Chapter 5

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Before the speech

The door opened in front of him, and all Natsu smelt was blood. He knew who the blood belonged to and he didn't like it. He didn't want to look up fearing that he was right, and it was Mavis'. He doesn't know how to feel with this happening after so many years.

Why is he thinking this way? He needs to take care of Mavis.

Looking up towards the doors, he could see her clutching her ears and the blood dripping down her cheek and slowly dripping on her once white dress.

Getting up from his seat, he rushed over to her and Seilah and carefully picked her and laid her on the sofa next to his chair. Natsu had his room built like this. The guild master's desk opposite the door that has a long stretch of space for a hidden meeting table, for when it is needed. From the door, there is a large bookcase on the left filled with books on magic and the histories of magic. Opposite the bookshelf, a large sofa is placed near a large one-way window, showing the beautiful scenery outside.

Natsu could see the pain in her soft emerald eyes, glistening with tears and he wanted to be able to take that pain away from her permanently. But all he can do is use the magic he got to soothe and heal her pain.

"Natsu." Mavis called out, managing to look at the man in his eyes. "It hurts, please help me, I know you can do it. I'm willing to wait but please." At this point Mavis couldn't stop the tears from escaping her eyes.

Natsu can only look on and use his healing magic to heel the ears. But he wishes he can do more. He needs to force it to do better. Will it to improve. But he can't. he can only cry at not being able to save this adult stuck in a child's body and not be able to heal her Magic deficiency. Magic deficiency that she was going through for six and a half years. Six and a half years, not being able to stand for long time before getting tired. Not being able enjoy the Guild to its fullest. The parties he had to limit to make it safe for her. The laughs she can enjoy with the Guild without it hurting her ears. The big feasts that she has to miss out because of how much flavour can be smelt from even to someone who is walking by outside the Guild.

Wiping the tears escaping his own eyes, he looked back at the girl and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

"I'm sorry Mavis. I wish I can improve this healing magic faster, but I can't seem to find the way to do so. I wish I can take this pain away from you."

"It's….OK….Nat….su…..I…Trus….You." Slowly falling asleep, Mavis relaxes and manages to take her hands from her ears and use them to support her head. Natsu seeing this, sat on his chair and gently lay her head on his lap and stroked her hair like soothing her to have a peaceful sleep.

"Seilah." Natsu called the demon who was sitting on the sofa, waiting for her Natsu to be done.

"Yes master."

"What happened? What lead to this?"

"Well, Mira was enjoying your new outfit that you have worn on, but she said it to out load even though she wasn't meant to. Mavis agreed like a child who can't stop fawning over them and we hugged imagining you. Erza didn't like this and she blew up. It was like she was holding it in all day and just let it out."

Hearing this, Natsu didn't know what to say. A lot of things was going into his head and he didn't want to think about them. Releasing a breath that he was holding, he looked to his side and called up a clone of himself.

"Seilah go out of the guild with him. And you please have a talk to the Guild."

"Yes master/Yes sir." Seilah and the Clone said in unison before they headed out of the room.

Natsu could only release a sigh and drifted his gaze down to the yellow-blonde haired girl, who was resting her head on his lap.

"You were thirteen when you said that your body stopped maturing. You didn't grow taller, or you haven't developed. It's funny don't you think. You would have died with that spell you casted all those years ago. Twenty-four and you still were in a body of a child. Then you fell deeper in love with my brother which lead to you do be in a coma for over one hundred years.

I know it's bad for me to think this, but I'm glad that you were in that coma for that long. We wouldn't have got to talk six and a half years ago. We bonded in that cell. I just hope now that I can hold you in my arms, I can improve my healing magic. This gift that has been forced in me will be used for good, and I will make sure of it." Determination can be seen in his eyes. For a brief second, they glistened in a shade of pure gold that held power that grew accustomed to. This hidden power he found and trained for all these years. The power held onto the kings of the beasts who command their brothers and sisters.

Natsu looked up from Mavis and stared at the door. He was confused as to why his clone was crying, he was meant to find out for himself that Erza would say that it was her and apologise. But why did he have this feeling that that didn't happen.

Sighing, he dispelled the clone, wanting to know what happened, and was shocked and horrified at what he saw.

'These clones do not even do a good job at half the things I say to them. Always doing the opposite of what I say.' He thought clenching his fist. Now the Guild will feel guilty. He didn't want that, he wanted them to have fun with the people who were missed. It was his fault for rushing to his office wanting to finish quickly. 'Dammit, why do I complicate things.'




Cutting out of his thoughts, Natsu gently moved Mavis into a more comfortable position and looked up towards the door.

"Come in." It came to a shock to see the short old man enter his office and not have Seilah accompany him and this soon after the whole ordeal that a clone said.

"Hello, my child, I came in to apologise for the way we were acting in the guild. We never considered that seven years has gone by and that we had managed to make the guild worse with our presence. And for that I am sorry on behalf of those who were stuck on Tenrou Island and for those who have been here throughout those times."

Looking at the now bowing former master, Natsu could feel the genuine guilt he felt from his words and eyes.

Releasing a short breath, he put on a small smile before replying to the old man.

"It was alright Gramps. I wanted you all to enjoy the new atmosphere and make the old men out there feel like they can enjoy the old Fairy tail again. But also consider the changes and rules I made. That speech that 'I' made was accounted with the rising feeling of fear for Mavis' health. But I did not mean to sound like a crying baby hahaha."

The former master was astounded by the reaction from that was present on front of him. The way he is different from the Natsu he saw a few minutes ago out on the balcony compared to this who is scratching the back of his head with a sheepish smile. Truly this was something he did not expect.

Snapping out of his shock, he cleared his throat wanting to address a few things.

"My boy, this is a big surprise to see you not all upset and angry at us, we did break the rule of not raising our voice with Mavis around." The confused tone was picked up by Natsu, making him unconsciously stroke the blonde hair of the sleeping girl. "Well, the anger was mainly my fault. I was in a rush to try and complete the work to hang out more with you all. In doing so I completely forgot to lower her sense of hearing. It was my responsibility and I had my guard lowered a bit."

Seeing the regretful look in the current master's eyes, Makarov quickly thought of a way to change the mood of the conversation.

"So Nats- I mean master."

"Just call me whatever you want gramps. I don't mind."

The short man couldn't stop small smile coming across his face after seeing how the young boy he knew hasn't completely changed.

"Natsu, you really have changed over the seven years. I wanted to know what you think of the role of the Guild master. It isn't good receiving complaints about property damages and the expenses needed to be paid." Finishing off with a cheeky grin towards the dragon slayer who just laughed.

"Well, at the first few years of being master, I kept on getting complaints and bills and in seeing them, I knew how you felt."

"So, how did you deal with it. It seems that financially your doing better than seven years ago when I was running the guild."

"Hahaha. You see, I kicked the shit out of everyone."

The former master couldn't help but sweat drop at the comment. It is really a Natsu idea when dealing with the situation. Looking back at the master, he gestured for the salmon haired mage to continue, which he did.

"Seriously, I did kick the crap out of those who came back on the jobs with complaints. At the start I didn't do it much as the people who caused the most property damage excluding me were stuck on Tenrou, so damages were kept to a minimum. Once more and younger mages joined, the complaints grew and the ass kicking continued. After the complaints calmed down a bit, I got a mini mission from the council to deal with a monster extermination. Property damages were meant to happened so they said they would cover the expenses. But after I was done, I saw many families upset and a few children crying with their houses being destroyed and heavy damage around the area. I didn't want to use my magic, so I helped them out the old fashion way for a bit. Seeing some smiles returning on the children's faces and their mothers able to see them be happy, I gave them five hundred thousand jewels for some food and water. It was the faces of the people that made me decide on a way to reduce complaints. Mages were to bring five hundred thousand jewels with them in case property damage occurs or if the people need help. They would also make sure that they aid in villages or towns with building or any mini tasks that they see on their way to the jobs or coming back."

Finishing his explanation, Natsu looked back to the former master who looked shocked and couldn't help but laugh and be amused.

"What's up Gramps, learning how we have saved quite a lot of money and get less complaints from the council to much for you."

"Well yes. For all my life I would have never had thought that you of all people would manage to fix the biggest problem that I was facing. And I was a guild master longer than you."

"I have to say Gramps, you know a way to hurt my feelings. You have that much faith in me."

Both the Makarov and Natsu laughed at the small jokes between them. Stopping his amusement short, the short man adorned a saddened expression, one that the dragon slayer took note on.

"My boy, May I ask what is up with the first master. How is she even alive? She should be-"

"Lumen Histoire."

Finishing off the old master's sentence, Natsu adorned a serious yet hardened gaze and brought the young girl closer to his side.

"Fairy tail never knew about Mavis only after one and a half years after you were gone. I knew Mavis a few months earlier."

"But how, she was placed in a safe place where no one knew where she was or could sense her."

"Your right she was." Natsu replied before dropping the piece of work he was signing.

"Makarov. Tell me. Can you sense any magic coming off me?"

This question and formal manner shocked short man but was also taken back with the lack of magic presence from him.

"B-but how. I sense nothing. What about last night?"

"You see, I never used magic during that mission that the council gave me. And even before that. I will hopefully tell you the story when the time is right, but right now you guys aren't ready."

"Makarov could only look down in sadness, seeing the brief pain that washed in the eyes of the child, no, man in front of him.

"But Gramps, at the moment, I will tell you this. Mavis is still immortal. She has Magic deficiency syndrome. Her container is broken so she can't get ethernano into her body. Leaving her into a weak state where any loud noises or strong smell hits her senses, then they cause her pain and start to bleed."

The third master couldn't help but let a tear drop after hearing the stat of the once strong girl who could command armies in the past.

Wanting to move on from the sad topic, Natsu changed his tone and addressed the old man, making sure to let him know that the subject was changing.

"Anyway Gramps, why not go back to the rest of the guild ay. They probably are wondering what is taking us so long."

"Why not my boy. Are you coming to. What about the paperwork?"

"Don't worry about it, let me make sure Mavis is OK, then she should be fine to come down."

"Wouldn't she be affected by the smells and the noise?"

"I'll dampen her senses."

"But how, you said you don't use magic?"

Natsu was a beginning to get irritated by the old mans questioning. Seeing the annoyed expression, Makarov quickly shut up to allow the guild master to do his thing.

"Hey Mavis. We are heading down to the guild now. You good to go or do you still need some rest?"

Hearing someone call her, Mavis slowly opened her weak eyes and took note at the pink haired man looking into her eyes. Putting on a smile to show she is awake, she got up tiredly and gave the man a hug.

"Yeah I should be fine now. But I am missing the good morning kiss hmph." Chuckling at the innocent pouting girl, Natsu brought the first master who shouted a cute 'yelp' at the surprise action but a warm pair of lips on her small soft ones got her heart to calm down and enjoy the short gesture.

Cutting the kiss short, Natsu, picked up Mavis and brought her on her wheelchair. A jaw dropping expression cam over the old man after seeing a copy of the salmon haired man doing paperwork.

"What is going on. First your all lovey dovey with the first, and now there is a copy of you doing work. can you please explain."

Mavis and Natsu could only laugh at the old man who was thinking of the amount of work he could save with having a double. Shaking his head, Natsu put his hand up to gain the old man's attention.

"First me and Mavis are going out. Second, this here is a clone which is also like the one who made me a cry baby on the balcony."

"But aren't you with Seilah?"



"She knows, we three live together."

The old man couldn't help but cry at having multiple girls with him. Even though he only knew two of them at the moment. Natsu couldn't help but have an amused expression one that the girl in the wheelchair was mirroring.

"Anyway. Let's go down and talk to the guild. I can show off Natsu more to the Tenrou group. The speechless and shocked expressions that will be brought by our actions. Seilah would be jealous with having the lack of attention with this warm bear. Hahaha" Mavis couldn't stop fantasising about all the people being jealous. The former master and the Salamander could only sweat drop at her from making the two know that they should go, to going in her mind.

"Sure thing. Hey Gramps. I want you to know something important. But I don't want to go into details at the moment. It is very personal to you and I know you want answers, but they will come in due time." This statement got the short moustached man intrigued and gestured for the master to go on.

"Your son, Ivan is dead. I don't know when he died. But he is dead."

Shock was all that went through Makarov. His son is dead. Natsu said that he was dead and he knew it was no lie because he didn't know who he was seven years ago. Questions were running in his mind. How did he die. Who killed him. what was he doing to cause his death.

Seeing the short man in a state, he made sure that the former master knew that he would get answers.

"Gramps, I know your thinking how he died and who could have done it. But trust me. You will get answers. You can be mad at me for not telling you as of right now. But he links in with what happened six and a bit years ago."

Natsu got what he wanted by seeing the expression on the old master's face soften and adorn a sad one. He made his way towards the door, with the old man following behind slowly, and opened it up to see the guild a bit down and the Tenrou group talking to a woman at the bar with Seilah, who looked like a certain Celestial spirit mage.

Some of the members noticed their guild master and the Mavis in her wheelchair and made sure that the member's around them knew that they were out.

"Ah Master, we are so sorry about the way we were with the old members. We will take any punishment you had in mind." Macao was the one to start the conversation off, which caught the Tenrou group and the new person in the guild near Seilah's attention.

"Ah, don't worry about it. It was the clone that over reacted. You don't need to sweat over it." Natsu replied as he made his way down the ramp and towards the bar. "Also, you guys need to understand that I will love you all no matter what. After all we are family and family do break rules sometimes. Afternoon Anna-sensei, I take it you introduced yourself."

Reaching the demon and Anna, Natsu handed Mavis to Seilah to position at the bar and gave a her a quick kiss before walking to mature blonde and giving her a hug. Which she returned.

"Ah yes, they were shocked when I told them how I came to from the past and knew you, little Wendy and grumpy Gajeel. And it was quite amusing with how they reacted."

Natsu couldn't stop himself from laughing. He looked over to the dragon slayers and saw how Wendy was saddened probably due to not knowing where Grandeeney was. He looked at the other dragon who was talking to Levy and Panther Lily but seemed like he didn't care.

It was at this point that the other Tenrou group came to a table close to the Bar who had faces of guilt for some reason.

"Hey Natsu, I would like to apologise about raising my voice. I shouldn't have gotten angry like I used to." Erza was the one to speak up wanting to make things right with the dragon slayer. Natsu merely looked towards the red-haired mage for a minute, making her squirm from not getting a reply.

After a minute, Natsu walked up to her and embraced her, getting a small blush and a shocked face as well as everyone else being taken back from this gesture.

"Nah Erza, it was me who is out of line. I talked shit about you seven years ago and compared you to a slave master. You know how bad that insult it. You might have felt like you were asked to adapt to quickly to change and it overwhelmed you. So, you don't need to apologise." Once he was done, he let go of her and gave her a small smile, which she returned. Stepping back, he was approached by the Thunder God tribe looking like they were desperate and wanted to say something.

"Please Master, we beg you to allow Laxus back into the Guild." Bickslow begun with his dolls repeating "Allow Laxus back".

"Yes Master, we would like you to bring him back or we will be leaving with him." Freed added passionately which got a few gasps from those who heard him.

"We will do anything to allow him to join back. I will do anything, just let him be part of Fairy tail again." Evergreen ended. Many of the older men who heard this, couldn't stop the pery thoughts about what they would do to the brown-haired girl. Even Natsu was taken a bit pack with the small tears threatening to escape her face.

However, Due to wanting to lighten the mood a bit and to make a show for the old men, Natsu slowly walked to fairy mage.

Natsu stopped in front of her, making her step back from instinct, but was stopped when Natsu raised his hand and caressed her cheek, causing the woman to wear a blush on her face. Slowly moving his face close to her ear, many of the old men including the former master and Gildarts to adorn deep blushed and pervy grins. Many of the female mages couldn't help but blush at the sight at the sudden toothy grin that showed his sharp canines that could ravish any girl he wanted to. The group that were new to this could only look in shock and to the Thunder God tribe, horror at the sight of the dragon slayer.

"So Evergreen."


"You said I could do whatever I wanted to do with you right?"

"Y-yes -B-but"

"Hey I wasn't finished. You said I could do anything to you. Basically you given me consent for my left hand to slowly cup you right big juicy breast and have a quick fondle. You gave consent for me to then lower my left hand slowly over your well-toned stomach and slowly reach your private area and make you feel warm. You gave consent for me to gently caress the side of your hips and move my hands behind your back and squeeze your soft ass."

Before Evergreen could reply to the dragon slayer, he quickly moved away from the woman, back to Seilah who looked like she was trying to stop her laughs but failing.

Turning around he saw many members having red faces, as well as the innocent younger members look like they were going to pass out. The pervs were probably thinking of sexual things and the group that were stuck on Tenrou island were just as embarrassed and shocked at the same time. A certain member in the Tenrou group piqued his interest and couldn't stop the amusing smile to make its way on his face.

Wanting to allow the woman to relax, he looked around the guild searching for the lightning dragon slayer.

"Laxus, could you come here for a second." Said mage made his way to the guild master with his headphones on and arms crossed.

"What's up Natsu? You made quite the situation in the guild and now your calling me."

"I wanted to liven the place up a bit and Evergreen was the subject to my game."

"Heh. So, what is it you want? Ready to kick me out of the guild."

This question snapped everyone out of there state and looked Master to see what he ws going to do.

"Well you see, I'm gonna allow you to join back into the guild. The Thunder god tribe looked like they missed you, mainly Freed over there so I wouldn't want to break their hearts. Plus, you need to talk to Gramps. It isn't long but it is just to let you know something."

To say that Laxus was shocked was an understatement. He was allowed back into the guild. He was both grateful and thankful to Natsu, but he was quickly pushed to the side by the Thunder god tribe wanting to celebrate his return.

Seeing that the issue was dealt with, Natsu turned his attention back to the Tenrou group, casting a quick glance at the big brute who looked depressed, and smiled out how they were talking about the events.

"Yo, Mira."

Said young woman, looked towards the dragon slayer with a blush from remembering his display of change and responded shyly.

"Y-yes Natsu. What is it?"

Picking up on the shyness and the blush that faded from her cheeks, Natsu merely smiled at how the crush he once had on the woman seven years ago felt the same as he did now.

"Did you know that your brother has got his eyes set on a certain mage?"

Mira tilted her head in confusion trying to think of who the woman could be. The group that heard this, also looked puzzled except for the platinum heard male, who started to blush and look away.

"No, sorry. I don't know who the woman is."

"Really. I'm surprised, she has been in this guild for a long time, was also part of the Tenrou group. I mean, she was his partner for the exams if I'm not mistaken."

A mischievous grin was plastered on the pink haired mage after seeing look of realisation go through each member of the team. Elfman could only start sweating at the many gazes that were on him like a hawk wanting him to confess.

"Hey. It's not Manly to out a man like that." Elfman wished he was in a grave somewhere after realising he just confirmed that he like the woman. Mira slowly walked towards her younger brother and had a sweet innocent smile on her face.

"Elfman is it true that you like Evergreen. I am your big sister so you should tell the truth. You did trick me that you were getting married, so for you to deny it would break my heart."

Elfman was now backed in a corner, the fake innocent look that the she-demon had on was boring into him like he was being interrogated. Smalling the built-up saliva in his throat, he breathed slowly trying to calm himself down.

"Yes I do. As a man, I admit that I may have an attraction to Ever."

Silence quickly overtook the guild, and no one wanted to say anything. Mavis who watched on broke the silence when a squeal escaped her mouth and stars were shining in her eyes.

"Oh my, we have young love brewing in the guild, many couples could be forming tonight. Hehehe, I wonder who would be next."

The guild could only sweat drop at the scheming young girl who was plotting something straight away. Elfman escaped the group wanting to be alone and Natsu was laughing with Seilah.

"Aw man, that was fun."

"It was great that we had fun for a bit, but I wanted to know something Natsu."

Lucy, who had been quiet throughout the ordeal, made her way to the front with a curious look in her eyes.

"Sure Luce, what is it?"

"The clothing, How come your wearing a traditional outfit. It is way different to your style."

"Jeez Luce. I'm hurt. You don't like what I am wearing." A fake hurt expression was present on the dragon slayer's face which the Celestial spirit mage bought but no one else.

"NO no. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. You look great. But why those clothes?"

Natsu could only look at the embarrassed and shy girl in front of him with an amused smirk.

"I was only messing Luce. But to answer your question."

At this point, the Tenrou group members that were left, looked curious at the dragon slayer who also were wanting to know why he changed his whole outfit.

"I few years ago, at the start of my dragon slayer magic training, I came to enjoying the culture that my master had. It was refreshing, new, calm. I loved it. So I asked for a custom made kimono. I didn't like the long style where they were down to your feet, so I asked for the top to be about mod thigh height with magic to be able to change colour. As you can see, my scarf is wrapped over my ribbon, my pants are baggy for reasons and these boots heeled shoes help keep them the bottom in. Even Seilah here has the same."

"Yes, and just because I am not wearing any pants doesn't mean you all can be perverts. Only master can see me that way."

Walking to the group Seilah latched on to the dragon slayer, who didn't react to her sudden movement. Th group could only look shocked at the couple.

"Wait, you are going out with this demon?" Erza was the one to say the question that ws on the groups mind.

"Yes me and Seilah have been together for five and a bit years now. Why you have a problem with who I am in a relationship with Erza. I am in one with Mavis and some others. Do you have a problem who I go out with?"

The sudden change in tone made the members present shiver at the darker tone used.

"NO, we just wanted to know."

"Good because the guild doesn't mind it. many are jealous but they accept it."

"Yeah, I might be having sex with Natsu just yet, doesn't mean he can't love me in other ways."

Mavis joined the group who was wheeled in by Anna who couldn't stop the soft chuckles escaping her throat. "My, isn't Natsu getting a few girls blushing

"Wait, are you going out with my great, great, great, great grandmother?"

Natsu and Anna were a bit caught off guard by the question Lucy had. Looking at each other, they wanted to know how they wanted to respond. Quickly standing up, Natsu made his way behind the mature woman and did something which caused her to blush as well as the others.

Wrapping his arms around the torso of the woman, Natsu pulled the older woman deeper into his embrace and allowed his hands to travel down to her inner thighs soothingly rubbing them gently and increasing the embarrassment she was in.

"Oh you see. I love this woman. the way her long legs move with elegance, her hands soft as she plays with my hair. Her meaty thighs that I can rest my head on when I'm tired. And this chest that I can use as pillows. One day, this sacred spot will be pleasured like her last lover hasn't pleasured before."

Erza had a heavy blush on her face and kept mumbling 'indecent'. Gray had a small blush on his face, and quickly glancing at the water mage who was in her dreamland thinking about her Gray feeling her up like that. Lucy and Mira shared a same blush with how erotic his words sounded. Whilst the Woman who was being described couldn't help but blush but have an angry expression.

"That's enough Natsu. We are not in a relationship. You see me as a mother, and I see you as my child. I am 42 years old remember."

Natsu had a look of disappointment from her answer as well as Seilah who was beginning to get angry with how the older woman was playing with her master feelings.

"I see. Well then, Luce. You got your answer, me and Anna-sensei are not in a relationship."

No one could hear the hurt tone in his voice apart from the woman still in his arms as well as the demon and Mavis. Anna was upset that she hurt the man she loves. But she knows that he doesn't love her. Does she?

Moving out of his embrace which the man allowed, she said goodbye to the guild to make her way to a room that looked like it could be a classroom.

Natsu was talking to the members who came back wanting to know how they were settling in. Mavis made her way to the Guild masters office by Natsu who gave a quick kiss before she was sleeping next to the copy of the guild master. Kinana was serving drinks to the guildmates as well as Lisanna who helped in with the heavy demand.

A few hours later, Natsu perked up, gaining confused looks from members around him.

"What is it Natsu?" Lucy asked after noticing the sudden change in the dragon slayer.

Without replying, the dragon slayer made his way in front of the doors with a small smile on his face.

"What do you think is going on?" Erza was the first to ask the group

"I'm not sure, but something made the Flame-brain perk up that that."

"Yeah it must be important. And Gray put on some clothes."

Carla who was sitting next to Wendy, who had her eyes covered, and the group at a table looking at the odd behaviour of the pink haired mage.

It didn't take long for the doors to open, getting everyone attention, and a small figure entering the guild hall.

The young six-year-old girl had emerald hair that was in a long ponytail held by a red ribbon tied in a bow. She had fringe covering her right onyx eyes and a wide toothy grin on her face. She was wearing a white silky long sleeve shirt tucked in a black skirt that wrapped around her small torso and trailed down to her knees. A black loose ribbon was tied around her neck. She had knee high white socks and back shoes completing her outfit.

The sudden arrival of the girl made questions pop into the group's heads.

"Is she Bisca's second daughter?" Gray started off with a confused expression.

"It has to be with that hair. But she looks around the same age as Asuka though so doesn't make sense." Lucy added who was in a thinking position.

They were cut short from there questions when the young girl moved closer to the guild with her toothy grin that looked similar to a certain someone that they know.

"Ha, I will get you this time papa. Just you wait." Running forward, the young child reequipped a wooden kendo stick making the group shocked at the magic she used.

"Isn't that like your magic Erza?" The resident stripper questioned with a flabbergasted expression on his face.

"Indeed. But she doesn't seem to be like mine, and its weaker." The Scarlet haired mage replied.

Back with the young child, who continued running forward.

"Here I go papa." The wooden kendo stick lit on fire shocking the group who continued looking at the child heading for the guild master.

"Garuda Flame" Erza was shocked at hearing the spell, the last time she heard someone use that technique was back in the Tower of Heaven facing off Ikaruga.

Before the child unleashed the technique, she tripped over her foot, unleashing the technique early and causing a fire to start in the guild.




Quickly dispelling the fire that was spreading, Natsu slowly walked up to the girl who was got back on her knees with tears staining her face." UUHHHHWEEEHH" her tears were increasing, and her sobbing could be heard around the guild making many of the members want to comfort her but waited for the master to deal with it. "P-papa. I-I failed." She cried out whilst staying on the ground but raising her arms towards Natsu.

"Hey don't cry Esme." Taking his right arm out of his kimono sleeve, Natsu knelt in front of the now named Esme and brought the girl into a warm hug. "It is OK to make mistakes. Do remember why." He smiled gently rubbing her back with his still sleeved left hand. Slowly stopping her crying and reducing them to small sniffles, she gave him a nod. "Yes papa remember." Resting herself on the right arm of her father, she brought her small arms up to her eyes, drying the remaining tears still left in her eyes. "You said that when I fail, it shows that I still have a lot to learn. It necessarily isn't a bad thing. It allows the person to grow stronger and learn from past mistakes and allow them to be able to help their family when trouble arises." Giving a small smile to his daughter, Natsu wiped what remaining tears were left and brought her back in a warm hug. "What else did I say Esme." Wrapping her arms around her father, she got comfortable in his natural high body temperature, and rested her head on his shoulder. "You said that it isn't the number of times you throw a punch or swing a sword. But it is the number of times you practise throwing that punch and swinging that sword." Natsu couldn't help but smile at the young child in his arms and ruffled her hair a bit before standing back up from the floor. "That's right my little princess."

"I missed you papa." Esme smiled widely, matching her father's smile as he made his way towards the bar where the group were waiting with Seilah. "I missed you to Esme." Sitting down on the bar stool with his daughter on his lap, Natsu looked up towards the group that was in front of him, who all had shocked expressions on their faces.





Soon, both father and daughter were swarmed with questions coming from the group. With all the questions being asked at the same time and all at once, with no breaks, Esme felt like her head was spinning and instinctively buried her head in her father's side trying to bury the noise side. Sensing her daughter being scared and nervous, his protective side came out of him wanting to protect his daughter.

"Will you all shut up." Gold rims replaced his onyx eyes for a second sending a wave of pressure around the guild, pushing back everyone who was close as well as those who weren't near the group. "You all are like Jason who wants a scoop for sorcerer weekly." Snapping back at them and calming down. With everyone quiet, Natsu brought Esme out of her hiding and back on his lap with her still clutching him. Seeing this, Natsu brought her on to his right arm that wasn't covered in his kimono and laid her head on his shoulder.

"We are sorry Natsu, but we are curious about her." Mirajane said with a look of desperation of wanting to know more about the girl. "Plus look how cute she is."

"Ok Mira that's enough." Lisanna demanded after seeing the little girl retreat back into her father. "You are too caught up in wanting to know about the girl, yet you are scaring her without even knowing." The older sister could only look down in shame after realising how much the girl must be scared.

"Hey Esme. Why don't you take Asuka into the classroom. Anna-sensei is in there probably getting ready for Asuka." Not wanting to see the sad expression on his childhood crush's face, Natsu decided to allow his daughter to have a breather and prepare for when she is ready. "Alright Papa. I will see you later then." Giving a sweet smile to her father, Natsu couldn't help but kiss her forehead which caused the girl to gain an embarrassing blush on her face. Wanting to get away from being embarrassed more Esme ran up to Asuka and led her to the room where they would learn.

Getting a drink from Kinana, Natsu looked back to the group who were awaiting some answers.

"Well then. What is it that you want to know?" The group of mages that were around the master, looked around to see who would start. Seeing as though she started it first, Mira looked back at the master who was talking to Kinana about something. "OK. Who is the mother. We were thinking that it would be Bisca with the green hear and all, but she seems around the same age as Asuka." A few nods of approval went around the table with the question Mira asked. "Well she was born a few months earlier than Asuka. But who the mother is. It isn't important at the moment. So next question." The group were a bit disappointed in the reply but seeing as though the dragon slayer wasn't going to answer the same the of question, they moved on.

"What magic does she have. She had a sword out, but you don't use a sword." Erza was the one to ask next, and hearing about a sword got the guild master to laugh. "What's funny Flame breath, Erza was asking a question, not a joke." Stopping his laugh, Natsu looked back at the group, directly at Erza and couldn't help but have a smug smirk on his face. "Who said I don't have a sword." Now the group was intrigued leaning in for him to continue on, Natsu slipped his arm back in his sleeve and brought out a sheathed Katana. "As you can see hear, I do own a katana. The sheath is made out of Lungue Buloke which is known to be the hardest wood found in the country. There isn't a handle but a bit of wood sticking out of the handle, identifying it as to where the two are connected. The blade is mixed with T ten steel that has Tungsten in making it one of the strongest and hardest to break katanas in the world. This was made over four hundred years ago and used in the Dragon civil war. Which makes this good for dragon slayers."

This new development shocked the group but not as much as Wendy and Gajeel. Both dragon slayers never knew that dragon slaying weapons were made. "How the hell was there weapons to kill dragons. I say your full of crap Salamander." Natsu just looked towards the iron dragon slayer as well as the young sky dragon slayer. Seeing the doubt present in her eyes even if she didn't know she was feeling it, he quickly came to a decision.

Slowly, he unsheathed his katana, and the guild was instantly filled with potent high magical power.

"Do you believe me now. The power that could rival dragons. The blood coated in this blade. Even I didn't believe it at first. But now, this makes me feel closer to Igneel and the dragon slaying magic he gave me." Sheathing the blade back, Natsu put his katana back in his space pocket and looked around the guild when noticing the now quiet atmosphere. He could only rub the back of his head after seeing many of the members unconscious, or shocked at the display in power.

"Oops hehe."

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