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The picnic that night was a great time for all the newsies. Sarah was finally free to be a newsie again, and seeing her friends face to face made her extremely happy. What was more, one of the girls she had met while working for James came with her.

"This is my friend, Kaye." Sarah said, introducing the blonde-haired girl wearing pigtails braids next to her.

Kaye laughed, her blue eyes twinkling. "I can introduce myself, Sarah. Like she said, I'm Kaye."

"Nice ta meet ya." Jack said, shaking her hand. "I'se Jack Kelly."

"Cricket." Cricket said, also shaking her hand.

"Yeah, I know who you are. Sarah's told me about you." Kaye said to Cricket. "She told me all about being a newsie. It sounds like fun." She looked rather pointedly at him.

Cricket laughed. "You've got anything planned, now that you're free to do what you want?" Kaye shook her head, smiling. "Great, we've been looking for a new newsie... if you'd like to be one."

"I'd love it!" Kaye exclaimed.

Cricket, Jack, Cow, and Sarah laughed.

"Great, and you can come stay with us." Cow said, speaking up for Cricket, like always.

"I would've anyway." Kaye said. She smiled at them and leaned back against the tree happily.

The next day, both groups of newsies were up early. Having already packed, the New Yorkers only had to put their suitcases, which were a surprisingly little amount, into the carriages the mayor had sent over. As they were about to get in, the Chicago newsies showed up down the block, where they stood, waiting to say good bye.

"We'll be right back." Jack told the drivers, and he lead the New York newsies down the street. "Well, well, well. If it ain't the Chicago newsies."

Cricket grinned. "Couldn't let you leave without saying a proper good bye."

"Oooo, proper now, are ya?" Race asked, laughing.

"Yeah." Cricket stepped forward, holding his hand out for Jack to shake. "It was good having you here. And if you ever come back and need a place to stay, just come knocking on the Lodging House door."

"Same ta all of you." Jack said. He extended his hand, and the two leaders shook. "You talk ta the mayor yet?"

"We're going right after this." Cricket said. "We'll talk some sense into him."

Jack laughed. "Good."

"We'll see you later, then." Cricket nodded, and the Chicago newsies turned and left, except three of them- Brogue, Sky, and Hope.

The New York newsies watched them walk away, and then Jack, too, turned around. "We better get goin'."

They all walked away, leaving Fantasy, Rave, Atlantic, Racetrack, and Skittery to say good bye.

Race smiled at them. "It was a good trip, huh?"

"If you want to call it that." Sky said. But he was smiling, too.

"Tell Maggie I said bye, will ya?" Rave asked them.

"Tell 'er we all said bye." Atlantic said.

"We will, don't worry." Hope promised them.

Fantasy sighed. "We better get goin'... promise you'll write?"

"Only if ye write us." Brogue said, and Fantasy nodded.

They all hugged. Fantasy, Hope, and Atlantic were crying. They knew that they probably wouldn't see each other again, but they were trying not to be too sad. Fantasy smiled a little, though, when she thought she saw a tear in Rave's eye; she didn't mention it to anyone.

And so they left to join their friends in the carriages, and waved good bye to their friends on the corner. They reached the train station and had a relaxing ride home. But once they reached Grand Central Station, all the Manhattan newsies were there waiting for them, and the Jacobs family off to the side, waiting for David.

Jack, as the leader, led them off the train, Spot and David right behind him, and the rest right behind them. And there they stood, facing the seven Manhattan newsies that stayed behind, a little more ragged than when they had left, and a lot more mature.

"How was it, Jack?" Kid asked.

"It was interestin', Kid." Jack said. "Mighty interestin'."


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