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            Footsteps marked the arrival of the Guardian of the Floating Isle. He stood in front of his destination for a few silent moments, no sound save for the wind blowing through the old Dark Legionairre ruins. A crumpled piece of printout was held in one hand; Instructions. More like demands.

            A wary glance around the area only laid eyes upon his three companions. Mighty, Vector, and Julie-Su. The same expression belied all their features; Determination, hatred, and concern. They knew why they were here. A life hung in the balance. Relying, of course, that the life was still in existance.

            "Let's go." So they did. Walking silently in to ruins that were not, a building that still stood.

            A short time later, muffled cries echored throughout, seemingly engulfing the quartet in new fear. Espio. The life still existed, but was in pain.

            "I'm here!" Knuckles called out. As if on cue, or perhaps in response, a true scream from their freind waved through their souls. A scream that told of uncomprehensable pain, anguish, the tearing of a body and mind.

            "So, you are." A wicked laugh along with the rattling of chains averted the eyes of the four Chaotix to the entranceway to another room. Doorless, but no clear view to the interior.

            Breaths caught in the throats of the four. "Kragok.." Knuckles was the one to gasp out, eyes upon the Legionairre who should have been dead.

            That is, untill they noticed the figure hunched on the ground, chained and leashed as it was.

            "Oh, god.." Came from Mighty. The armadillo stared with no attempt to disguise his shock att he bloodied figure of their friend.

            Espio the chameleon, shackled wrists chained to shackled ankles, looked like he hadn't eaten in days. A metal collar fitted around his neck was leashed, the other end held in the single flesh hand of his captor. Blood pooled underneath his form, still forming from rivulets that ran from his mouth and just about his entire body from the waist down. The wounds were fresh.

            The low growling from Vector's crocodilian throat vocalised their growing hatred and anger perfectly.

            "What do you want?" Knuckles asked, eyes narrowed in a glare.


            "What do you want?" Espio asked, eyes narrowed in a glare.

            Kragok circled the young chameleon, eyes overlooking every aspect of the boys' body, taking no notice of the return glare he revcieved. The teen's hands were chained to the ceiling, feet chained to the ground. Yet, the boy showed no fear. Kragok found it rather remarkable.

            The Legionairre came to stand in front of the chameleon once again, smiling in a way that could only be described as 'malicious'. He leaned forward slightly untill their faces were inches apart. "Why, I want you." Flesh hand upon flesh cheek, and lips touched.

            The confusion that clouded Espio's brain cleared in an instand of horrified understanding. He had been kidnapped alone, and, untill that moment, he couldn't understand why. Then, why else would the Legion go to the trouble of taking him and only him and then to be treated in such a way by their commander..

            "Oh, god!" Came the understanding cry. A laugh was the only response he recieved. Had Espio been able to move, even the slightest, he may have been able to avoid it when two of Kragok's mechanical fingers forced their way inside..


            Quiet sobbing, clearly heard throughout the rather silent ruins, diverted attention to the bloody teen once again.

            "You bitch!" Strangely, Vector was the one to stop Mighty from lunging forward.

            Knuckles, however, was not one to waste time on insults during such a dire situation. "What is it that you want, Kragok?"

            "Isn't it obvious?" A malicious grin spread across Kragok's face, nearly reaching his mismatched eyes.

            Eyes only narrowed further. "You want me." It wasn't a question; It was restating the facts.

            "No!" All eyes turned to the still sobbing chameleon. "Knuckles, don't give your -- !" The plea was cut short by a rather savage pull of his leash. A painfull cry escaped his mouth as he slipped on his own blood, jostling whatever injuries he had.

            Kragok, leash in flesh hand, sneered down at his captive. "Quiet, whore."

            This time, Julie-Su had to hold back Vector and Mighty from attacking Kragok.


            Espio couldn't remember when he started screaming. All he knew was pain, and that the screaming helped to release some of it. Not enough, but some. His own screams increased with every new thrust of agony.

           "Be quiet, whore!" A metal hand smacked him at the back of his head, stunning him for a few moments. Screams turned to whimpers soon after, voice raw. It stayed that way for nearly two days afterwards.


            "How long have you been doing this to him?!" Demanded Julie-Su, only able to glare angrilly at her half brother. For everything that he had done, not even she thought he would sink so low..

            "Since he's been in my custody." A calm reply with a smile, as nonchalant as if they had been discussing the weather.

            "But you kidnapped him two weeks ago."

            "And he's been my little whore ever since." Kragok tugged on the leash, causing the topic of their discussion to fall flat on the bloody floor again. "Ne, Espy-chan?"

            If looks could kill, Kragok would have been dead four times over.

            "I wasn't alone, you know." Seems that Kragok wasn't finished gloating. The Legionairre held all the cards and knew it. "Little Espy-chan is quite the slut.."


            They had been taking turns with him for hours now. Espio couldn't tell for how long, exactly. All he knew was that his body was a single throbbing pain, and that death would have been welcome. He had lost count after the fourth Legionairre had taken a turn, but that had been quite a while before. Despite it all, he still feared greater when Kragok returned.

            "It's my turn again, Espy-chan.." A term of endearment so cruelly twisted to that of torture. "Here we go.."


            "You will die for this, Kragok." All present wondered how Knuckles continued to maintain such calm in his voice.

            The response was a low laugh. "I doubt that." Kragok flashed a grin to the quietly sobbing figure still on the ground, then looked back to Knuckles. "So.. Are you willing to trade yourself for him?"

            "No!" This time, Espio was ignored. Perhaps for the better.

            Soft 'click's were suddenly echoed around the room. Kragok seemed to know what the sound ment; Fear flashed in his single flesh eye for a split second. Then, it turned to anger, directed at Knuckles. "You agreed to only bring your group!"

            Knuckles continued to be stoic. "I lied."


            The echo of a 'click' awoke Espio from much needed slumber. His eyes opened, staring streight ahead at the door to the small cell that he was held in. He knew what was coming, but still could not stop the fear.

            "Espy-chan, my little whore.." Kragok's voice, as clear as the water he so rarely recieved.

            He couldn't stop the tears.


            The Echidna Security Team had somehow gotten inside and throughout the ruins without alterting the Dark Legion. It was only a few scant minutes before all who were there, Kragok included, were restrained and arrested. As well as, in the process, the rescue of Espio.

            The teen's shock was more than understandable, and he was immediently rushed to the hospital. The Chaotix stayed at his side, but didn't ask questions.

            They were simply there for him, and that was enough.



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