She sat stubbornly right where she was, shooing off well meaning busybodies and insisting she'd wait until the pair she actually trusted were available, her issue did need dealing with, but she could wait. Though there was this one guy...

"There are dozens of other people with more serious things going on at this pileup, who don't care who treat them...why don't you go find one of those people and leave me be?" She wanted to know. "You have got to learn to prioritize correctly. Do not waste precious seconds on people like me, when there are much more seriously hurt people who need you, right opposed to someone that does not, yes, I have a broken arm. So? I am also breathing just fine, I'm not bleeding, I don't have internal issues and I have not hit my head. I wasn't even in the wreck, I was startled when I heard the first collision and just broke when I fell wrong. It's just a are wasting precious time and people are dying over there, Boot. Get your ass in gear and move it."

"I'm not a boot." The young firefighter sighed in frustration, "Look, Gage says he's free and..."

"Then there's no reason for you to hang about, if a senior is headed in. I promise you, he'll hear me out, take a very brief look and let me know he'll be back when the more serious injuries have been seen to: He has before...and I'm going to suggest he either drags you along or gives you a direct order. And, if you don't want me to call you a Boot, stop acting like one, Boot-brain."


"I'll wait as long as I need to like always, for him and Roy. Just tell Roy I said to call him Snuzzlebear. That word will explain to either John or Roy everything he or they need to know about the picky person on the hillside. Absolutely will give them a positive ID on me."

"You call Roy DeSoto 'Snuzzlebear' and get away with it?"

"Yeah, but to be fair I started when I was he answers me when I do, too late to change I call Johnny my Tall Man, Chet is sorta like a very battered plushie so I call him 'Rabbit', Hank is my 'Papaw' and I refer to both Mike and Marco as 'uncles' and they answer to all that, too...starting to get the picture, Boot-brain? Now, go away."

"You're one of our's. A dependent."

"Station raised. I stayed at 51 every A shift and John the rest of the time. Hank had to sort bus schedules for my schools with the shift's schedules."

"Oh wow." He muttered.

"So, I know what can wait and what can't, yeah? This can, it's just a slightly busted arm, I'm thinking probably just cracked."

"You were limping badly." He disagreed.

"And it's got nothing to do with this mess. I sprained my right knee a week ago and Daddy already had Joe tend to it, again, it will wait. Now, why don't you go find someone who can't wait, isn't picky, isn't nitpicking about who touches them and really, really needs you?"

He passed on her message to Gage and then headed back into the fray, quickly locating someone that had needed him quite badly. It was close.

DeSoto had groaned at the name, followed it with an affectionate chuckle and confirmed it without quibbling, "She had to say that in public... Yeah, that's was her first word, it's been her pet-name for me since she was a toddler: I've been her favorite self-warming couch pillow and foot massager, since she was tiny. I've been her acting father for that long, too. And she's right, a suspected cracked bone can wait, she knows what not to do and you should have listened to her the first time." He told the other man, chewing him out while he was working.

Hank's firm voice explained "She's not as old as she acts or sounds, she's only 14. Gage is her best friend, Chet is her favorite toy, my engineer is one of her best accomplices where pranks are concerned, Lopez tends to be their lookout, most of the time and I am her acting you really think we haven't made a point to teach her to assess herself and make accurate personalized threat assessments?"

Everyone could hear Johnny's sharp 'Yep, I am.' followed by Kelly's groan...and then the low, "Also true...she wipes the floor with the Phantom...every year. I didn't even enter the PJAs the last two."

"We know where our kid is now and so does my captain, we'll be along when we can. Probably Roy when he does follow up when I am with a patient." Gage told him, "She has ride-along status that's permanent as long as we're on duty. He'll take her in, in the squad. Now, get back to work, Boot-brain."