Ok, erm...this is my first lil het story. I hope it doesn't suck. I'm used to writing yaoi buh yeah. ^^ I couldn't help it, I was in the mood and my friend C-Chan inspired me to write it. *waves to C-Chan* She also has a lil story of hers from Naruto's point of view.  I think it is the most adorable one yet ^^ Well, I ohpe this doesn't suck, like I said, it's my first het story.

Oh yeah, this has to do with the latest ch of Naruto; ch 172. Haven't read it yet? Don't read this or you will be confused. Well, only a lil bit ^^



Why are you crying?

Don't cry, please don't cry.

Are you crying for me? Were you actually worried for me?


She sheds endless tears for me, telling me how scared she was that I would die. That I would leave her. She cries telling me that she didn't want to lose me just like she almost lost Lee.

She was scared for me.

She cares for me.

Why did I only realize that now?

I always thought girls were a nuisance. Always agreeing with me just because they think I know everything, fawning over my good looks. They never really cared for me. I thought Sakura was just the same and that it was just an infatuation that would pass with time.

But it wasn't.

No matter how many times I pushed her away, she came back to me.

She came back because she believed she could change me.

She can't. Not until I defeat my older brother, not until I kill him.

But then, after that, what will I do? What will be the purpose of my life after I defeat him?

I don't' know.

My eyes softened as I looked at her gently. How could I not realize she cared? She cared for me just as much as Naruto does. It's not just for my looks or my smarts anymore.

She loves me for who I am.

She loves me for me.

Is that possible? For someone to love me? No. I lost whatever love I had for anyone a long time ago.

But then, what's this feeling I feel when she's with me, when she holds me? When she sheds her tears for me? Why do I feel light-headed when I'm with her? Why am I feeling this way all of a sudden?

Sakura, please don't cry anymore. I don't' want you to cry. I'm alive. I'll be ok.

Please don't' cry anymore.

I want to see your smile again.

I want to see your face as happy as ever, I want to hear your laughing voice; I want to see your bright and happy personality.

Because, now, I don't' know what I'd do without you.

You're really a cherry blossom, I've seen you develop your skills slowly and although you're nowhere near me and Naruto, you're improving.

And I'm proud of you.

Sakura, don't cry. I'm alright.

I'm going to be ok.

Don't cry. I want to see your smiling face.

I want to stare deep into your loving eyes.

I want to hear you laughing voice.

I want to hold you in my arms.


My Sakura.

My one and only.

My eternal cherry blossom.

My lover.

My everything.

Now I know why you make me feel the way I do.

Because of love. You showed me what feeling loved means like again.

You showed me that you cared.

And I don't care anymore.

Because all I want to do is protect you.

I love you.

And I'll stay with you, until the day I die.


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Erm...yeah, you won't get it less you read ch 172 of Naruto. I said that already ppl!!! Well, if you didn't listen, then you are probably confused now. READ ch 172 it is SO sweet and sappy and beautiful. ^^

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