A/N: Latest temps_mort challenge. Challenge is: "This week is 'no beginning, no end' week. You know how we sometimes come up with those perfect little scenes that just need to be written, but it never has anything leading up to it and will most likely make your readers go, "How did that happen?" Well, now is your chance to do just that. It's also your perfect excuse to leave your readers hanging in the end. Remember, no beginning, no end. 45 minutes."

Twenty-nine minutes total, including editing. God, I love this pairing. ^_^ Haven't really written any new stories for it in a while. Ah, the yaoi.



"Slice of Life"



"Fetch!" Miroku cried gleefully, throwing a stick into the air. Sesshoumaru watched dispassionately as it flipped end over end and landed in a nearby pond.

"What were you saying?" he asked dryly (and he fully intended to STAY that way, thank-you-very-much).

The monk laughed guiltily, scratching the back of his head. "Okay, maybe that wasn't the BEST idea I've had all day . . . " he admitted.

"Do tell," Sesshoumaru retorted dryly, leaning back against the tree behind him. Miroku leaned on the youkai's shoulder, grinning up at him. "Why do you always do that?" Sesshoumaru asked him wearily.

"Why, does it hurt?" Miroku asked curiously, pulling back and brushing his fingers over the stump of the other's arm.

"No," Sesshoumaru replied, shaking his head. "It's just . . . you always lean on that shoulder. Isn't there a reason?"

"Yes," the other replied serenely, closing his eyes and leaning in again. "I can get a lot closer to you on this side, without an arm in the way. And," he added with a small smirk, "the fluffy thing is kinky."

"The 'fluffy thing'?" Sesshoumaru repeated dubiously as the other rubbed at the said "fluffy thing" draped over his shoulder.

"Yeah!" Miroku agreed cheerfully, eyes turning up in a grin. "By the way, what IS that thing?"

"You don't KNOW?!" Sesshoumaru choked.

"I don't think anyone does, to be honest," Miroku admitted, poking the fluff again and giving it a suspicious sniff.

"And that accomplished . . .?" Sesshoumaru inquired.

"Jack shit!" Miroku cried gleefully, grin widening. "I suppose I'm hanging out around you and your baby brother a bit too much, eh?"

"Don't bring him up- I was hoping to get laid today, and thinking about Inu-Yasha is NOT good for my sex drive," the youkai grumbled.

"We're going to have sex?" Miroku brightened. "Yay!"

"Pervert," Sesshoumaru accused.

"Haven't we been over this before?" Miroku mused thoughtfully, rubbing his chin slightly.

"In the baths, I think it was," the other decided.

"Oh yeah." Miroku grinned evilly. "The BATHS. I remember the baths."



* finale *



. : let's go take a bath! : .