Note this is for Bella Vaugh.

Thomas and Tammy were having a nice picnic at the park.

Its such a lovely day isn't it ? Tammy said.

Yeah it is Thomas said giving her a kiss.

They then clinked their glasses together and drank the lemonade.

I'm glad we got to tell makayla and Lucia about your secret Tammy said.

Me too Thomas replied

They started to make out for a few minutes before breaking apart.

I wonder if Frankie and Cole are having fun at the movies ?

I'm sure they are Thomas said.

Meanwhile across town a time Vortex appeared and out popped two nude figures a male and a Female.

Where are we John ? the Female asked.

I don't know Cameron John said. This is not the future. The time sphere must of malfunctioned.

I think we're in a alternate universe Cameron said .

Great John said. We better look around and search for clothes. They looked around and john grabbed a pair of pants from a clothes line and a t shirt and grabbed a sundress for Cameron.

Okay let's go look around John said.

To be continued. Note I'm gonna work on my reanimator story more before I continue this.

To be continued ……