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Earth. Home to the supernatural world where Devils, Fallen Angels, Angels fought for dominance over the humans. Mythologies from religions across the world also exist as they're what make up human cultures with various gods worshipped for thousands of years. Civilization has been progressing while the supernatural forces around them have thrived.

Monsters have also roamed the lands ranging from youkai to dragons as myths and legends were born that surrounded them. It was thought that no other natural force would dominate the world but there is such force that was mistakenly unintended to arise. Even God could never have imagine that some of his creations would become greater to the point that he would feel fear.

It wasn't the dragons that were the dominate creatures at the time but Titans as they're called due to their sheer size that can tower over mountains and such. The Titans are a group of organisms that have evolved at a drastic pace during the Permian Era when the Earth's radiation levels was at its highest. They thrived on such source to the point where they dominated the landscape with the dinosaurs fearing for their lives from such beings. God believed that his earliest creations needed to be disposed and so allowed an asteroid to wipe them out.

The Titans rather avoided such grisly fate as they took refuge around some parts of the world and hibernated for years to come. After the Permian Era, the Titans returned to the surface from their slumber to continue their dominance on land only to find it different than before. Humanity at the time was young as civilization was beginning from the creation of the Great Pyramids of Egypt to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Their return brought the attention of the Supernatural world where their presence brought suspicion of their motives.

As early records have shown, the Titans were peaceful sometimes but would tend to have encounters with the Gods either peace or violence. The power they displayed ranged from restoration of forests to stabilizing global sea levels. Humans would watch these enormous beings walk the Earth and would at times worship them as a God which at times infuriated the Gods from other Mythologies as they see the Titans as nothing but nuisances. An example would be the Greek Gods who challenged one of them as to prove their might.

It was then that one of the Titans stepped forward and revealed his power to the Greek Gods as they withdraw from the beast as his power could bring down Mount Olympus. This Titan was considered the Alpha of the Titan superspecies. It was said that his roar can travel across the distance to the point where it's heard from the distant lands to the endless oceans. He's the one with the responsibility of maintaining balance of the natural order to the point where he'll interfere with the supernatural world that dare disrupt it.

He's to be feared by many as he's fought Gods, Devils, Fallen Angels, Angels, and Dragons through his life span. Swimming through the world's oceans and walking across land, he made sure that his presence is known and that whoever challenges him will face retaliation. And his name is Godzilla, King of the Monsters.

Outskirts of Kuoh...

Somewhere along the mountains that surround Kuoh is a Minka with grayish roofs and brown walls. It was close to a road that leads to town as it's not very isolated but surrounded by a forest. Sitting on the wooden back porches with a view of the town is an old man in his seventies sitting in Seiza position as he wore a blue and gray kimono with tabi on his feet as his grayish and white hair is pulled back in a ponytail.

He was at peace as his eyes are closed and concentrated on the flow of nature around of him. Benjiro Heisei is a patient old man with much experience in his young life as he enjoys being outside a lot and to being one with nature. Inner peace is his main goal before it was time for him to move on as he doesn't have long to live and as such wanted to at least reach what he yearned for.

Footsteps were heard from behind as Benjiro was aware of who it was that is checking up on him. Standing beside him is a young man in his late teens with short black hair with the front bangs have light blue tips, black eyes, his attire consisting of a gray tank top, black loose sports pants, and his feet only covered with white socks. The young man sat beside him in keeping him in company.

He's a little bored and many things were on his mind that he wish to ask as Benjiro can sense his grandson's thoughts and decided to break the silence. "Is something wrong Kaito?"

"I've been wondering lately of what happens when your gone and I'm the only one left to look after the house." Kaito spoke with concern.

"Do not worry. You should be focusing on forging a future of your own. Whatever path you take, I will not judge." Benjiro replies pleasantly as he doesn't want the boy to be unease.

The two are the last of the Heisei family currently as Kaito's parents have perished when he was a young boy from an earthquake in Osaka. This tragedy caused great pain in Benjiro to lose his son and daughter in law as they're still a young couple with so much to live for. Young Kaito was parentless as he awaited for his parents' return but was left alone for awhile. He was thankfully evacuated by the neighbors as he was put in custody in hoping for his relatives to retrieve him and it was Benjiro's duty to raise the child.

Before Kaito's parents died, his late wife Sakura passed away due to an illness as she was everything to him. He mourned her death as every moment he spent with her was special. Raising Kaito was not an easy task as he wanted to raise him with discipline and strictness but realized that it wasn't the way when his son expressed his feelings about his parenthood and how the times have changed.

And so he raised Kaito freely by showering him with as much attention as possible in hoping of relieving him from the despair that he felt. Kaito grew to be a calm, amusing, and fun boy who wishes to explore the world from the many books he's read. He's adventurous as he dreams of climbing the highest mountains and diving into the deepest depths of the oceans. As Kaito grew, he has grown to respect his grandfather very much as he's the very man who raised him and has interest in sports, music, and exploration.

Through the years, Benjiro has been home schooling Kaito as he taught him math, english, science, and history. The old man love teaching history as he prided on the Tokugawa Era as he only believes in peace and not war. Benjiro needed to prepare his grandson to becoming a full grown man who will be successful in the future and will have a family.

"I've taught everything I could to you Kaito and now for the next step you'll need proper education." Benjiro states as Kaito looks at him.

"But grandpa, you taught me so much. I'm sure that I'm ready to face the world." Kaito with confidence.

"No my grandson. I've only taught you the basics. I took the time to enroll you in Kuoh Academy as it is your next step." Benjiro stated.

"Kuoh Academy. Isn't it an all-girls private school?" he asks as he questions his grandfather's decision.

"It use to be but last year it transitioned to becoming co-educational. Now boys are allowed to attend. I'm sure that it won't cause you any problems for your studies." Benjiro explains with reassurance in his decision.

"But what about you. Who will look after you and the house?" Kaito filled with concern.

"Do not worry about me Kaito. Just focus on your education as it should be your main focus." Benjiro opening his eyes and turning to face his grandson.

Kaito faced his grandfather's calm smile as he can feel comfort from it. His grandfather is all that's left in his life after the death of his parents as Kaito wanted to progress forward with purpose that will make them proud. If it wasn't for his grandfather then he wouldn't have a reason to live anymore. Hoping to live up to his dreams, Kaito gave a confident smirk and nods.

"Alright grandpa. So when do I go to Kuoh?"

"Tomorrow. Your uniform is in your room. I expect good behavior from you and be sure to make friends as it's beneficial to have people around who you can trust." Benjiro with some advise as Kaito bows to him.

"Thank you for everything. I won't disappoint you. I promise that I'll pass Kuoh and fulfill my dreams." raising his body back from his bow and his fist pumped up.

Their chat came to a close as it was getting dark outside and it was time to fix dinner as Kaito went to the kitchen. Watching him walk away, Benjiro glances at a large portrait of Sakura inside on the wall as he smiles at it.

"Our grandson has grown a lot Sakura. I wish you were still here to witness it." the old man says with serenity in his voice.

"I can sense in him great power that has been passed down for generations in the Heisei family. We can only hope that he's prepared to wield it." muttering to himself as he trailed in his thoughts of Kaito possessing a weapon. The Heisei lineage has been around since Japan's medieval periods as they have told stories and legends of a creature who they worship as their deity. There some sort connection between the family and the creature as if fate allowed such link.

Next day...

Today is Kaito's first day at Kuoh as he woke up early in the morning to be dressed, eat a quick breakfast, and say goodbye to his grandpa. He's a little anxious as he'll get to meet new people as he's never made friends before and that this will be his first time. Hopefully he can overcome his anxiety and be open to everybody at the academy. He's currently outside of his home in the male Kuoh uniform as it fits his thin body that is a little well built.

With a brown briefcase in hand, he politely bows to his grandfather before leaving. "Well I'm off. I'll see you later grandpa."

"Good luck and have a safe trip to the academy."

Kaito began walking while waving at his grandfather who in return waved back. To get to Kuoh Academy on time he'll at least need to take a bus which shouldn't be a problem at least as the bus hasn't arrived yet and was clearly on time at the nearest bus stop. When it arrived, Kaito hopped in and took a seat as the bus moved and drove its way to town. Within the bus are at least five people excluding the bus driver as they consist of three men in business suits and two housewives.

The drive only took fifteen minutes as the bus arrived at another bus stop that was at least close to the academy. Hopping out, Kaito took in the view as it was a very large building surrounded by gates. Other students were they as some have just arrived and are entering through the gates. From his view there are way more girls than guys present as he was curious of the male population of the school. This is it, this is where it all begins.

Before he could begin walking, something bumped into him from the back as Kaito almost lost his footing as he regained his balance. "Issei are you ok?" a voice asks with concern in a soft feminine tone.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine. Sorry about that, I wasn't watching where I was going." a male voice responds apologetically.

Facing in front of him is a browned haired who looks be the same age as he is with unique brown hair and standing beside him is a short girl with luscious long and flowing blonde hair. They awaited his response as Kaito waved off his hand for a second and politely smiles at them. "It's alright." His eyes also caught the school uniforms they're in as he is curious.

"Are you two attending Kuoh?" he asks.

"Yep. I'm Issei Hyoudou and this is my friend Asia Argento." the brown haired introducing himself and the girl as she bows to him pleasantly.

"It's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you two. I'm Kaito Heisei and today is my first day at Kuoh Academy. I was wondering if I can stick with you two for awhile." introducing himself as he's hoping that they're fine with him being around them since he's new.

"Sure thing. Hope we can get along Kaito." Issei with his hand out while Asia smiles warmly in meeting someone new.

"Same." he responds as the two shook hands only to feel some sort of shock as they withdraw their hands to ease the sudden pain.

"Ah. The hell was that?" Issei rubbing his hand as he can sense something strange from the interaction as Asia was shocked of what happened.

"A-Are you two okay?"

"Yeah but I don't know why our hands just shocked each other." Kaito stated while gritting his teeth from the shock.

"Something isn't right about him Issei." a deep and masculine voice spoke within the brown haired's head.

"Tell me about it. What was that?" Issei asking with suspicion and hoping that his partner would know.

"I'm not very sure but I would assume that it has to do with a strange aura within Kaito." the welsh dragon explains.

"Strange aura. Then does that mean-" was caught off as Ddraig spoke with certainty.

"It's most likely that he's a sacred gear wielder but for some reason when you came in contact physically with him, the shock must've aroused something within Kaito. I don't know what it is but it's something that I haven't felt in a long time." the dragon explains as it does confirm Issei's suspicion.

"What is it?" Issei asks as he's never heard of a feeling that Ddraig felt even though he just started communicating with the creature weeks ago.

"Fear..." he muttered under his breath as Issei has many questions as to who Kaito is as he can feel something shaking him only to see that it was Asia at his side with concern.

"We should get going Issei. Class will start in a couple of minutes." notifying him as the young teen realized of what time it is.

"Right. Follow us Kaito, we'll help guide you through Kuoh." Issei says as he led the way while trying to put aside of what just happened.

Kaito observed his hand for a moment until he decided that whatever occurred was nothing as he follows the two through the gates of Kuoh.

There we have the first chapter and to give you guys some insight, I decided to integrate the monsterverse lore to Highschool DxD with some changes such as that Godzilla will have feats from other Godzillas from different films as it's to make a him a little more beyond than what he is in the Monsterverse. More of the Monsterverse lore integrated in DxD will be explained in future chapters. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.