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My Wolf

It's been so long since I have been home... My parents gave me up for adoption when I was just a baby. They couldn't take care of me and wanted me to have a good life. Well... I came from Forks, Washington. My parents being Charlie and Renee Swan. I just found out that Charlie and Renee had divorced and without Charlie being notified, Renee kept me in the foster care system while she kept my little sister. Isabella.

Now I'm sure you're wondering why keep Bella? Why not keep both kids? Renee went through a post partum depression that no one wants to talk about. She also kind of forgotten me as she moved from state to state, moving when she could, taking care of Bella. Since I am now 16, one year older than Bella, the courts contacted Charlie whether he would want me back in his care.

So here I am, traveling from Seattle to Forks with my dad. I held onto his hand has drove us home. I had a good life, growing up, a few bumps up and down in life, but what teenager didn't have a bit of drama?

"I have a surprise for you, when we get back," Charlie said as he looked over to me. I looked to him.

"A surprise? You bringing me home is a surprise in itself, daddy..."

"I still can't believe Renee kept you in the system without letting me know... I would've had you home as soon as she left."

"It's okay, daddy. You got me now. That's all that matters."

We went back to riding in silence but that was fine. With it being almost a 4 hour drive, I curled up and slept after giving Charlie his hand back. It was when we went from asphalt to gravel that I woke up. Charlie held back a chuckle as he looked to me. I raised an eye brow and looked in the pull down mirror. My hair was sticking up in so many ways. I pouted before taking it out of the messy bun it came to be and quickly fixed it into a pony tail.

"Welcome home, little Lottie."

He turned the car into a drive way to a two story home. It was white and looked like Charlie took time to keep it clean outside. I noticed two trucks beside the cruiser that we were in.

"That's my friend Billy and his son Jacob. They live on the reservation and are throwing a welcome home bonfire for you," Charlie said with a grin.

"That's so cool!" I said as we got out of the car. A lanky teenager pushed a older gentleman in a wheelchair from one side of the truck over to the tail to meet us.

"Billy, Jacob, this is Christine. Or little Lottie as I call her."

I blushed and ducked my head.

"It's nice to meet you!" I said, holding out my hand. Billy took it and shook it with a warm smile.

"I'm glad he was able to bring you home, my girl. Charlie here hasn't stopped talking about it since the courts called him," Billy said with a grin. Charlie rolled his eyes.

"Alright now..."

"It's true though..."

"Want me to push you into the mud?!" Charlie playfully growled out.

"I could so take you on!"

Charlie and Billy joked around each other as the lanky teen came up to me.

"Hey... I'm Jacob," He said, holding out his hand. I took it with a small smile.

"Christine. Are they always like this?" I asked as we watched them, Billy nearly getting Charlie in the ankle. I giggled as he motor boated his arms to keep himself from falling into the ditch.

"Oh yeah, sometimes it's worse with the old age. So I hear you're coming down to the reservation tonight?" He asked me, pushing a piece of hair out of his face.

"Yeah, daddy said something about a bonfire?" I asked curiously, taking a hair band off my wrist to give to Jacob has he moved another piece of hair. He took it with a chuckle and thanked me as he put his hair back in a half up, half down do. I waved his thanks away.

"I understand, hair is not fun in the face nor does it taste good."

"Should I ask how you know that?"

"Lets just say I'm not friends with the wind."

"I gotcha."

We went to chuckling over Charlie and Billy. After a while, they came back to us and Charlie leaned against the truck.

"Now, Christine, this here is my truck. But with you being 16, and you have what two years left of school?"

"Oh... I have 1 year. I'm the youngest in my class."

"Anyway... That's still 1 year where you need to go to school. I have my cruiser for work so I'll give you the keys to the truck as long as you promise me to use the gas wisely and to be safe," Charlie said as he pulled some keys out of his pocket. I looked to him wide eyed.

"Of course! Thank you, daddy!" I told him and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around me with a welcoming sigh. He handed me the keys and I took them and looked to Jacob. "Want to show me the way to the reservation? I'm sure, daddy won't mind riding with Billy, right?"

I looked to Charlie. He shrugged, "I don't mind. Just know you're driving home too."

"As long as you don't get me lost, we'll be fine!" I grinned.

"Then you got yourself a deal, Lottie."

Jacob grinned and hopped into the passenger seat as Charlie took Billy to his truck. I waited til everyone was situated before starting the truck and pulled out of the driveway. Me and Jacob talked about how much fun the bon fire would be.

"My friends Embry and Quil should be there tonight. I mean you might be a little older than us by 2 years, but hey, you can always use friends right?" He asked me. I nodded.

"Always. So Jacob, any girlfriends coming?" I asked with a grin, watching him dunk his head in embarrassment. He shook his head as he pointed down a road to turn. I took it.

"Why not?"

"Oh well... Girls haven't really been... My thing yet..."

"So you're gay?" I asked, trying to hide my giggling with a cough.

"No! I just spend too much time home working in the barn." He practically shouted out at me with a blush.

"What do you work on?" He pointed to one last turn. I parked in front of a red house with a decent size barn to the side and a shed in the back of the property.

"Oh, I'm working on my car! A 1986 Rabbit. She needs a few more pieces but those will have to wait til I get the money up for them," Jacob asked as he got out of the now turned off truck. I got out and followed him into the barn as Charlie and Billy rolled up beside us.

A old beat up car sat in the middle of the barn being held up by a couple of car jacks.

"Is that safe?" I asked him as I sat on the couch that sat on the wall facing the doors to the barn.

"Probably not but it was the only way to get it up so I can get under it," Jacob said with a shrug as he got on the ground and checked the oil pan that sat under his engine. He went about, working on his car as I watched silently.

"Hey kids! Come on out!" I heard my dad yell out. I winced as Jacob hit his head on the frame of the car.

"Are you okay?" I asked him.

"Yeah. I'll have a nice bruise will be here in a few..." He said as he got up. We walked out of the barn to see more people arriving. I went straight to my dad and stood by his side. A older couple came up with their kids behind them.

"Christine, this is Harry Clearwater and his wife Sue. Leah and Seth are following behind slowly. Be careful of Leah.. She went through a bad break up.." He whispered the last part to me. I nodded but waved anyway.

"It's so good to meet you!" Sue said as she drew me into a hug. I patted her back with a slight cough. She let me go with a chuckle, Harry coming up behind her and took my hand, shaking it.

"Now he gets to feed you all of my famous fish fry!" He laughed out loud. I only nodded with a slight smile. Don't get me wrong, fish is good, but I only like certain types and they have to be cooked just right. Grilled or broiled.

Charlie took them to the back of the house where Billy was sitting at a fire pit. I walked over to him and sat on the log next to him. Jacob stayed behind talking to Seth while Leah stayed by the car, her arms folded and her head down. Two more lanky teenager boys came up to Jacob and I watched them all fist bump each other.

"Why not join them?" I heard being asked. I turned to look at Billy.

"I've never been good at meeting so many people in one go... I tend to get anti social after a while..." I lowly admitted. It was true. I could only handle so many people before I feel off and stand in the back so the crowd would die down. He nodded before he started the fire, Charlie standing by a table. I looked at it and noticed Sue was bringing out tubs of food. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, a veggie platter. Harry followed behind her with cups and a cooler, I guess which was filled with drinks and ice.

I turned back to the fire and pulled my jacket closer to myself as a gust of wind blew through the area. I felt eyes on me and I looked to the woods. I tilted my head feeling my eyes widen as I saw a wolf begin to reveal itself. It stopped when a howl sounded. I pouted. I wanted to see the wolf more.

I got up and even though I know it wasn't smart, I walked over to the woods.

"So one wolf, two wolves. Anymore of you out here?" I asked quietly, knowing they couldn't understand me. The first wolf had backed up as I came closer. I stood right at the forest line and watched the wolf stare me down before shaking his head.

"You are a big boy, aren't you?" I noticed how tall he was. His fur was mostly silver with gray entwined. He lightly whimpered, lowering himself to the ground. I looked back to the group behind me and noticed that no one noticed me gone. I looked back to the wolf and edged myself closer. I held out a hand and carefully rubbed behind his ear. He grumbled, closing his eyes as he leaned in closer.

I grinned at him.

"If you're still here after the welcoming party, I'll see if I can give you the left over food. Probably not good to feed wildlife but I can't let a animal go hungry," I whispered to it. He looked to me before licking my face. I laughed out loud, pushing his head back. I wiped my face off before sticking out my tongue.

"Christine?!" I heard. I groaned.

"Well... That's my dad... I better go..." I whispered with a sigh. He whimpered but nudged me back to the forest line. "I'll be back later okay?" He nodded before nudging me again. I kissed his muzzle before running back to the fire pit.

"Sorry, daddy! The forest was calling my name!" I said with a grin. Charlie rubbed his face with a sigh.

"Just let me know next time and be careful, Lottie. This isn't the city," He said as he hugged me close.

"Oh I know, daddy. I know."