''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Chronicles of the Sheikah'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Book One''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Chapter One''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

It has been seven years after Link defeated Ganondorf and returned to his own time as a child. He lived a peaceful seven years after that in Kokiri Forest, building more houses as more children wore born into the forest.

The Great Deku Tree sprout had grown a lot (a new one sprouted when Link returned to his own time), therefore bringing new forest children to the Wood. It had become quite a village. Even Malon visited him there every time she had a chance to get away from the ranch.

The green-clad hero often rode into Hyrule to help out at Lon-Lon Ranch, and trained at Gerudo Fortress. He didn't see Zelda very much since she was royalty, so they grew apart. Link preferred the large, emerald-green Hyrule Field than the castle anyway.

He still played with the Skull Kids of The Lost Woods too. He even taught them how to fight using their sticks like swords.

Every once and awhile he would head to Lake Hylia with some new herb or something and give it to the old man in the Lakeside Laboratory to help with his research. He also went to fish at the fishing pond every chance he got to bring fresh fish home to his kokirian friends.

He rarely went to Zora's Domain, mostly because he tried to avoid Princess Ruto, who still thought that they were engaged because of the Zora's Sapphire thing, but when he did, he usually practiced fighting with them; they even made him some artificial Zora fins which he loved to fight with.

Link hiked up to Death Mountain a few times a month to visit the Gorons. They got interested in learning to fight (because Darunia was pretty much the only one that could), so Link made some wooden swords and taught them how to sword-fight. But they were pretty useless at that so he decided they would do better just fighting with their hands. They got very good at it, but still, Darunia was the only one Link couldn't beat.

Link enjoyed these peaceful times they lived in, but, being a warrior, he longed for a real fight against a worthy opponent. No one, other than Ganondorf's elite monsters and Ganondorf himself, could ever give him that satisfaction.

He needed adventure again; he wanted to leave Hyrule in search of one. But the Hero of Time could not leave. Ganondorf still had the Triforce of Power, and if Link ever left, the force of the Triforce of Wisdom and Courage would break and the seal on Ganon would be useless.

But then again, Link started to grow to like the life of ranching. He could tame horses quite easily now so he was a big help to Talon. He enjoyed being around the cows and horses and also Malon.

They had grown to be very good friends in the past seven years, they were very close. Talon even hoped that they would get married so that he could retire early and give the ranch over to Link and Malon.

Of course, Ingo couldn't care less what he did, as long as he got to work on a ranch, he was happy.

And so, Link started to spend more and more time on the ranch, training Epona every day, and getting closer to Malon.

But.... His passion for adventuring never died out all the way...

"Whoa! Slow down Epona!" Link said. The magnificent horse stopped in it's tracks, almost throwing Link of it's saddle.

Malon ran up to him, laughing. "That was great! You beat your own record again!"

Link smiled, hopping down from the horse. "Finally. It took awhile, but we did it, didn't we Epona?"

He stroked her mane as she nayed.

Link looked quite a bit different then he used to. His hair was still the same, but he had let it grow a bit longer, so he pulled it back into a ponytail. He wasn't wearing his usual green tunic either. He had a black t-shirt with a pair of blue over-alls on.

Malon smiled then headed back to the house. "Dinner will be ready soon so you better wash-up."

Link nodded and ran over to the water pipe, where they got fresh water all the way from Zora's Fountain. It was a pretty neat thing that the Zora's had set-up from them.

He turned it on and water started to pour out into the large bowl-like thing below it. Putting his hands under it, he splashed his face.

His eyes suddenly opened as it dripped into his mouth. Something was very wrong here. It tasted like...blood.

Link looked down at the bowl and saw red. He looked at the pipe and saw red coming from it.

"What the....b...blood?!"


Epona's hooves stomped down on the dirt road of Hyrule Field, kicking-up dust as she galloped towards Zora's River.

Link rode with a stern look on his face, keeping his eyes strait ahead. Epona jumped over the narrow river and headed through Zora's River to the entrance of Zora's Domain, where he dismounted Epona.

Without stopping to play Zelda's Lullaby, he jumped towards the entrance behind the waterfall. The force violently pushed him down, but he grabbed onto the side, struggling to pull himself up.

Once he was inside, the first thing he saw was a dead zora body. He cringed slightly at the sight, and then leaned down for further examination. The lifeless Zora had three small holes in his heart. Link leaned down and sniffed them. He recoiled quickly, coving his nose with his hand. The smell of the poison was hideous and very strong.

"Someone must have put a poison needle in him or something." Link looked around in horror at all the other dead bodies. Some floating in the water, some still on land. But they all had one thing in common; a tiny hole in their heart.

"Who ever did this is going to die!!" Link screamed, his heart full of rage. He didn't have his sword with him, but he could do very well in hand-to-hand combat after training with the Gorons so much.

The Hero of Time raced into the throne room, where King Zora was laying in a heap on the floor, four small holes in the back of his neck.

Holding back tears as best he could, he headed out to Zora's Fountain.

A bunch of Zoras were standing near Jabu-Jabu. Most of the water was red from blood leaking into it. Link rushed up to the dieing Lord, who had a large hole in his side.

"What happened here Lord Jabu-Jabu?!" Link demanded.

"Shadows... everywhere... They came and killed the Zoras.... I was able to hide some in my stomach... They tired to poison me. But it didn't effect... so one of them chanted something and my side suddenly burst open," –he coughed- "...Before they left...one of the smaller ones said... 'Whoever serves the Royal Family shall perish' ....they all then disappeared."

Link growled. Who could it be? The Gerudos? That couldn't be...after Ganondorf left they went back to being normal thieves. But could this mean that....

Link put a hand on Lord Jabu-Jabu's head. "Rest in peace, my friend, your death shall not be in vein."

Standing up, Link turned and silently walked away.


The teenager stood in front of a crate in his home. It was one he had not opened in six years.

He blew away the dust and pushed it open. There it lay. His old Hylian Shield and his sword that the King had given him.

Slowly, he pulled them out and began to dress himself in the Kokiri tunic that the children had made for him a few months before.

He came back out thirty minutes later. His hair cut to how it was when he had defeated Ganon, and he wore his green tunic.

Link jumped down from his house and onto Epona, riding out of Kokiri Forest.

The Hero of Time... had returned.