*sighs* dumb bunny me, i did the html thingie, or something, when i copied and pasted

the link, so *of course* it wouldn't show up, would it? that's how my luck always goes...


ne wayz, thank you Fry for alerting me to that. i owe ya one. ^.^

well, here it is, hopefully it worked....*growls* it had BETTER work; and incase it doesn't

go to adultfanfiction.net, use the author directory, and look me up. my pen name there is

Oni. Same as Neko Oni, but without the Neko. ^.^ it'll take ya right to my page.

here's the link: *crosses fingers* hope this works.....


if it didn't work, just do as i said above; go to aff.net and look me up. yah, i know,

'tis a pain in the arse, but deal with it if ya want the lemon.....