Prologue: As Pocahontas looked into her beloved's eyes, she saw a pain she thought she could never know. The pain of losing the most important person in one's life. "Pocahontas?" John's soft voice called her out of her daze. "I said I'll stay here with you." "No." she answered, cupping his cheek with her hand and he rubbed her own with his thumb. "You have to go." But I can't leave you." John protested softly, wincing slightly from the pain of the wound. Pocahontas smiled softly at him. "You never will. You'll always be with me. Forever in my heart." With that she leaned down and gently brushed her lips with his. John kissed her back, the kiss deepening with every second. They clung tightly to one another for a short while. Finally John broke the kiss, coughing slightly. As the settlers lifted the stretcher. he whispered just loud enough for his love to here. "I love you. Wait for me." Though she knew he couldn't here her, she answered. "Always, my love, always."

Two Years Later

"Pocahontas? Pocahontas, you're doing it again." Pocahontas snapped to attention at the sound of her friend's voice. "Sorry." she said. "I didn't think anyone was around." "you were thinking about John again, weren't you." It was more of a statement then a question. Pocahontas looked at her best friend with a sad smile. "How did you know." "Trust me." Nakoma said, sitting down next to her. "I know that look. But in all reality Pocahontas, it has been two years." she said softly "I know." Pocahontas said, lying her head on her friend's shoulder. "It's just that I still miss him so much and I still feel that he's a part of me." "But Pocahontas," Nakoma said with caution. "Don't you think that you were rushing things just a bit. I mean you only knew the man for maybe two weeks." "Yes Nakoma, but;" Pocahontas stood up to walk to the edge of the cliff that overlooked the river. "But I felt something I had never felt before when I was with him. He was the first person to ever tell me that they loved me and somehow I knew he meant it. I mean, I miss everything about him. They feeling of his holding me close, they look in his eyes when he left, the way he kissed me," "You're glazing over Pocahontas." Nakoma warned. "Sorry." she said returning to her place in the grass. "It's just that I wish you could have met him, Nakoma. I pray every night that he will come back to me." "well, if it will make you happy, then I hope you wish comes true." "Thanks Nakoma." Pocahontas said, hugging her best friend. "So do I." she said, a single tear rolling down her cheek. Nakoma smiled then remembered something. "oh." she said. "I almost forgot why I came up here. Your father would like to see you for a moment." "Oh, Of course." Pocahontas said quickly wiping her eyes. "Come, I'll walk with you." Nakoma offered. The two then made their way to Powhaton's hut.