Never Gonna Love Again

Chapter 1

Author's Note

Hi lovelies! This is my first story on my profile and I am super excited to get out this first chapter. The main pairing for this is MalxBen (from Disney Descendants!) with past MalxHarry.

For this story, I really played with a strong facade that Mal holds, but inside she is actually very soft. I tried to stay centric to their personalities in the film, but for the sake of this story, I wanted to experiment with those emotions.

Please remember to leave a review! Those help me a ton! Enjoy this first chapter, which is the first part of a flashback of sorts.

No One's POV


"It's kind of an emergency!"

The purple-haired girl turned slowly to the voices that were calling. She wore her signature leather clothes and had a purple drawstring bag slung over her shoulder, her expression stoic. She was the epitome of evil, which fit her since her mother was Maleficent, the mistress of all evil.

Next to her, the bluenette spun around and smiled excitedly when she saw the owners of the voices. The Evil Queen's daughter looked fashionable, donning her blue attire with the red apple themed jewelry.

"Jay! Carlos!" Evie said, waving at the boys to run faster.

"Jay? Carlos? What?" Mal asked impatiently. She wanted to get home before night fell and the moon was already glistening.

Well, as much as it could glisten on the Isle, blocked by heavy dark-grey clouds.

Every single villain and their trusty sidekicks were sent to the Isle after King Beast and Queen Belle founded the United States of Auradon. A barrier was summoned to surround it, no getting in or out. It prevented magic and Wi-Fi and apparently only provided a few choices of cable, which annoyed Carlos, the son of Cruella Devil, a ton. He always complained about it.

Jay scratched the back of his neck. He was Mal's oldest friend, out of the four. They met when they were five, when Jay had accidentally stumbled into her territory with a broken ankle and a bag of goods. After a spiel on never coming near her again and Jay's offering of an abandoned sketchbook and some stubby pencils, Mal warmed up to him, especially when he came back every few days after that to bring her the unwanted stuff that he stole for his father, Jafar. Therefore, Jay knew a lot about Maleficent's daughter and he knew she would not be very excited to hear their news.

Carlos nudged Jay in the elbow. He was smaller and a bit younger than the other three, but was the brains of the four. He looked nervous to tell Mal whatever it was they needed to say.

"Harry's missing." Jay eventually said.

Mal stiffened.

Harry Hook was Mal's ex-boyfriend, for lack of a better term. Mal was happy with him. He was happy with her. For three strong years they worked side-by-side, taunting the residents and stealing things from little kids and basically making a mess of things. After Mal had told him she couldn't be with him anymore, they originally parted on good terms, but when Harry roped himself into Uma's gang, Mal grew a burning passion of hatred for him.

"Oh! How? He's Harry. If anything, someone else would be missing because of him!" Evie gasped.

"That's what I said!" Carlos exclaimed. He and Evie high-fived and laughed softly.

They sobered when Mal gave them a pointed look.

"Who told you?" Mal questioned, turning back to Jay.

"Gil. We were running back from the docks and he asked to talk."

"And you didn't think that it could've been a trap?"

Evie nodded in agreement. "You know Uma's gang has never liked us."

Jay shrugged. "I could take Gil. Besides, he's not really a violent one, is he?"

"He's not." Carlos chimed.

Mal rolled her eyes.

"Okay, and what did Gil want? Why'd he tell you?" she pressed.

"Dunno. He just said that Uma told him to come tell us." Jay said.

"You forgot to mention that Gil also said Uma wanted Mal to come talk to her." Carlos said.

Jay sighed. "I was trying not to mention it, Carlos."

"Okay, so? Let's go there right now." Mal said.

"Uh, right now? Mal-" Evie began, but Mal shushed her.

"Nope. We're going. Let's go."

She set off towards the direction the boys came from. The other three shared glances and reluctantly followed the stubborn girl.