deeply, pulling Roy's head closer to her and felt Gage hesitantly grasp her hips to hold her still...gasping as she rubbed her rear against his zipper. She arched into the now firm sucks of DeSoto's hot mouth. "Oooooh," She sighed and tried to get closer to DeSoto with every suck.

"Oh man," Johnny breathed. "Darling, are you sure? There's no going back from this."

She looked over her shoulder at him and he took a shuddering breath at the heat in her eyes and the expression on her face..."I know...but I know you and I know Roy...I trust you both. You were right, though, it certainly doesn't hurt...not sure what this weird feeling is, but I want more of it. Which is weird, because if was anyone else, I'd be panicking."

"Okay, Azure. Okay...I get it. Alright baby." He nodded, which he did, they both 'got it'. She trusted them, but nobody else on earth. "Let's take it slow, though. We're not going anywhere and I'm damned sure not going to rush through this."

"Trust is good." Roy said quietly, also remembering why it was so essential that she trusted them, drawing back slightly from her large breasts. "We're going to take our time and do this right."

She let them help her strip off what little she had on, though they were dead sure a good number of the wiggles were both unnecessary and quite deliberate. They were also effective, bringing both men fully erect in seconds. Her husky voice whispered, "I started to leak like crazy the second I realized who was camped here. Gonna have to wash my shorts before I put them back on anyway, look at this...I'm so soaked with this weird smelling slippery stuff, it's getting everywhere!" She sounded somewhere between horrified and incredulous, "Is it supposed to do that?"

Both men hid the fact they throbbed at that admission, it was a normal response to being told something like that, a nice boost to their egos. But as much as trailing her fingers tentatively through her neatly trimmed slot to bring their eyes to her vagina was a masterstroke, her questions reminded them just how much she didn't know.

"I think I'm very glad we are the ones who will be teaching you this stuff." Roy told her, carding his fingers through her hair. "I'm going to make you cum so hard..."

Gage touched her gently. "Yes, it is. It's fine, darlin', you're just aroused and that causes some perfectly normal physical responses." He fondled her for a few moments, causing her to fall back with a cry, thighs spreading for him on their own. "Yeah, she's drenched." He looked up at her eyes, the shade of blue she was named for was nowhere to be seen, replaced by a hot indigo.

"Going to explore. I want to play and take my time." His lips twitched as she lifted one big breast toward his partner. Apparently, she'd liked Roy's mouth...a lot. The deep groan she sounded as DeSoto took over, petting, lightly pinching and sucking her nipples...both by turns, had both men throbbing.

"Honeypot." Gage said softly, "So sweet..." He laved her center, licking firmly at her clitoris had her crying out, her mound pushing at his mouth.

"So responsive." Roy noted, warm approval clear in his voice. "Good girl, just let us love you, Azure. Because we do. So much."

"I know you do, you made very, very sure I understood that and more importantly, believed you. Love you two, too, so very, very much." Came the husky response. "I can't go back to the city, not to where people are. I wish I were braver, but I'm not: I need my wilderness to be safe in. But I can make damned sure you know where I live and how to get in. I can even to little towns, or anywhere people are, but I can make sure you know where I am and I can make sure I grab hold with both hands and never let go again. Because I can't let go again...not again. It hurts not to have you there. I love you and I fucking well need you both. Like I do air." The words started husky, but they ended on a note of need and pain.

"Calm down...sssh," Roy soothed. "Hush now. We'll work something out, okay? For now, one thing at a time." He told her lifting one big breast to his mouth again and sucked in a highly sensitive enjoy that noise she made whenever he did that. He was grinning because he already addicted to that sound.


A/N: I should probably apologize for the placement and cutoff point for the cliffie, but when I think about the cussing which is likely to ensue because of it, I just start laughing...cuz I'm kinda mean like that.