Mario and Metal Gear: A Lone Snake in the Smash World

This is fan fiction, based on characters from existing properties, including Nintendo and Konami.

Dialogue generally alternates between speakers on every new line, unless otherwise indicated. Signage are bold too.

Sounds from people that aren't words are usually bold and underlined.

Sounds from the environment and characters' objects are underlined and not bold.

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Snake: Hrrrrrmmmmmph... leaning up against a colorful, yellow bedroom wall, with his signature bandanna flopping in the air, and his black pistol clasped between both of his hands.

He looks down at the wooden floor, next to Mario's bed.

Mario: Hoo-hoo! Mario enthusiastically jumps about in the room twice. Snake-a, you ready for another round of Smash Brothers today? as birds chirp and the sun shines brightly outside a window.

Snake looks around the room, cautiously eyeing the one room home of Mario, where literally everything is in one room. The kitchen, bed, dining table, toilet...

Snake: Is...Peach going to watch you compete at the Pokemon Stadium today Mario?

Mario: Yep! nodding with an open smile, his red cap slipping forward and down over his eyes. He fixes up the cap back on his head, with his gloved hands.

Snake crouches against the wall, putting his index and middle fingers up to his right ear. Time seemingly freezes whenever he has a Codec conversation, no matter how long the conversation is.

He rings Meryl. No response.

Mei Ling. Nothing.

He pauses for a few seconds, before dialing Otacon.

Rrring, rrring. Scrweep! Otacon: Hi Snake! Enjoying your stay in the Mushroom Kingdom?

Snake: Yeah... in his rough, gravelly voice, hey, uh...have you been able to contact Meryl?

No, I haven't. I've been looking into a possible mission for you and Raiden. After the Tanker Incident—


What? Oh, right—

No. It's fine.

Just... grumble-grumble.

...Snake? Did you lose a match yesterday or something?

No, grumble, cough. No.

Yeah, sorry I couldn't make it to Shadow Moses to see your fight last night. Had some more research to do. I uh—kept YOU waiting for once, huh?


You doing OK Snake?

Yeah...yeah Otacon. Heh.

Don't worry. Don't forget what we talked about in the Shadow Moses incident. Love CAN bloom on the battlefield. Think of this like a new battlefield, all right?

Thanks. I'll be fine.

Be careful Snake. My throat gets hoarse whenever I watch you lose a match on my screens.

Heh. Got it. Snake ends the call.

Mario isn't in the home anymore. Snake peers outside the front yard window of the home, where Peach is chatting with Mario at the bright, green, grassy yard. Snake puts away his pistol, taking our his cigarettes as he exits Mario's tiny home. He closes the front door and leans on it, lighting up his nicotine fix as he watches Mario and Peach chat. Peach is wearing a pink racing tracksuit. Mario is wearing his standard plumber's outfit. Snake's wearing his classic grey outfit—with varying shades of grey and blue all over it.

Peach: Good luck at your match today Mario!

Mario: Thanks Peach. He gives her a thumbs up. She gives him a kiss on the cheek, causing bright pink hearts to pop out of his eyes. Snake drops his finished cigarette and rubs it into the stone of Mario's home's steps, with his right shoe. Three steps lead down from the front door to the ground.

Peach: Hey Snake! Mario and Peach both wave over at Snake. He raises his hand and smirks, lowering his hand back down. Peach and Mario walk up to Snake. Snake, have you heard from Samus or Bayonetta yet?

Snake: Hrrrrmmm. Nope.

Mario: Oh no! with an o-shaped mouth.

Peach: It's OK.

Snake: Yeah. It is OK. He equips his pistol and checks all its compartments, and the magazine. Is there a shooting range where I can practice around here? Maybe a simulation?

Mario: Let's a-go to the sewers! That's'a best place to find Koopas. Whoo hoo!

Peach: Mario's right. You can also do some regular target practice at any of the Smash stages.

Snake: I like live targets, he crouches down and swings his knife forward a few times. Thanks guys. This will be a good Smash day...once I get some practice.

Peach: Mario and I are going to get some coffee at Toadstool Coffee House. See you later then.

Snake: Yeah. stepping away from the wall, nodding once. Got it.