He couldn't not stop and give her a hand, bone tired though he was, Roy DeSoto took one look at the rather too small-boned, average height young woman carrying a huge backpack and hauling a wagonload of stuff too arduous for her to move by herself, then he sighed and pulled over. She was going to hurt herself more than she apparently already had, going by the way she was limping. A Shift had been fighting a brushfire for three days straight and he had been on the way home.

She paused, wobbling a little but grabbing a tree trunk near the sidewalk to stabilize herself at his soft, "Need a hand?"

"I'd know that voice anywhere, under any you have any idea, how much I've missed you, Roy?" Her voice quavered a little, but she was a bit too top heavy to turn fast...or well. "So, very, very much. I'd turn around but I'd likely fall if I tried. And there's no need to pester B shift is there?"

"Azure?" He moved to where she could see him. "Let's get that stuff into my pickup, okay?"

"I heard about what Jo did. No need to discuss it unless you want to, but no need to avoid it either." Her voice was quiet but he caught the edge of rage in her tone and knew she was angry for his sake.

"It's okay." He told her as he put the tailgate down and she eased her heavy pack off onto it. "It's been three years."

"I'm surprised you didn't move in with John. Actually, I'm surprised he didn't insist."

"Oh, he did...and I did, for a while. For about a year and a half, before he'd trusted me alone." He helped her move the rest of her things into the bed under his camper shell, then closed the tailgate, just as her arms slid around his waist and hugged him hard.

"Bet he's still worried."

"Yeah. He tries not to push too much, but..."

"Tries to set you up, doesn't he? I'm moving in, permanently. You do know this, right?"

"Yeah, I do know. But, as for trying to set me up with women, they all do that. Even Hank." Roy chuckled as she just snuggled in closer. "I think they'll stop now, though."

"Well, I've got dibs." She said quietly, "I've got a prior claim...mine."


"Love you, Snugglebear. I'm so sorry she hurt you, but I'm so glad it means I don't have to pretend I don't want you, anymore."

"I know." He sighed, remembering how she'd look at him, sometimes, though she never stepped one toe out of line, kissed her hair and held her very, very close.

"And I don't think you could love me more if you tried to."

"Point." He nodded then, cheek pressed to her head. "Johnny's going to flip."

"You just let me handle Daddy." Was the prompt reply. "After what Jo did, he'll be fine with it, he just wants you safe and grounded with someone he's vetting as someone that won't drop you when it gets tough. He knows I'm not going to hurt you...and everybody knows I can handle being a firefighter's wife just fine. Plus, because of Daddy, I've been the mascot at 51 for years, so you won't even have to introduce me, unless you've got a boot on the shift, after all. And I'm a lot more aware of the realities of it than Jo ever was."

"True. Okay." He laughed. "You get to handle Capt., too, then."

"Take me home." She told him.

"I'm in a new place, pretty good sized but kinda rural. The cats you had in the wagon will like it, I think."

"Don't matter, long as you're with me, anywhere will do. It always has, hasn't it? And my house cats are's why they're called house cats. She let him get her seated and then he leveled a small glare at her.

"I saw the limp, you know."

"I know. No way you could have missed it. Hell, Rabbit wouldn't have missed it. Worry about it when we get wherever we're going. It's in a brace I'd like to take off given I've been in it for several can wait until I strip to shower."

She did like his new house, setting up litter boxes in a small, mostly unused room before she let the cats out in the same room. They had to walk past the boxes to get out and all three stopped to use a box first: They had been in the cages for a while.

Food and water dishes went in two out of the way location in the kitchen, filled. Water in one place, food in another. "They'll drop food in the water bowl, otherwise, fouling it far more often. This way they have to finish swallowing and licking off their teeth, first, while crossing the room."

He chuckled, he'd had cats before, while his kids were growing up. "Okay, now that the four feets are seen to, let's get you seen to. I want a look at that knee."


He didn't think she was stalling, she was pretty grimy. "Okay, I can understand look like you've got half the dust in L.A. County stuck to you."

"With you...gotta get my back bits clean, too...right?"


"Easing into a relationship is for people who need to get to know each other first, Roy. We don't need that 'easing in' bit." Her head cocked, "You've been able to read me like a book with a glass cover for years...and the same in reverse for me concerning you."


"And it's not the first time you've seen me nude, either...granted, I was ten last time and a wee bit cut up, but still..."

Roy laughed, "No, I don't suppose we do. But, that one time does not count, by the way. Nice try, though."

"So...we need one that does count...pronto, onto the important bits..." She rubbed her palms together briskly and cackled. "Warm, wet, naked Roy..."

He laughed again at the eager, greedy expression on her face, loud and happily. He'd never thought of this young woman in that way while she'd been his partner's foster kid. He'd still been married at the time and it would have been wrong. Now, though? She was 25, she did love him...he knew that, no question of that at all...and it was quite clear she wanted to keep him. "The second door on the left, down the hall. He was still in his prime, definitely interested, she loved him and that love was returned.

She made him read the paperwork and discharge papers from the hospital back east where she'd had it looked at while she casually stripped off, right next to him. "You're good at multi-tasking, so you skim those while I get my clothes off."

His lips twitched, she was teasing...gently, but it was still teasing. Otherwise, she'd be using the sink or counter to balance with instead of his hip...and wouldn't have been tugging at the elastic waist band as soon as she was down to the barely-there fragment of cloth she referred to as her underwear. His cock was hard and almost pulsing.

"Forgot something." He put the file aside, placing it on a shelf where it wouldn't get wet, but his eyes were on that bit of fabric.

"Nope, saved that for your hands to remove. Figured you could examine the area at close range whilst doing so."

His breath caught, slightly. "Naughty."

"No, naughty would be informing you that I used a good-sized cucumber to get rid of my gag-reflex...with you in mind, while watching deep-throat porn to learn how to do it right. Naughty is telling that I started the self-help lessons the day I heard about the the Amtrak private sleeper car on the way home...four days ago." She looked up at him through her lashes and smiled impishly. "While also reminding you that I have never lied to you. Ever. Dropping that information, in this situation, on you, cold-turkey, would be a good bit more than just naughty. I hope."

Roy swallowed, hard. Audibly. "Yeah, that's naughty. That's also very, very um..."

"Deliberate. I figured if I didn't get it quite right, you can fix that...we could practice...practice is good."

"Yeah, that, that's a good word, too." His ex had despised oral least giving it.

Azure had turned to the shower while he was gibbering and the water was on, she liked it a bit warmer than most, he recalled. So did he, but if they were going to be in there any length of time, he'd turn it down some. The shower itself was rather huge, with built in benches along three sides. Deep ones, with scalloped seating. He smiled, thinking of it.

"Interesting seating...but not for tonight, I think. First times deserve a bed, don't you think?"

Roy stopped undressing as his pants hit the floor, stunned, though heat surged through his balls at the insinuation. "Azure?"

She smiled, a little nervously now. "It's okay, isn't it? That's why I used a cucumber...instead getting a fake penis...wasn't sure which one...never actually...seen...don't know what's normal."

"Yeah, it's fine." He reassured her, gentling now from the way he'd felt a moment before. He finished stripping and moved the pace or two to where she stood. She'd waited...and he cupped the back of her skull in one large hand to make her look at him, bring her face up from where she'd had it...staring at the floor. "It's far more than just 'okay'." He said quietly, then he kissed her. Gently at first, coaxing, leading and finally taking her mouth with his own.

With every moment that passed he became more and more sure that this was also her first kiss; he felt rather humbled, but not particularly surprised. She'd always been damned picky about who she'd let anywhere near her. As her arms slid around his neck, pulling his mouth closer to her own and her body started moving against his, he was pleased to note she was still a fast learner. He also no longer cared if John Gage flipped out.

"I showered at 51," Roy told her. "We had to respond to a brushfire three days ago, finally got it out...but I was filthy, so I really enjoyed that shower." He eased them both into the shower, but only to wash her...and do a bit of teasing of his own. "But somehow this one is way better." He chuckled, making sure he washed her thoroughly, rinsed her completely, but then his fingers went back between her legs, into her shaved slot and stayed for a bit.

"Oooooh," She sighed as he gently rubbed her nub, "uhnnn." Her thighs tried to spread for him and it wasn't long before he wanted her off the tile floor and put somewhere more stable. He took his hand away and chuckled again at the disappointed sound she made.

He still moved them out, dried both of them off, then picked her up and carried her into his bedroom to lay her on his big bed, following her when he did.

"We can practice later, I need you to listen to me. This time, this first time, I want it to be about you. Removing any virgin's hymen hurts the girl some...not much or for long unless a man is a complete asshole, but it does hurt and it will bleed. I want you as hot as I can make you burn, for those reasons. The hymen is a barrier that I will burst, causing a small wound...can't be helped." He told her seriously.

"I know. I'm fine, Roy. Couldn't be anyone else, you so much. Wanted what I couldn't have for so long...but now I can and I'm going to. Gonna hang onto you with everything I have for as long as you'll let me." Her voice was sober and her eyes glistened with emotion.

His throat tight, he nodded. "Okay. As long as you want me...I'll let you."

"Then, love me, Roy...and don't ever, ever let go. Don't drop me."

"I won't." He promised. "John as a father-in-law is going to be damned weird, though."

"You'll live, I think." She replied tartly, her tone dry. "I'm going to have to put Rabbit on a leash, though."

Roy laughed out loud at this sally. "He's in so much trouble." He calmed abruptly when he felt a tentative touch at on of his small, hard male nipples, and the mood changed to something hot and dark. "Okay."

Was all he said.