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"They misunderestimated me."


Good Enough: Purple and Blue

Two days. . . Sesshoumaru hadn't seen her in seventy-two hours. It was a new record.

A record that he couldn't stop from creeping into his mind. For Kagome to not show up boasting about how unimportant money actually was, something had to be wrong.

Was he. . . concerned?

Sesshoumaru shook his head hard enough to kill some brain cells, and focused on the business papers before him.

Except he couldn't. That damned girl was still haunting his thoughts. He leaned back into his leather chair uncomfortably.

"Mr.Sesshoumaru, your brother's here to see you."

"Like I didn't have enough problems." He pressed a button on the phone. "Send him in."

Within a few seconds Inu-Yasha had entered the gigantic office.

"We need to talk." He stated gruffly.


Glaring, Inu-Yasha cursed Sesshoumaru for appearing so at ease. His elder brother was made for owning a business. He was intimidating on so many levels. Inu-Yasha already felt like he was being backed into a corner.


Inu-Yasha snapped to attention, "It's about my account, what father left me for college. I need to use some of it for the medical bills."

"Inu-Yasha," Sesshoumaru's eyes flashed, "Father stated in his will that money is to only be used to further your education. Once you've done that you can spend it on unimportant things."

Inu-Yasha looked utterly appalled," Unimportant?! This is a life or death situation!"

"It's not your situation."

"Yes it is!"

"Were you driving?" Sesshoumaru watched his voiceless brother for a long moment. "You were in no way proven responsible for that incident."

"Dammit Sesshoumaru! This is Bull Shit!" Inu-Yasha slammed his fist against the desk as if to emphasize his point.

Eyeing his younger brother coldly, Sesshoumaru leaned back into his large chair. "Does Kagome know?"

Inu-Yasha stopped and stared, but Sesshoumaru's gaze never shifted. "W-what does that matter?"

"Shouldn't your girlfriend be aware of something so important to you?"

"She is." Suddenly he wanted to escape the big office, so he turned to go, but paused, "I'm not giving up. Kikyo needs that money if she's going to live."

With that he left.

Sesshoumaru rubbed his temples. "Fool, you're the worst liar."


Making his way to the exit Inu-Yasha grumbled French bad enough that it would make little children cry. So occupied by finding every, single, nasty word possible to describe Sesshoumaru, he ran straight into someone, but caught himself before he could fall.

"Hey! Watch . . . Kagome?"

"Oh!" The young girl jumped back from Inu-Yasha in shock. "Inu-Yasha!"

'What was is she . . .?'

"What are you doing here?"

Inu-Yasha blinked. "I could ask you the same thing!"

Surprised, she backed up. "Just curious, no reason to get so defensive."

"So, what are you doing here?"

"I was going to ask Sesshoumaru to give you my Christmas present." Bouncing up and down she handed him a neatly wrapped green and red box. "But since you're here."

"Thanks." Inu-Yasha took the gift, but nodded to the silver bag in her arms, "Who's that for?"

"This? It's for Sesshoumaru." Kagome admitted sheepishly.

//"Does Kagome know?"//

"Kagome . . ." he watched her expressive eyes for a moment, "You need to stay away from Sesshoumaru."

She rolled her eyes. "I'm not doing anything with him, I'm just trying to show him I'm good enough for you."

"I know that!" he shouted flushed and angry at the same time, "Sesshoumaru's dangerous, and he's not a good person."

Feeling slightly perturbed Kagome watched him under her lifted eyebrows.

Inu-Yasha ignored her and started walking through the front door. "I gotta get back to school, so just be careful okay?"

The whistle of the wind outside, and the door closing sounded distant to Kagome. She was so taken with anger she hmphed loud enough to make the secretaries and even a security guard jump.

Stiffly she made her way to the elevator, mumbling under her breath, "I didn't even get a hug."

As the elevator dinged and slid open her face softened like butter in a microwave. "Sesshoumaru's not that bad of a person . . ."



At the speed of light Kagome had bounded up to Sesshoumaru's desk. Excited she place a bright silver bag, card included, on top of the papers he'd finally started working on.

Sesshoumaru had the urge to bang his stapler against his head until he bled to death.

Instead he mumbled, "I'm working." And tried to refocus.

Kagome giggled and he had to stop himself from looking up at her smile. "Christmas is coming up, and anyways, you need a break."

There was only the sound of pen scratching against paper to answer her. Kagome pouted.

"Just open it real quick, please?"

Sighing he pulled the bag close enough to read the card:

To: The Scrooge

From: Me

A laugh almost escaped his mouth. He paused for a second confused at his own reactions, then shook his head and said, "This wouldn't happen to be from you would it?"

"Just open it!" Another small girlish giggle.

Carefully he fished through the tissue paper and pulled out a long scarf.

"It's . . ." Sesshoumaru searched for a word, "convenient, but-"

"Blue! You have to like blue! Don't tell me you don't like blue, because you do and, and it looks good with your hair . . ." Kagome trailed off, surprised at her own nervousness.

Sesshoumaru coughed, "It's purple."

"What?!" She judged the piece of cloth with her eyes, "It looks blue to me, definitely."

"No, in the light it's purple."

Kagome leaned closer, squeezed her eyes, and shot him a sly look, "You'd only see purple if you liked that color."

"I do not like purple!" Bothered, but realizing his outburst Sesshoumaru calmed himself. He studied the scarf and noticed the how the edges were slightly uneven. "Besides, it looks like a five-year old made it."

There was a strained silence, then, "Oh."

Kagome wrung her hands sadly and sniffled softly. As hard as she tried to stop them, the tears still gathered in the corners of her eyes. Sewing had never been her strong suit, but after she'd put so much effort into making the present unique and special, it really hurt.

Flustered she looked up at Sesshoumaru, looked at his faintly surprised face.

There was no remorse, or any feeling relatively close. Did he just not care at all?

It was like someone lit a match inside of Kagome, and her soul was full of gasoline.

"I'm sorry I couldn't buy a stupid leather briefcase worth eight hundred dollars, okay? I made that just for you, because I thought you needed it and deserved it but I was wrong! You're a big jerk! You're not a good person! Inu-Yasha was right!"

"When did Inu-Yasha say that?"

"Just toda-" Kagome abruptly stopped.

Sesshoumaru's face was apathetic, but his eyes were drilling into her, "Today?"

In reply, Kagome hiccupped and looked at her shoes. Imaginary dirt was stuck to them.

For a long time Sesshoumaru contemplated something. Finally he ran his long fingers over the scarf, it's color still undecided, and spoke, "I let that go, on a two conditions."

Obviously taken aback, she whipped her head up so fast she almost knocked herself over, but nodded dumbly anyway.

"You make me another one of these, in blue (Kagome pouted), and," Sesshoumaru was having trouble forming his next words, ". . . and . . ."

She leaned forward ever so slightly . . .

"You will attend the company dance with me."

And fell over.


Hope you guys enjoyed. See if you can guess who quoted that. Clue: it's somebody famous, no really famous. I'll tell you next chapter.