Shift, Drive, Push

Rating: R - For language and adult situations

Disclaimer: This is a toughie. It's technically a fanfiction of my fanfiction. And some of the people are alternate personalities of real people. So whoever owns what gets to keep it. That works.

A/N: Before you start to read this, there's a couple of things that I need to explain. First, the disclaimer is completely accurate. I'll get to that in a second. Second, this is not all my work. Actually, most of it is actually written by a rather talented writer and some of it I have written and then more of that I've put my own flavor into it. I think you'll see what I mean as the story progresses. Right now, it's considered to be a joint work. So, what the hell was I talking about in the disclaimer then? Okay, if you have read the J & J series, then you know Kat from #7. Kat is actually a real person and I borrowed a personality of hers for that story. She asked me for a cameo and I needed a bad influence on Kay and she was quite pleased to go from a cameo to a major character. But in the meantime, as the real Kat read the story, she was wondering about story Kat. How did she get there and why she was the way she was. To make a long story short we started talking, the talking turned into collaborating and now there's a new fic which is based off of the J & J series. Hope you guys enjoy. And remember, Kat is a relatively new writer and she's nervous about this fic, so send her lots of reviews, okay?


You ever see those movies all the old folks talk about? You know the ones, the pre-pulse movies where boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy chases girl, boy and girl fall in love and then live happily ever after? The cheesy, no good, not gonna happen, give you false hopes and dreams sorts. Well, if that's what you're looking for then you're in the wrong place so get the hell out.

I'm not one for fairytales, and my life sure as hell isn't now, nor ever has been one. If you're coming here and barging in on my life then don't be offended by what I say, what I do, or any other of the various things you might take offense at. I'm not in the business of caring about you or what your petty mind is conjugating. You can't live like that these days, you gotta look out for yourself. Out here you can't afford to slip up or else you're out on the streets, or worse; dead.

Sure it's a tough world, but as a guy told me once, I've got platinum balls so I manage. I got me a place to live, it's an old junkyard from way back when. It's a nice place really. It's got that nice dirt, grease, and old car smell to it. I love that smell. Reminds me of my babies; my cars. They're the one constant in my life. Knowing when I come home I've got my cherries waiting to be worked on. I've been in this dive for going on four or so years I guess.

I'd been running for two days straight and had crawled in the back of a random junked up car. It was the best random thing I've ever done, come to find out. The next morning some guy was looking me over, he asked what I was doing and I told him to fuck off. He shrugged and said I wasn't fine enough to waste a good hand-job on. That got me out of the junked up car and shooting a glare his way. He looked a couple years older than me, a bit of peach fuzz dotted his upper lip. He must've been a few inches taller than me, lean and slender. Okay, in one word, he was Hot. I noticed his elevator eyes on me and rolled my own, "Thought I wasn't worth your time."

He shrugged, "You're not, but I gotta know what sorts are sneaking into my crib."

"Oh please." I scoffed, "How is this your 'crib'? It's a junk yard in the middle of LA. And I wasn't sneaking, I just needed a place to crash before I dropped from exhaustion." Now normally, I wouldn't even share that much with the guy, but hey, he wasn't chasing me off, so I figured I might be able to score a place to settle down. I'd been gone long enough for the cops to have given up on my ass, anyway.

Speaking of which, looked like the perve before me was a bit enamored with mine. I smirked and jutted out one hip, "So, you going to kick me out or invite me to stay."

The guy blinked, "Huh?"

I grabbed my bag from the car I'd slept in and walked next to him, patting him on the chest, "Come on, Sparky, time to show me around my new home." "What? No," he objected. Granted he didn't sound very convincing but still, it was an objection. I looked up at him and smiled innocently, "Please?" Apparently that was a good enough for him cause he gave me a curt nod back and led me through the junk yard to a grubby shack I'd come to know as home. It was bigger than it looked on the inside. One wall was a wall of cars and the others were comprised of different metals, boards, and a couple other questionable materials, either way they looked like they were about to come down. There were a few random crates, an old bed and ratty looking couch.

"Nice." I offered, only to receive a grunt in return.

He surveyed the room, as if scanning if it was safe then pointed to the couch, "You can put your shit there."

I nodded my thanks and dropped onto the couch, "Rad."

"Rad?" the guy scoffed.

I shot him and annoyed look, "Yeah, Rad. If you don't like it you can kiss my ass."

"You're not very gratefully for someone who was just given a free place to live." He reprimanded, walking to the bed and laying down.

"My apologies." I sneered sarcastically.

He raised his head in my direction, "Chill with the sarcastic sentiments or I'm dropping your ass."

My eyebrows raised, "Wow, a three syllable word, don't hurt yourself, Sparky."

"Scott." He growled.


"My name is Scott."

I walked over to the bed and sat down next to him, "Name's Kat."

And that's how it all started. He and I lived together, mostly keeping out of each other's way at first, but eventually we got to be more acquainted. After a month or so I found out he'd only been in the yard a couple weeks before I showed up. When I asked him why he let me stay he told me I had a nice rack. Who was I to argue?

* * * *

I have to admit, it was weird. All of a sudden I was living with a guy I hardly knew. And it's not like I could get to know him either, he was the real secretive type. I'd attempt to ask him questions, even such simple ones as his favorite color and only get a grunt or shrug in reply. But I didn't push him, I mean, the guy was giving me free room and board, providing me food and blankets and basically taking care of me. God I hated that.

We mostly stayed out of each other's way and let bygones be bygones. At least until we had to semi-join forces.

It was just going to be another day in the life of Scott, Kat, and the Junk yard. Or so I'd thought the night before. But when I was awoken to the sound of male voices arguing, one of which was Scott, I knew something was up. So much for just another day, I thought as I scrambled out of bed to pack up my few belongings. If it was the cops or someone looking for trouble; someone looking for me.No. I shook my head. My hands were shaking as I grabbed my bag. It was the cops, I knew it and this time there was no escaping them. I was sure to be caught. I stopped and listened as I heard Scott's voice rise. He was being pretty stubborn about something. The other voice argued back something about a permit or a lease. My mind whirred as I put together what was going on.

My heartbeat settled as the last puzzle piece slid into place. It was just another sleazy sector cop looking to put some pathetic squatters out a roof over their heads. It happened every few months and was really just a ploy for the boys to take home a little extra for the missus. It was corrupt, but then who isn't now days?

I could tell from the strangled sounds coming from Scott that the arguing was not going in his favor so I glanced at my image in an old, cracked, and smudged mirror we'd found one day. I looked alright in my boxer shorts and sports bra, it would most likely be good enough for what I needed too. I knew how to convince the guy to let us stay, I'd done it before and I was sure this wouldn't be the last time I'd have to do it either.

I put on my best smile as I stepped out of the shack, "Scott, sweetie, what's going on?" Both the sector cop and Scott froze and turned to look at me.

"What else are you hiding in there boy?" the Cop asked, giving me a once over. I looked at Scott and had to count to three to keep from bursting out laughing. His look was classic, he looked confused and shocked all in one.

I looked back at the sector cop and then had to count to three just to keep from sneering at him. The look on his face made my skin crawl. I was fresh meat to him and I could tell this guy really liked fresh meat. Now I know that my outfit hugged all the right places and showed off enough of me to look good, but still. Ew. The guy was practically drooling. I'd had people look at me like that before and had always hated it, this one was no different, except he had creepy written all over him on top of it all. I wanted to pull Scott in front of me and hide myself from his carnivorous look but forced myself to keep the smile on my face.

"Baby," I purred, sashaying to wards Scott, "Why didn't you tell me we had company?" Scott's face lost all its color and his jaw dropped as he tried to stammer a response. He looked so cute. I smiled at him and gently pushed his mouth closed with my fingers as I winked at him before turning to the sector cop. "And what can I do for you, Mr. Policeman?"

The man's face broke into a sickly grin, "I was just checking for a permit, little lady."

"A permit?" I feigned a look of worry and bit my lip, "Oh dear, what if we don't have a permit?"

If at all possible the man's smile deepened as he outright roved my body with his eyes, "Well, I guess I'll have to charge you a fine."

My hand lightly played on my stomach, "But oh." I replied, looking up at him from under my eyelashes, "I don't seem to have any money either." My finger traveled up my body as I brought it to my mouth, lightly sucking on it.

"Well," he leered, adjusting his utility belt, "I might be bale to arrange something in return for." he trailed off, his eyes landing on my breasts.

Inwardly I groaned. Guys and boobs, it's just fatty breast tissue, but to them they're practically the equivalent of gold or something. His look almost made me puke, and I had to remind myself that this was my home on the line to keep my cool. Closing my eyes I lifted my sports bra up over my breasts and then slipped it off my head, "How's this officer?" I asked innocently.

Be hind me I heard Scott's breath catch, which made me smirk. I looked over my shoulder to see his wide eyed, red face. I turned back to the sector cop and took a step forward, "Do we have a deal?" I asked, putting my hand out. The cop looked at my hand and waved it off before giving a small nod and walking away.

I let out my breath and untangled my bra, slipping it over my head before turning to face Scott whose face was still an interesting shade of red, "Well, glad that's over with." I tossed out, walking towards the shack.

I.I was handling it." Scott stammered, following behind me.

"Yeah," I rolled my eyes, "I could tell too. I mean, you yelling at him was really getting somewhere."

Scott shrugged, "Whatever."

"Oh come on now," I teased, "don't get your boxers all in a bunch cause I can do something you can't. Trust me, if I could trade you so I could pee standing up." I stopped, noticing the look on Scott's face, "Fine," I sighed, "I just wanted to help, Scott. And besides, I got us this place for another couple months or so. The least you could do is thank me."

"Thank you?" Scott asked, bewildered, "For letting some ogre ogle your goodies?"

I turned to face him, hands on my hips, "Hey, you said so yourself, I've got a nice rack. Besides, I've dealt with scum like that before. We're good, no biggie, can you just let it go?"

"I could have dealt with him just fine with out you interfering," he protested.

I sighed and threw up my hands, "I was just trying to pitch in, Okay? I mean, what were you going to do? Nothing short of killing him would have satisfied the weasel if it was from you."

Scott glared at me and stalked off, dropping to the bed, "I was handling it."

I stood over him, "Get off it, Scott."

"Whatever." He answered bitterly, rolling over.

That was it, he was being a little bitch about it, "Dammit Scott!" I yelled, "I don't know what to say. I heard you guys arguing and just wanted to help out, to pitch in, to repay you."

He looked up at me, "Repay me?"

"Yes, repay you." I continued, the volume of my voice slightly lowering, "I've been here going on two months now and every day you bring food, drinks, blankets, pillows, a mirror.And what do I do? Nothing, I sit and complain about being bored or not having anything to do. Forgive me for wanting to be able to do something for once. I hate feeling so helpless." I sat down on the edge of the bed in a huff, hanging my shaking head in frustration.

"Okay." Scott mumbled.

I looked over at him, "Okay?"

He nodded, "Yeah, okay. Thanks. I." he stopped as if trying to figure out his words, "I may be able to get you all that stuff, but I guess there are things I can't get. That you can with your." he started stammering and I grinned at him.

I leaned over and gave him a hug, "Thanks Scott."

"Yeah." He rolled onto his back, looking up at me, "So you want to help out, huh?"

"God yes." I breathed.

He pursed his lips and stared at the ceiling for a moment, "Okay."

"Okay?" I questioned.

"You can help me." He nodded.

My eyes widened, "Really?"

His eyes met mine, "Only if you're willing to listen to me and do what I tell you when I tell you."

I nodded back at him, "Just as long as it's not too bizarre, I think I can deal."

"It's not going to be easy." He added, "You're going to have to work hard and be able to pick up on things quick."

I smiled and leaned over him, causing him to squirm uncomfortably "I think I can manage, Sparky."