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Kagome Uchiha had always been considered an oddity, both outside and inside of her clan. Born with deep blue eyes and a special form of jutsu that seemed more closely related to the old legends of holy Miko than that of the typical ninja, she was a far cry from the usual Uchiha.

Female Uchiha was not a yearly occurrence, the last born female Uchiha had been her mother and so the birth of not only a female but one with such unique jutsu and eyes had turned her into quite the valuable chess piece for several of the elders; her father included.

Mikoto had fallen in love with the little girl the second the child had been handed to her, excited to have been blessed with a daughter that would not face the same harsh treatment as her oldest son. The looming thought that one day, her beloved Kagome would be married off to strengthen either their clan or create an alliance with a foreign one, sat heavy in her stomach and so, Mikoto did her best to raise her daughter with as much love as she could.

Even the harsh Uchiha Fugako bend to the will of his daughter, surprisingly easily caving underneath the adoring gaze of his daughter despite his cold and cruel person. He justified it by simply stating that Kagome would not have to join the higher ranks, being simply too precious to lose on a mission.

No one had to know that it was a selfish choice by a father to keep his daughter as close as possible for as long as possible.

It was a well-known fact the Uchiha clan was a dark place to grow up, a harsh environment that left them almost emotionless by the time they graduated the ch┼źnin exams. Despite this, Kagome Uchiha grew up as a happy child, loved by both her parents and adored by her brothers.

It was just too bad no one told them that their love wasn't socially acceptable.

The stairs creaked faintly underneath the small pale feet as the young Uchiha made her way across the wooden floors, making sure to keep her breathing quietly to avoid detection. Technically she was breaking the rules by leaving her bedroom and wandering away from her room.

But she had missed her Nii-san!

Itachi had been gone for far too long and she had missed him terribly. Her new little brother Sasuke was still too young to be any fun to play with and all he did was either nap or stare at her with those big black eyes. She still wasn't sure she liked being a big sister just yet, so she had taken to playing with some of the other children in the compound instead of being glued to her mother's skirts like she used to.

A glance down both sides of the hallway confirmed that her little journey had been successful and with no hesitation, she slipped into Itachi's dark room. The darkness made her shift uncomfortably and she pressed her back against the door.

"Nii-san?" She whispered, curling her small arms around her middle as she slowly shuffled towards the bed. "Are you awake?"

Itachi glanced towards where his little sister was coming from, an amused smile threatening to break free. Of course, he was awake, he was always hyperaware when it came to her.

"Yes, Kagome. I'm awake." He mumbled softly, his eyes following the much smaller shape of his sister. He propped himself up to lean on his elbows, dark long hair hung around his face like a curtain as he regarded the younger Uchiha.

"Can I sleep with you, Nii-san?" She seemed almost embarrassed, keeping her eyes away from him and firmly stuck on the floor.

Itachi looked at the young girl in silence, he was aware that their parents would no longer think it adorable for them to sleep in the same bed. Not that he particularly cared much for what others might think about how he treated the only light left in his life.

Disregarding all rules of property, the older Uchiha pulled aside the covers - silently inviting her to share his bed like she had been allowed to do when she was younger.

Kagome released a relieved sigh before crawling into the offered space, soaking up the warmth as she tangled her limbs with that of her brother with a pleased little hum.

No matter what anyone would ever say, this would always feel right. At least to the two of them, this would always be completely normal.

"I love you, Nii-san." The sleepy words were whispered against the skin of his chest, leaving behind goosebumps on his pale flesh.

Itachi folded his arms firmly around the smaller softer body, keeping her close to him. Those words, this precious girl would always be sacred to him. She meant everything to him and in return, she would be everything to him.

Her devotion was rewarded with a kiss against her silky hair and soft mutterings of love in her ear as she drifted off to sleep.

Their actions, their love, would be frowned upon. Not that Itachi would ever care what others meant, his beloved sister belonged with him, and he would guard her until he took his last breath.

No one would ever be good enough for her, no one but him.