With great power comes great responsibility. It's a lesson Bella and her best friends had to learn the hard way. However, fate is about to dish up yet another class. While attempting to find their feet in normalcy the girls will be tested like never before. Rated M, Canon couples, Lemons.

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This story is a sequel to Weapon, but you don't need to read them in order.



It's official.

I'm the world's worst maid of honour.

"I've lost her," I mutter under my breath.

She still hears.

"What the fuck!" Alice screams at me.

While my best friend is tiny, she's truly terrifying. In our deep burgundy dresses we were ready to take to the chapel on the hill. Rosalie hadn't wanted a big wedding. She'd found a small venue that would cater to a handful of guests. She'd pulled out all of the bohemian stops. Her reception would be in a large field with long tables, fairy lights and long grass surrounding us. The stars above us would shine down on our beautiful, but currently misplaced, bride.

"She's not here," I say, "She was in her dress, basically set to go. I left her to go to the toilet for two minutes."

"You should have crossed your legs," Alice snapped, taking out her phone.

It had been almost ten months since we arrived home from Germany. The broken Alice is long gone. After Jasper betrayed us all she'd been a shell of a human. The bitchy side of her remained fine though.

His mother, Lucinda, had asked for him to join her in her truly evil plot. If he refused he would have watched her murder Alice, the woman he was desperately in love with. But also desperate to win back. He loved her still. Weekly he messaged me for updates about her. I hadn't had the heart to tell him she's seeing someone new. All three of us girls know it's nothing like what she had with Jasper. But Jasper wouldn't ever stop chasing her forgiveness, and I know in my heart one day she will give it.

The mission overall was nuts. The craziest of my spy career. Edward, my hot, sexy, weapon designing boyfriend developed a deadly gas bomb which could be used in war. Designed to take out an enemy using biological warfare, so less of our defence force was required for a mission. It fell into the wrong hands and Jasper's mother wanted to use it for world domination. She had wanted to knock out the world leaders and run the world like Beyoncé, but not sexy.

I'd gotten hit in the crossfire after I was caught in a room where the gas was let go through vents. While there was a cure, it took my body a bit of patience to bounce back. I still suffered some health problems, but the doctors were fairly happy with my progress. My personal boyfriend nurse certainly helped matters, my best friends too.

Jasper had been tugged into the drama with blackmail, he was a pawn in the game he had no choice to play. While Alice refused to forgive, I had been more understanding. Rosalie was slowly coming round too. We could relate to his reasoning, even if Rose took a little longer to come around. We both agree we would have acted the same way.

"Sorry I have a shit bladder," I roll my eyes.

"We need to find her. Emmett will be heartbroken if he's left waiting," she sighs.

"I'll go find Edward," I step out into the hallway, "maybe he knows where she went?"

Rosalie had rented out a small farm house down the street from the venue. Both of the bridal parties were staying here. Just on separate ends of the house. Emmett and Rosalie weren't all that traditional and didn't mind bumping into each other last night. However, this morning we were tasked with keeping them apart, by Alice. While I was the maid of honour, Alice was the wedding planner nazi who had put all of her energy into perfecting this day. She'd done an incredible job so far. I think she was just using it as a way to get out of seeing her new boy toy and dealing with Jasper in one go.

My other best friend, and blushing bride, was my other ninja-like spy partner. We'd been an awesome threesome. I believe your soul mate isn't just one person - my proof is in Edward, Alice and Rose.

After Germany we'd all found our own paths. None of us are in a hurry to reach for a gun or spy gear. Rosalie had put her energy into the wedding, Alice had put her energy into beginning her own side business designing jewellery and I had started teaching self defence classes for girls at Emmett's school. Both my friends came to help me some weeks, offering examples of how to stop an attacker. Turns out when you take our police badge off us we're productive.

We'd kept in contact with Jasper's father, Sid, who was happy to give us space, but insisted our jobs were still there for us. He would be at the wedding today. Rosalie had asked him to walk her down the aisle, to which he had started crying. Jasper's family had adopted Rosalie, which meant Lucinda's betrayal had come as a massive shock. I could tell she couldn't wait to take up Emmett's name and be rid of the attachment.

"Edward," I knock on his door.

He opens it straight away, Felix is sitting on the bed behind him trying to fix his tie, tongue out in concentration.

"Have you seen Rose?" I ask.

"Why?" his eyes focus on my dress, taking in each curve of my body.

I loved it when he was so obvious about checking me out. I never considered myself beautiful, but when he looked at me I gave the thought more weight.

"Focus, darling," I smile clicking my fingers in front of his face, "Rose is gone. Alice went to find the photographer and I went to the toilet. We came back and she was missing."

"We could go missing too, you know," he smirks fiddling with his cuff link.

I push past him into the room sighing.

"Felix, could you come help me look? Least you won't hit on me every two seconds," I say.

He looks up at me from his tie still struggling.

"Can you?" he asks me.

Sighing with a helpless grin I nod. Edward watches me with a close eye as I loop the tie correctly and tighten it against Felix's neck.

"There," I say, "that looks much better."

It suddenly occurs to me they're alone. They're groom is also missing.

"Where's Em?" I ask.

"No idea," Edward shrugs, eyes on my chest.

God he's a child. A lying one at that.

"Edward. You know where they are don't you?" I point my finger at him acussingly.

"Nope," he shakes his head, eyes now on my lips.

He's turning me on with his gaze alone. This was not the right time.

I turn to study Felix's face. He refuses to look me in the eye. While I may not crack Edward, Felix was fair enough game.

"Felix," I say, "tell me where they went? You know if Alice finds out she will lose her shit. She's superstitious about stuff like this."

"Where who went?" Alice stands at the door, hands on her hips, looking like a frightening beast.

"Slim Shady," Edward says quickly, to which he receives a frosty glare from Alice.

"Felix, baby," she flashes him an adorable smile, batting her lashes as she moves to place a hand on his chest, "where is my friend? Tell me and I'll save you a dance."

"Oh… ah," he stammers, powerless to her flirtatious devices.

"Stay strong, man," Edward's eyes turn serious, "don't give in."

"But she's so…" he begins staring into Alice's wide eyes, "hot."

The compliment makes Alice's mouth twitch. She fights the smile while remaining deadly serious.

"Where are they?" She grounds out.

"There's a shed out back," he begins.

He steps to take her into his embrace, but she's already flying from the room, running in her high heels toward the exit.

"You came so close," Edward sighs, "you poor thing. I hope you get that dance for that."

"If she got her white dress dirty I'll hit the roof," I groan heading in the direction crazy, pixie friend went, "you two are in big trouble for letting Emmett disappear like that."

"Punish me, Bells," Edward pulls me back against his chest, kissing my neck, "I'll lie down and you can teach me."

"Tempting," I stroke his arm around my waist enjoying my back against his hard body, "very tempting."

"May I say this dress is incredibly hot. It's doing things to me," he whispers into my ear, "you think I could kick Felix out?"

For a moment I begin to nod, eyes closed letting my other senses enjoy his husky voice against my skin.

"No," I snap out of it, "don't do that. Stop seducing me."

He laughs as I smack his arm away from my waist.

"See you at the altar, sexy," he calls after me, "I wish you were the one in white."

His comment sends heat to my cheeks as I race down the set of stairs in the house. I hear yelling from the backyard, my best friends are fighting. As I step outside I see them in a scream competition - Alice is winning.

"This is horrible luck," Alice wails.

"As if we believe in that shit," Rosalie shouts, "we've had bad luck galore this last year. What more could fuck us up?"

"Let's not even tempt fate," the short but fired up pixie growls, "get your ass in side. Emmett you get your ass in the car. You are suppose to be walking down the aisle ten minutes ago. Isabella, you're suppose to be yelling at them you're the maid of honour."

"Why'd you think I picked her? So she wouldn't chew my ass off for…" Rose begins.

"Fucking him before the ceremony?" Alice finishes, hand on her hip.

"I'll um," Emmett places a quick kiss on Rose's cheek before scurrying past me.

"What has your panties in a twist?" Rose glares at Alice.

"Nothing," she huffs, "just go and get fucking married."

"Is this about Jasper?" I offer.

Alice shoots me a cold glare. As she walks toward me I think she might hit me for a moment, but she simply storms past me without another word.

"It's about Jasper," Rosalie nods, "I knew I shouldn't have invited him."

"Wait what? Does she know that?" I ask.

"Every time I went to tell her I chickened out," Rosalie shrugs, "I know that makes me awful, but if I told her he would be there, she wouldn't come. Or she'd convince me to have him not come, and I think this is what we need. A fresh foot."

"I think the term is fresh slate," I say, "lets go. You look incredible by the way."

Incredible was putting it lightly. She looked radiant. Her white dress was a strapless, figure hugging gown. Lace covered the bodice, with the hem flaring out around her feet. We'd pulled her hair into a bun that she hadn't disturbing during her sexual rendezvous. Her make up was simple, amplifying her perfect features.

It's a shame Alice will mess it all up when she finds out Jasper is here today.

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