Uncle Nigel's Visit

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Summary: A re-telling of A Visit from Uncle Nigel, but Private knows his Uncle is a secret agent, being an agent from MIA6 himself.

Private's team in Central Park didn't know much about Private's past other than the Mr. Tux episode. They had no clue that the reason he arrived to their team as a Private- he was the age of a cadet fresh from the academy after all- was because he was already an agent in MIA6, on transfer from the London Office. They heard him mention his Uncle Nigel before, but thought he was passed already. After all, why would Private had come to them so young and skilled? Well, they're about to learn a lot more about their youngest than they ever expected. All while Nigel and Private have to face off against Penguin Enemy #1.

Chapter One:

In Central Park Zoo, in the penguin habitat, three older penguins were studying the post card that had arrived for them that morning. It was addressed to 'Pri' which was all they could make out, and they were wondering if that was a reference to their Private. "Should we take it to the chimps Skipper?" Kowalski asked. While the trio could read a little, it was easier and faster to have Phil and Mason do it for them.

"Yeah. Let's take it to the chimps." Skipper agreed, just as Private entered their home.

"What are we taking to the chimps?" He asked, leaving the door open for now. After all, if they were about to leave again, why close it?

"Where have you been Private?" Skipper asked. The youngest had disappeared an hour ago, shortly after training that morning and had been doing so for the past week.

"Oh, I was visiting MD and her chicks in the park." Private replied, which was partly true. "They're leaving to another park today for a couple weeks." he said with a smile. "I've been helping." This was true, but they had left two days ago. In truth, he had been doing his own recon on a problem he knew his team couldn't help him with. Or, maybe 'wouldn't' was the proper word, since they didn't believe in The Red Squirrel since the Buck Rockgut incident several weeks ago. He had known that the penguin wasn't all there when the penguin failed to recognize him and hadn't said a word about the American Legend's partner at the time of Red's capture. "So, what are we taking to Phil and Mason?" he asked, changing the subject at Skipper's scrutinizing gaze.

"A post card. Roll out men!" Skipper ordered, and the four penguins made their way to the chimps' habitat. The two British/Canadian chimps looked over at their avian friends.

"Ah, how can we help you today?" Mason asked curiously.

"We were hoping you could translate a post card for us." Skipper answered. Mason looked over at Phil who nodded.

"Very well, let's see the card." Mason replied while Phil placed his tea cup down. Phil looked over it for a moment before he started to translate:

"Dearest nephew Pri,

I hope you've been doing well, I've been just dandy. It's been some time, hasn't it? Have you forgotten you lessons, I wonder? What with you being away from London's sophistication and in the company of the- less refined- it's possible. I suppose I'll see when I come for a visit on the 5th of September. I look forward to seeing you again my lad. -Uncle Nigel'

My, I believe that was a slight to us American animals." Mason said, slightly put out by the 'less refined' remark. Despite being British/Canadian, the two chimps had been in the states for so long that they considered themselves apart of the American animal populace.

"I'm sorry you guys, my uncle is...eccentric." Private told them, avoiding the scrutinizing looks his team was sending him. Then he smiled as he fully understood the contents. "Uncle Nigel is coming for a visit! Oh, you guys will love him!" Private gushed to his team, throwing them off. But his innocent eyes hid the mischievous sparkle in them. 'If Uncle Nigel thinks for a second that he's going to get away without being in contact with me for three years, he's wrong. I've been worried out of my mind for him and this is unacceptable. As for my team, you're in trouble for all the times you've had me worried with your stunts.' Private thought. "Phil, Mason, thank you so much. I'll make sure Uncle Nigel comes and apologizes to you two." Private told them with a smile. Phil and Mason just waved the bird off, not bothered anymore thanks to Private's apology. With a flipper wave, Private belly slid back towards their own habitat, his team rushing to keep up with him.

"PRIVATE! You have some explaining to do!" Skipper called, the trio only catching up to him- surprisingly- once they hopped onto their ice float.

"Oh. Sorry Skippah! I'm just so excited!" Private gushed, as he faced them with, quite frankly, the most adorable look on his face. "Oh, I have so much to do before he arrives tomorrow." Private fretted a little. "I have to get started right away, or he'll really think I did forget my lessons." he told his leader.

"Lessons? What lessons Private?" Skipper asked, sounding curious. But he was actually very worried. When Private came to their team three years ago, he had already ranked as a private despite being the age of a cadet fresh from the academy. With skills to match, on top of that. The explanation they came up with was that he had just been farther ahead of others. 'But, what if he was a-' Skipper began wondering, his breath hitching just slightly at the option starting to form. After all, all they really knew was that he had been sent from their office. There wasn't any confirmation that he had come from the academy they did.

"In my old aquarium, chicks learned 'Proper' hosting techniques from our elders. After all, us British fowl are hosts by nature. But there's a way to do it for guests, and another for visiting family and so forth." Private answered, unknowingly setting his commanding officer's mind at ease.

"I see. On to the next itinerary item...I was unaware of you having an uncle Private! You always spoke like he had passed." Skipper told the young bird. They had all thought the 'Uncle Nigel' that Private mentioned had passed away. Why else would the bird have come to them so young and skilled?

"Oh, I hadn't realized I did that." Private replied, honestly surprised and apologetic.

"Why hasn't he gotten in touch with you sooner than this Private? You came here three years ago." Kowalski asked curiously, Rico nodding his head wildly.

"Uncle Nigel's been searching for a rare plant." Private replied with a soft smile. "I'm sure he'll give me the results when he gets here tomorrow." He said with a grin. 'He better have a good reason for not keeping in touch for three years.' were his darker thoughts. Wrangling his team into helping, they got their HQ ready for Private's uncle. That night as his team was sleeping, Private was thinking more on his uncle's letter. Private was a transferred agent from MIA6. His Uncle Nigel was an agent as well. He had been the agent assigned to The Red Squirrel along side Buck Rockgut. Heck, Private had met the older avian a few times through video chats with his uncle. But that wasn't what he had to think about at the moment.

His uncle had raised him since he was a small chick, barely hatched. But as Nigel had been an agent at the time, he hadn't had much of a choice but to raise his nephew within the system of the agency. And due to his uncle's rather high strung paranoia about anything having to do with his nephew, Pri and Nigel ended up becoming a single unit for a lot of missions. And in his insistence to have Pri as safe as possible, they had their own secret codes. And that written code had been applied to the post card his Uncle Nigel had sent him.

The part about forgetting his lessons actually had two meanings. The first being the one he gave his team. The second had been in reference to the code he and his uncle had. The hidden message in the card had been that his Uncle Nigel was coming for a mission and taking Private along with him. Private figured that was the case as he had been the one to bring up the Red Squirrel sighting to the office, not that his uncle knew Private was the one who gave the information. And as much as he wanted to ignore the jibe to his team, he knew he couldn't. When his uncle put the 'less refined' remark into the card, he wasn't talking about animals in the states in general. His uncle solely meant his team.

Uncle Nigel had always been over protective. He hadn't even wanted Private in the spy game he was apart of, but he hadn't really gotten a say on the subject after an old enemy had kidnapped a five year old Private in hopes of getting to Nigel. Nigel trusted no one with Private and had been vehemently against his nephew's transfer to New York City. So his nephew in the care of three strangers Nigel had never met? On foreign soil where Nigel wouldn't be following? Nigel hated his nephew's team on instinct. And Private knew there would be little to no changing that. He sighed at the realization. He wanted the two groups to get along with each other. After all, Nigel was his family and his team was just as good as. But alas, he knew both parties far too well. They wouldn't get along. They might tolerate each other for his sake, but it would be nothing more than that. So, he might as well make the most of the situation in the mean time. He knew that come tea time tomorrow, he would be thoroughly amused. With that thought on his mind, Private was finally able to fall asleep.


When MIA6's best and most feared agent laid eyes on his nephew for the first time in three years, he nearly blew his cover as an eccentric old ninny. Others wouldn't see it, but he could. Despite the smile on his nephew's face, he was livid beneath it. And if only one animal in the world could truly terrify Agent Nigel, it was his nephew when angry. "Uncle Nigel!" Private called happily to the older avian as he hugged him. Far tighter than he should have.

"Hello lad!" Nigel said gleefully, noting the lad's new team behind him, watching nervously. Mentally, he rolled his eyes. They were acting like boyfriends meeting their girlfriends' family for the first time. The thought actually had him bristling inside. Looking back to his nephew, he knew he was in for an unpleasant visit. And he was right, when his nephew informed him that they would be having tea time with his- friends. He was careful to keep his eccentric behavior up, as he had a cover to keep. But he knew his nephew saw his displeasure by the grin on his face.

It wasn't until hours later, as he was rambling on about doilies and flowers- having found the rough cut fruit buttercup in his own back yard- that he realized he wasn't the only one being punished. Most likely, knowing his nephew, the boy's teammates had done things to make him worry about them and this was their punishment. It was as he was talking about a doily had had as a child that he noticed the short leader and tallest scientist discussing something frantically on the side. He paid it no mind as he only had eyes for his nephew, who was fighting desperately not to laugh out loud. When the alarm sounded, he hadn't been expecting it. Nor was he actually expecting the boy's leader to jump up and decide to take the two taller penguins in the team to play with 'Anti-matter rods.' Nigel mentally chuckled, since that was no way to keep your cover a secret. But it was amusing to watch. It was only when his nephew burst out laughing that he knew they were finally free of his team. "You will be paying dearly for this Pri." Nigel growled, smoothing his head feathers down into a semblance of elegance and opening his briefcase. Private sent a glare at his uncle who fought to not flinch as he began working on his portable computer to track the Red Squirrel.

"Well, maybe if you didn't wait three years to get in touch and let me know you're okay, I wouldn't have had to resort to this type of punishment. Ever think of that, uncle dearest?" Private growled back. His team would have been shocked to see this, though the Cute-astrophe was still fresh in their minds from two weeks ago. Nigel didn't argue with his nephew, knowing he was in the right. "So, you're here for the Red Squirrel right?" Private asked, causing his uncle to look over in surprise.

"How did you know I was here for Red?" Nigel asked. "I didn't specify what the mission was."

"I was the one who called in the sighting." Private replied with a raised brow and crossed flippers. Seeing his uncle's wide eyes, Private chuckled. "I called in the sight because I knew you would be the one to get sent down. I knew I would need help. Also, my team hasn't believed in the Red Squirrel since the incident with Buck Rockgut several weeks ago." Private replied, placing a note for his team on the table.

"You saw Buck? I haven't heard from that bird in five years." Nigel muttered.

"He's gone a little Red Squirrel obsessed." Private replied with a shrug. "So, Red's in the park somewhere?" He asked his uncle, looking over the computer screen with his Uncle Nigel.

"Yup. I'm receiving a strange signal coming from a monument on the other side of the park. The only thing I can confirm is that he's in that area. Are you ready lad?" Nigel asked, closing up his briefcase. Private nodded with a warm chuckle.

"Alright. Let's go Uncle Nigel!" Private replied. Nigel nodded, grabbed his nephew's flipper and sent him up above him so the bird could open the hatch. With a smile, the duo made their way through the park, leaving HQ in silence. It was silent for ten minutes before Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico came to investigate the reason for it. They entered the main room to find it empty save for a note on the table. 'Gone to show Uncle Nigel around the Park, be back later- Private.'

"It's over! It's finally over! No more doilies! No more flowers!" Kowalski cried happily, falling into his seat, Rico nodding along happily. Skipper was looking at the note thoughtfully.

"Yes. Over. At least we know where Private gets it now." he said, rather distracted. Kowalski and Rico shared a look before turning their looks to their commanding officer.

"Skipper?" Kowalski asked.

"Sorry men. It's just...I know it's his uncle but... I don't like that he's out there without one of us." Skipper admitted.

"I know Skipper." Kowalski said. The truth was that none of the trio liked the youngest being out there without them. "But, Private's really improved over the past three years. Heck, he's doing better at keeping up with us in spars. And it's the park, Skipper." Kowalski replied with a smile. Skipper sighed.

"I guess I could have a little more faith in the kid." Skipper replied with a rueful smile.

"Good. Let's play Stomp the Wombat to take your mind off of it." Kowalski suggested.

"With level 7 punishments!" Skipper replied with a challenging smirk that had Rico cheering and Kowalski groaning in heavy regret.


Private and Nigel meanwhile had found their way to the other side of the park. It had been an old monument and had been there for roughly 120 years give or take a decade according to the city's history. "You know, I've been here for three years and I've only been to this monument once. And that was to track down the Gold Squirrel's Treasure." Private mentioned off hand.

"You found the Gold Squirrel's treasure?" Nigel asked in shock. "What happened to it all?"

"Yup. It was the treasure or us. That lava pit was a heck of a dramatic flare." Private shuddered. "Honestly, Amarillo Kid's bomb was less dramatic." Private muttered to himself.

"Amarillo Kid, from the Mini-Golf Tournament you went to against my wishes? Bomb?" Nigel asked, his voice frigid. "Looks like we need to have another talk." Nigel growled as they approached the monument.

"Yeah, see, that's one of those things you would've known about had you kept in touch at all in the past three years." Private replied with a cheeky smirk.

Nigel rolled his eyes. "Your team is a bad influence on you." he muttered quietly. The two penguins looked up at the monument. "The signal is coming from this. But where oh where is Red?" Nigel and Private stumbled when their small area of park shook. They watched wide-eyed as the sides began to lower down. It revealed a large rocket with the Red Squirrel's logo on it.

"So, what's the plan Agent Nigel?" Private asked softly.

"You will disarm that missile. I have an engagement with-" Both penguins turned towards the trees when they heard rustling on the windless day. Down the trunk came none other than "Sciurus Vulgaris."

"Well, well. If it isn't Agent Nigel of MIA6." Red said, sunglasses on his face, making the others raise their brows. Upon seeing the other bird present, his own brow raised. "Wait a second. You're willingly working with someone? I thought you didn't work with anyone? So why do you have a partner now?" Nigel kept himself from flinching at the dark aura coming from his nephew. Part of their agreement was that Nigel would take a partner with him on missions. And now Private knew he hadn't kept up his side of the deal.

"Office knew it'd be a two bird job. He wasn't given an option." Private's voice was chillingly calm. Red shivered. He was suddenly glad he wasn't fighting the little penguin. That kid was very angry about something. "Good luck Agent Nigel." Private told the older penguin, his voice and expression emotionless, before he began climbing the rocket for his part.

Red and Nigel circled each other. Both were evenly matched in combat skills and had to really observe each others' move. A moment later, they lunged at each other. Punches and kicks were exchanged as they fought. "So, what is it that made you accept the young bird as your partner Nigel? We of the criminal world know you refuse partners all the time." Red growled as they observed each other. "What's so special about this one lad?" Red questioned, lunging and knocking Nigel back. Nigel growled when the squirrel stood above him. Only for a piece of metal plating to fall and knock Red back. "OW!"

"Good job Private!" Nigel called, looking up at his nephew. Private glared at him in return, before returning to his job at hand. Nigel sweat dropped. 'I guess the lad's still upset.' Nigel decided before turning back to Red. "What is your plan this time Red?" Nigel asked curiously.

"Well, since you asked. The toxins in that rocket will, once released, make acorns grow so large, all other vegetation will be killed off. HAHAHAHAHA!" Red's crazy laughter echoed through out the park, making all small animals shiver and hide. The laughter was cut off by a round house kick from Nigel, sending Red crashing into a tree trunk.

"50 years, and that's what you came up with?" Nigel asked incredulously.

"I LIKE ACORNS!" Red snarled back. That was when his eye patch lifted and a launch button popped out. Nigel lifted up a flipper in disgusted surprise.

"Nasty place for that launch button." he commented. Red's only reply was a laugh and the sound of the rocket getting ready for blast off. Nigel's green eyes widened as he spun to look up at his nephew who was still at the open hatch at the very top of the rocket. "Private!? Lad get down from there!" He shouted in alarm. Red raised a brow at the obvious worry and fear in the older agent's voice.

'Who is this little penguin?' he wondered.

"It's alright Agent Nigel, I have this under control!" Private shouted, before throwing himself into the open hatch, much to the Red Squirrel's shock and Nigel's absolute horror.

"PRIVATE!?" Nigel shouted in disbelief. Five of the longest seconds of Nigel's life later, Private fell out of a bottom hatch, with colorful wires crisscrossing his body. "Private?" Nigel asked. They were interrupted by the rocket giving a splutter before falling in on itself. "Way to go lad!" Nigel said. Before he could get his nephew out of the wires, he heard shuffling behind him. Private nodded towards the Red Squirrel, insisting that his uncle take care of their enemy first.

"50 years of my life! Kaput! You will pay for this, you meddling penguins!" Red snarled at the two before him. He reached back and disappeared into one of the many trees just as Nigel lunged at him. Unfortunately, the tree hatch wouldn't open for them. So Nigel went over to his nephew to help him.

"Well done lad. Throwing yourself into the belly of the beast like that." Nigel had all but one wire off of his nephew. He used that last wire to bring his nephew beak to beak with him. "You ever pull a stunt like that again, nephew dearest, I will have you back in London and grounded to the London Zoo for years." he hissed. Private winced, hearing how serious his uncle was. But then his eyes hardened slightly.

"While we're at it, why don't we talk about you not taking any partners with you on missions." he growled back. Nigel sighed, before releasing the wire and bringing his nephew in for a hug. "U-uncle Nigel?" Private asked, returning the hug.

"I'm sorry lad. I guess my visit hasn't exactly been a pleasant one." Nigel apologized.

"You're visit has been pleasant enough. It's the three years of silence before that." Private replied with a smile.

"I won't let it happen again Pri. I promise." Nigel replied, finally letting go of his nephew.

"It's all I'm asking Uncle Nigel." Private said with a chuckle.

"Alright, let's get you back to your team. I'm sure they're worried about you. It's been over an hour already." Nigel said, looking at the zoo clock they could see even where they were. "By the by, I don't like them."

"I know Uncle Nigel. But you don't like or trust anyone." Private replied with a chuckle.

"That's not true Pri. I like and trust you." Nigel grinned, tweaking his beak.

"Uncle Nigel!" Private squeaked, not expecting the affection. His uncle hadn't done that since he was eight. Nigel chuckled.

"Seriously though. 'Anti-matter rods'? They don't know how to keep a cover do they?"

"They probably assumed you weren't paying all that much attention. You had eyes only for me during tea time after all." Private shrugged. "Speaking of covers...Uncle Nigel, I trust my team with my life. I want to tell them the truth about you being a spy."

Nigel laughed. "Our first meeting and you want to spring that little bit of information on them? Good luck nephew dear. But they won't believe you. My cover as an eccentric old ninny is flawless. I've been using it for nearly 16 years after all, ever since I took you in." Nigel replied smugly.

"We'll just have to see about that." Private replied. 'Though he's probably right. At least I can tell them that I told them so when they eventually find out. Years from now I guess.' Private thought to himself. Neither penguin noticed the red and yellow eye that had watched and heard the entire conversation between them. The owner wearing a vile smirk on his face.

'Your nephew, Agent Nigel? So that was why he seemed so familiar. And so much makes sense now!' Red thought, remembering the few times he had spotted the chick during his own recons in the past. 'But why is the one creature that means more to Agent Nigel than his own life with three strangers Nigel didn't meet until today?' Red twirled in his chair, turning off the screen as he did so. He had a great deal to do for his new plan. 'Now that his one weakness is in my reach, I must grab it while I have a chance! Nigel's nephew won't be in such close reach all the time. You've made your final mistake Agent Nigel.' Red realized with a mad cackle as he set about to get his plan in action.


Private had quickly slid down the ladder into HQ, seeing Skipper reading on the top bunk and Rico and Kowalski playing a card game. "You guys won't believe it! Me and Uncle Nigel fought the Red Squirrel!" He exclaimed excitedly.

"You called it Private...I don't believe it." Skipper commented from his bunk, though the slightest undertone of relief could be heard.

"Why don't you believe me?" Private asked, trying to sound as hurt as possible.

Kowalski sighed, looking back at their youngest. "Mostly due to the lack of the Red Squirrel's existence and your Uncle's..." It was then that Nigel 'fell' the last couple feet of the ladder.

"Oh my, I broke my crumpet." Nigel's off voice sounded. Private wanted to wince. A broken crumpet was a real shame. Also that act of his was spot on.

"Um...that." Kowalski finished with a sigh.

"But- Uncle Nigel, tell them about the Red Squirrel! It's alright. You can trust them." Private said, giving his uncle a small shake and a deeply imploring, cute, puppy dog look. It took all of Nigel's will power not to give into the look and blow his cover. Every. Single. Ounce. Seeing his uncle's will was wavering, but not enough, he continued. "He's really a dashing, and not at all daffy, spy!" he spread his flippers wide.

"Yeah- Right." Rico said, turning back to the card game he was playing. Taking that as his cue, Nigel continued his act.

"Are we having a laugh good boy?" Nigel laughed. "Spies! Your imagination takes me by surprise sometimes my lad." Nigel laughed. "I'd love to hear more of these stories over some tea. Pri?" Nigel asked, hugging the boy. Private sighed, realizing his Uncle Nigel had won. With a mischievous thought, he grinned.

"Of course Uncle Nigel! And I can tell you all about some of the other life threatening adventures I've had since arriving to New York. Oh! Perhaps I can tell you about Hunter!" Private giggled.

"And who's this Hunter lad?" Nigel asked playfully- though his mind was whirring. Hunter sounded like a boy's name.

"Oh, just a leopard seal pup that I saved, befriended, and helped get home to her dad all the way in Antarctica. Where me and my friends wound up running for our lives and almost getting eaten. It's a smashing story Uncle Nigel! But I'll be back with the tea in a bit." with the final word and smirk, Private left his dumbfounded Uncle and team in the living room.

"Ha! That lad and his imagination. All tall tales and short stories. Leopard seals and red squirrels. Am I right?"

"Actually, he was being honest about Hunter. He told that group of leopard seals to marinate us in the arctic waters before eating us." Kowalski muttered. Nigel was having a heart attack despite his calm outer appearance. Then the acorns fell. His eyes widened.

'Surely not!' Nigel thought, beginning to panic. Then the tall penguin with a mo-hawk- Rico, he thought- stooped down to pick one up. Despite not liking Pri's team, he knew that they were extremely important to his nephew. "NO! DON'T TOUCH THAT!" he shouted, tackling the younger avian down. But it was too late and red smoke filled the room. His last thought was on how Pri wasn't there and how thankful he was for that. Then his world went dark.


When the four penguins awoke, it was to find themselves in a cage in an under ground bunker. And at the computer before them was none other than the Red Squirrel. "Hello, penguins."

"No way. You don't exist!" Skipper denied.

"You keep on believing that. And now that I have incapacitated the world's greatest penguin agent, all I have to do is wait for the next part of the plan to fall into place." he gave a mad laugh.

"I might be in a cage, but I wouldn't say that I'm incapacitated." Skipper denied.

"You? Who was talking about you? I was talking about him. Super Secret Agent Nigel." the trio looked over at Nigel who was drinking from a tea cup.

'Where did he get that cup?' they all wondered.

"Me? A spy? You must have the wrong bird old bean." Nigel tried to throw it off. But he knew it wouldn't work. Seeing the dead panned expression from the Red Squirrel, he sighed. "Oh, fine! You got me." he tossed the cup and flattened his head feathers. "Had a good run though." he said.

Red laughed. "Oh yes. 16 years I believe?" Red grinned, immediately, Nigel stiffened and his beak twisted into a snarl.

"How much did you over hear?" he snarled, startling his nephew's team. But they weren't a concern for him at the moment.

"All of it Agent Nigel. Every word. What were you thinking? Your nephew is your one and only weakness, and now you've let him loose into the world for all of your enemies to come find?" he accused.

"I guess we owe Private an apology." Skipper sighed. "I would rather it be money. Isn't that right Private?" not receiving a reply, he looked around. "Private?"

"See, that's the next part of the plan." Red said with a smirk.

"Don't involve him Red!" Nigel snarled.

"You involved him yourself Nigel. Now, I need to go collect a few things. I'll return in just a bit. Don't kill your nephew's team mates, Nigel. I know you don't like them, but lovely little Private does." with that, the squirrel left the room. And he left them in silence.


Meanwhile, Private had entered the main room, only to see acorns and a lack of birds. "Bloody hell! I should've seen this coming." he muttered. With a sigh, he set down his tray of tea, which was going to grow cold now, and grabbed the lunacorn doll with a bright night light. He knew Red had light sensitivity bad, a result of the underground life style, he supposed. This would work and throw the rodent off. With a sad look aimed at the tea, he headed off. Apparently, his family and team were hopeless with out him. "When did I become everyone's mother?" he wondered.


The four penguins were alone in the cage. "You're a secret agent." Skipper stated in the silence.

"Yes." Nigel replied, leaning against a wall. They weren't getting out on their own. It was up to Pri, the bird this trap was laid out for.

"Private knows." Again, it wasn't a question. And Nigel's silence was enough of a reply. "How long has he known about you?" Skipper asked, turning to face the older agent. Kowalski and Rico stayed off to the side, taking in the information themselves.

"Since the beginning. It's hard to raise a chick in the system and them not knowing what that system is." Nigel replied, voice heavy.

"And he's an agent as well?" Nigel gave a confirming nod. "How old was he when you started training him?" Skipper asked. Nigel flinched. It hadn't been his choice. But he had to do it so his nephew could stay safe.

"He was five." Nigel replied. Skipper's eyes widened. "He had been captured by one of my enemies. I had to teach him self defense. The learning didn't stop after that."

"You know..." Skipper began after a moment's silence. "I had always wondered about how young Private was when he came. How skilled he was, compared to others of his age. And now it makes sense." Skipper glared at the older agent. "He was a child soldier! Turned into one by his own family." Skipper found himself pinned to the cage, and burning green eyes boring into his own.

"You know nothing about our lives Skipper! I would never have raised him in the system if I had had any other options. I wanted my nephew- the only being in this entire world that I care about- to have a normal life. I wanted him to grow up happy and safe! We didn't get that choice! So don't judge others when you know nothing about the situation!" Nigel snarled, dropping the younger down and stepping back to calm himself. Skipper looked away ashamed.

'Of course he wouldn't have.' Skipper thought with a sigh. It was obvious how much Nigel loved and cared about his nephew. "I'm...I'm sorry." Skipper bit out, still struggling with all of the information they had received. Rico and Kowalski nodding with their commanding officer, having followed his thought process. Nigel sighed. As much as he wanted to be angry, he understood where the trio had been coming from.

"I understand where you were going with your thoughts. You've seen your fair share of child soldiers, I know. But Skipper, I was one of those child soldiers. I wouldn't force that on anyone. I wanted to quit the business. And I succeeded for five years. Pri knew of course, I was never able to keep that part of my life secret from him. He's far smarter than he ever lets on. After he was taken, that attempt at something normal was gone. We were never going to get it back." Nigel took a deep breath. "And now penguin enemy number one has a trap laid out for said penguin."

"I'm back!" Red said, finally returning ten minutes after he had left them. "Still alive it seems. Oh well." Red went to the computer, turning it on. They could see Private in the park, searching around before finding the right one. They tensed when he fell out of sight. A moment later, he fell into the room with a groan.

"Ugh! I hate those things." he muttered, standing up and glancing at the prisoners. "Do try to stay out of trouble you four. I am not your bloody mother." Private told them, eyes locking onto the red squirrel before him.

"You brought a toy to fight?" Red asked, curious and confused.

"Yes. I did. It really threw you off too." Private smirked, rushing forward and beginning his and Red's own dance. They both landed a few hits, though Private got in more. He was winning until Red got him on his back and took the toy. Then he was still winning, even when the squirrel had his weapon.

"I'm going to destroy your toy right before your eyes, then I'm going to sell you to the enemies of the world." Red decided. Private's eyes narrowed before smirking.

"It's your eye I was thinking about Red." Red looked confused before Private activated the night light.

"MY EYE!" Red squealed, dropping the toy and falling back against the wall and nearly knocking himself out. Using that to his advantage, Private quickly rushed over, freeing his team and uncle. Seeing the somber air around them, he realized they now knew a little bit. He gave a soft smile at them for it.

"Way to go Private! That was very well done!" Skipper praised the smaller bird.

"Good job lad. That was some impressive planning and fighting." Nigel said, Rico and Kowalski congratulating him as well.

"How sweet." Red's voice grumbled. "You may have won, but remember! I still have the information that will destroy you all!" and with that, he fell through a trap door beneath him.

"He got away!" Skipper gasped in alarm. "With information that'll have people coming after Private!"

"I don't like this at all. We'll do something about that. And we have his base." Nigel said, just as a red light and alarm sounded throughout the base.

"Which is apparently set to explode." Kowalski added. They rushed out of the base, making it out just as it exploded.

"'gain! Again!" Rico begged.

"Sorry Rico, but an evil lair only explodes once." Skipper apologized. Rico sighed, though Private gave him a pat on the back.

"Let's get back everyone." Skipper sighed, smiling softly at his team. It was the next morning that Nigel had to leave, another mission calling him away from his beloved nephew. Nephew and Uncle didn't get to have their several talks that were in need, though Nigel promised to keep in touch more often. They'd get through them eventually.

"Bye Uncle Nigel. Stay safe and keep in touch." Private insisted, hugging his uncle tight. It was returned.

"I promise lad." Nigel said, finally releasing him. He turned cold green eyes onto his nephew's team. "I'm leaving my nephew in the care of you and your team Skipper." Nigel told the commanding officer. "I'll be keeping in touch, I'll be taking a closer look at my nephew's progress. Expect to see a lot more of me." It was clear to Private and his team at once. Nigel still didn't like Private's team. Despite their heart to heart in their cells in Red's base, the trust for them was still at a low. They were going to have to work hard to gain that trust. "Other than that, you four are doing wonderful. Normally, I would request Pri's return to London, but I can see he loves it here. I'll let them know your stationing here will be permanent unless it's a total emergency Pri."

"Thank you for understanding Uncle Nigel." Private told him. Nigel nodded.

"Cheerio." He called before heading off with one last glance at his nephew.

"I don't like him." Kowalski said, making Private giggle.

"All I ask is that you don't kill each other." Private said.

"No promises." the trio deadpanned. Private rolled his eyes.

"Of course not."

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