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* At the party *

"Hey Jimmy! What's up?" said Sheen with his arm around Libby's waist.

"Hey Sheen. So what's been going on?"

"Oh you should have been here earlier!" said Libby. "Nick was trying to make a move on this one girl and she dumped the entire punch bowl on his head!"

"Yeah, it was some pretty funny stuff," said Sheen.

"He deserved that," said Cindy. "I always knew he was a jerk."

Jimmy giggled. "So did anything else happen?"

"No, that's pretty much it so far."

"Come on Libby! Let's go get in the hot tub!" said Sheen as he dragged Libby in the direction of the hot tub.

"So. what do you want to do?" Cindy asked Jimmy.

"Um. let's see if we can find a place where there's not so many people."

"Good idea."

(Oh, and this party is at someone from their college's mansion. Sounds like a pretty cool party, huh?)

Jimmy and Cindy walk around until they find a dark room with a fireplace and NO ONE there. (he he ;)

"Let's sit in here," said Jimmy.


Jimmy and Cindy sit on a couch in front of the fireplace.

"So what do you want to talk about?" asked Cindy.

"Did you know that you have beautiful eyes?"

Cindy looked into Jimmy's eyes. "Really?"

"What on earth made me say that?" thought Jimmy. "Uh. Yeah. Your eyes are very beautiful." Jimmy looked deeper into Cindy's eyes, closed his eyes, and started kissing her. Soon, they began French kissing for a long period of time and then stopped.

Both of them were speechless for a while until Jimmy broke the silence.

"You know, I never thought we'd be doing this when I was younger."

"Yeah, me neither," replied Cindy.

"I've always liked you Cindy."


"Yeah. I guess I just didn't have the guts to tell you."

"Same thing with me."

"Well that's weird," said Jimmy. "We both had the same feelings for each other, but hid them with hurtful insults and bad remarks."

"Jimmy, I love you."

"I love you too Cindy."

Cindy wrapped her arms around Jimmy's neck and kissed him. Jimmy kissed her back, and then Cindy pulled him down so that he was lying on top of her. Jimmy got a smirk on his face and started kissing her again. Soon enough, Jimmy and Cindy were making out horizontally on the couch.

* Back to Sheen and Libby *

"I wonder what Jimmy and Cindy are doing now," said Libby.

"Wanna go check on them?"


Sheen and Libby started looking around the mansion for Jimmy and Cindy.

"I wonder if they've finally got to know each other better," said Libby.

"Maybe. They probably haven't kissed yet though."

Sheen and Libby keep walking until they look into the room where Jimmy and Cindy were.

Libby gasps. "Oh my gosh!"

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