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Gargoyles: A New Age

Chapter 9: Deadly Force

It all started as some cargo was being loaded onto the truck with Owen and the other ferry workers nearby.

"Looks like you were worried for nothing, Mr. Burnett.", the ferry worker spoke.

"I certainly hope so.", Owen responded, not knowing that 2 people were watching from behind the crates before one of them loaded a gun with a smoke bomb and fired as did his partner before the smoke bombs exploded near the truck, blinding everyone, who coughed before workers ran out just as a few people wearing masks ran in and fired more smoke bombs with one of them tossing the driver off the truck and getting in himself before the worker shouted to the man.

"Hold it! Hit the deck! Do it now!", the worker shouted before he was suddenly pushed to the side.

"Move it!", the man urged before the driver started up the truck after closing the door just as another man got discovered by Owen, who then removed the gas mask and pushed him aside before putting the gas mask on himself only for the two men to get in the bed of the truck with the cargo as another ran up toward the bed and got in with help before taking the gas mask off and laughing in celebration, leaving the flustered Owen behind as he removed the gas mask.

Meanwhile, the sun set, allowing Goliath and the others to awaken just as Elisa magically sprouted wings with her jacket disappearing and her arms and legs becoming more gargoyle-like.

"See you later, guys.", Broadway spoke before flying away.

"Where's he going off to in such a rush?", Elisa puzzled.

"He's going to see 'Show Down' again.", Lexington responded.

"'Show Down'?", Goliath puzzled.

"Yeah, it's a new western. Great movie. We all saw it the other day.", Brooklyn responded.

"You know... cowboys, horses, guns.", Lexington responded.

"Well, if he didn't even have his dinner first, it must be good.", Liberty sighed.

"Movies, television, video games... these days, it's hard to tell what's real and what's not.", Hudson commented.

"Maybe at first glance, I suppose.", Krono responded.

"Well, why don't you come with Broadway, Hudson?", Elisa asked.

"Well, I suppose I could do with a larger screen that isn't on the television.", Hudson responded before he flew off just as Goliath, Krono, Liberty, Brooklyn, Lexington, and Elisa walked toward the entrance back inside.

Meanwhile, Elsa and Ezra were speaking with their captain.

"Come on, Captain, you know it was Dracon. Who else could it have been?", Ezra asked.

"Look, just get us a warrant and we'll drag that piece of pond scum back faster than he can count the days he'll be locked back up...", Elsa added.

"We've got no evidence. He's bulletproof.", the captain responded.

"Of course, he is.", Ezra growled.

"So, what exactly was in that crate he stole?", Elsa asked.

"Non-projectile weapon prototypes. From Xanatos Enterprises.", the captain replied.

"Non-projectile? You mean, like lasers?", Ezra asked just as Owen walked in.

"Something like that, detective. They are the latest design in High-Collimation Charged Particle Beam Technology. The laser is just for aiming. The particle beam itself is invisible.", Owen responded.

"How many guns were stolen?", the captain asked.

"322 of various sizes, styles and power ranges.", Owen responded.

"Great.", Ezra sighed before he and Elsa decided to leave.

"Where are you two going, Maza?", the captain asked.

"To do our job. What do you think?", Elsa responded before she and Ezra left.

Meanwhile, at the theater, the audience gathered to watch the movie on the lower floor, not knowing that Broadway was sneaking in through the ceiling before sitting on one of the popcorn bags. At that moment, just as the curtains rose up, Hudson then got down and joined Hudson.

"Hudson? What are you doing here?", Braodway asked as he tore open the popcorn bag and started eating.

"I heard that there is a screen here that's like a giant television.", Hudson responded.

"Oh. Well, you can watch it with me.", Broadway welcomed.

"Heh. Thank you kindly, lad.", Hudson thanked just before the movie started.

"Just in time. Popcorn?", Broadway asked.

Meanwhile, a man named Tony Dracon was walking down the stairs with his men when he heard a voice from nearby.

"Dracon!", Ezra shouted before Tony noticed him and Elsa with his men preparing to draw their weapons only for Tony to stop them before they withdrew from their weapons.

"Something on your mind, detective?", Tony asked.

"As a matter of fact, yes. And more than that, we have a few questions for you concerning about that arms shipment hijacking.", Ezra responded.

"Hijacking? Sorry, detective. You got the wrong guy. I'm just a businessman.

"So, you have an alibi, then?", Elsa asked.

"I was with these guys. We were out doing the town.", Tony responded before walking down as his men followed one by one.

"Yeah? Well, I don't buy it. You may have everyone else fooled, but I know a crook when I see one. Sooner or later, you'll slip, Tony, and when you do, we'll be there.", Ezra warned.

"Hey, I told you. I'm not the guy. And if I was the guy, you couldn't do anything about it. In fact, if I were to tell one of my associates here to go sell off some 'merchandise' to raise some operating capital, you couldn't do anything about that, either. Face it, detective. You got nothing.", Tony discouraged in response before leaving.

"We'll see who gets the last laugh, you slinking piece of pond scum…!", Ezra growled.

Meanwhile, Hudson and Broadway were watching the movie as it showed a high noon showdown with the two cowboys facing each other before they then drawing their weapons only for one of them to hit his target, spin the gun and put it back in before stepping forward.

"Cool.", Broadway chuckled.

"I had no idea that these guns started existing back in the 30's of this century.", Hudson spoke in slight wonder.

Meanwhile, Ezra and Elsa got back to their apartment and hung up their jackets next to a hooded coat before the former hung up his own gun holster as well just as a cat named Cagney meowed and curled himself around Elsa's leg.

"Hey, Cagney. Are you hungry, Cagney?", Elsa grinned as Cagney meowed.

"Well, just be glad you've got a home, cat, because the streets just got a whole lot meaner.", Ezra added.

Meanwhile, Broadway and Hudson just left as the credits were playing for the movie before they soared through the air with the former pretending to use a gun.

"I don't understand how you can be so fascinated with these. One of these days, they might be misused in favor of our enemies, one way or another.", Hudson worried.

"Relax, Hudson. It was just a movie.", Broadway responded.

"Aye, but still, you can never be too careful with those things.", Hudson responded.

"Right. Well, I'm gonna pay Ezra and Elsa a visit.", Broadway responded.

"Very well. Hope to see you again soon before dawn.", Hudson responded before heading back to the castle just as Elisa arrived nearby.

"So, how was it?", Elisa asked.

"The giant screen was incredible. And yet…, I can't help but worry for Broadway. Who knows what he might be thinking now.", Hudson responded.

"Speaking of Broadway, where is he? I thought he was with you?", Elisa asked.

"Aye, he was, but he just decided to pay your siblings a visit.", Hudson responded.

"Then that's where I'll find him.", Elisa responded before heading there herself before she caught up to Broadway, who got inside before going in herself.

"Ezra. Elsa. You two home?", Broadway asked.

"Is that you, Broadway?", Elsa asked.

"I was in the neighborhood.", Broadway responded just as Elisa came in.

"What a coincidence. So was I.", Elisa added in response.

"Elisa, too, huh? Well, you can both come in and make yourselves comfortable. She''ll even throw on a couple of steaks.", Ezra responded.

"Ha. Thanks.", Broadway thanked.

"Don't mention it.", Elsa responded just as Broadway noticed a picture of their family as well as a gun in Ezra's holster.

"Cool.", Broadway spoke just as Elisa noticed him holding it.

"Let's go, pilgrim, and don't forget the horse.", Broadway spoke while playing around with the gun.

"Hey, Broadway, be careful with that.", Elisa spoke just as Ezra noticed as well.

"Hey, careful now, Broadway. You can't just play with my gun like that.", Ezra warned.

"Why not?", Broadway pondered before he accidentally pulled the trigger, making him react in exclamation before the bullet ricocheted and hit Ezra in the leg with Broadway then dropping the gun.

"Ahh! That's why not…!", Ezra groaned, cradling his leg.

"Sorry. My fault. I was playing with the gun. Stupid of me.", Broadway apologized.

"Ahh, yep! That's bad…!", Ezra groaned just as Elisa looked around and gasped from quite an equally alarming sight.

"Hope I didn't break anything.", Broadway spoke.

"No, but I think something worse happened.", Elisa responded.

"And what's that?", Broadway asked before he and Ezra came over to what Elisa saw and both gasped in shock to find the sight of Elsa's possible corpse laying on the ground with blood on the ground.

"No…", Broadway spoke in shock.

Act II

Having seen what happened to Elsa, Broadway, Elisa, and Ezra cautiously stepped closer to the comatose Elsa with Broadway seeing what caused this and tossing it aside.

"Elsa? Elsa!", Broadway shouted as Elsa tried to open her eyes with a weak groan but then closed her eyes.

"Sorry. I'm sorry.", Broadway apologized.

"There still might be time to get them to the hospital. I'll drop Ezra off while you do the same for Elsa.", Elisa spoke.

"Right.", Broadway responded before he picked Elsa up and flew off with Elisa picking Ezra up and following him, but not before grabbing a sort of hooded coat to disguise herself.

As they went on their way to the hospital, Broadway then laid Elsa on the hospital bed just as Broadway quickly noticed her blood on his hands and gasped.

"You gonna be okay, Ezra?", the human-turned gargoyle asked.

"Hey, don't sweat it. I'll be fine. It's Elsa I'm worried about.", Ezra responded as Elisa wrapped her wings around her shoulders and put the coat on before noticing the hospital doctors inside.

"Hey!", Elisa shouted.

"Is that…Elisa?", one of the doctors spoke.

"What in…?", another puzzled before Elisa spoke.

"It's Ezra and Elsa! They've both been shot!", Elisa shouted before one of the doctors felt Elsa's arm for a pulse but found none so far.

"I can't get a pulse.", one of the doctors spoke as another placed a white cloth on top of Elsa.

"Are you okay, sir?", the doctor asked.

"Hey, I've been through worse scrapes than this. Can't think of any right now, but…', Ezra responded with a slight groan while being set onto another hospital bed after it was dragged out form inside.

"Get them inside, stat!", the doctor urged before turning to Elisa.

"Thank you for bringing them here.", the doctor spoke.

"Don't mention it.", Elisa responded before she turned to leave.

"Although…, how did you get them here so fast?", the doctor spoke as he turned around only to notice that Elisa was gone, puzzling him before remembering that time is of the essence and pushing Ezra and Elsa inside the hospital before Elisa sighed and both she and Broadway took off.

Back at the castle, Bronx roared after getting on his perch with Brooklyn getting on his before Lexington and Liberty saw something amiss.

"Where're Broadway, Hudson, and Elisa?", Liberty asked before Brooklyn shrugged.

"I guess they liked that movie so much, they stayed to watched it a few more times.", Lexington guessed.

"I hope you're right…", Liberty responded.

"I hope they find a comfortable place to roost.", Goliath spoke before Owen spoke up while going up to him from behind.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news.", Owen spoke up just as dawn started to come.

"What is it? Speak quickly.", Goliath responded.

"Your friends Ezra and Elsa Maza have been shot. Ezra may've been lucky to get shot in the leg, but they're not sure if she'll live.", Owen responded, shocking Goliath before he and the others turned to stone.

Meanwhile, hours later, Dracon and his men were having target practice with the stolen weapons from last night in a forest of sorts.

"Hey, did you hear about the Maza's?", one of Tony's men asked before Tony only chuckled.

"Yeah. Dangerous to leave a gun lying around, huh?", Tony asked before both he and his men chuckled before the former aimed the gun and blasted a laser right through the tree and onto a rock, causing it to explode.

"We'll make the deal tonight with our buyer. Did you have to sell off many on the street?", Tony asked.

"A handful, to cover expenses. We might have to sell a few more.", one of his men responded.

Meanwhile, slow beeping was heard as the doctors were performing a surgery on Elsa and Ezra.

"Sponge. Give me more retraction here. Guns...", one of the doctors spoke.

Meanwhile, Goliath and the rest of his clan arrived at Owen's work desk.

"How Did It Happen?", Goliath asked.

"We're Not Quite Sure Yet. They were Trying To Get A Stolen Shipment Of Particle-Beam Weaponry Off The Street. It Was Very Important To them.

"Where are they?", Liberty asked.

"Manhattan General. Pardon me.", Owen responded before leaving with Goliath about to go after him when Brooklyn and Lexington stopped him.

"Goliath. Neither Broadway nor Elisa are back yet. I'm a little worried.", Brooklyn responded.

"You two search for them. I will check on Ezra and Elsa. Hudson, Krono, remain here to guard the castle.", Goliath responded.

Meanwhile, at Manhattan General, Elisa watched in worry for her friend as Broadway sobbed over what he did by accident as inside the hospital, Ezra and Elsa were being watched over by Goliath, who watched from the window before having to hide just before their family came in.

"Don't sugar-coat it, Dr. Sato. They're our children.", Mr. Maza responded.

"Well, Ezra only got hit by the tendons in his leg, none of which are vital, thankfully, so he'll be fine after a few weeks of recovery. I wish I could tell you the same for Elsa, but the internal damage is extensive. The bullet hit high in the chest, ricocheted off the collar bone, nicked the heart muscle and passed through the right lung. I removed it from the base of her spine. The good news is she survived ten hours of surgery. The next 12 hours are crucial.", Dr. Sato responded.

"Should we... have their sister fly in from Arizona?", Mr. Maza asked before Derek placed his hand on his father's shoulder.

"Don't talk like that, Dad. She'll be ok. Like Ezra.", Derek assured.

"Thanks.", Ezra responded.

"Well, What Can We Do? Diane...", Mr. Maza began.

"We Can Pray, Peter. We Can Pray.", Diane responded just before the captain came in just as Dr. Sato was leaving.

"Don't Stay Long. She Needs Rest.", Dr. Sato responded.

"Maria. Thank you for coming.", Diane thanked.

"Captain? I didn't think you'd come. You know, what with you being busy and all.", Ezra spoke in surprise.

"Mrs. Maza, Sergeant Maza. Derek. I'm sorry to see you all under these circumstances.", Maria apologized.

"Just tell me you know who shot my brother and sister.", Derek urged.

"Witnesses say they braced Tony Dracon at the park manor. He stole an armed shipment and she was pretty determined to get those guns off the street. Our guess is one of Dracon's man broke into her apartment and shot her with her own gun. Dracon may even have done it himself.", Maria responded as Goliath watched from above.

"Any prints on the gun?", Peter asked.

"Some. But so badly smudged, they don't look human. Whoever the shooter is, we'll find him. No one hits a cop and gets away with it. No one.", Maria swore.

"I Think We Should Let Her Sleep.", Diane spoke before the others left the room, allowing Goliath to enter and go over to Elisa.

"Keep fighting, Elisa. Don't give up. Come back to us. Know that I will finish what you started. I'll find the man that did this to you and I will make him pay.", Goliath swore before taking off and eventually landing on a porch near where Tony Dracon is as well as hiding behind the windows to a point where he won't be seen.

"This Buyer's Gonna Pay Top Coin For All This Buck Rogers Stuff.", Tony spoke.

"We're Set For Midnight, Down Near The Docks. I'll Meet You There.", one of Tony's men spoke before Goliath gasped as he watched.

Meanwhile, a man was walking down the park when a sort of robber suddenly snuck up in front of him and smirked.

"Look, Let Me Pass. Please.", the man pleaded as Broadway and Elisa watched.

"Not Likely. I Need Your Wallet, Pal.", the robber responded as he got out his gun.

"Well, looks like there is more than one way to fight crime to pass the time.", Elisa spoke quietly.

"Come On, Give It Up. Otherwise...", the robber spoke before Elisa swooped down with a snarl and pinned him against the ground with her talons.

"Hey.", Elisa smirked.

"St... Stay away!", the robber spoke in fright before Broadway landed and lifted the robber up by the shirt just as the would've-been victim escaped from the scene.

"What's this? A new kind of gun? A new way to kill people?", Broadway asked before crushing the gun and tossing it aside.

"Where did you get this?! Who gave it to you?!", Broadway shouted, worrying Elisa.

"A guy...they call...Glasses. He's selling them.", the robber responded in fright.

"WHERE?!", Broadway demanded.

"Down on Canal Street. Right near the docks.", the robber responded before Broadway tossed him aside, making him land roughly before taking off with Elisa following.

"Broadway, wait! Look, I know how you feel about what really happened, but that isn't how we do things.", Elisa responded.

"I know… It's just that…', Broadway began.

"Hey. I miss them, too. Right now, the best thing we can do for them is to help finish what they started.", Elisa spoke.

Meanwhile, there was a long beep, indicating a flatline.

"Code Blue! Code Blue! ICU.", the nurse shouted before the nurse saw the monitor flatlining.

"Flatline! No pulse!", the nurse shouted in worry.

"No…! Elsa…", Ezra spoke in worry.


"Epinephrine.", Dr. Sato spoke before he was handed a needle for said Epinephrine before injecting it into Elsa, but with no such luck.

"Still flat.", the nurse spoke.

"Get the paddles. 400 watt-seconds. Clear!", the doctor spoke before another placed said paddles onto Elsa, restarting her heart as a steady beep came through.

"Got her. Normal sinus rhythm.", the nurse spoke.

"Thank goodness.", Ezra sighed in relief.

"Bring the family back in.", Dr. Sato sighed in relief.

Meanwhile, Maria was in a car with a man.

"Take it easy. I don't want them spotting us.", Maria spoke to a man named Matt.

Unfortunately, someone driving Tony did spot them.

"Somebody's Following Us, Tony. Probably Cops.", the chauffer spoke.

"You know what to do.", Tony responded before his chauffer started speeding with Maria and Matt following them up until Tony's chauffer hid himself and Tony in the garage with Maria and Matt passing by them before Tony's car went out, not knowing that Goliath was watching from a rooftop.

Meanwhile, though, Glasses was about to sell a gun to the buyer when both Broadway and Elisa landed on top of the truck, much to the buyer's shock as he looked up and saw them in fright before Elisa picked him up and held him up just as the buyer ran off.

"Where's Dracon?", Elisa asked.

Meanwhile, Goliath arrived inside the warehouse, looking on as one of Dracon's men then opened the Xanatos Enterprises boxes.

"Now we wait for the buyer. He'll be here at midnight.", Tony spoke before closing the boxes just as Broadway and Elisa caught up to Goliath.

"Goliath? What are you doing here?", Elisa asked.

"I could ask you the same, Elisa. Not that it matters much. You're both just in time to help me deal with the one who shot Ezra and Elsa.", Goliath responded.

"What?", Broadway puzzled.

"Oh, that's right. You don't know. Ezra and Elsa were shot and the human responsible is in this building.", Goliath responded.

"Yeah, but…", Elisa began.

"Come. There's No More Time For Talk.", Goliath urged before diving in toward the warehouse.

"You're gonna have to tell the truth sooner or later.", Elisa spoke to Broadway.

"Right.", Broadway sighed before both gargoyles followed Goliath.

Meanwhile, Tony was speaking with Glasses over the phone.

"What? Glasses, you're not making sense. Calm Down. Better Get This

Moved Out Of Here.", Tony spoke.

Then, all of a sudden, Goliath, Broadway, and Elisa burst through the wall, catching him off-guard.

"What? Shoot 'em!", Tony urged before his men fired with the three gargoyles splitting from each other, with Goliath then noticing a nearby power box and cutting off the power, turning the lights off, allowing Broadway and Elisa to sneak across the beams and land on the ground behind them.

"You're mine! All of you!", Broadway shouted with fury before then tossing one of his men aside as Elisa knocked another back with her wing with Tony forced to back away and make a break for it, not knowing that Goliath is coming for him.

Meanwhile, another henchman was firing a laser at Elisa, who dodged the blasts before then catching his wrist, catching the man unawares as he exclaimed in shock just as Tony almost got shot by one of his men, who was trying to go for the gargoyles, before heading off another way just as Goliath followed him while Broadway grabbed a henchman with his tail and tossed him aside toward a crate, leaving a hole in it just as Elisa caught up to Broadway before both turned toward Goliath.

"Goliath!", Broadway spoke before Tony ran up the stairs only for Goliath to catch up, prompting Tony to get out his laser gun and fire only for Goliath to dodge them before eventually getting the gun out of his hand with his tail and bursting through the catwalk, forcing Tony to back away just as Elisa and Broadway saw what was going on.

"Goliath!", Elisa spoke just before Tony started to fall as he tipped back only for Goliath to catch him by the leg.

"You are the one who shot Ezra and Elsa Maza.", Goliath spoke angrily.

"What?", Tony puzzled before Goliath prepared to attack only for Elisa to stop him.

"Goliath, no! You can't kill him.", Elisa urged.

"You think not? Your siblings will have her revenge through me.", Goliath responded.

"But he didn't shoot Ezra or Elsa. I Did.", Broadway responded, stunting his leader.

"What?", Goliath puzzled.

"It was an accident. I was looking at her gun and... It went off.", Broadway explained.

"We managed to get them to the hospital as fast as we can.", Elisa added in assurance.

"I... I'm sorry.", Broadway apologized just before Goliath turned back to Tony and then grabbed a bar form the fence and wrapped it around Tony to keep him still.

"Come... We have much to talk about.", Goliath spoke as he walked off before later, Tony and his men were both trapped with the gate opening before Owen walked in.

"You were the buyer.", Goliath realized.

"Mr. Xanatos had to get the guns back somehow. Excellent job by the way. He'll be pleased that you have recovered his property.", Owen responded before Goliath growled.

"Just one thing, though. Are all the stolen weapons here?", Elisa asked.

"Hard to say for certain. But I estimate that 37 guns, rifles and heavy weapons are missing. No doubt they've already been sold on the street.",Owen responded.

"I thought so.", Elisa responded before picking up one of the laser guns.

"What are you doing?", Owen asked.

"Making sure that they don't fall into the wrong hands.", Elisa responded as she primed the gun before aiming it at the laser guns.

"Let's go, pilgrim, and don't forget the horse.", Elisa smirked.

"Wait!", Owen urged before Elisa only fired at the laser guns, instantly destroying them.

"Mr. Xanatos isn't going to like this.", Owen spoke.

"I'll be happy to discuss the matter with him.", Goliath responded.

"In fact…, we both will.", Elisa responded while smashing the weapon into two before setting them near Tony.

"Hey, what are you doing?", Tony asked.

"Making sure the police can link you with the stolen guns.", Elisa responded.

"Come. We have a sick friend to visit.", Goliath spoke.

"You mean, Elsa isn't dead?", Broadway asked in surprise.

"I knew she'd pull through.", Elisa grinned just as Goliath then walked away with Elisa and Broadway following him.

Later, Elisa, Broadway, and Goliath watched as Ezra, Derek, Peter, and Diane sat near Elsa, who suddenly moved her finger before waking up.

"Mom?", Elsa asked before Diane looked up in surprise and relief as did Derek and Peter.

"Elsa.", Peter spoke in surprise.

"You're awake!", Derek spoke in awe.

"Oh, thank goodness.", Diane sighed.

"How Do You Feel?", Derek asked.

"Ugh. Kinda groggy. What happened?", Elsa asked.

"That's what we'd like to know.", Peter responded.

"Did you hear, Elsa? Captain Chavez just called. Dracon's finally been arrested for grand theft.", Ezra spoke.

"They even found him in a warehouse with Xanatos' Guns, all of them destroyed. He was babbling about monsters attacking him and his men.", Derek added as Elisa smirked from hearing that before the nurse walked in and spoke up.

"You'll have to leave now. She's past the crisis point but she needs her rest.", the nurse advised.

"Can I at least stay with her until she gets her rest? After all, I did get shot, too.", Ezra spoke before the nurse nodded with the rest of the family waving slightly and left with the nurse following them, leaving Ezra and Elsa alone, except for Goliath, Elisa, and Broadway, that is.

"Hi, Guys.", Elsa weakly greeted.

"What took you so long?", Ezra added.

"Elsa, it was all my fault. i was playing with your gun and...it went off. i'll never touch a gun again.", Broadway wore.

"It's okay. In my defense, I probably should have been a lot more careful about where I left it. We both made mistakes.", Elsa assured.

"Yeah. But you nearly paid for those mistakes with your life.", Broadway responded.

"Then, let's not repeat them. Besides, I've been through a lot worse. Can't think of any right now, but…", Elsa responded.

"Now, where have I heard that before?", Ezra smirked.

"Come. She needs her rest.", Goliath advised.

"Goliath...", Elsa began before Goliath stopped her.

"Shh... Sleep now. You're safe.", Goliath assured before he and Broadway got out the way they came in and turned to stone as soon as the sun rose up with Elisa magically changing back to normal before looking up to see Goliath and Broadway still outside, but near the window.

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