Preface: The Discovery

It was a day, just as any other. Peace and tranquility filled the air. My body yearned for the all too familiar rush of adrenaline it was trained for but unbeknownst to others, I basked in these rare moments of uneventfulness. It was nearly unheard of for warriors. Always in training. Always preparing for the next –something—to ensure the continued protection of all realms.

Aezarant, The Ancient Realm, was my home. It has been for centuries. It is in this realm the strongest of warriors reside to protect the others. As warriors, we are skilled in combat. We are skilled in alchemy. Sorcery. We are skilled in what is necessary of us to be tasked with to match equally, if not more powerfully, than our foe. We must never be weak.

I have watched others around me take pride in what we have been tasked with. There is no question of the mission. Of what matters. But I have also observed other realms. I am left curious. I am curious of what more there could be. For a warrior, I am sure, thoughts and curiosities such as mine should not and could not be.

I sit atop the highest mountain tops, taking everything in and nothing. The pink and yellow sky is vibrant and innocent. It knows not of the evils that lurk in other realms. There are many. Earth is the one realm we do tend to not meddle with. The people of Earth are said to be naïve to what creatures truly exist. What they deem as mythical and supernatural and claim is a fallacy is actually quite real. Creatures such as fairies, goblins, elves, ogres, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons all exist. They each exist within their own realms. Realms which we guard to ensure all can live peacefully. They are forbidden from entering Earth.

Eoglemond: The Spring Sanctum is a realm where mermaids, nymphs, fairies and the like reside.

Aphiran: The Ember Terrain is a realm comprised of witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves and the like.

Allovar: The Solitary Isle is our most guarded. The most malevolent and mischievous of creatures were exiled here. Demons, gremlins, black eyed beings…

I am brought back to my reality by the unexpected sound of the horn. It has been blown. It signals a breach has been identified. All warriors are being summoned. There is no time to waste. Without hesitation I leap into the air and take flight. I am in the colosseum without a moment to lose. Everyone has gathered.

"Isa." I am greeted. I have been referred to by this name for as long as I can remember. Born Isabella, sworn in to my rank as Isa, it has become me. It means strength.

"Maia." I bow my head. "I heard the horn. What has happened?"

"Everyone... take a seat." Amira commands. It is not a request. We all do as instructed. My mind tries to think of every possibility as to what could have occurred. Is there a fight amongst the fae? The vampires and werewolves disagreeing over territory within their realm again? I feel it to be much worse. I take a deep breath, ready for our task.

"There has been a breach." Amira begins. "Beings have managed to escape Allovar."

Everyone is silent.

"Has the location been identified?" Fallon asks. She is second in command of her force.

"Indeed, it has," Amira responds. "Earth has been breached."

It is difficult to contain the shock for many. Everyone is looking around. It was near impossible to enter the Earth realm. It was said all portals had been destroyed.

"Do we know how many have escaped?"

"Do we know who escaped?"

"How were they able to enter the Earth realm?"

Several questions are asked at once.

"Silence." Amira commands. "The reports are reading in the thousands. It is still unclear. Demons, goblins, imps and… black eyed beings. There is already circulation among the Earth realm of several attacks. We must assume these creatures are behind these events."

Goblins were mischievous. They enjoyed playing devious tricks on the unsuspecting. They were known to cause harm through their antics. Too small minded, I felt, to have been able to successfully orchestrate a coup and find a way into a realm near impossible to breach. No. They had to have gone along for the ride.

Imps too enjoyed the occasional prank to keep themselves entertained. No doubt following in line with whatever demon it made a deal with.

Demons could take many forms. They can appear to those unsuspecting as humans but are soulless with one goal in mind. They searched to steals souls. They wanted to permanently reside in the Earth realm. It was part of the banishment to the Solitary Isle.

Black eyed beings…while there we not many the mere existence of them is enough to cause alarm. They take human form and appear as young children seeking help. They must be invited in to impart their harm to humans. They become aggressive when angered. If these beings were on the Earth realm, many people could be in grave danger.

"There a few portals in existence that enable the crossing over into the Earth Realm. Two of which are here in Aezarant. We will need a team to travel to Allovar. Ensure those remaining are unable to follow in suit and escape. Track the pattern. Find what portal was breached and made this possible and destroy it. Fallon- is your team prepared for this task?"

"Of course." Fallon bows her head. One look and her team is rising to prepare for their mission.

"Isa," Amira calls for me. "Secure the tools you will need to capture these beings. You will take the east tunnel to the Earth realm portal. Be alert. Be wise. This is not one being you are tracking. This may very well take time and precision to capture all. Are you prepared for this?"

"Yes, Amira." I assure. "I have studied the Earth realm and those who inhabit the realm. I am prepared to do what is required of me."

"Very well. Take what you will need for your journey. Ensure the line of communication is open. Callan and Cynane will take the west tunnel. This portal to will guide you to the eastern signal of the highest activity."

Assignments were made.

We knew our duty.

We each ensured our entrapment capsules were amongst our tools. They were crafted centuries ago after pandora's box was created. Pandora's box was said to contain all the evil from the world—only to be released on the Earth realm which brought about the human's suffering. The entrapment capsules were devised to be able to ensnare demonic beings. This tool was vital, especially against the Black-Eyed beings.

I followed the East tunnel for what felt like hours. It took time and many turns until I finally reached the portal. There was no hesitation. I knew my mission. I would not fail. With that final thought, I stepped through to the Earth realm to a place I would later discover was referred to as Seattle, Washington.

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