Chapter 1


AU: I am a terrible writer, so I am not expecting much. Just felt like just writing what came to my brain.

My take on Natsu is that he isn't going to be dense or like his canon character because I am a massive fan of Natsu and, even though it is funny him being dense, Don't like how many of stories out there are him being dense. Like sticking to his character. Also i would have talked about some more of the members, but i had a different take on how i saw Natsu and Erza's relationship.

This, he will be mature, smart, calculating, still does everything for his family, won't be dense, will be calm after the 7 year skip. Will have a different outfit which many of you will hate, and he will be OP with whatever powers I have seen on his wiki page, and extra. plus I want to change how E.N.D is for me. I have main pairings, but it could be a harem.


Fairy tail Guild Hall

Natsu Dragneel, Fairy tail's resident Fire Dragon Slayer, raised by Igneel his foster farther who is the Fire Dragon King, was gaping at Master Makarov who just finished reading out the names of the people who were going to take part in the S-class exams.

Gray Fulbuster

Cana Alberona

Gajeel Redfox

Juvia Lockser

Freed Justice

Levy McGarden

Mest Ryder

Elfman Struass

As you can tell by the names, there is no sign of the resident fire-breather who will be participating.

"Hahaha, Hey Gramps, no need to play this joke with us. We all no that My name is on the list and it is deserved to be." Everyone agreed with what Natsu had said and responded with a cheer and were about to party. But quickly looking at the platform and see the rising demonic energy coming from both the master and the scarlet haired mage, Erza Scarlet. "QUITE DOWN AND LISTEN TO THE MASTER!"

After everyone was quieting down, it was then that the master started to speak. "Natsu." Gaining said mages attention. "The reason why your name hasn't been read out because you have not been picked for the S-class exams." Once the master explained that Natsu hasn't been chosen. Many mages started to protest saying how he has every right to be considered being apart the line-up.

Whilst every mage was defending Natsu which he would have been grateful if he wasn't focused on looking at the master, who was looking quite irritated by all the noise and not bothering looking at him. The Scarlet haired woman was listening clenching her fist tight trying to hold in her outburst. On the inside everyone was right, she has seen many of Natsu's feats from when they were after the demon lullaby, helping defeat Gajeel who was Phantom Lord's ace and fighting off Jose even if it was a short while before the master came in and activated Fairy Law. She has been along all of Natsu's recent adventures and can safely safe that he can, no has surpassed her expectations. Yet she is standing behind the master and not joining in and helping Natsu in trying to secure a spot.

Mirajane however, was completely upset with herself. Upset that she is powerless and with the 3 on 1 situation stacked against her, she couldn't persuade the master and Gildarts into believing in Natsu and give him the opportunity he deserves. She has watched him grow over the past 7 years of him coming and has seen his mature side when he looked after her when everyone believed Lisanna died at that time. During the time they got to know one another better and Natsu even surprised her that he can cook by just having the taste and smell of her food and when she was cooking. Mira can safely and 100% say that Natsu is stronger than her and can get stronger in the near.

But what is she doing now? Standing on the spot looking at her feet and keeping quite whilst everything is going on in the background. To her she is looking down because she doesn't want to see the look on his face which she considers cute. she just wants to see that big toothy grin that always melts her heart when she looks at it every day and it widens when they make eye contact which she swears he only reserves it for her.

Taking a quite peak at to see his face, she can only see how upset he truly he is even when he is keeping a blank expression on his face when looking at the master.

Sensing that Mira was looking at him, Natsu quickly glanced at her to see that she is looking at him with a sad frown on her face, which seeing wet cheeks can guess that she was crying. So before turning his attention back to the master for him to explain why he wasn't chosen, he gave here a small fine in reassurance that he was glad she believed him. which instantly caused her to widen her eyes and let out a small tear before giving him a small fine on her gorgeous face.

"Hey Gramps. Why wasn't I picked to be part of the exams." Shouted Natsu, gaining everyone attention onto him again as well as the masters." We all know that I am strong, even stronger than Erza. I help everyone keep there spirits up during the battle of Phantom Lord and when we are in the guild relaxing. So, what reason do you have that restricts me from competing." Once Natsu was done, many people around the guild couldn't help but agree to what Natsu was saying, Yes, he was strong, he was there to get everyone fired up and was there for those who needed extra help. Even the master couldn't argue that the points he made were true. But to him it wasn't enough.

Before he was able to respond to the Dragon Slayer, Gray wasn't enjoying the attention not being on him so he had to take a jab at Natsu." Shut Flame-Brain. Just because I was chosen before you doesn't get you to start getting all hot heated and make all this about yourself." Natsu just looked at his direction and feeling a smug grin coming to his face for waiting to see him blow his head off. Which never happened.

"Shut the fuck up Gray, I was talking to the gramps. Just because you don't like the spotlight on you doesn't give you the right to butt into someone else's business." Natsu responded to him not even raising his voice like Gray expected which made him get mad and decided to push his look again.

"tch, Dickhead. What just because your afraid to admit that I am finally stronger than you and Erza if that is the case the-" " THAT IS ENOUGH FROM THE BOTH OF YOU" Master Makarov and Erza boomed over everyone gaining attention back to other whilst everyone apart from Natsu were starting to sweat bullets. Giving a sigh since everyone was quiet, Makarov responded to Natsu completely ignoring Gray's comments.

"Natsu. You are are strong. Yes. However, strength alone is what is not needed to become an S-class. You need, knowledge which you do not have, mature which you are far too childish to even be taken seriously. You are too reckless and destructive and cause a lot of issues to the guild finances as well as the Council. And for these reasons is why you are not selected to participate." After finishing his reasoning, everyone was quiet after hearing the masters reasonings. He had a point, but they believed that if he was to look at the S-class missions, then that is what he will need to mature and to improve himself. Macao and Romeo who he had seen as a role model and a big brother started to tear up after looking at the horrified and upset from his face but couldn't even move because he never seen him so upset and powerless. Many other were facing the same thoughts and Wendy who also seen Natsu as a big brother after he took her to the guild and showed her around the place as well as help her train or give advice on missions she took alone.

Everyone was cut out of their thoughts after hearing laughter coming from the resident stripper.

"HAHAHAHA. Oh man, your face is priceless. You are worthless. You couldn't even get to S-class. Oh man that is funny. If your imaginary Dad the dragon had left you maybe you would have been taught proper-" before he finished his Natsu cut him off by delivering a punch to his head instantly sending him crashing through the wall and knocked out.

"NATSU!" out of instinct, Erza was flying towards Natsu with sword in hand ready to deliver the punishment he deserved in her eyes. But Natsu not expected the incoming attacked moved in the way of her sword with a shocked expression, before feeling pain from his eye and darkness taking over it.

"AAAHHHHH" everyone watched horrified at Erza's actions, included herself when hearing Natsu cry out in pain. Almost instantly she is back behind the master with her hand covering her mouth.

As soon as Mira heard Natsu scream in pain, she was on him with a cloth to help stop the bleeding and quickly shooting a death glare which caused Erza to flinch.

The master was speechless, an announcement was just to be made nothing else and everyone was to party like it was nothing. Yet he didn't expect it to go south so quickly.

"HOW COULD YOU ERZA!" Makarov snapped out of his thoughts after hearing Mira shout at Erza which caused the redhead to look down in shame. Mira was angry and upset seen by her expression and the tears coming down her eyes. But before she could continue, Natsu put a comforting hand on her shoulder and squeezed for reassurance and took over.

"You know master, from just this scene, I just realised something." Looking back to the master's eyes and seeing how he flinch at the calm tone and the use of formal tone which he never used before.

"What is it my child" replied the master allowing Natsu to continue." You have a go at me and blame me for being the only one who is reckless and rush into things. Yet Erza just proved that she is also reckless and rushed into things when I punched Gray for insulting Igneel. She rushed in with sword in hand ready to deliver her 'punishment' she gives out which is causes pain to the members and some members are sent to the infirmary because she is a hypocrite." Stopping for a sec to see what the reactions were, he was surprised to see everyone listening and understanding his point. Looking at the master, he can see that he is listening but doesn't get how this is involved. So, he continued." To put it bluntly. Even though I do consider Erza as my sister with how much we went through and grown up together. Thinking logically and not from emotion, she is a Slave Master." Once again, taking a brief chance to observe around him, he picked up Erza flinching at the title and was seething in rage ready to shout at Natsu and put him in place. At the same time everyone was backing away from Natsu, but he merely continued." Erza punishes everyone who gets on her nerves. We have our fun not even bothering her or not going near her stupid Strawberry cheesecake and yet she still ruins the fun because it she doesn't like it and goes against the rules. She must deliver punishment to anyone who doesn't listen threatening them that she will kill them and send the to the infirmary. Linking to how she is a Slave Master. A Slave master doesn't like the children or the slaves having fun, if they fight with each other like me and Gray, they will start to beat them up until the are knocked out until they are satisfied. If a slave was to disrupt there fun whether it be in eating food, watching entertainment like the slaves struggling, then they will retaliate and beat up them up. I mean Erza fits this quite well if you think about it. Yet, you didn't tell Erza that she is too rough on the guild members and she should stop punishing the guild. The guild should be a family where they should be able to trust each other lean on each other so that they be there for each other when the rough times pop up. Now after hearing this about how immature and rash Erza is, do you still think that It is not a fair decision to make when choosing."

Everyone was speechless.

Nobody said anything




"It doesn't matter." Was the statement from the master that made everyone snap back to reality and gain attention from everyone like Natsu's point didn't happen.

"This is talking about you Natsu, Not Erza, Not, Gray and not me. You wanted a reason so I gave you it." the short man finish hopping off from the platform so that he could get a beer which no one stopped him

Natsu turns his attention to Mira and gave her a small toothy grin." It's all right Mira." Causing Mira to look in his eyes." You should mend the bar and give out orders for those who will be celebrating the participants. I'll see you tomorrow for your shopping trip yeah." Finishing off with patting her head and walking out of the guild with a serious expression if one was to see the look on his face.

Erza, after hearing what Natsu thought about her started to tremble. 'No I am not. I am not like those monsters. I am great with the guild no one said anything before, so they have no problem with how I act.' she reasoned.

Looking up, she spotted the salmon hair boy walking towards the guild which made her blood boil in rage of insulting the almighty Titania.

"NATSU. YOU BETTER TAKE THAT BACK BEFORE I GIVE YOU THE PUNISHMENT YOU DESERVE. I AM NOTHING LIKE THEM MONSTERS." This outburst caused everyone to tremble and look at the direction of the scarlet haired mage.

Natsu stopped suddenly, and with out looking back, had one final remark for her.

"You know, as we were growing up and bathed together you would always wanted to have things your way. And then at the Tower of Heaven you was gladly willing to give up your life because it was worthless. At that point, I saw you as an older sister as well as Gray being the Brother of the 3. And when I saved your life by clawing away at the Etherion powered lacrima, at was after then that the genuine smile you gave me after I told you 'you don't die for your friends. You live for them.' I honestly believed that you would be more caring to your friends around you and the family that took you in. but no. you back the prideful Titania still acting how nothing happened and the lesson I taught you meant nothing. I see now that you never considered us a family and me not a brother which hurt. Because of your high pride, you are still weak in my eyes." And with that he walked out of the guild, leaving a silent guild and Erza in the middle eyes shadowed and tesrs coming down her eyes.

It was at this moment that Gray works out of the infirmary with Juvia who took him straight there to nurse him back to life whilst with his clothes.

"So weird did the Flame-Brain idiot go now." Which Erza quickly shot him a death glare of all death glares making him pee his pants and walked out the guild.

If people were to go around the Fairy tail Guild hall, they would be surprised that they couldn't here any partying going on.

Master Makarov sits in his office when everyone had gone, thinking back to natsu and his decision on not to include him in the exam that are happening next week.

'Mavis, Have I made a terrible decision that was based my own thoughts. I thought it would be easy, but it seemed that I didn't care about how hard Natsu has worked for getting to this point and how much he has changed within the year.' The short man thought whilst looking at the sunset. ' I hope next week no trouble brews up when we are out on Tenrou Island.' Not knowing a storm was coming to the exams

A week Later

Everyone in the guild were saddened in the hall. No one was partying. No one was drinking. It was a gloomy day. The reason why

The Tenrou team were killed by Acnologia and the people that were on the island had died.