Title: The True Strength of Dr. Crusher

Rating: K

Summary: Everyone on the Enterprise knows that Dr. Crusher is a strong officer. Captain Picard is learning what her true strength is when a plant monster decides to attack. Seeing that makes him fall more in-love with her.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Star Trek characters or Jim Butcher's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1

The Doctor that took over for Beverly thought that she was here to take her job back. The only thing that Beverly, Rowan, and Anna were there for was for tests so that she could be given quarters.

"I think the whole thing is off," she said.

"And I didn't ask for your opinion," Picard told her and he left.

"It's great to see you again, Beverly," one of the nurses said.

"It's great to be back," Beverly told her.

Will led Beverly and the two sleeping babies to her new quarters. She knew that there were places that she couldn't go to because she wasn't an officer. However, some of her favorite places were still open for her.

"By the way, what's in that big cage that you brought," Will asked.

"Just a mouse," Beverly answered.

Just a mouse proved to be a large foo temple dog that Beverly had named after the dog that her grandfather had. She let Mister out and started to unload her boxes. Even though she was under the Doom she was still able to practice her magic and keep an eye out on things. She might just have to break a few rules if things came to that. Until then, she was intending to enjoy herself and the lack of having to get up every ten seconds because some idiot decided that base climbing was an activity that was legal under law.

"You know I'm going to get bored in a week," she told Mouse.

Mouse looked at her and then demanded food.

That afternoon she took Mouse for a walk and had Rowan and Anna along for the ride. She didn't trust Bob to watch them and make sure that they didn't get into trouble. They might be babies but babies still cause trouble. She couldn't believe that Harry had given her Bob. It was late enough to be dinner and she wanted something that the members of ten-forward made and not from her room. The sight of a petite woman with a large dog, dragging two children with her, made everyone turn and look at them as they entered.

She found a table and pulled out of her bag a small box. She pulled out several bottles and took out the baby bottles and started to carefully add each liquid that was inside the box. Taking out another box she pulled out a small jar and the jar floated out of her hand and started to fill the bottles up. She felt a bit dizzy and the jar floated down and Beverly managed to grab the bottles before they spilled on the table.

"I really should have taken that break," Beverly told Mouse. "I'm fine."

Mouse was giving her look that told her that he sensed something was off.

"Can I get you something?" the man asked as Beverly put the top on the bottles, feeling the world start tilting.

Mouse started to bark, like he knew that she was in danger.

"Medical help," she answered and her world changed to black.

When she opened her eyes she was in sickbay. A hand touched her and she turned to see Ancient Mai standing there.

"Welcome back," she said.

"What happened? Mouse? The-."

"Mouse and the little ones are okay," she said. "But the effects of the binds are the cause of you passing out."

"Gods, I thought the binds didn't affect a person."

"Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't," Mai said. "Your son came to visit you and I told him that you would be out soon."

"Thanks," Beverly said.

"I need for you to rest," Mai said. "That means, no magic."

"For how long?"

"At least two days," she said. "Enjoy the fact that you don't have anything to do. And spend time with your oldest son."

"I will," Beverly promised and she watched the much, much, older woman leaving.

When Beverly was discharged the next morning Beverly could tell that Dr. Pulaski didn't like her being in her sickbay. Beverly hated the over possessive nature that the doctor had over something that wasn't even alive. She had never acted like that. She was still stewing about this when she returned to her quarters.

"So no potions or spells," Bob said.

"I'm still too weak," Beverly told him, "But I should be able to do somethings in the next two days. So how were things while I was gone?"

"There was this hot chick that watched over the babes," Bob said, "She had a nice set-."

"BOB!" Beverly yelled. "Gods, Bob, who are you even talking about?"

"That woman that wears that gray outfit."

"Deanna! Were you acting like a pervert again?"

Beverly knew that Bob, who wasn't even a skull, was obsessed over sex. Though she had no clue, and neither had Harry, why a spirit intellect was obsessed over this function.

"I still don't understand why you don't undress-."

"Bob, so help me if you even ask me to undress for you I'm taking your dirty books away and giving you some books from the middle of the twentieth century."

"You wouldn't dare," Bob said.

"Oh I would," Beverly challenged.

"Oh how I have to suffer with horrible owners."

Beverly glared at him and went into the bathroom to change.

Weasley came to visit her that night, a concerned look on his face. Beverly, thankfully, had locked Bob up so that he wouldn't scare the living daylights out of her son. She might have told him that she was a wizard but she knew that he wasn't ready to meet Bob. Heck, Harry had waited until Beverly was thirteen before she had met Bob herself.

"I'm sorry that I wasn't in the shuttle bay when you arrived," he said. "I just-."

"Wes, I understand," Beverly said to him. "To find out that someone is going to kill your mother is too much to take in."

"The Captain said that it didn't happen. That you're under some kind of Doom. What is that?"

"The Doom, or the Doom of Damocles is a suspended sentence," Beverly told him. "If I break any of their laws I will be killed along with my mentor. A long time ago someone could be placed on it if a senior member, like my godfather, managed to convince more than half of the other members. The Merlin, who is power hungry, bypassed this and put me under it even though I was cleared by looking into my mind and seeing what actually had happened."

"So the Captain can die," Weasley said.

"Yes," Beverly answered. "Though I doubt my friends that I still have will allow that to happen."

"How can someone look into someone's mind?"

"Magic, Weasley, magic."

She could tell that he was still confused.

"Hay, want to meet Mouse?"

"I met him," Weasley said, grinning. "I was the one that brought him to your quarters."

"He's a big boy, isn't he?"

Weasley grinned again and nodded.

The next morning Beverly woke up to the sound of someone trying to come in. When she opened the doors Data was standing there. Beverly was a bit shocked. He never visited anyone in their quarters.

"Hello, Doctor."

"I'm not a Doctor, Data," Beverly reminded him. "What can I do for you?"

"The Captain wanted me to tell you that your needed in his Ready Room," he said.

"I'm not allowed on the Bridge?" Beverly told him.

"Only if you have permission," Data said. "And he's the permission."

"I'll get ready and leave," Beverly said to him and that's when Mister decided that someone wasn't paying attention to him.

"You have a cat," Data said.

"I also have a large dog," Beverly told him. "Their friends! Do you have a cat?"

"No," Data answered. "Geordi says that I need a pet."

"I would take his advice," Beverly said. "Let the Captain know that I'm coming."

Data nodded and left, leaving Mister upset.

"He'll be back," Beverly told him.

Twenty minutes later Beverly walked back onto the bridge. She had brought with her the long staff that did two things right now. One: it told people that she was a wizard, or at least a crazy person that thought she was, and two: to keep her upright. She might have no problem getting out of bed, feeding Mister and Mouse, or even getting something to drink that didn't mean that walking down corridors wasn't a problem. No one stopped her, meaning that Jean-Luc had told them that she was coming.

She pressed the button and waited. Then, "Enter." She took a deep breath and walked in.