A/N: Is this a slash? I have always been avoidant of writing ship fics due to ship wars. Also, I'm not a DJ. I have fooled around with a mixer at a musical festival at my school. I'm so sorry you have to read my poor explanation of how to scratch.

Word Count: 271 words

Shota went to visit Hizashi's studio he used for his radio show. One step led to another and Hizashi ended up teaching Shota how to DJ.

Shota squinted by the strange 'contraption' in front of him. "Um…" He's surprised to find himself stuttering.

"This is a bare-bone basic DJ set-up. On each side, there is a turntable." Hizashi said.

"..." Shota felt like he was losing brain cells.

"CD player," Hizashi explained.

"Gotcha!" Shota said.

"In the middle is a two-channel mixer. I already went ahead and plug-in some headphones and speakers." Hizashi continued.

"I'm gonna break some rules and teach you how to scratch," Hizashi said, dropping the needle on a hip-hop track he had already in the turntable so it can start playing.

Shota, with headphones on, listened to the sample for a bit to figure out where he wanted to scratch.

"So now you just have to stop the record with your fingertips."

Shota hesitated.

Hizashi came up behind him and gently placed his arms and hands on top of Shota's in order to guide him.

Caught off guard, Shota was trying his best to fight his blush.

A/N: I wrote this draft last year and I wanted to share it.