A/N: Hello. :) I came up with a surprise gift for you Gargoyles fans. A story called "Gargoyles: A New Age". It is the same as the original series, but with a few surprises, one of which is 2 new gargoyles with Goliath and his clan named Krono (voiced by Isaac C. Singleton Jr.) and Liberty (voiced by Mela Lee). As for the others, I can't exactly say what they are, but I can say that one episode will be switched with "The Thrill of the Hunt" after "Awakening: Part 5". That's all I can say for now. Enjoy. :)

Gargoyles: A New Age

Awakening: Part 1

Act I

It all started in Scotland 994 A.D. as the archers fired their arrows in the castle at the invading army just outside the castle walls, prepared to fire with catapults and boulders.

"Fire!", the leader of the invading army shouted before the boulders were launched toward the castle, sending a few archers falling down before the captain of the castle shouted to his men.

"Stand fast! We can hold them back!", the captain urged.

"Aye, and catch boulders with our teeth while we're about it.", the archer complained in response.

"It's your choice, then, me lads. The catapult, or me. Back to your posts! In a few more minutes, the sun will be down and then, we'll see some fun.", the captain spoke as he drew his sword and urged his archers back to their posts before a boulder crashed into the castle, blasting aback the archers in the process.

Meanwhile, as the leader of the invaders looked on from the other side, one of his men had doubts about the pillage here being a good idea.

"Attacking a castle full of gargoyles near nightfall. This is crazy and Hakon knows it!", the man doubted before Hakon only grabbed him and spoke to him.

"No, my friend... That's not crazy. Questioning my sanity when I'm in earshot, that's crazy! I say those gargoyles are naughty but chiseled stone And even if they aren't, it's worth the risk for the plunder within. ATTACK!", Hakon shouted as he drew his sword.

Then, the invading soldiers charged into battle with swords in hands while some of them pushed the scaffolding with a group forward before they pushed it against the castle walls, urging the archers to run as the wooden gate goes down, allowing the invaders to charge forward and then launch their hooks up toward the gargoyles' perches and climb up, especially Hakon, who started up but stumbled a bit and recovered before the sun finally set, causing a gargoyle statue to crack before the stone casing finally broke apart, unearthing a gargoyle with a muscular build, lavender skin, and long dark brown hair, brown eyes, also wearing a dark brown loincloth that is held up by a black belt before opening his eyes, noticing Hakon on the perch and grabbing him by the wrist before lifting him up from the perch.

"You are trespassing.", the gargoyle spoke before more gargoyles awakened, shedding the stone off them, much to the invaders' surprise before Hakon then tried to slash at the gargoyle with his sword only for him to stop the sword, but not without bleeding as a result.

"Huh?", Hakon puzzled before the gargoyle growled at him.

"Fight, men! They are not invincible.", Hakon assured before the invaders resumed their attack only to still have trouble with the gargoyles below as they flew away in the air just as Hakon managed to get enough footing to tip the gargoyle holding him off the perch before falling with a yell and grabbing a rope for support while the gargoyle glided along the wind as the invaders still tried to fight back but with little to no success as a couple of gargoyles in the air managed to knock a couple of invaders off the castle as nearby, a trio of gargoyles, one of which is young with a slimmer physique, red skin, black eyes, a long beak-like mouth and jaw, and a wild mane of snow-white hair as well as two horns sticking out of his forehead while another is the smallest of the trio that not only has a web-like structure for the wings, but also khaki-colored skin and a hairless head while another is obese and heavyset with teal skin and forest green webbing in his wings as well as a dark blue loincloth held up by a black belt and, unlike the other gargoyles, he has fin-like ears.

"Shall we let our brothers and sisters have all the fun?", the red gargoyle spoke before taking off just as the khaki-colored gargoyle turned to the real gargoyle and spoke.

"Not afraid, are you?

"Afraid? Me?! Huh! Why, all of nature trembles at my passing.", the real gargoyle responded as he lifted his gut up only for it to come down.

"I can see why.", the khaki-colored gargoyle responded, poking the belly a bit before taking off with the real gargoyle following him.

Meanwhile, down below, another gargoyle, one that's elderly and tan with long, white hair and golden webbing in his wings with his left eye blinded, scarred, and yellow while his right eye is brown, also wearing more clothing in the form of a red shirt with black shoulder armor, and tan trousers and carrying a short sword usually held in the belt of his loincloth, was fending off a couple of invaders when another snuck up behind him and was about to hit him with a wooden bat when the first gargoyle that awakened stopped him and gently pushed him off the banister as he fell to the ground.

"Watch your back, old friend.", the first gargoyle advised.

"Heh. Watch your own.", the elderly gargoyle smirked in response just before noticing the invaders at the stairs back for more just as the first gargoyle had to deal with a couple more on his end before pushing one toward the other, sending them back while the rest of the gargoyles dealt with the invaders on ground level and the captain even stepped on the invader's sword and broke it in half with his mace before sending him falling down while the first gargoyle knocked back the invaders with a slight spin before the captain spoke to him.

"My, thanks, Goliath.", the captain thanked.

"I could not do otherwise.", Goliath responded.

"These Rogues no doubt followed that band of refugees we have shelter to last night.", the captain guessed.

Meanwhile, the teal Gargoyle landed softly on top of a hut with a blonde haired boy noticing.

"Look, Mother!", the boy spoke, pointing toward the teal gargoyle enjoying some mutton when a soldier and invader passed by before the gargoyle whacked the latter on the head, knocking him out before the gargoyle continued eating as the boy looked on in wonder at the gargoyle-filled skies.

Meanwhile, Hakon was barely catching his breath when he heard growls nearby before turning to notice another gargoyle, this time, wingless with fin-like ears and on all fours like a dog before he then pounced toward Hakon, who dodged before the beast scraped against the stone wall in the process with Hakon then fleeing before noticing another gargoyle inside, this time with a shock of red hair and pale blue skin, a gold tiara, a pair of earrings, an armband and an anklet as decorative jewelry while also seeming to favor midriff-baring halter tops that hang off of one shoulder.

"Face me, human, if you dare.", the female gargoyle warned before hissing, prompting Hakon to escape only to be cornered by the gargoyle beast with the female gargoyle just behind him as well before Goliath landed next to Hakon, who noticed him.

"I see you've met our watchdog.", Goliath spoke before the female Gargoyle then went behind Hakon and hissed again before Goliath then went next to him.

"And my second-in-command as well. I grow tired of this. Take what's left of your men. And be gone!", Goliath urged before tossing Hakon away with him then landing in a stack of hay on the wheelbarrow before tumbling back, standing up, and turning around.

"This isn't over, monster. I'll be back!", Hakon warned before turning tail and running as Goliath and the female gargoyle turned to one another and grinned with the red gargoyle tossing two more invaders out of the castle before they, along with the rest, fled from the castle as the archers fired the arrows.

"Good work! Our arrows made them run!", one of the archers cheered.

"They'll think twice before coming back.", another archer added just as the female gargoyle was patching up Goliath's wounds in his left arm.

"Goliath, we owe you our lives.", the captain spoke to Goliath.

"As we owe you ours every day.", Goliath responded.

Later, within the wyvern castle, there was much merriment at the dinner halls as the men were celebrating with a feast.

"I don't mind telling you, I thought we were all under the sword there for a while.", one soldier spoke.

"Aye. A fine soldier is our captain of the guard.", another agreed.

"Ha. Captain of the Gargoyles, you mean.", the soldier responded just as the captain was walking by and noticed them talking about him.

"He'd fit right well on the cornices with them. It's a fact.", another explained before the two soldiers laughed as the captain only continued walking past them toward the Princess up front.

"Our thanks for a battle well-fought, good captain.", the princess thanked.

"The credit is not mine to take, your highness. Without Goliath and his Gargoyles, our defense would have proven useless.", the captain responded.

"Please, don't mention that monster's name in my presence.", the princess requested before the doors suddenly opened, even making the mage drop his goblet before beyond the door were Goliath and the female gargoyle along with two more near them as Goliath growled softly in the shadows.

Act II

The crowd murmured in surprise after Goliath and a few gargoyles stepped outside. The two new gargoyles with Goliath and his second-in-Command were similar in partnership, but different in appearance as one gargoyle had the similar armor as the elderly one, but with silver, metallic armor, teal skin, a muscular build, and a broadsword while another not only had teal skin as well, but also four spike-like horns from her head as well as a dress draping down across her body.

"Beg your pardon, your highness. I took the liberty of asking them to appear and be recognized for their bravery.", the captain explained.

"Captain, we are most seriously displeased. To allow beasts in the dining hall!", the princess scolded.

"You speak wisely, Princess. These are unnatural creatures. No good can come from associating with them.", a white-haired man agreed.

"And yet, you allowed dogs in the dining hall. Last I checked, they're beasts as well. Would that make you a hypocrite? Or simply a subject of irony?", the other gargoyle responded before the dogs growled uneasily as the four made their way toward the princess, who grew just as uneasy after Goliath, and the other two gargoyles stretched out their wings upon stopping.

"All that said either way, I don't mean to discredit you like this. After all, I am nothing if not courteous. I am Krono. And this is my sister.", the gargoyle continued as he curtseying her with Goliath and the female teal gargoyle doing so as well as they wrapped their wings around by the shoulders, giving her some assurance.

"Goliath, we named you well, it seems. You are as good a soldier as the philistine giant who fought David.", the captain complimented.

"You would do well to remember, Captain, that the biblical Goliath was also a bully and a savage.", the princess reminded, earning a growl from the red and black haired gargoyle before the teal female gargoyle spoke up to break the ice.

"But, ironically, this Goliath behaves more like the biblical David, doesn't he?", the teal female gargoyle asked before Goliath then put his hand on the female gargoyle's shoulder.

"If you will excuse us, your highness.", Goliath spoke before he turned around and left with the gargoyle with red and black hair following as the other two gargoyles followed closely.

"In the future, Captain, you will make your reports to my advisor, the Magus, not directly to me.", the princess ordered.

With that, as Magus grinned, the captain only turned and walked away to meet up with the gargoyles.

"My apologies for this, Goliath.", the captain apologized.

"No apologies needed. We are what we are. Her opinion will not change that.", Goliath assured.

"Understandably so.", the teal female gargoyle agreed.

"After all, we felt the same disdain towards humans back then as well.", Krono added.

The gargoyle with red and black hair, however, was a different story.

"Have you no pride? No sense of justice? We saved them and they repay us with contempt!", the female gargoyle inquired.

"She is right, Goliath. You and Krono deserve better than this.", the captain agreed.

"These cliffs were our home ages before they built their stone fortress. They should bow to us!", the gargoyle argued.

"But that kind of mindset is exactly what would make us no better than them.", the female teal gargoyle argued.

"I'm afraid she is right, my love. Besides, it is the nature of humankind to fear what they do not understand. Their ways are not our ways.", Goliath responded before the red-and-black-haired gargoyle sighed in response.

"There are times when your patience astounds me, my love.", the gargoyle responded after sighing.

Meanwhile, the Magus was looking through his spell book page by page in a different room.

Later, at sunup, the gargoyles were already stone before a mysterious man in a white cloak rode off toward a nearby land where he later conversed with Hakon.

"You seek the fall of Castle Wyvern.", the man spoke.

"What of it?", Hakon asked.

"Perhaps a bargain can be made.", the figure spoke before Hakon tossed out his mutton and smirked.

"I'm listening.", Hakon grinned.

Later, it was nighttime as Goliath removed three white cloth from his left hand, which was now good as new.

"Those vikings may return at daybreak, Goliath. I say, take all your gargoyles and make sure they're gone.", the captain advised.

"I agree. Let us go out in force and put an end to these pigs once and for all.", the red and black-haired gargoyle agreed.

"Too dangerous. I don't want to leave the castle unprotected.", Goliath responded.

"Their leader swore he'd be back. It's best to hurry them far away now and not take that chance.", the captain urged before Goliath growled softly.

"Very well. But I shall do it. I can scare those cowards away without any help.", Goliath spoke.

"That's too dangerous for you. Let me come along at least.", the gargoyle urged.

"You and the others will stay with the castle. You are my best warrior. I leave you in command.", Goliath stated.

"No! I cannot let you.", the gargoyle refused.

"I won't go alone. Remember... You and I are one. Now and forever.", Goliath assured before walking away, leaving both the captain and gargoyle worried for him.

Meanwhile, in the castle, the teal male gargoyle was eating an assortment of fruits and meats while the khaki-colored gargoyle and the red one were playing catch with the gargoyle beast.

"Here, catch.", the khaki-colored gargoyle spoke, tossing up a peace of meat for the beast, which leapt up, but missed.

"Back this way! Back this way, over here!", the red gargoyle spoke as he caught the meat before tossing it back to the khaki-colored gargoyle, who caught it before running with the gargoyle beast playfully chasing him as the female Gargoyle watched from above when the blonde boy noticed the gargoyles having fun with each other and ran over just as the red and light green gargoyles landed on different crates with the beast finally catching the meat before walking away with the red and green gargoyles noticing the boy, much to the female gargoyle's slight concern.

"I'm Tom. What's your name?", Tom asked.

"Except for Goliath, we don't have names.", the light green gargoyle responded.

"How do you tell each other apart?", Tom asked.

"We look different.", the green gargoyle responded as the red gargoyle nodded.

"But what do you call each other?", Tom asked.

"Friend.", the red gargoyle responded with a grin, making Tom grin as well.

Alas, it was not to last as his mother ran in and stood in front of Tom defensively.

"Tom, get away from us, monsters!", the mother shouted angrily.

"But, Mother...", Tom began as the red gargoyle landed on the ground.

"We wouldn't hurt the lad, Ma'am.", the red gargoyle assured.

But Tom's mother wouldn't listen as she got out a lot.

"Keep away from him, you beast!", the mother shouted as she then tossed the log toward the red gargoyle, bonking him in the head before the female gargoyle stepped in with a roar by flying down and landing in front of the red gargoyle, worrying the mother.

"You're the beast, you...", the female gargoyle began before the red gargoyle interrupted.

"No! If they think we're beasts and monsters...", the red gargoyle began.

"Then, perhaps, we'd better live up to the name.", the light green gargoyle finished before both their eyes glowed bright, blank white as they growled, quickly putting the refugees at unease.


The refugees were frightened as the red and light green gargoyles growled with the gargoyle beast barking, prompting the citizens to flee in terror, puzzling the teal gargoyle nearby.

"Huh? What is it? Are we being attacked again?", the teal gargoyle puzzled before Goliath and his two friends arrived with Goliath glaring at the red, light green, and teal gargoyles.

"You three... Down to the rookery until I return! I'll deal with you then.", Goliath spoke before the beast growled.

"And take him with you.", Goliath added before the beast then gave a soft growl sadly.

Later, at the library, Krono walked in just near his sister.

"Sister, I would like you to go to the rookery to keep an eye on these four.", Krono instructed.

"Of course, Brother. I shall, but what of you, Goliath, and the Elder?", the sister asked.

"We are going to make sure that the Vikings never return.", Krono assured.

"Very well. And why are these three and him going to the rookery?", the teal female gargoyle asked.

"Because they were scaring the humans in the castle and Goliath is sending them there as punishment until we return.", Krono explained.

"I see. Then I will make sure they don't do anything they're not supposed to.", the sister assured.

Later, at the rookery, the light green gargoyle opened the doors to the rookery and turned back to Goliath.

"We meant no harm.", the red gargoyle spoke.

Then, as the female gargoyle glared at Goliath, the other female Gargoyle led the four inside.

"Are you blind? They were not at fault. The humans were.", the female gargoyle berated.

"No matter who was at fault, I cannot condone fighting between their people and ours. I will make it up to them later. Now, I have business to attend to.", Goliath spoke as he then turned away and headed out.

Later, Goliath, Krono, and the elder were out in the skies when Goliath spotted something.

"There!", Goliath spoke before he, Krono, and the elder touched down on the ground near the forest and saw tracks, surprisingly light as they are.

"It's them, right enough.", the elder spoke.

"Yes, but these tracks are surprisingly light for horses carrying armored men.", Krono added.

"They're not far ahead. Come!", Goliath urged before he and the two gargoyles dashed forward on all fours.

Meanwhile, at the castle, the five gargoyles were now in the rookery near the eggs.

"Sent to the Rookery. How embarrassing!", the red gargoyle complained.

"Well, that's what you get for trying to start a fight with the humans.", the female gargoyle responded.

"I haven't been down here since I hatched.", the male teal gargoyle spoke before he walked over to the nearest patch of moss, peeling it off, sniffing it, and then eating it while brushing his hands against each other, much to the khaki-colored gargoyle's surprise.

"I hope we're not down here long. He might eat us.", the khaki-colored gargoyle spoke.

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure was holding a bow and rubbing his fingers on the string under the cover of darkness.

Back outside, Goliath, Krono, and the elder were flying in the air.

"It's not long until sunrise. Perhaps we should return.", the elder gargoyle suggested.

"There they are!", Goliath spoke as he noticed the horses and the men nearby before Goliath, Krono, and the elder dove in toward the men, forcing them to flee as their horses neighed before Goliath, Krono, and the elder touched down and noticed the fleeing horses.

"We've been tricked!", Krono shouted.

"They were leading the horses to decoy us from the castle.", Goliath realized before he, Krono, and the elder ran back out of the forest and were about to head back before the sun started to rise.

"We're too late!", the elder exclaimed before the sunlight touched the three gargoyles, making Goliath growl as he tried to move only for them to turn to stone as the growl dies out.

Meanwhile, at the castle, Hakon was ready this time as he then drew his sword.

"ATTACK!", Hakon shouted before the Vikings charged in with the archers preparing to fire only to break their vows in the process, allowing the Vikings to charge in while the figure then raised the gates, also allowing them to enter the castle and attack the soldiers.

In the castle, the princess hurriedly ran down the stairs with the captain going upstairs with a walk.

"Captain! Captain! The vikings, captain! We are attacked!", the princess shouted before the captain then only grabbed her by the wrist.

"It is worse than that, your highness.", the captain spoke with a glare.

Later, the Vikings had now taken everyone in the castle prisoner and were now being escorted out of the castle.

"Move! Now!", the Viking ordered as the princess and the magus were being escorted out as Hakon and the captain remained on the castle.

"Not that I'm ungrateful for your help, but... Why? Why betray your own kind?", Hakon asked.

"They are not my kind.", the captain responded.

"Well, to work. There's little enough time for it.", Hakon spoke before the captain stopped him from swinging the mace.

"This is unnecessary.", the captain spoke.

"Are you mad? In a moment, they'll be flesh again and my men will be their prey!", Hakon argued.

"Once your band is out of sight, they won't follow. It's not their nature.", the captain responded.

"Ah, well, in that case...", Hakon responded before he only pushed the captain against the wall and threatened to smite him.

"Care to discuss the matter further?", Hakon smirked.

"No.", the captain responded for a moment before Hakon then turned back toward the nearest gargoyle.

"I haven't lived this long by taking foolish chances.", Hakon spoke before he raised his mace and then struck the gargoyle into pieces, much to the captain's horror.

Later, Goliath, Krono, and the elder arrived back at Castle Wyvern only to notice it in flames.

"No...", Goliath spoke in shock as he and the two gargoyles with him flew by and saw the chaos and destruction wrought upon it as fire spilled everywhere before Goliath arrived in a perch and saw what appeared to be the stone remains of the female gargoyle, much to his shock and Goliath cradled the pieces in his hands.

"My... angel of the night...", Goliath trembled in shock before he then unfurled his wings and roared loudly in anguish amidst the burning castle.

A/N: Heavy and tragic, I know. :( But, as we fans know, things will start getting better sometime after 1,000 years. I'm sure you can guess what's coming next. There will be another part coming soon either this week or the next. Until next time. :)